Rome… Oh Rome. Just thinking about this city makes me want to lay back and sip on some red wine. Wait, actually, a lot of things make me want to do that. Wine is good for any occasion. There’s something about Rome though that’s especially unique, and this comes from a crazy gypsy that spends her time in airplanes. From all the cities I’ve travelled to, Rome almost feels like time travelling of some sorts. I don’t know if it’s about the air, the people, or the architecture, but something about it makes me drown back in the the 60ies, the old movies, the dolce vita, the big hair and the scent of musk in the air. Not that I really know what it was like to live in the 60ies but for some reason I always love trying to imagine it…

I’ve always had a big obsession with old cinema icons, such as Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor. How crazy is it to think that the aesthetic they created still keeps influencing fashion and art today? I find it fascinating. Each one of them had something very iconic and unique. Either it was their hair, waist line or lips, they each represent a symbol of elegance and beauty. And there’s no doubt why all of them were in love with Rome and spend so much time travelling to Italy. For  centuries and still now, Rome has been a major influence in art, cinema, fashion and the list goes on. The Dolce Vita is indeed contagious!

So of course when Bulgari reach out to me to travel to Rome, live a real Roman holiday experience and play Brigitte Bardot on set of a new shoot evolving around their gorgeous Diva High Jewelry collection, I immediately said YES. On the program? A tour of Rome on vespas with some adorable Italian guides (yes I did feel like Lizzie in Lizzie McGuire the movie for a second, you’ll excuse my cliché reference… sorry not so sorry), wine tasting, pasta eating, spa treatment at the emblematic hotel de Russie located in the heart of Rome. I mean, I was seriously pinching myself.

The shoot itself was so much fun. Brigitte Bardot has always been one of my biggest fashion inspirations and even thought I recently became a brunette, it was still so much fun getting to play her and channel her sexy looks. Of course, it was tricky to get the same hair volume as her (I won’t even tell you how much hairspray we put in it) but I think we did a pretty good job incorporating some of her symbolic references. Dressed in Fendi and covered in stunning Bulgari jewels, the name of this shoot makes total sense : it was indeed a Diva’s Dream. And after the shoot, back into sneakers and jeans, it’s good to keep such experiences as little fairytales, little dreams that pop into our reality like that from time to time. Thinking back about it, it takes like a sweet, delicious, fantasy.

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Shot by Cibelle Levi


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you look so good on a vespa :)
Fash ‘n’ fudge
Fash ‘n’ fudge

My god you’re stunning Kristina and these photos are simply amazing!

Glam Observer

Oh how much I missed those kind of posts with mixed photos! I love them, they really give you a feeling of the surroundings you’re in. Brigitte Bardot is my favorite icon ever as well, her love for animals, ballet, her natural beauty and her wisdom is so admirable. This is my favorite tribute of her, it shows what a beautiful soul she is: and I am sure one day people will make those kind of videos about you Kristina! So keep doing you girl, always here to support you!

With Love,
Bri | Instagram @imbrigita

Wow, just wow. Your pictures are great and you are lucky : Rome is easily one of the most stunning city.


Gorgeous photos. Love the first one of you on the vespa.


Looking great :) Rome is probably my favourite city to go on a city trip to!!!!!! Italian guys as well :) Have a great time!

You look beautiful, as always! And congratultions on your new song! x

You are perfect…*.* beautiful photos!!!

Ana T. ->

Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

Everything looks so amazing and inspiring!

Pure perfection!

Cheers from the Philippines!
- Seyra

Oh you look just so amazing! I am absolutely in love with that orange jacket! <3
XO from Germany :)

Going to Italy soon ! So Exited !

beautiful photos as always!

It looks like the picture with the green trees and HDR effect does not match all the other photos, maybe it’s just my feeling.

Great photos! I would love to visit Rome one day!

Roma, Bella Roma! Such a lovely and nice city! I adore it!

