One thing you might know about me is that I like a good, open, challenging conversation. The bigger, the deeper the subject is, the better. It sometimes feels like the world we evolve in is so shallow and fast… we don’t have time, we need time, we don’t understand, we don’t really try to, we judge mindlessly, we consume ignorantly. Life seems shallow when in fact, it’s so complex and the only reason it appears shallow is because we choose voluntarily not to seek the depth in it and ask ourselves certain questions. And you might never get any answers if you never verbalize the questions themselves. So why live in ignorance? Why choose not to ask things and leave so much ununderstood or misinterpreted? The answers might not be something you expected, it might not be something you would like, it might not even be the right answer. But the question might open new ones. It is an endless eye opening quest. I believe curiosity is the most beautiful human quality and when we loose our curiosity we fall into the contempt of what we already know. And when that happens, we often fall into close mindedness and eventually… ignorance.

Ignorance to me, is the most fearful thing. Why? Because ignorance leads often to intolerance and hatred. But we can’t understand everything and everyone can’t we? I am eternally grateful for the opportunities having a blog brought into my life. First of all, reading all of your comments is always so interesting. You all have such different opinions and perspectives. And though you often agree and/or disagree on the same things, there is always a fascinating diversity of messages. Because of course, we all have an awareness of what’s good or bad, what’s beautiful or not. Some can find beauty where others might not but we all have an idea of what it is, because we feel it. Very few would say for example that a clear blue sky isn’t beautiful, or that flowers are ugly. But you’ll always find some going against public opinion. Reading your thoughts, and you might know that I actually… read all of them, made me understand something very important : none of us is right or wrong. We all have our perspective on things and our words and thoughts come from a specific place that depends on your education, our beliefs, our values, our families, or even our country. And this is why our generation is so open minded and informed. With the explosion of internet and social media, it is hard to stay in the ignorance when our opinions are constantly challenged by videos, articles, pictures, provoking our perceptions and shaking up our beliefs.

Traveling was another aspect that allowed me to understand that what we might experience in Europe or even in the United States, can be completely different elsewhere. Even having to travel so often between France and California, I noticed that the cultural differences are almost quite chocking at times. We grew up on different books, different movies, different foods, and all of this leads to having different ways of living, of thinking, of interacting… And yet with globalization and this impression of accessibility at the tip of our fingers with the internet, it seems like we are all slowly shifting into becoming citizens of the world. There is a consciousness of public opinion that’s extremely present. An awareness that I know my parents didn’t experience growing up. One of the weird things I love doing just for analysis purposes is read the comments under random Youtube videos. And sometimes the strangest comments will hit my curiosity : how could someone write that? Why? Where did this thought come from or even what led this person to willingly manifest this thought? So of course, I am not even french, or american, or swiss as a matter of fact. I was born in Belarus. Do you think I consider myself Belorussian? Man… I don’t even know. I grew up there from age 0-5. I couldn’t even describe the city anymore. What I know is that I have the weirdest cultural mix and thus, I don’t want to attach my identity too much to cultural belongings. Instead, I prefer human comprehension on a global level. Because in the end, no matter where we come from we all experience love, fear, doubt, pain, happiness. Our actions are often triggered by the same things and we all have much more in common that we might think.

When I post something on my social media, I always have somewhere in a corner of my brain an idea of what the comments might say. I can even predict when the comments will get spicy. So the choice is to please the crowd, or challenge it. I’ve had a very interesting journey throughout blogging. And everyday, I feel like I am learning something new. When I began posting, I was still figuring out what the hell I was doing and what I could use this blog for. I didn’t have at all an expectation that blogging could lead to career opportunities or eventually become a career. I was in high school, homework and boys were mainly my preoccupations. But then all of a sudden, these emails starting coming in, the comments, the features, the numbers. I was 17 and still trying to figure out who the hell I was and what I was supposed to do out of my life. Internet became an escape, the blog a canvas, a chance for my ideas to materialize and exist. My first couple of articles were slightly experimental. Especially that white backdrop, Kayture written in black on my lips editorial that got a lot of people talking. But then eventually I did realize that what brought in most people on the blog were simpler topics and more accessible/relatable pictures. So needless to say, I am sure maybe 25-30% of you guys went as far as reading this second paragraph but, let me keep going. I promise we are onto something here.

