Being back in Los Angeles has been an absolute delight. As much as some people might point out everything that’s wrong with L.A, it is undeniable that there’s something about it that’s extremely inspiring and liberating. It is “isolating” in a way as it is so spread out and you feel so tiny in this ginormous environment where so much is happening everyday. Obviously the entertainment industry is predominating and you can easily end up in line at Whole Foods with your favorite musician who’s just getting his apples. It is amazing to know all the incredible art that’s been created out here, from cinema to music. L.A is at the core of the media, which movies we watch and which music we listen to. And yet at times, this city can make you feel so small. Not necessarily in a bad way, more in a challenging, exciting way. You feel like nothing is impossible here.

I pinch myself every morning as I wake up and realize the endless possibilities that the day might take me through. You might be getting your coffee in the morning and meet someone that you’ll start vibing with and all of a sudden you’re taken on a whole other journey and it creates a chain of unexpected events. There’s a spontaneous feeling out here that I’ve rarely found elsewhere, a casual, mellow approach to life that eases any creative process and endeavor. People are out here to meet each other, to create relationships, to help each other get to where they need to be. Of course, not all of it is butterfly pink… there are many shady folks out here trust me, but L.A is indeed a networking heaven.

Of course, I have days where a think back about my life in Switzerland and what my routine used to be like then. I have a very sweet feeling towards these memories. And yet, I am so happy and excited about the now and what’s happening in this new chapter of my life. L.A, at least from my experience, has been good. So good. I’ve had the chance to stumble upon incredibly talented creatives, form new bonds and get inspired. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio obviously, so to be totally honest I’ve been in a total introspective dive, going through emotions, moods, sensations in order to put it all into the music. So days have been intense, filled with a lot of new experiences.

I love having these quiet moments, far away from the world, locked up in a dark studio just listening to sounds and writing words down. To be totally honest, nothing makes me more happy. I love the serenity, the peace that comes along with it. It’s so soothing and yet mentally challenging. Each time, I learn so much about myself, about life, about my environment and come out so uplifted and full after each session. Of course, I’ve also tried to enjoy being out and about although I didn’t have time yet to do all the fun things I wanted to, like go to the beach and watch the sunset, nike in venice or spend some time in Malibu. But since we’re here for a while, hopefully we’ll take some days off very soon.

Speaking about fashion, typically, my style has been so casual and easy going. I’ve been really into my good old, favorite staples. From my favorite leather jean to the must have white tee, I’ve kind of adopted the Californian etiquette of casual laid back style. Today’s look is all about that effortless feel with some details. I picked up this shirt while walking around on Melrose the other day. I fell in love with it : all about a good Girl Power vibe and with the brown hair, nothing’s better than a good olive shade. I intentionally picked it in the biggest size to wear it as a dress, although I do wear leather shorts underneath. To go along with it and to carry all my essentials for the day, I chose this beautiful Mulberry tote that I’ve been really loving! I got the chance to work with the brand in order to style a look around their new style of totes, perfect for a day out. I’ve been filling mine up with so many goodies! From headphones, to my mini laptop, it can fit literally a-ny-thing. Wishing you all a great week-end peeps xx

DSC01981DSC02064DSC01978 DSC01972 DSC01966DSC01947DSC01937DSC01958 DSC01913


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Jummai Akale 11 June 2016 / Reply

Where are your boots from?

Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown 11 June 2016 / Reply

Mulberry is on the roll! I love their news styles so much it’s difficult to choose :) I can’t wait to see LA. On out last trip to California sadly we didn’t go and started out road trip from SF but next time I won’t get swayed so easily ;)



These pictures are lovely and you are very beautiful and sexy!

You look really great here, and you’re right there’s something in the air og LA area that is absolutely inspiring and that you can’t find in any other places in the world and for me it is the freedom to be or to become whatever you want to be. I hope my jorney take me back to LA for a while in the future!


Hot look! I love this rock chic style, it looks dangerouse, sexy and powerful all at the same time.
Greetings from Switzerland!

Aaw LA is just one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it opens so many possibilities! It’s so nice that you still have Switzerland in your heart and that you don’t forget about your roots. However, enjoying the now is one of the most important things in life and you really deserve it to enjoy it! You worked so hard and you’re doing an amazing job!
xx, Carmen –

Clémence 11 June 2016 / Reply

You look stunning Kristina! <3
Keep on inspiring people the way you do! :)

Dear Kristina,
I hope you’re enjoying your weekend too! Los Angeles sounds so inspiring and cool, I would love to go there one day. I can imagine that it is so different to your hometown, but that you love both “worlds” so much.
Kisses from Germany!

LOOOVE your shoes!!! They’re the BOMB!!! <3

I have a very similar pair from Zara but they go just under the knee…

Vanessa from

Superb!!! You look so vamp and empowering in this outfit! I’m loving your boots and bag. :)

Amazing photos, you can turn something so ordinary to something so chic!


