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Hello to everyone and happy Monday from rainy, and particularly gloomy Paris! What a sweet feeling to see these images when the weather here is so dreadful, it honestly just makes me want to snuggle up in bed and not move anywhere… I’ve been in Europe for about a month now and simply can’t wait to be back in Los Angeles, be back home and re-united with the sun, the palm trees, my couch and well, my fridge of course. As much as I love travelling, I have to say, I am kind of at a point where I need to put my suitcases down for a bit and not move anywhere again. It’s hard because I’m such a wanderer, I love getting lost, feeling wild and free, but sometimes, it’s also nice to feel wild and free in one place. And take the time to build stories instead of leaving before the plot actually begins, you know what I mean?

I am looking forward to spend a long while in L.A hopefully and spend hours walking by the beach, getting lost in my thoughts, feeling inspired by all the new experiences that came into my life these last couple of weeks and transform them into something. I also can not wait to be back in the studio and work on some new music. There’s so much to do… And so much I’d like to share with you. When you choose to live a life chasing your dreams, and living outside the box, you realize how big the world is and how it’s filled with endless possibilities. The choices you make build your story, and eventually your life. Sometimes, you’ll stumble upon the fact that there isn’t one right choice, but many of them that could all lead you to different paths, and each one can teach you, show you something interesting and valuable.

There’s nothing more important to me than freedom, whether it’s in my personal life or creatively, feeling free, feeling like you can choose, and be ruled by your instincts and your guts is priceless. And I truly wish we could all be ruled by the genuine feeling of wanting to enjoy the life to the fullest without fear, without asking ourselves too many questions, but simply by embracing the moment, living it with intensity and passion and let life surprise us. This is freedom. Freedom is not necessarily letting our doubts, our insecurities stop us from living unforgettable moments, because if you ever let it stop you, regrets might come knock on your door sonner or later.

Some might say that living like that is reckless, and that one needs boundaries, reason… I won’t disagree. But freedom doesn’t mean hurting others or hurting yourself for the sake of running wild and free, freedom means not putting labels on things, it means honesty, transparency in regards to others and in regards to ourselves, it means going after something we want without fear, being connected with our hearts and with other’s energies, creating dynamics and being rules by authenticity. I love spending time by myself here and there, I’ll go for a walk, or lay in bed and let my mind go on for hours… And it usually always guide me right where I need to go, it tells me a bit of what I need to know. Don’t be afraid to listen to yourself, a lot of the answers to your own questions are already in you.

As you might have understood, today’s theme is freedom and these images were inspired obviously by it. To me, a mermaid represents this idea and it was my biggest pleasure to play with it for this new project with Cartier around their stunning Amulette Or Guilloché. What I’ve always loved about the Amulette by Cartier is the symbolism behind it, the idea of locking a wish in the pendant and letting it close to your heart to guide your steps, like a lucky charm that’s always there to remind you of what your heart’s longing for. This particular pendant is so precious and special because of it’s absolutely incredible detailing, the or guilloché makes it looks like a precious medallion found somewhere deep in the ocean, it reflects sunlight like magic and is pretty like a sea shell around the neck. For the occasion of this shoot, I got to be a blondie again which was great fun. I hope you guys will enjoy this set, sending you all my love x

Cartier 4 Cartier 3 Cartier 6 Cartier 7 Cartier 1 Cartier 5 Cartier 9 Cartier 10


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At least a rainy Paris sounds very romantic :) But I understand you are looking forward to L.A.! Very beautiful pictures btw <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Dear Kristina,

I have been meaning to leave you a message that I love seeing you blog so often again as I feel like you have been so busy wandering, going places, just living life lately that Kayture was neglected. But it’s ok. We all stick around and wait for your new articles. At least I do. I love how you’re always writing down your thoughts in your posts first and don’t just talk about the brands you wear and all the other material stuff that blogging seems to have become. You are genuine, and despite your success you’re still you behind that pretty veil. And that is why I admire you so much and look up to you since day one when I discovered Kayture around 5 years ago. You evolved, your style changed and you grew up as a person but you never changed your perspective and your kind-hearted attitude, and I hope you will always be like that. I just wanted to say that you look like an actress from 1900s with that blond hair and your beautiful blue eyes! Stunning as always. P.S I really hope your book will come out in English soon, your fans (aka me haha) have been waiting for quite some time for it! Sending you a big hug.

With Love,
Bri | Instagram @imbrigita

Those shots are amazing! Love the light and the location! You look just like straight out of a fairytale! <3

Blonde suits you so much!