In a lifetime, we all go through various phases in search of ourselves. I mean, I surely did. When I was 15 I was in love with the lead singer of an emo rock band and was sure I was going to end up married to him one day. Like… SURE about it. Long story short, I actually ended up meting him a few months ago randomly in a bar in L.A and he likes make-up and boys just as much as I do. So, at least we bonded over that. Usually when I tell this story to people, they look at me with big eyes, “wait you? in black leather and studs from head to toe waiting outside of a rock concert for 4 hours?”. And that’s just a small bit of the story… if we ever meet in person I’ll tell you the whole thing. But yes, me. And then somehow, I ended up becoming the girliest version of myself two years ago, wearing the cutest dresses and having at least one picture of flowers and macarons every week on my Instagram. And that’s truly what I was at a certain point. I was focused on satisfying the demand I was seeing on my social media, feeding the idea that people wanted to have of me : a good girl, who started from nothing and worked hard, healthy, cute and sweet. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone… And felt a responsibility to be and remain this person for some to look up to. And there’s nothing wrong with that, actually it’s pretty awesome too. However, I started to feel like I was stuck in this preconception people had of me. I felt like I couldn’t be sad, provocative or embrace my darker side. Because that’s not what I was supposed to do or what people wanted me to do. Yes, I wanted Kayture to be a bubble of positivity, an inspirational, uplifting escape. But it made me feel at times like I was becoming a one sided character, limiting myself to the portrayal and expression of only one layer of my personality.

This works when you have a brand, for example, we know that when we go to Disneyland it’ll be a bundle of joy and magic. That’s why we go there. But it doesn’t really work like that with a human being, because we can’t be happy and positive all the time. It is simply not possible. And choosing to close our eyes to the flip side of the coin is a missed chance to exploit the beauty that comes with it. I believe that’s also why a lot of celebrities freak out at a certain point of their lives, look at Britney or Miley Cyrus : they became walking brands, known for certain attributes and restricted to only these. It is the responsibility that comes with fame and the idolization of a pop idol. Always sexy, or always happy. And we don’t want to see anything else coming from them. We don’t want to see them get all different all of a sudden. We’ll loose the idol we used to love to much. So one shaved her head (I love you Britney) and one licked a hammer. Pretty drastic messages. So… When will we stop putting people in boxes?

No matter how I felt, or where I was mentally in my life, I feel like I would always try to express myself on things that bothered or revolted me. Whether it was with my friends or through subtle allusions in my texts. But you guys will agree that I wasn’t really writing such long, hopefully transparent articles two years ago. A lot of what I’m saying here today, I used to be afraid to express it. I’d feel like nobody would read it, or care… Or that it would contradict my positive image. Who wants to hear a girly fashionista talk about life? My intention at the time was there, and it was good : spread positivity. But by willing to only project that, I resigned to what I actually dislike most, shallowness and superficiality. Of course, fashion industry often comes with it. When you continuously talk about clothes, brands, luxury, it kind of comes along. And it’s no news. So you might have noticed recently that I rarely write the name of the brands I wear, that I don’t have my Reward Style affiliation links all over my articles or that I don’t really care as much about wearing designer pieces as often. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a tremendous love for fashion and next week, I’m off to Paris for couture fashion week. I don’t want you to think I’m hypocrite or something. I just want to have a real talk. What I want to share now is a bit different. I truly wish I, you, us could be continuously challenged and never give up on becoming better, whatever that subjectively might mean.

Staying ourselves is probably one of the biggest battles we’ll face in our life. I definitely try and I am lucky to have some friends with real balls. You’ll excuse the term. As soon as I start bullshiting them, they’ll confront me like you have no idea. Eventually, everything I was holding back in order to keep my content as positive as possible, I started pouring it into my music. My music was dark as hell and I was wondering where all that would come from? I was craving depth and introspection. I felt the need to use pain, doubt, fear and embrace it all as an honest part of my humanity. Because what are we without it? You know, in L.A, there is such a high pressure to be successful, to be cool, that a lot of people fake the idea of being happy. Very few will admit that they struggle or that they are afraid. While in Paris for example, people are tremendously driven by melancholy, by sadness, by complaint. So being faced to this constant contrast, I progressively started separating these two aspects of my personality and many of my editorials and even video projects began exploring this idea of Alter Ego, of duality, like for example my project with Mugler.