Love this olive look on you, Kristina, and how you styled the bag! :) Always so interesting and inspirational to read your thoughts as well! :) x
Helena – Swedish girl in Tokyo

It is lovely to see Mulberry updating their bags! They needed that :) Also you styled it great.


Bonjour Kristina,

Je suis Française et chaque jour je vais sur ton blog pour voir s’il y a un nouvel article. Je suis chaque fois sur excitée de le lire. De plus, j’essaie d’améliorer mon anglais et c’est tes articles que j’ai choisi de lire pour y parvenir. J’apprends tellement de choses grâce à toi ! Continues ainsi ! Les thèmes sont très biens : ils sont variés et écrits avec coeur. Tu transmets tellement d’émotions dans tes textes que des fois, j’en ai même des frissons (notamment dans ton livre que j’ai lu avec attention). Merci pour tout ce que tu fais, et je te souhaites que de bonnes choses et beaucoup de réussites pour la suite.

Gros bisous. Elise. ♥

Although I was just on a vacation in LA I definitely sensed that feeling of endless possibilities there! It truly is an amazing city and I wish to be able to go back and explore more sometime in the future!

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The look is so powerfull! The mulberry bag is georgeous

I hope one day I have the chance to travel to all those places, but I agree, sometimes home is the best place.


Love this! Super cool an fun photos!
|| D I A N A ||

Very nice tote! I love Mulberry bags since I got my Alexa.

Don’t miss today my Denim-On-Denim outfit with an amazing pair of Italian wedges…perfect for the weekend!! ;)
❤ Kisses from

Lovely Bag.

Good job! :)

You look amazing, as usual! Nice post :)

what a cool and grunge outfit!
Fash ‘n’ fudge
Fash ‘n’ fudge

Absolutely amazing. Love the way this was written! So inspiring

Hi! Kristina! I remember when you came to my school for the Get Schooled Program, the High School of Fashion Industries. Right after I graduated, I decided to start my own blog and so many of my friends like it. It’s still a working process and I’m trying to post some everyday looks I usually wear. Do you have any tips on cool outfit combinations? I also love this post by the way! :)

The bag is really nice but I don’t like the rest of the outfit, sorry :(

Such a casual yet stylish look! The high knee boots are the perfect contrast to the oversized T-shirt. In addition to that I’m obsessed with your tights!

Greetings from Germany
Fabienne //

Super cool outfit, loved your text :) It’s so nice to see how on earth you are :)

x Lilli
please check out my fashionblog if you want:

Obsessed with those boots! You look so badass, Kristina. <3

Life in Blue Skies | A Lifestyle Blog

This look is so cool ! I LOVE the forest green too, so pretty, it would be lovely for the fall as well ! I love the boots also, overall just an amazing casual look !


I’ve never heard LA being described like that before but it sounds like a nice way to describe it. I hope to see more photos from there & your place soon.


Wow, you seriously can’t make any outfit look bad! I absolutely love that Mulberry bag! I seem to take LA for granted, so it’s awesome to hear other people’s take on this city that I, too, currently call home. It’s awesome that you are taking advantage of what LA has to offer.

Love your outfit! You seem to be able to pull off any look x

You make edgy outfits look so chic! I love the fishnet stockings!

xx, Diane ||

Love the shoes and the bag – a cool combination to the top.

Lots of Love from Germany,

The MOST and natural woman in this world JE T AIME tellement Kristina mon modèle

Love this style, you’re gorgeous!


so stunning peaces i like with this T-shirt

I would love to visit L.A in the near future. It must be such an incredible environment with so many creative people around. Love the bag and your hair is making me want to go darker too! x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

this look is fantastic, I love so much your style , however my favorites for the simply kakhi shirt, bag and the amazing thigh high boots ! You are so cute, lovely, sexy and chic… I’m fan ! ♥
Lady Sakina

I am super in love with your bag!!
xx Nicki

I love your wacky pose, Kristina!

- Seyra x

Wonderfully beautiful and sexy shots, dear! Your gorgeous legs and stunning eyes were combining to provide amazing pleasure ;) Kisses

All Things Bright and Lovely

Beautiful look and writing Kristina!

The black boots are amazing!!!

Kisses ♡


Love this look so much its so edgy and I doubt many people could pull off a look of a t shirt and tights as good as you do! x

I’m in love with the t-shirt! I havn’t been here for a while and I just realised how much I actually enjoy reading your posts! :)

Love the styling in these pics! :)


Kinga Kurek 13 June 2016 / Reply

Love the vibe of the whole outfit! It looks so cool!

Kinga xx

you dress like Californian girl now ;)

Ah je trouve les collants magnifiques :) Le sac a l’air de très bonne qualité! Mulberry a l’air de se moderniser ce qui est cool :)
Gros bisous

Completely in love with those boots!

cool photos!