Don’t miss today on the blog my chic proposal especially focused on celebrations…a red jacket suit with a Terrific pair of jewel sandals! ;)
❤ Kisses from

Beautiful shoot! Would love to visit Italy again soon, I love italian cinema and the italian arts and culture scene is just so beautiful and inspiring.

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

Stunning photos! Love the concept of this shoot, you all look gorgeous x

Great pics!!
Maja from Dark Roseberry 

Nina Sax 11 May 2016 / Reply

you are not even close to looking like Brigitte Bardot, or Audrey Hepburn…. ;) ;) very very far from those beauties…

I love the Vespa pictures. You are amazing! ♥

Love your post in Rome… Your are so beautiful! When you’ll come to Florence? You are my muse and just love you!

VerbalGoldBlog 11 May 2016 / Reply

Truly stunning! Both you and the photos. Loved reading about your trip as well

I love the photo on the Vespa :)

These photos are beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time in Rome; it looks so fun!

xx, Diane ||

Acabo de descubrirte… ¡eres ideal!

Stunning, as usual! I can definitely see the Brigitte Bardot resemblance, and the Bulgari jewels are to die for! And Rome…who doesn’t love Rome?! :)

Sabina |

I love your photos of Rome! It’s such a beautiful city. What a fantastic post! Thanks so much for sharing :)


You look stunning Kristina <3 Loving all of these beautiful photos! :) And I totally agree – Rome is definitely the place to be!

XO, Elizabeth

So beautiful photos! Rome is so beautiful too :) I loved more your blonde color of hair.

Wonderful post! You look amazing!

Such beautiful jewelry and you look great!!


I hope I could go to Rome one day, love your whole look!

Great post! Love the pics, looks like you had a great time in Rome!!

All these pieces are absolutely beautiful! Love your hair darker too.

Love from South Africa

Arum Lilea

Jacky V. 12 May 2016 / Reply

La dolce vita, love the pics!


My photography-blog:

Beautiful designs and pictures, bravo Kristina!



Oh Kristina this is beautiful photography. Funnily enough last year I was in Rome too and have some pictures sitting on that wall.

Great post dear ;)


I find it so amazing that you can look good in no matter what angle and in any photo, how is that possible!!


Great post!
I think you’ll love this outfit post with my favorite neutral look for summer:

LOVING your work! You are my favorite blogger <3 I would it love if you could check my blog…!blog/c62l

I love Rome my city…..and i love Bvlgari …the first!!!!!
Beautiful photos

The silver and stone pendant is so pretty!

I love the editing of the photos. I wonder what filters or actions do you/your photographers use. Stunning!
Btw if you love Audrey Hepburn check my pastiches of Breakfast at Tiffany’s looks:

You look so beautiful!!!!!! The photos are amazing! I know what you mean about that 50-60′s glam..

Linoya from

You look so pretty Kristina!!
greetings from Chile


Wow! I love Bulgari jewelry! You look stunning as usual!
xo Yvonne

Coucou Kristina! Tes photos me font littéralement rêver! J’ai toujours voulu aller à Rome et sache que ton article me conforte encore plus dans cette idée ;) Les photos sont sublimes!
Bisous, Lily ♡
Coucou Kenza! Tu es toujours aussi stylée dans tes tenues! J’adore ton haut et ton jean ♡ Et comme tu le dis, ça serait encore mieux avec des talons ;)
Bisous, Lily ♡

I love you blog Kristina.

GORGEOUS and really Dolce Vita style in some pictures. Always flawless, no matter what kind of photos you’re in or the styling you’re wearing.


I’ve watched when u were strolling around the city by that cute Vespa, and yess reminds me to kind of movie which set in Rome too :)

You’re fringe looks amazing especially with your new hair colour! And every outfit you wear looks so chic and elegant !

Just amazing! Love your great style!

Love these photos! Makes me want to visit Rome! xoxo

Je ne suis jamais allée à Rome mais j’ai entendu beaucoup de gens me dire que c’était magnifique. J’aimerais vraiment y aller, j’aime tant l’Italie. Hope you had fun !
Ps: Tu es sublime sur toutes les photos.
Des bisous !

