Hello, coming through currently rainy Paris! How is everyone? You guys, I am at this very second so overwhelmed with emotions : excitement, fear, apprehension, tension, joy… A mix of everything for one pretty explosive cocktail. I can tell you this. For those of you who follow me on my social media, you might know that on the 6th of May, I finally shared with the world my very first single called “OUT”, (you can by the way listen to it now on Itunes and Spotify). And although I am for sure going to write an article fully dedicated to it in a couple of days, I can’t help but feel the need to talk about it, right here, right now and of course let you know how deeply touched I am by all your messages.

From the very beginning I knew that they were not all going to be positive and I was expecting a lot of criticism, for sure. But I feel like many of you felt the authenticity in this track and all the work and passion I truly wanted to put into it. You took the time to share your thoughts, to actually listen… And I am so unbelievably grateful. I know I have so much to prove, but I am more than ready. And, thank you for giving me a chance.

My little emotional cocktail is also due the Cannes film festival approaching way-yy too quickly, it’s scary. It feels like last year’s festival jus tended, and yet so many things happened ever since. There’s definitely so much preparation involved, tons of emails to deal with and well… I better find these perfect dresses right now or I might just do all these red carpes naked. Cannes is always one of the most amazing, completely crazy periods of the year. It is so much fun though and I always make some of the most unforgettable memories there.

Many people ask me if I am still just as excited for everything that’s happening and going on and my answer is and hopefully will always remain : yes. Beyond words. And I hope to never become numb to all these incredible experiences that I value so much and find so truly special. I know how in life things can come and go so easily, having the chance to attend the Cannes film festival for the 4th year is definitely something so very special to me, and I am dying with excitement.

Today I am sharing with you a new article I had the pleasure creating with the wonderful Narciso Rodriguez team around their new scent “Narciso Poudrée”, it’s a very beautiful, delicate yet sexy and sensual fragrance that evolves around powdery notes and musky accents. For the occasion, I wanted to create some images with the same color scheme as the bottle which has such a beautiful shade of powder pink, yet, under a certain lighting tends to look like the perfect nude beige. It’s such a beautiful, minimalistic bottle and I wanted this idea reflected throughout this shoot that James and I did a few weeks ago while I was in L.A. Hope you guys will enjoy it and make sure to test out the fragrance, just a touch on the wrists and you’ll be hypnotized.

DSC00787DSC00911DSC00992 DSC00930DSC00736DSC00935


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What stunning imagery! x

I know this is all about the perfume, but I am ALL about your makeup…particularly your eyes. Smolder on, girl. Excited to see what looks you wear at Cannes this year. Enjoy yourself!

xoxo – Kelly

Sincèrement cet article vient de me faire me rendre compte de l’inspiration que tu es pour moi depuis tant d’années …
Le temps est passé si vite je ne pensais même pas que ça faisait déjà 4 années que je te suivais, presque quotidiennement toi et fiona !
Je me rappelle avoir cherché sur instagram le ‘#’ Cannes pendant le festival vu que j’y étais et c’est comme ça que j’avais trouvé une photo de toi, c’est aussi là que j’ai commencé à m’intéresser aux blogs, la mode, les créateurs …. Etc. Ça a changé beaucoup de choses dans ma perception. Je me suis rendue compte qu’on pouvait faire d’une passion son métier.
La deuxième année où tu es revenue au festival je me rappelle t’avoir cherchée partout! Je voulais tellement te croiser ! Je n’avais jamais suivi autant l’évolution de quelqu’un que je ne connaissais pas pendant une année entière ! J’avais besoins de te parler, mais ça n’est pas arrivé … BREF, tout ça pour finalement te trouver toi et fiona dans votre loge avant la montée l’année dernière. Ça m’a vraiment fait du bien et j’aurais pu vous parler pendant des heures mais j’étais légèrement (BEAUCOUP) trop impressionnée ! Dans 2j c’est déjà le début du festival pour nous, j’espère vous revoir cette année ça me ferait trop plaisir !


I have to try it!

Don’t miss today on the blog my Urban-Chic outfit with a relaxed fit jumpsuit…and wearing for the first time a pair of Italian design sandals and a new personalized bag! ;)
❤ Kisses from

Congratulations on your song! Love these images – the perfume bottle looks beautiful.


i really like the creamy color, so elegant and refreshing.

congrats on your first single, btw!

OUT is amazing!! Love it!xx Great pics!

Congratulations Kristina <3 I can't be happier for you that your singing career is finally launching! :) Loving the new single, and of course, this post as well! And this month is going to be amazing! Can't wait to see more updates about it!

XO, Elizabeth

Congratulations on your first single!

Wow, amazing pictures. I love how your shirt fits perfectly to the color of the fragrance! <3

Love these images!! And congratulations on your first single, you are truly an example for your followers to fight for their dreams!!

Love you,

Maria Chiara 10 May 2016 / Reply

Hi K!! I’m so happy you finally revealed your song!! It’s lovely!!! I’m so happy for you!!
It’s been a while since I last left a comment here.. But, here I am back!!
I just wanted to let you know that you have all the support of your fans (me in particular

Very beautiful pictures! And I honestly love your song!

Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown 10 May 2016 / Reply

Beautiful photos! I adore South of France, please post plenty of photos from that magical place :)

Just bought them today! Not suprised it appeared on your blog as it perfectly suits your image Kristina!! xx

I really, really like the song Kristina!

