If there’s one period of the year that truly feels like a day dream, it’s Coachella indeed. For those of you who ever had the opportunity, and believe me, it is quite a precious luxury to even get ahold of the tickets, to have experienced the festival, you know exactly what I am talking about… But as a matter of fact, before actually hitting the desert for my very first time 3 years ago, I used to dream about it endlessly and look up all the pictures online. Now Coachella has become a real music meets fashion kind of event where influencers and celebrities join to celebrate and well, strut their boho looks all over the field. And thanks to social media, we are all very, very well aware of it. Proof is, even you weren’t there, you could still get a little feel of it with your flower crown dedicated Snapchat filter… Technology right?

If you have a Coachella talk with any Californian, they’ll definitely tell you “what a circus it kind of is now, music isn’t even at the heart of it anymore” fact that they’ll compensate by finally saying “but… it is the best festival, like ever”. So YES, Coachella is basically the desert version of a fashion week now, BUT it is also the coolest music festival I probably have ever been to. And I’ve been to quite a few. Let me explain. First of all, imagine all these amazing creative people coming together in celebration of music, it’s just a bunch of amazing folks jumping up and down to the beat of the music. The energy is insane. The food is, well I can’t even talk about it because it’s just too damn good. The weather, the line up… Think about it, take Disclosure and put all of a sudden Sam Smith on stage… Or Calvin Harris and *surprise* Rihanna just pops in… Or even better, take Travis Scott and suddenly a wild Kanye appears on stage. The crowd just freaks out. Where else would something like that happen in no more than 3 days?

So of course, getting tickets for Coachella became a real hunting thing. Every year, tickets get sold out within minutes and well, most of my european friends kept texting me during the festival “major fomo alert, I sort of hate you right now… please have an açai bowl for me and text me a picture of A$AP performing, thanks”. So needless to say, I was beyond grateful that again this year, I had the chance to make it. And this time again it was with my second american family, my Revolve Fam Bam Wam. Not only did they organize the best party ever where the whole crew got to enjoy toboggan slides, in n’ out burgers, pool side dancing and some incredible artists’s intimate performances, but we also stayed all together in a few houses over in palm springs and got to wear some of the cutest Revolve Outfits.

For me, dressing for a music festival such as Coachella is all about finding a balance between comfort and fun. During the day, there are crazy heat waves in the desert and yet at night, it’s get very cold. Also, your walk to the festival can  be tricky, it’s at least a 20-30min walk with sand and stones so your choice of shoes is crucial. You for sure want to be cute (and trust me some girls, an boys, manage to pull of some crazy sh*t) but believe my experience, when it’s 1am, you’ve danced your butt off and got 30minutes to walk to your shuttle, you definitely want to feel comfortable. So one of my outfits was this flowy, bohemian look with this gorgeous Lovers &Friends star studded skirt. It was perfect even with a little jacket tied to my bag or waist, some sandals and a casual crop top. The skirt is definitely the statement of the look, with that on lock, the rest is easy. I’ll share with you guys the rest of the outfits in the next few day. Meanwhile, we got a few other surprises coming. Sending you my love x

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Shot by Cibelle Levi


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I like it you wrote here about the good things about Coachella and that you are honest enough to admit how necessary it is the outfit is comfortable :) Nevertheless you look perfect in your (comfortable) boho look, thanks a lot for the wonderful pictures <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

I wish I was there! You looked stunning! xoxo
Dark Roseberry | Fanpage

Well, ain’t this outfit a pure Coachella dream?!! You look absolutely breathtaking and the first photo is so feminine and empowering!

That looks amazing! Would love to go there some day..

Oh I really don’t get it how anybody can be that beautiful like you! You look just so amazing and I am absolutely in love with that stunning skirt! :)
XO from Germany

I never considered coachella as the union between music and fashion before!