Filipa Jackson 16 May 2016 / Reply

This is so perfect, your always so inspirational

Filipa xxx | Instagram

OMG! Those jewels are just insane <3 Great job Kristina!!!


Wow, amazing photos! I love your round sunglasses :D

Love all these photos!

Lovely photos! The jewelry looks amazing! I love how ornate the necklaces look.

Astonishing Photoshoot.. Really This city is Unique for Crazy People to spent their holidays!!

Hi Kristina and Kayture-Team,

wonderful pics, great outfits and very elegant juwelry.

Wish you a great week :-)

Greetings from Germany,

Great Looks! I’ve never been there but Rome is on my wishlist!:)



You’re such a stunner Kristina, and the pictures are sooo amazing.
Italy suits you well ;-) Hope you enjoyed it.
Love, Laura Jane

Rome is beautiful, jewellery is gorgeous, but you are the one who make everything stunning!!

laura larghetti 18 May 2016 / Reply

rome is a magic city!
you look amazing
Agoprime – More than a fashion blog

J’adore la tenue et chaque élément que tu portes sur la Vespa, j’aime bien la tenue n°2 du shooting (le tee noir et la jupe blanche). Après, les bijoux… je n’ai jamais été attirée par la haute joaillerie, ça ne me fait pas rêver, il y a évidemment de très très belles pièces dans ces photos et dans la haute joaillerie en général, mais je ne rêve pas d’en porter. Je trouve ça généralement chargé, “trop”. Je préfère de loin dans un autre style (!) les bijoux de créateurs que je repère ici et là en voyage ou près de chez moi, qu’on peut porter en toute occasion et qui ont une touche bien personnelle.

Love so so much the film flavor that Roma has, also is great to dream about the luxury things…Hope you be going great with your new single… :-)

Melange-Boutique Blog || Instgram

Lovely Photos! You look amazing with the brown hair :)

Juliette 18 May 2016 / Reply

You’re so stunning Kristina !

Amazing pics!!! The last one is so cute!!! Love it!

XX, Mai

*** “Linda Rodin dressing style” – Maikshine ***

Absolutely stunning Kristina! I am in love with the pictures on the motorcycle! You make me want to book a ticket to Italy right away!

Soraya from Sisters and Glitters

Amazing shots!!! Love the vibe and various textures of the look!

This is a great post. I love your outfit.x

Amazing picture, love them.

In love with the jewelry !!! Stunning outfits too !

Pernille 20 May 2016 / Reply

You are so stunning in every picture

Looks like an amazing trip!

xx Kristen

beautiful white shirt!!!!!

Gorgeous pictures!


A bored and sheltered princess escapes her guardians and falls in love with an American newsman in Rome. … Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert. … Best Shot Peck Centennial: Roman Holiday & To Kill a Mockingbird.

Wow! All the jewellery is so amazing – truly unique pieces. I love the photo of you on the Vespa you looked beautiful.

Magic collection, magic adventure !

Beginning of hitory ..
The day I met you, I tore up, all my maps, and all my prophecies
I’m not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do,
Between you and me seas and mountains, and years of age.
Beautiful you are…so much,
Like a fish,I saw the precious pearls of the sea!!

That jewelry is to die for!! Gorgeous gorgeous pics!


You really do inspire me and I love your work.
It’s amazing how you get all these incredible opportunities.
I hope I get to finally meet you when you’re back in LA. Xoxo keep in touch.


What I like most about you is you EYES. they are perfect and love the blue color. BTW, Nice set of jewelries, perfect as collector’s item ;)


Christina is absolutely amazing!I fell in love with the motorcycle on the photos!You make me want to booking the ticket immediately to Italy!

Amazing beautiful pictures, i like you article and i was read it 2 times very interesting article

Sympa ce petit voyage, ça me donne envie de visiter Rome ;) Les photos sont splendides, comme d’habitude !

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