Ever since I shared the Alter Ego article about a year ago, I keep getting feedback still now about how this story and the images resonated with people. Hearing or reading this, is the most gratifying thing in the world. Not because you might have simply liked the article, but because it spoke to you and that somehow it put words to how you felt. The alter ego theme has been so fascinating for me throughout all my life… This idea of being able to be anyone, to do anything, to feel invincible, to morph into any character. It’s limitless and a very empowering theme. It is like the ability to create our own version of the super hero we’d like to be in a comic strip. And by channelling that, a part of us actually becomes it. Last time, I was telling you the story of all these different girls and how they all reflect an aspect of my personality. This new series goes in line with the exaggeration of a trait of character, but it is less of a fantasy character, and more like myself. Let me explain.

When I talk to some of my friends, who are photographers, singers, writers, stylists, producers, dancers… I realize that we all have alter egos. It is simply a place in our minds where we go when the need comes. Nothing is more important in artistry when it comes to creation than having a vision and having a mental clarity to be able to go “there”, and especially being able to get in and out. Everyday life challenges us to sometimes minimize our eccentricities, to “normalize” ourselves in a way to fit into common society and routine. This conformity is necessary to a certain degree for the well being of community so to say. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong about that, I mean, how complicated would it be if we all did whatever we wanted and lived in a total anarchy. But we all have this place where we go when we want to let it all out, let ourself be the exaggerated version of who we are.

This is when the idea of alter ego becomes interesting. Many singers admit to having an alter ego that they channel when they go on stage. Simply because the transition from street to stage is so brutal that a part of you needs this protection behind a strong, fierce, badass character to make you feel like nothing can break you, and also partly because generally the visual identity of an alter ego is that much more symbolic and striking. Some writers unleash their most twisted desires and thoughts in their texts and that’s what makes their books or movies so interesting. It an exaggeration of a concept. That is why I find in art such a relief as it allows me to let go of so much and express all these different feelings and moods that I go through in one character.

When I am in the studio writing songs, as much as I love being in a vulnerable zone and being completely myself, in order to create the metaphors, paint the images, tell the stories, you need to dig deeper in your brain and use all these feelings, these memories as a tool to push yourself to limits. I am overall a very happy, positive person. You guys know me, you’ve been reading my corny texts for years now and know how cheese I can get. There’s nothing I love more than a good motivational speech about dreams, passion and my love for wine. But when it comes to my alter ego, it’s another story. Let’s put aside the idea of alter ego as it almost feels like we are talking about someone else… When it is simply a parallel version.

I think we all like to challenge ourselves in the sense of finding oppositions, whether it comes to our relationships or our work. It is interesting to create contrasts to perceive ourselves and the world differently. I’ve always been appealed by things I didn’t understand, places I didn’t belong to… Curiosity of course is a bit part of it. If someone tells me I can’t do something or go somewhere, it instantly makes me want to do it. Reverse psychology there you go. Works like magic. My mom would always make me eat my veggies like that.

So I won’t be giving a name to the girl you see in these following shots. I will say this though, it is me. Just another side of me that I’ve been learning to have fun with and to embrace from time to time. That chick comes out when I’m writing on some sick pop tracks in the studio! Oh another thing, because I know it’ll get all of you talking, I do not smoke. And the reason why I chose to have a cigaret in some of the shots is because it is undeniable how incredible a cigaret looks in photographs… Think Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction and just sit back, and enjoy. A BIG shoutout to by girl Cibelle Levi for killing it again, these images that are truly some of my favorites e-v-e-r. Watch out for that one, I’m telling you, one day, she’ll be shooting the campaigns and magazine covers of your dreams. Can wait to see that day happen.

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Beautiful words and beautiful soul. Proud to follow the journey!
Lauren Ashley |

You’re such an amazing and inspiring young woman! It’s been a pleasure to follow and discover all of your alter egos and hear your music, as well as read your writings. Thank you for taking us along! :)

Awesome rock outfit! Love leather!

Don’t miss today on my blog a Chic, comfy and urban outfit where accessories play a main role…especially the sandals with transparent heel !! ;)
❤ Kisses from

Hi, Kristina! I completely agree with you. Sometimes we need to take a break from ourselves (or the part that we share the world) and have this alter ego. Fantastic shots!