I’ve actually listened to your song about 40 times on my iTunes. I wasn’t expecting to like it at all, but I do. It’s really good, really catchy and has a great sound! I know music is definitely your passion, but from a readers point of view, we would still love to see your old day to day outfit style posts. We never get to see posts dedicated to your outfits anymore unless it’s sponsored, so if you could throw a few of those back in, that would be great. Lorna.

Raindrops of Sapphire

Dear Kristina.
My name is Ofri and i’m the founder of the Instagram page @spotlighttime.
Spotlight time is all about young fashion designers from all over the world.
Please take a look. I’m sure you will love it.
You are amazing and keep it up!


Looove your nude shirt! Looks so chic! <3


xo Vanessa |

You made such a beautiful story! Congrats on the single too! I could really hear the difference in your voice compared to your first music endeavours. It is much more polished.


Wow lovely, and congratulation! You’re really master of all tricks! All the best!



Stunning photos! I listened to your song and I think you have a beautiful voice, you have nothing to be nervous about xx

LOVELY and endless BEAUTIFUL photographs of you Kristina!!!

The soft colour loks amazing on you!
And it’s so crazy what’ve reached until now – pure Inspiration!
You are such an inspiring woman, hell!!

Keep you head up and have fun whatever you do! :)


Photography & Fashion Blog

I hope to one day be able to attend these exciting things just like you!

I’m beyond thrilled for you, Kristina! What a ride it’s been following you! I did listen to your song the first day you posted about it and I actually like it. I love that you’re not expecting praises and five star ratings and that you acknowledge with your community that you are still a work in progress and for whatever creative material you put out, you will always have my support! Congratulations, again!

I actually like that you dressed similar to the bottle! It’s a very simple idea, but I like that your focus is on the fragrance and I’m SUCH a sucker for pretty packaging like that! Can’t wait to see your looks for Cannes! xo

Sofia Malinn 10 May 2016 / Reply

I absolutely love how the color scheme fits so perfectly with the perfume. You should definitely do an article on your favorite perfumes for different seasons/occasions; I’d be so curious to know!


You are such a beauty and I love the tons here!

Agnes x


congrats on your single! & love these photos =)

Congrats on your new single. You’ve worked hard on it so don’t listen to the negative comments. Love the perfume bottle btw, seems like the perfect, feminine scent.


Can’t wait to hear all about your single!

- Seyra x

So excited about your new song! You blog is my absolute favorite one and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you. I hope you get a chance to check out my blog.

XX Hayley

you look breathtaking, as always. congrats on the first single, rock on!

You are so amazing!
Always THE best
New post in my #fashionblog ” Il cielo è sempre più blu” #me #look #moda #outfit #fashion #fashionblogger

Damn you’re so beautiful! Your hair color and hair style inspire me to do something with my hair :)
Btw congratulation on your single! :)))

Perfect <3


I actually really like your track. Have it on my 2016 playlist now, along with Drake, Sia and Zyan. And every time your’s comes on I think who’s this? I like this :)

I will definitely be trying the perfume as it has powdery notes! Thank you for sharing!
xo Yvonne

Love this post, your photos are always so beautiful. Want to purchase this right now :)
thank you xx

Just runned into your blog for the first time, u look autentic and sincere, I like what u write and love the way u put on your outfits, always with a natural elegance!
I’ll listent to your first track, but anyway, don’t care the critics, u can be who u want and do what u love! U’re already great ;)

Xo xo


Lovely post Kristina, thanks for sharing! Have a nice day .x

Congratulations on chasing your dream and catching it. I am always inspired when I read posts like this. Off to listen to your music now and I am sure if it is anything like what you put into Kayture, it will be brilliant!


Love how your eyes just pop with that hair color!

Congrats girly! looking lovely in these photos!

Woww!!! Congrats for this exciting project!!! I had not idea!!! Best wishes for you!!

XX, Mai

*** “Linda Rodin Style” – Maikshine ***

You did it, girl! Congratulations on your first song. I´ve been following your adventures since so many years now and I remember how you started in Switzerland, when you were looking for some musicians to play with you… congrats!

All the best
Anna from

Amazing look! Tanya (

Elsa TYSEBAERT 23 May 2016 / Reply

Ma belle, je crois que j’ai sauté quelques articles mais je laisse un petit commentaire sous celui ci car j’adore les photos. Comme souvent je dois bien l’avouer mais j’aime le côté doux et pastel de celles ci. Et pour te (re)dire un grand bravo pour la sortie de ton single. Mais je pense que tu feras un article plus développé à ce sujet donc j’y écrirai mes impressions à ce moment. En tous cas je suis impatiente d’entendre la suite.

I’m so glad that u can received in a positve way all of those criticism. Due to not everyone have same thought with us.

About Cannes festival, for 4yrs u always gave the best performance in it. Such a beauty…^^

Jolies photos, dans un style plus naturel :) Et je me demande si 2 mois après, tu t’es remises de toutes tes émotions liées à ton rêve dans ce single (incroyable ce que tu arrives à faire avec ta voix, au début j’ai cru que c’était un duo, tellement tu la changes selon ce que tu veux faire passer dans la musique) !

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EmmaHarvey 28 July 2016 / Reply

Wow.. Stunning and I really love the color.. Thanks for sharing

I can’t help but notice your make up and your skin. You are gorgeous!

What would you say your favorite fragrance is out of these choices?

And congratulations on your first single, you are truly an example for your followers to fight for their dreams!!