Loving your oversize tee so much <3 :) And I've wanted a Mulberry for the longest time too! Hahaha and I know what you mean – Los Angeles is just a great place for creatives to thrive, don't you agree?

XO, Elizabeth

Love this bag!
Lovely pics!

Love from Vienna
Borislava from

It is really interesting how you do pick up the vibe from the country or place you are in. Like when I got to Italy I want to be colourful and glam, back in Sweden (home until I was 18) I tend to go for minimal and sleek lines, here in London I love grunge and 90s.
It’s like a complete style makeover every time I travel Love fun fashion <3

So very sexy
Los Angeles is the place to be, I’m sure

girl your so rad…love your vibe

This look is one of my favorites! Edgy and chic! Love it, and the entry was overall very good as always.

I love the Cali style too, the casual done, yet undone vibe.

Characters & Carry-ons

Amazing photos! Loving those boots :)

Love this outfit! You look so badass and can really rock it!

Amazing look! Love how you level up your tshirt dress with the high boots and bag! Wonderful texture and colour combination!

Jacky V. 15 June 2016 / Reply

That´s the vibe that I love about the US! Everybody knows that anything is possible.
Love the energy there :)


My photography-blog:

From the way you describe LA, it totally makes me wanna go there and experience it myself!! Btw, that tote is so amazing!!

Big kisses,

Finally something different from your previous outfits. Love this a lot! And khaki looks great on you, Kay

Hi dear! When you talked about your life in Switzerland I couldn’t help to remember your style back then. I follow your blog from almost the begining and I remember your style being so ladylike and feminine, it wasn’t even usual to see you in jeans or pants, let alone leather shorts and fishnets! Not saying it in a bad way at all, I actually like having witnessed your awesome style transition. :) We change out style depending on a bunch of different situations, and I think your new L.A style is on point, I just find it surprising when I compare it with your always girly-girl outfits from the past.
Have a nice week dear and let me tell you, you can rock ANYTHING! <3

Filipa Jackson 16 June 2016 / Reply

The coolest of the cool. Love this outfit and story

Filipa xxx | Instagram

Such a gorgeous look! I’d love to visit LA one day :) It’s a dream!

You look beautiful! Love the boots xx

Pernille 16 June 2016 / Reply

Such a beauty!

Love the tshirt and the boots!

I love your blog :) and this outfit really is pretty

I absolutely love this look, and your make-up.. my goodness – ++ new follower here:)

Perfect eyes! Gorgeous babe XOXO

All that green colors are so edgy, luv it.
As the city of angels, good luck in L.A *wink*

love the way you write and love your style! xx C

Love your style.

Kimberly 23 June 2016 / Reply

Gurlll your amazing. I love your dark hair so so much. Please check out my new blog:

I love how you emulated the non-traditional but still amazing “grungy rocker” LA look when visiting (many, including myself, often go for La Bohème). Pretty sure I need to add that t-shirt to my collection yesterday.

Mmm, so sexy. I wanna put my cock between your nylon legs and fuck your pussy. But it’s not necessary to pull down your sexy tights. I prefer to fuck your pussy penetrating my cock through your pantyhose. So is more kinky.

You look great here! I love your style and the way of writing. I would love to visit L.A one day.

Haha :)), good one. Love this look, the combo is simple but really awesome :D
Stefan Buzas

What you say about L.A makes me want discover this city even more, it seems incredible.

Love this Mulberry bag, especially the practicality of it.
What a great look, thanks for sharing
Jb x

Life in Switzerland… life in LA… life in Paris: certainly, being in a city changes your perspective, and sometimes we might miss the open air and the woods and the mountains, while some other times we might miss the crazy life and the colors and the fashion and the sounds of a city. And maybe we show the different moods with different outfits! Tell you what, this one I like quite a bit, I like how it tells me of a care-free mood, a “let me be comfy” style. You beat it all the time Kristina!


Andreea Grigore 30 June 2016 / Reply

Sorry, but I will try copy your look :P I’m in love with it!!

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Fassterman 4 July 2016 / Reply


Simply beautiful. You show us that we don’t have to do too much with accessories and outfit in general to express our own style and be fashionable. Love your style. <3

I love that top! Great outfit and very inspiring post!
Kat xx

C’est vrai que cette couleur olive te va bien :) Sinon, j’aime bien ce style un peu plus “casual”, mais je me demande toujours si des bottes aussi chaudes c’est pas suicidaire à LA ? ;)

Love this outfit ! More than the outfit, I think you’re really georgous and a real style.
Just discovered this website and such a great pleasure

Nice work ! xxx

So pretty, thank you for this article !! amazing photos ;)

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Gorgeousss and this outfit is the bomb! You are such an inspiration Kristina, keep it up always and keep on being yourself! Lots of love from Switzerland xx

This is Fantastic…..


This is Awesome…


I’ll find it always very sexy. Your poses are never banal and never vulgar. Your choices are right. The bag we see here is a special meeting of colors, shapes and materials such as few times seen in a bag!