- Seyra x

I love how you project different sides of your personality on the blog, not many bloggers do that and it can actually get pretty boring looking at different outfits of the same person over and over again! Keep going :-)

You, or at least your alter ego, look fabulous in these shots. More please! And you’re right, the cigarette does add a certain je ne sais quoi and femme fatale mystique. Uma Thurman has a rival.

You always look just absolutely amazing!! Allthough I am not smoking I loooove the cigarette photos! So stunning! <3

Nice culottes!
Take a look , new outfit with jeans culottes!
Kisses from Spain

The alter ego series that you did (which I cannot believe was a year ago!) was honestly one my favorite articles and shoots that you have ever done the blog.

I have always loved your blog because of the mixture of writing and photography which compliment each other evenly and perfectly. Both really resonate with me and inspire me, and this series does no different!

Amazing work, and you look INCREDIBLE gurl! I’ve been following Cibelle’s journey and she is seriously killing it too, I wish you both the best!

Heather xx

alexandra 17 June 2016 / Reply

I love the quality of the photos! can you tag where you got the clothes from? love the pants!

Love youuuuu


Kristina!? Are you serious? These images are DOPE!
You look so edgy, so cool and I’m just done!

I mean come on, how amazing these photographs are should everbody see at the first look!!
The black hair looks so perfect on you! It’s a great contrast for your baby blue eyes!

I’m melting, because you look just too good and hot here! :”) ♥♥♥♥

Much Love and keep up your inspiring work babe! :)


Photography & Fashion Blog,

Hi Kristina,

When I scrolling trough your pictures, I See a rock-girl,and you look so powerful in the pictures.

Love reading these kind of articles of yours. I’ve been following your blog from the very begining and i almoust never used to comment on post (yours or anyone elses) but over the years i realized that everyone should say something nice or empowering to the people (internet or ‘real life’) because it does mean a lot when you get a reminder that you’re doing something good. And reading your posts recently reminded me that i always wanted to do some kind of writing; so thank you very much!


This black hair looks SO nice <3

Love it.

xo Vanessa from

Amazing photos!

Congrats to Cibelle, she really is a great photographer!!


Amazing shots, this girl is such a badass babe! And very well said on unleashing alter egos or different parts of our personalities when it comes to creative tasks xx

You look so cool. Love the whole look!!


These photos are truly stunning! This hair and makeup suits you so well! And I love the leather!

Kristina, you’re killing it! This post is amazing, the photos are PERFECTION and you’re such an inspiring person. I never thought about my “Alter Ego” as a good thing but you changed my point of view.
Kisses from Germany!

Definitely very different and striking images <3 And I agree about alter egos – everyone has one, and oftentimes, we channel them to give ourselves the confidence that we need :) Loving this post so much! Hope you're having a great week Kristina!

XO, Elizabeth

These photos are just amazing!! You look so stunning and its so nice to hear that other people have alter egos -its something that not many people really discuss buts its just good fun! You look amazing and completely embody the pulp fiction vibe and look! Stunning! X

Really interesting article! I’ve always loved the concept of ‘alter egos’ and I do agree that they are usually channeled through artistic means! Great pictures too x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

Lindsay K 18 June 2016 / Reply

You look beautiful until I got to the pictures with the cancer-sticks.

Kinga Kurek 19 June 2016 / Reply

I am in love with whole concept of these alter ego posts and having an alter ego and becoming someone else for a while! And the images came out so well dear!
Kinga x

This article is very relevant. I believe that every one needs to create an alter ego, not to pretend being someone else and escape from the hard reality, but to embrace another side of ourselves. Sometimes it just feels good to do different things, to put yourself into other shoes and free your mind. Imagination, creation and determination are important in a world where everyone and everything look the same, and where it’s hard to find meaning. Anyway, that’s it for my philosophical comment haha. One last thing : I really like when photos are taken by Cibelle Levi. They have this je ne sais quoi which gives them something more than simple static images, they are alive. I hope that there will be many other articles to come, it’s because of bloggers like you that I’ve decided to create my own blog, so thank you for being such an inspiration.