Love the necklace!


Oh my!! I’m completely at loss for words!! This post is so impressive!

you are always stunning, great photography and lights!

Jacky V. 30 May 2016 / Reply

Amazing pictures! Love the light :)


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These shots are amazing! You look so different but why not go for a change?! It’s just temporary, so why not just give it a try and be free of fear ;)

Gorgeous lace dress. Nice golden reflector light.

Don’t miss today my Chic outfit with Jumpsuit and stunning accessories with a lot of personality. What is your favourite…sunglasses, bag, sandals? ;)
❤ Kisses from

Wow, I really love these images, the light is gorgeous!

Pernille 30 May 2016 / Reply

You always look so glamorous – I enjoy these little glimps of your life ✨

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I’m soo in love with this beautiful lace dress! Looks so stunning <3

xo Vanessa |

Always wanted to be a mermaid!! These images are wonderful Kristina!!


Wow amazing pictures! Truly beautiful dress and necklace, you look gorgeous as a blonde!

I’m so in love with these photographs! You look insane! <3


Such stunning photos! Love that dress x

WOW! You look so gorgeous with blonde hair!

xx Su

Beautiful photos!
|| D I A N A ||

The Smooth Knee and the full ‘.hi..’
The ‘br….’ like an ‘A’rab leader Shouts at me
Come forth!
‘K’illing me with her Soft ‘no.hi…’ Shots.

Elsa TYSEBAERT 30 May 2016 / Reply

Cette série de photos me coupe littéralement le souffle ! Elles sont de James si je me souviens bien de tes snaps !!

A chaque fois que je lis tes mots, sur la liberté, sur le fait de vivre sa vie selon ses propres codes, ça me donne envie de tout plaquer, recommencer à zéro. C’est une thérapie, ça permet d’ouvrir les yeux et de se demander si on est heureux comme on est. Je lis et relis tes trois derniers articles qui m’inspirent énormément.

Amazing photos! I love what you wrote about freedom. You are such a doll!

You never cease to amaze,you look fabulous
I love the creativity behind this look,wow spectacular
Kisses from kenya

LOVE this article. Beautifully written text and amazing pictures. You look divine, like a little mermaid and that light is just magical <3
best wishes

You look gorgeous, Kristina! These photos are absolutely beautiful!

xx, Diane ||

Amazing photos <3


Pernille 30 May 2016 / Reply

You are beautiful ❤️

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Love this dress! Looks so perfect on you :)

x Lilli |

This Marilyn Monroe blonde looks amazing on you! I love what you wrote in this article. You’re always really inspiring!

xo Soraya from Sisters and Glitters

Lovely pictures Kristina.

Such amazing and unique lighting! You look amazing Kristina♥

You look really lovely here!

Diana |

I agree with you! There’s nothing more beautiful than following your dreams!

- Seyra x

These are so magical, Kristina!!

I always enjoy reading your posts so much Kristina <3 Your words are always so thoughtful, and it always makes me stop and think about my life from a new perspective. Really loving all of these great photos, as well as the way you portrayed these Cartier pieces :)

XO, Elizabeth

Wow, so beautiful & amazing work like always. :)

wow unexpected beautiful mermaid in this pics

Melange-Boutique Blog || Instgram

AMAZING photographs of you Kristina! ♥♥♥♥♥

I think this colour of hair would look amazing and very special on you!!! :)
I’m in love with you in this dress as well!


Stunning, thanks for this great inspiration! :)


Photography & Fashion Blog,

The pictures are gorgeous; and you are so beautiful as always.

These images are gorgeous, especially the last one! The necklace looks absolutely divine. I feel for you about settling down. I don’t travel nearly as much as you but when I do, I tend to want to go home and take a break after a while. Something about familiarity is also good for the soul, I think.

You’re so good at writing! You keep reminding us of important things that are so easy forgotten


Your are really a mermaid in this pictures. Very fantastic, mythologic and glory in this fairy tale shooting that I love. Great work!

Such gorgeous pictures! Love that dress. You look like a real mermaid!

Cette série de photos est époustouflante, tu es juste magnifique, ce blond t’irait à merveille ^^
Et ce collier wow qu’il est beau!
Gros bisous

So wonderful pics *-*
Visit my fashion blog to look my style!!! Keep watching Girls!

xoxo The Candy Blog // Elisa Nuzzolese

The photos are so surreal and anime-like!


