The weather is warm and sweet out here in California. It makes me want to stay in bed for hours as soon as I open my eyes in the morning and feel the heat of the sun, it’s rays projected on the walls of my room and reflected in all the pretty little perfumes bottles on my nightstand like a kaleidoscope of dancing lights. There’s nothing more enjoyable than laziness… Although I haven’t been that much, so much is coming. And many surprises are awaiting. Coachella is around the corner you guys and I am very excited about that. With all of this being said, for today’s post, all I want to share with you is this beautiful poem by Leonard Cohen.


All summer long she touched me
She gathered in my soul
From many a thorn, from many thickets
Her fingers, like a weaver’s
Quick and cool

And the light came from her body
And the night went through her grace
All summer long she touched me
And I knew her, I knew her
Face to face

And her dress was blue and silver
And her words were few and small
She is the vessel of the whole wide world
Mistress, oh mistress, of us all

Dear Lady, Queen of Solitude
I thank you with my heart
for keeping me so close to thee
while so many, oh so many, stood apart

And the light came from her body
And the night went through her grace
All summer long she touched me
I knew her, I knew her
Face to face

IMG_9739 IMG_9820IMG_9778 IMG_9806 IMG_9813 IMG_9781IMG_9773IMG_9826 IMG_9771 IMG_9755 IMG_9792 IMG_9816 IMG_9736

Photography by Fiona Zanetti


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Turns out Fiona’s a great photographer too. She caught a new side of your inner self in these pictures!

Incredibly beautiful, moody and sensual photos! You look stunning with the new hair and charisma! :)

Lovely and adorable pics!

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Warm lazy days make me want to stay in bed all day too! Loving the silky dress you have on! It matches the poem so well <3 And have fun at Coachella! Can't wait to see what's to come on the blog soon! :)

XO, Elizabeth

Perhaps I should reconsider my stance on slips, they’re gorgeous!

Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful poem and the wonderful pictures <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Great shots…. I love pairing my PJ pants with a silk shirt… it feels so decadent.

Lindsay |

Always awesome post! The morning lights are magic, it seem a fairy tale.


Absolutely stunning! The dress is gorgeous and the brunette hair suits you so well. Perfect Old Hollywood glamour!


Aw Kristina this is such a gorgeous poem – so inspiring! The pictures are so great. I love this silk dress – pure perfection. And I really have to give you a big compliment for your

Beautiful photos!<3

Lovely photos. They remind me of a warm, sleepy morning in bed, only you look so much more glamorous.


Absolutely stunning photos !

Love from Paris

This post is just perfection! I love this silk dress and the pictures are really great. This poem is really inspiring.
I also want to give you a big compliment for your hairstyle. Brown looks so great on you and it matches perfectly with your style.
Bisous, Carmen –

I really kind of like these shots. they’re not perfect, they have that certain kind of an edge. LOVE it

These pics are so beautiful xx
Dark Roseberry | Fanpage

You look beautiful and the slip looks super luxurious! If I’m in that I probably will like to stay longer in bed too :)!


Incredible! These photos reflect very well this poem and with same feelings. I didn’t know this poem but it seems like the poem “Une allee du Luxembourg” by Gerard de Nerval. I don’t know if you know it but this one is one of the most beautiful poem for me. Voilà, i whish you a good day and thank you a lot for your amazing articles with inspiring feelings!

Love the photos, a little different from your usual, but love it regardless!!


Love the blog post! that’s a lovely poem too x

You are an inspiration.. Make me want to do something with my life. Your blog is amazing and of course you are beautiful

These photos are absolutely stunning!

Lovely photography! x

love the look of the pictures. so soft & beautiful!


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Stunning photos and lovely poem! Thanks for sharing x

I’m so in love with these photographs! You’re gorgeous! <3


Absolutely beautiful photographs!!! But every great photo start with a great subject, like yourself!

I loved the light in the photos!

Love these photos. It doesn’t even look lazy at all, just a refined, chic way of relaxing. Your brunette looks great!

Characters & Carry-ons

Gorgeous photos, love this atmosphere! The poem is so beautiful as well x | @mithmagazing (

A beautiful poem and lovely photos too !

Filipa Jackson 14 April 2016 / Reply

Wow this is beautiful, perfection… taken straight out of the pages of Vogue

Filipa xxx | Instagram

Beautiful feminine pictures!

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Awesome look, so delicate and chic!

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That’s a lovely poem! You look stunning and the photos are fantastic! I love silk.Have a great day!
xo Yvonne

This is a beautiful slip!

You look perfect! Love the silk look!

Beautiful pictures. Nothing beats lazing around in the sun. Love the silk dress! Beautiful poem too x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

So beautiful!!! Have a great weekend!

Aliya Shaikh 16 April 2016 / Reply

bold, awesome, marvelous, :)
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These shots are stunning and I love the story it’s seems to be telling

Agnes x


Such beautiful photos, and love the dress!

Good idea to add a poem on the post.its important to share all kind of piece of art to keep the blog wow y.
Best blogger for sure kayture!.
All the best!.