So one day, I was ready for it. I needed to manifest and exteriorize what I felt like inside. One thing lead to another and I decided to dye my hair dark. As they say, new hair, new woman. It was very symbolical to me, and a way to express this beginning of a new shift. As soon as I came out of the hair salon, I felt like I was a new person and a sudden breath of fresh air came into me. That’s also when my content started changing a bit.  I wanted to challenge myself and hopefully my community to something new, just slightly different. A tiny less overly self centered and a bit more creative. At least that was the intention. It began of course with some music content, then some experimental shots. And a lot of it, pretty much, got an unbelievable ammount of negative response…

…That I expected.

Partly because I know, how pissed we get when the packaging of our favorite cookie brand changes. Even if it might be subjectively “better”, we still preferred the old one. Because that’s what we were used to. I felt like a cookie box. There is without a doubt an objectification of people on social media as we give “brand” attributes to people we follow. So you want to get what you expect. Just like when you buy a treat. It seemed to me that what was inside didn’t ever change, just the way of presenting it. So were you guys wrong or right? There is no correct answer. I tried embracing the comments and eventually took it as actually something empowering. I don’t mind loosing followers, or likes, or whatsoever in order to stay honest. And indeed, many started following me for a reason, they liked the style, the good girl image and that’s not what they saw anymore. I guess the smoking picture was a big turning point. I guess part of me posting it wanted to get a confirmation of my expectations. I knew that the comment section would get crazy. In France we tend to minimize the negative repercussions of nicotine. When I tell my friends in Paris that I don’t really smoke, they look at me like I’m some kind of nun. As much as I don’t encourage smoking, I love the artistic representation of the cigaret in pop culture. You are willingly endangering yourself and there’s something very controversial yet provoking in that. My will with this picture was I guess to show this other version of myself, this alter ego to open minds to a new idea of who I was and break this good girl preconception.

I am not saying I am a bad girl all of a sudden. In fact, I am very much an overall good girl, with at times (quite often actually) rebellious tendencies. I don’t like playing by the rules, I like seeking paths that were untaken. It makes me feel alive. We all have some “bad” in ourselves, otherwise the good wouldn’t exist. It’s like in virgin suicides, the girls are brought up in a way to avoid any rebellious temptations… but they end up killing themselves. At least that’s what I remember of the story. Of course, I am making an extreme comparison. But it is I believe unhealthy to be plastic good. There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, feeling rebellious, wanting to break norms. Especially when you’re a creative. It is a way to innovate, to push limits, to open new doors. I believe that it is so important to let loose and experiment. Most of my favorite artists, writers, movie directors, photographers are all in the provocation. Because as much as provocation might divide the crowd, some might hate, some might love, it will get us all to talk, to debate and whether we want it or not, it will lead us to self interrogation and perhaps even new perspectives. Think about Baudelaire and how risky it was a the time to release a book called “The Flowers of Evil”, or Stanley Kubrick when Clockwork Orange was released? Not mentioning the work of Steven Klein or Cindy Sherman… All these artists that have made they career on provocation but have marked a generation through a new, different way of thinking and seeing. And yet somehow “Twilight” or “Fifty Shades of Grey” managed to get even more commercial success and attention… When I feel like you actually learn much more by reading “The Alchemist” by Coelho instead.