I totally agree that we all have alter egos that come out at different times. It’s a beautiful thing, the human condition..and how multi-dimensional we are. Love seeing this darker, edgier side of you. Saw your snaps in regards to the smoking…I think it’s silly to take a photoshoot so seriously. Keep doing your thang, you’re beautiful…inside and out!

xoxo – Kelly

Yes yes yeees !!! You guys killed it. Phenomenal post and photography :)

x Gitta //

Gothic theme? perfect!

The photos are astonishing! I love you lipstick’s color together with your nail polish.

Such a beauty!

The last picture is definitively my favourite and could be straight out of a Tarantino movie! Cibelle is definitively a very talented photographer – love her work :)

Oh shots are inspiring, you and your words. Love pulp fiction, the movie popped up in my head once I saw heading picture. No words needed, good job!

This photos are amazing! You look beautiful as always!

Its weird to see you with black hair but still loving it! x

Girl, you killed it again! Amazing shots and the story, I really love this kind of post on the website, they are more personal and more vital, I guess.

impressive shots, black always good

I love this photoshoot. The make up and the hair are both so on point, your alter ego is on point!
Lots of Love,

Thank you so much for sharing your story, you are so inspiring! ★

Jaime Correa //

The alter ego series was honestly one my favorite articles that you have ever done. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and others!
PS. Impressive shots as always.

Stunning pictures and amazing article. You look so fab in this look and I just love the colour of your lipstick <3
best wishes,

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Wow, this style is awesome, I truly love your photos. I think that this article pushes Kayture a little bit more higher :)
Stefan Buzas

Freaking love your eyeliner skills !!!
Maaaaan this gives me goosebumps.

Beautiful pictures and great article, as always :P

love, Laura Jane

C’est intéressant ce que tu dis là sur l’alter ego, c’est plus ou moins la même idée dans ce qui est proposé en développement personnel, cette histoire d’alter ego, on peut l’appeler comme on veut, c’est une image, une personne réelle ou fictive à laquelle on s’identifie ou que l’on aimerait être, une image qui nous donne de la force en fait, plus d’assurance, de la confiance…
J’aime beaucoup la photo 5 (avec la cigarette ente les lèvres), l’expression dans les yeux est très différente, plus assurée, sur certaines photos ici et ailleurs on voit encore la jeune fille, sur celle-ci la 5, le regard dégage vraiment autre chose.

A very insightful read. Thanks for sharing us your alter ego stories, Kristina! Beautiful, beautiful shots as well. Absolutely loving the shift of aesthetic :)

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Massimo Cusi 28 June 2016 / Reply

Well, I definitely think that Cibelle Levi is a gorgeous photographer. She captured the soul you wanted to show us and portrayed it perfectly. My gf is also very fond of this series of yours!

I really like the idea of the alter egos

Andreea Grigore 30 June 2016 / Reply

You look stunning with black hair!! Your eyes are more blue and magical!
And oh I have like thousands alter egos haha. That’s great I think!

These shots are amazing! I especially love the one where you’re smoking!

What a beautiful editorial! We really like your pictures and style!

Stunning pictures and writing.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Much love,

C’est vrai que l’article Alter Ego avait été dingue, c’est merveilleux de voir que tu arrives à continuer de faire des photos artistiques et qui repoussent tes limites. Merci de te confier à nous et de nous partager toutes tes facettes !

I love this pictures!! I love the way you expresss yourself. I’m a big fan of your work!

Please check out my very first post on my Blog!
I would really appreciate that!
Thank you!

Thank you so much for this! You’re words are so inspirational, and the photographs are amazing, too. They truly capture the image you wanted to portray, and the result was art in its best form! I love the final image of an outfit, rather than seeing it on a runway, because then the artist can include other things that help convey the meaning (such as the cigarette in yours). Love it!

So in love with this article. I really feel what you describe.

Love XX


Beautiful shots and perfect post, definitely resonates with me!

Love that look and the outfit.
You’re awesome.
Consulenza d’immagine
Thanks for the post.

Simply stunning. The entire look look is classic and chic. Bravo!