Looks so beautiful and feminine. Beautiful as always!

Dear Kristina. I really love your post, it’s so beautiful and different. I like the dress and the photos so much

xx – Violetta

wow Fiona should photograph more !!! :O
the pictures are amazing!

xx Laura Jane

Beautiful Kristina! I am loving this silk dress and its color is beautiful! Props to Fiona for the pictures, she did an amazing job!

Soraya from Sisters and Glitters

How incredible beautiful, both your photos and your words!

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That is exactly how we feel in the morning! You look very sexy and beautiful!

Such sensual photos!
Beautiful as always Kristina.
Cheers to you!

These photos are amazing!

I love the “soft” feel to them.

Kinga x

Wow! Kristina! You look amazing here! :)

LOVE this soft light and colors here. I think the dark hair let your eyes shine more!

You are SUCH A BEAUTY!!! ♥♥♥

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Lyrics are sooo beautiful!

These photo’s are so beautiful. I love this. I hope you had fun at Coachella! xx, Erin –

STUNNING photos!! I also love the warm weather in Cali, so beautiful :)

Wow Fiona is taking photos as well. That’s amazing. You have a great team of people around you. I love this dress. Totally my style ;)

I love this nw direction you are choosing to go with, really love your new vibe it’s edgy

You look beautiful.


Gorgeous! Such a tender pictures!

Gorgeous photos, so excited to see a post on your trip to Coachella!

I love the touch of silk on my skin, it’s such a soft feeling…
Do you already know It would be a pleasure for us if you visit our blog (also in facebook, Instagram and pinterest). Hope to see you soon!

I love the mood of the photos! so nice shots <3

Gorgeous and loved your Coachella outfits!

Amazing pictures – And I really like your hair color as well! ♥

Lots of love from Germany
Lisa –

Oh girl! You look stunning in this silk dress.

xoxo Eva |

So seductive!

Cheers from the Philippines!
- Seyra

So looking forward to see you lighter again in terms of hair and make up… It’s all good you know, it’s just that you look a bit sad or tired or both.

Love the photos, they are somehow different, romantic and dark. Stunning work!

Les photos sont magnifiques !



Adeline Cuvillon 22 April 2016 / Reply

c’est tellement dommage, il n’y a plus aucun look sur ton blog. Tu as totalement abandonné la mode au profit de tes contrats avec les marques …
J’aimais beaucoup ton style et tu ne peux plus être une source d’inspirations ..
Les seuls looks que tu postes sont ceux de FW, avec des vêtements qui ne sont pas les tiens et hors de prix pour tes abonnées.
Je t’adore vraiment et je suis vraiment déçue, j’ai acheté ton livre, je sais que tu as des rêves, mais n’oublie pas tes abonnées qui sont là depuis le début et qui aimait ton style

Great pictures! I love it!
Kisses from Germany,

Perfect photos.

my blog – Daniela

Wow! Stunning pictures and atmosphere!


These photos are so beautiful! I’m deeply in love with this dress <3

i love your style!!you look great;)

Descriptive words at its finest to describe Summer 2016. (Being lazy is enjoyable, I couldn’t agree more.) I loved the poem along with the sensual photos that describe the essence of SILK.


Xiao Mei

Hey ! you looks so hot. & sexyy..!

Alors, on pousse la chansonnette début mai ?

These photos are absolutely gorgeous. I love the tone!

You are so beautiful! Gorgeous shots by Fiona! She is amazing as well. I love your snap stories! You go girl ;)


WHERE is this beautiful dress from!!!

I love you, you’re so beautifull.
Kayture is my favourite blog.

Wow, Fio has a good taste of photograph. All those sights are beautiful, tempting yet elegant as always.

love the silk. I need to get one for me, probably will not get out of bed. Its still cold here, can’t wait for a warm weather.

You are such a talented and beautiful woman x
Fashion and Beauty Blog Yukova

Stunning pictures hun !!! Love the vibe of it.

x Gitta //

You’re so gorgeous!!!!
love the photos<3

greetings from Chile


It’s always pleasure to read your post. And pictures are beautiful, as always:)

Love from Bali!


Beautiful Picture!
I want so bad to visit California, too

Best regards from Germany


That silk dress is killing it!!


So beautiful photos!

You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos!

This is great, love it

laura larghetti 2 May 2016 / Reply

Lovely photos!
you look grate!
Agoprime – More than a fashion blog

These images are insane Kristina!! So moody and inspiring <3


modellover 7 May 2016 / Reply

bonjours,Kristina je sais que tu parle très bien français donc tu pourrais faire certain article en français s’il te plaît,même si j’aime beacoup en anglais aussi.

Super beautiful and sexy~~ wow!! Flawless look! The photoshoot is reallt amazing!!

These photographs are so atmospheric and match the lyrics from the Cohen song perfectly.

Cette couleur de cheveux fait vraiment encore plus ressortir tes yeux ! Très cool de voir Fiona la photographe, vous êtes vraiment tous des artistes ;)

your blog is amazing, i love it

This is like writing a poetry with light and body.

Presenting your fashion is really massive..