These are so incredibly beautiful. I love the shell color of the sea. And I totally understand what you mean by how you have to spend time in one place in order to truly experience it and understand it.

Love the dress! You look amazing! Kisses

I agree with everything Bri has said, Kristina. I love your articles and even though the fashion industry is a materialistic and artistic realm, as a fashion blogger, you’re all about the experience and I love that about you. It’s been about three or four years since I’ve followed you and it is indeed a joy that you don’t need to be sponsored by every brand out there to make it, but that you work with brands you truly love.

Your words are so right. What you said about not being afraid to listen to yourself is what I’m working on because recently, I did discover that the answers to my own questions are already in me and I know the answers. Thank you for always encouraging all of us to dream, live in freedom (whatever freedom means to each of us) and being that example of what you preach!

I also second what Bri said and hope that your book comes out in English soon. I’d love to have that in my home!!!

Beautiful photos! You looks so beautiful in this hair

I read this post a few days ago…and didn’t comment on it. But it resonated deep inside, it hit a cord that was silent and since then something, a drive of some sort has been urging inside me and it’s only now when I read your post again that I understand what it is: freedom.
You are an incredible inspiration, maybe we’re not aiming for the same things in life, but the freedom you call for, you strive for and work for, this is the same freedom I’m longing for but didn’t realize until now. We’re very culturally different, which means I’m more restrained by social ideals than you, but I don’t care, because I’m a dreamer as well and I falling behind is not an option I want to live in. I want to travel the world (Paris being number one city), I want to experience everything and learn and keep growing. It’s not so much fear that’s holding me back, but perhaps “dogma”, and the social idealist straps all around, from family, from friends, from society.
I hope that one day I reach at least half of what you have and always keep growing. You have opened my (and others) minds in dimensions never before seen. Thank you for your vision, for your stories, for your encouragement.


This beauty look is dreamy! The eye makeup next to the super light hair is just so pretty!

Beautiful post! So artistic <3

xx Nicola

Pretty nice photos and she’s looks so nice in that gorgeous dress, lovely <3
Stefan Buzas

This all look is so stunning! Yeah, it’s good to travel and just keep busy but every once in a while we just e little time for ourselves.

A round of applause for the photographer!

These pictures are absolutely stunning. So surreal.x

Dios! luces tan linda en éstas fotos!. Siempre he dicho que eres una de las que más me inspira en el mundo blogger!, tu página y team son muy inspiradores, gran trabajo ;) .

bss desde Chile

Beautiful and timeless necklace! You look more than stunning, Kristina! Such a muse!

Lovely post Kristina, your photos are beautiful as per! Have a lovely day .x

Gucci Blog Post:

I love hearing that you’re in a rainy paris, Thats my favourite place and all you’re photos you post on instagram or snapchat make me so envious! You always look so stunning in everyone of your blog posts and you seem to suit every single hair colour that you are given- You look so elegant in this outfit!

anonymous 6 June 2016 / Reply

The first picture makes me want to give you a hug; even more than usual ;)

Looking forward to your new music. You may be doing this already, but take a portable recorder wherever you go; never know when inspiration is going to arise, and even great ideas can slip through the fingers and be forgotten – can be literally anywhere, including the bathroom!

So stunning! I just want to thank you for sharing your vision, you are my inspiration in my life and now freedom takes a new sense for me. Hope to realize my dream one day, and live my life as i would.

Ces photos sont sublimes ! Tu es toujours aussi ravissante même si je préférais quand tu portais ton joli blond justement ;)


Love the photos darling! hair very different but still lovin it!

You look like a total goddess! Love this shoot.


Beautiful as always! Check out my new blog :

Stunning photos! xoxo Daphne

You are always my muse with the luxury and high class looks!

This is so professional <3
Love the text and shoot.

Love the images and glad to see you updating again :) The combination of the beach, warm tones and that dress is perfection XX

Great images :) Love how you interpret freedom.

x GITTA //

The dress is amazingk!
Take a look My BB DAKOTA jumpsuit in my blog:

I like the make up, and the dress is gorgeous !

I see why you chose this outfit here, though this series does not fully convince me, the colors just… don’t resonate with me this time. But the shots are very well done, of course. All in all, bravo as usual !

Ces photos sont incroyablement magnifiques, j’adore l’idée de mise en scène pour sublimer cette amulette !

Kristina, you are looking very sexy in this photograph

Excellent photography & you looking Gorgeous.

Your Neck locket is very beautiful like as you, the photographer did a very good job