Margot wehbe 3 May 2016 / Reply


I just can’t get enough of these Coachella vibes! I think it’s great how you managed to find a balance between fun and comfy :) This skirt is absolutely amazing!
xx, Carmen –

Absolutely stunning!
Much love

Really love the stars skirt, perfect for a festival x

ABDULRAHMAN Fetyani 3 May 2016 / Reply

I am planning to go to coachella in 2018 with my twin brother, If you are going, I would like to meet you and take a pic with you, love your style and karizma even I am not a girl, but I follow you and cant wait to meet you.

Coachella sounds kind of amazing! I hope I can go there someday…I love your look! It is so free spirited, especially the skirt is just gorgeous!
Fash ‘n’ fudge
Fash ‘n’ fudge

Love you simple and boho inspired outfit, dear!

Prudence 3 May 2016 / Reply

Coachella definitely does sound like an amazing 3 days event to attend for music and fashion lovers who love boho chic styles! You look amazing as always, love the fun and whimsical star prints of your skirt!


I loved hearing your opinion of Coachella. This outfit is super cute too.


Love the bohemian inspired look you are wearing! Even though I didn’t go to Coachella, I had heaps of fun following your experience!


You look ravishing as usual!
I would definitely go for flats when looking for comfort, but your shoes are truly stylish ♥

Nati | Polished Polygot

Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown 3 May 2016 / Reply

I’m totally in love with your skirt, it so reminds me of St Laurent stars!

SO cute! Love the skirt!

Today on the blog I show my new Italian design sandals…with terrific shape and heels ! ;)
❤ Kisses from

So cool!:P

Shall We Sasa

I really love your new hairstyle (dark hair plus bands) . It suits you so well! :) Greetings from Germany!

Must have been amazing to experience all that fashion meets style atmosphere. You looks so good in this outfit. Casual but still killing it.


This outfit looks sexy on you… you are always an inspiration <3
Please check out my blog too. That are absolutely stunning photos!

Gorgeous babe! Love your skirt with the stars all over it; suits the Coachella vibe perfect :)
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Interested? Check it out :)

X Roos

Hey Kristina! I’m always loving your Coachella looks and I think you are totally right comfort truly is the key for having an awesome time at any music festival. But since Coachella became the desert version of a fashion week as you pointed out, it becomes difficult to be comfortable and to keep up wit all the fashionistas as well! Howsoever I think your outfit is the perfect solution and the dark hair color with the bangs suits you so well!

Lots of love
Fabienne //

I’m in love with the skirt!

Nina Sax 3 May 2016 / Reply

Going to a music festival in heels ? you sure don’t walk a lot… or spend your time at the VIP bar ?

Love your outfit there and seeing your opinion on Coachella!

You look incredible! Love the little fringe detail on the top you’re wearing. The festival must be heck of a night! Music and fashion are the best things in the world, so the combination of the two is just THE BOMB! x

super canon !

You look amazing! Love the 90s vibe you decided to rock, Xx

Nikki |

I love that you are posting edgier looks!

These photos are stunning and your writing is as lovely as always!
Coachella seems like an amazing event. Hope I’ll get there someday :) x Alona

Such a fun outfit! I would love to experience Coachella at least once in my life! And loving your new hair, makes me want to dye mine darker too! x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

jean-louis benoit 3 May 2016 / Reply

bonjour les demoiselles du désert !!!kristina ,comment fais tu pour ne pas rougir sous ce soleil ??? …Coachella est une grande fête très bien organisée !tu as eu une révélation sous le ciel étoilé !!!c’est dans ce désert que tu as décidé de faire un grand saut le 06 mai 2016 !!! alors à bientôt ma grande avec ton parachute déployé !!! bisou dans le futur !!!! ah ah ! la mode donne de la voix et des ailes !!!! bravo!!!

Perfect <3


SUPERB images Kristina! :)
I have to say that I LOVE this outfit a lot! :) ♥♥

You look pretty, elegant, free and wild! I adore!!!
It’s very cool that this look not only is very edgy but also cozy as well! :)

Have a nice week FASHIONISTA!!!


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Looking hot!

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Great look! Would love to be able to go to Coachella one day <3

xx Nicki

You look stunning in that perfect-for-Coachella outfit :)

I would love to go to Coachella! The pictures are so cute and I love your festival outfit xxx

You look boho chic and it total works for the Coachella festival. It looks beautiful, yet comfortable – a perfect combination!


I love the accurate description of the festival that you made! The pictures are amazing and you look stunning on each of them!


Stunning shots! I would love to be able to go sometime, but for now thanks for sharing your looks so I can live vicariously :)

xo Charlotte

That skirt is freaking stunning !!! Amazing photos!

Your look is perfect! I’ve always dreamt of going to Coachella, too. I hope it happens soon enough!

- Seyra x

Looking so stunning in this outfit! It’s so important to feel comfortable, especially if you’re going to be running around from stage to stage in the heat all day!

xx, Diane ||

Love your festival looks! Have fun at Coachella!

Hi Kristina ,

I really love to read your adventures and it must feel like a blessing to be at coachellla, one of my good friends was al so there and she said it was a amazing experiences.

Kee up THE good work.

Josefin M 4 May 2016 / Reply

I really love your great boho styles, fabulous! x

Jacky V. 4 May 2016 / Reply

Great post. I´m feel in the Coachella vibes ;)


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Margaux 4 May 2016 / Reply

Fomo is getting stronger after reading this article but your snapchat account was too good not to watch !

You look so gorgeous, I’m in love with that skirt!
Last summer I went to a music festival and I really wanted to look cute like all the girls at Coachella but we were camping and the field was so dusty so it was really tricky to find the cute/practical balance. I ended up just wearing bikini tops and shorts!

In love with the heels and the little detail with the bandana tied to the bag!

I’ve been there for the first time ever this year, what an experience ! I loved every minutes of it, definitely want to go back again but as you said it’s very hard to get the tickets !

Just finished your book btw and I LOVED it. Thank you for your tips and being so inspiring
xx Emma , a French girl living in the U.S
Ig: henryeeem

YOU LOOK AMAZING! Love these photos!

Gosh, I’m not a big fan of music festivals but I definitely get the fomo effect when Coachella is happening. It looks so otherworldly with all the boho outfits and the desert setting.

Thanks for sharing your experience =) & Love your outfit here!

Filipa Jackson 5 May 2016 / Reply

This is so amazing, I love that star skirt… I have a thing for stars haha.

Major inspiration

Filipa xxx | Instagram

This long skirt emulates the desert, bohemian chic look perfectly, especially the florals and the large open slit! Love how you paired it with the crop top as well :) And yes – Coachella is definitely the festival of festivals! <3 Hope you had loads of fun!

XO, Elizabeth

Pernille 5 May 2016 / Reply

I think you are the most beautiful person ever! ☺️ Coachella is definitely goals.

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you are perfect! amazing pic!

I love your coachella look!! You look perfect

great Coachella vibes
love the shots

I really need to go there next time! Have been dreaming about it for a while…
I love these images Kristina, keep up the good work!!



Lovely outfit for Coachella!!!


You are going to leave the blog?

Je ne me souvenais plus de ce look, j’en ai vu tellement mais je l’aime beaucoup! La jupe fait tout, mas je ne sais pas si ces sandales étaient si confortables après avoir dansé toute la journée ;)

Love the skirt!

Luces preciosa!!, amo coachella!, espero poder ir algún día!.
Lindas fotos :)


honestly you were more classy and beautiful when you were in Europe, this american look is so boring, same for other bloggers

Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts about Coachella! Love your outfit and also your makeup, it’s faboulous!

XX, Mai

*** The best STREETSTYLE… — Maikshine ***

Your hair is absolutely stunning in this cut and colour! I love what you chose to wear and these photos are gorgeous, the setting is just dreamy. Hope you had an amazing time, love Ness x

I love the way you put your fellings in words. Glad you enjoy it. Keep going!

Awesome pictures !

Love this outfit, look so effortlessly put together yet so cute! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit Coachella before I get too old.


Your are my inspiration ,i love your style and i completely adore your blog and the way you write

you inspired my to open my own blog

Beautiful photos and beautiful outfit! Love from Switzerland xx :)

Beautiful photo and outfit! Xx love from Switzerland :)

Love this photoshoot!

I’ve been watching everyone at Coachella in social media to get some fashion inspiration :)

that skirt and sandals are very cool and you are such a doll!
♡♡ ♡♡ ♡♡ ♡♡ ♡♡ ♡♡

Very cute outfit, now it’s time for Glastonbury? :)

I never really understood the hype of coachella but now when you’re explaining it I understand. An you made me want to go really bad! hahha
And that skirt is a dream!

This skirt is such a perfect fit!

Las fotografías son muy buenas. Se nota que el fotografo sabe lo que hace. Ahora bien, que limpie el sensor de la cámara ya que a grandes aperturas aparecen en los cielos azules una grandiosa cantidad de manchas, que hacen perder fuerza a la calidad de la misma. Un saludo!!

Waw I love your outfit, but it doesn’t happen a lot that I don’t like one haha! Although I’m wondering if those shoes are really comfortable haha ?!


This is that I’ve been waiting for, ur outfit photos at Coachella. As u said, yup this festival music changing into fashion week at the dessert hehe.
And you, as always…looks so classy.
Luv it

Cool outfit and you look beautiful.


Kinga Kurek 9 May 2016 / Reply

Love the photos! <3

Kinga x

awsome photos, i like your skirt

These are gorgeous and I want those sandals!

Agnes x


A very original, beautiful and simple look :)

I love how you still write despite the rise of fashion bloggers who no longer write and are only focused on showcasing and talking about their sartorial choices.

You are truly an inspiration Kristina!

P.S. I also love your new song!

Really wish I could’ve gone to Coachella, so thanks for sharing the photos!

Beautiful photos! Now I’m dreaming of Palm Springs.


Love Your Style! <3

That is an absolutely stunning look! The choker really added to the ‘tude.

Hi, your outfit is very beautiful, I really love your white top ! I have also a fashion blog , go follow : ! Cheers !

Hi, your outfit is very beautiful, I really love your white top !

In love with this skirt! I looovveee your photos so amazing!!!

Looks great. I love roasted cauliflower, so this should be good. One question: Is it REALLY 1/4 cup of red pepper flakes? Because I know I’ll be reducing that! Otherwise, it looks yummy. Time to get some coconut milk in the house.

looking a very pretty and the style is fabulous,amazing.

That black starry skirt is too good to handle and you got an amazing dressing sense.

Why you are so beautiful~~~ Stunning looks!! Wow!! Can’t help falling in love with these amazing photos

Great outfit, with a mystic atmosphere, could be nice to try it with one of our coachella style bracelets.

I love how you still write and share about your day and experiences! You feel like such a real, nice, and humble person because of this!

nice and informative post. thanks to share with us.

J’adore le style bohémien de ce festival, ça donne de belles tenues ! Mais pas sûre que j’aurais choisi des chaussures à talons pour être confortable, ça doit être l’habitude ;)

Nice and informative poist. thanks to share with us. Happy to read.

Naughty and sexy

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Sooo… where’s the rest of the Coachella outfits posts?

Soooooo Brilliant Pics Dear I Like all of yours Pics

So awesome pics and flowy skirt

below open this url amazing

So YES, Coachella is basically the desert version of a fashion week now, BUT it is also the coolest music festival I probably have ever been to. And I’ve been to quite a few. Let me explain

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Hey Kristina, this printed skirt looks amazing on you.

i love this post, i wish i could have gone!! but your outfit and pictures look aaaamazing

I really love this post thanks for sharing this information.

Very good article nice information thanks a lot for sharing