With all of this being said, and I might repeat what I said on Instagram, but for me, there is nothing more important that not limiting ourselves, or others. Because by doing so, we openly diminish our freedom and restrict our opportunities to fully be. I can’t express enough the importance of staying true to yourself by getting out of your comfort zone and being open. We will all, always be different.  And that’s the beauty of human diversity. We will all have different opinions and perspectives, and that’s fine. But by sharing perspectives with each other, we can come to a bigger understanding of life too. As long as we stay curious and open, knowing that there is rarely a right or wrong (excluding moral and immoral acts/opinions). There are some universal facts, hurting someone for the pain, for the torture is wrong, helping someone for the good, the progression is good. Other than that, I think we evolve in pretty much a gray zone don’t you think? Conformity is a very scary thing. We don’t want to end up in a society like in Equilibrium where we take drugs to cut our human emotions in order to all become the same, like robots and serve society. Think about communist, it isn’t healthy to all be on the same page, it is a way of restricting freedom and take away from life’s opportunities. Some intentions of course could have been considered as “good”, going into this subject would probably take me 3 more articles to talk about, but overall, I believe diversity and tolerance are tremendously important to lead a full, heartfelt life. Of course, I am speaking here from my perspective, from the things I’ve learned so far in my life, my opinions might change, but I hope not to speak from a place of ignorance or naivety.

So as I creator, I challenge myself to create things that’ll surprise and entertain you. It is also more pleasing and fun for me. And today is typically an editorial that I am so excited to share. I grew up on comic books and I can’t express how much I love super heroes. I got to creatively direct and edit this whole shoot photographed by the unbelievable Cibelle Levi. This girl just kills it each time and it’s so much fun working with her. We both are willing to push limits and make new things out of nothing. I cannot wait to have your feedback and know what you all think of these shots. I am still thinking of what my comic book name would be like… Baby Blue sounds like a good like a good start. Sweet on the outside, sour on the inside ;) x

WWNOW POWPOW _DSC0451 copie POW _DSC0726 copie _DSC0825 copie


PHOTOGRAPHY : Cibelle Levi
STYLING / MAKE-UP / EDITS / : Yours truly



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So dope! You rock girl!
Lauren Ashley |

This is such an amazing post, Kristina! We all have different facets of personality–complex yet simple.

- Seyra x

Taíssa Lopes 27 June 2016 / Reply

Okay, so there comes my comment. I qas going to do it on instagram but I thought you might like it better over here. So let’s start, I think it’s pretty awesome that you came to the point that you notice the box society was building around you and that you had the guts to start putting it down, as it isn’t as simple as it seems and I know that. However, I as a person who admires and cares for you ask you to pay attention on how much effort you are putting into destroying the box as you can accidentally destroy a little bit of yourself with it, and you may not feel it at first. So please be careful with the “I’m just trying new things” only in a form that you can caught yourself in the future in a place you don’t really like just because you tried a little to hard. Anyhow, I believe in you and I’m truly happy to see you get more creative and reinvent yourself, life is supposed to be challenging and actually an ego killer, ego never helps and what you should alter is your true self, the one that is deep within your soul (my perspective), and darling not sure if you know but your truest self is so beautiful and even more instigating than you ever thought possible, you are indeed an amazing soul and you should always empower it! Now talking about the shoot, I LOVE CIBELLE’S WORK (and of course yours), it looks so good!! Loved the makeup and how you brought to life something that lies inside you, something you like since a kid, I think it makes the shoot more real and more human, knowing that you did it with a special purpose and that it actually means something. You are great, girl. And just be you. All the love,

Wow I can’t even begin to explain how inspiring that was! By far the realist, rawest post yet- and I loved it. Keep doing you girl! And can I just say how great these photos are? The quality and creativity is amazing. Ohh, and I think you can add make-up artist to your resume.

SO fierce. Xoxo <3
Veronica (loyal fan since the start)

I’m so in love with this editorial! It’s so amazing to be able to express yourself freely. I love how you drew that metaphor through these beautiful pop-based images! Finding yourself is such an important part of your life – I talk about that on my blog all the time. Amazing piece!

xx, mel

Sandrine Mertins 27 June 2016 / Reply

Omg. This article it’s incredible. I love your writing and the subject of your texts. And this pictures are amazing. Keep creating amazing stuff, Kristina. Your journey is amazing, and i’m loving to be part of that, to hear each story and all your achieves. Thank you for all this great content.

With all the Love, Sandrine. <3

Anna Marie Porter 27 June 2016 / Reply

Kristina, I really enjoyed reading your article. It very much expresses the way I believe society has become today and desperately needs to escape. No one should be afraid to express themselves on every side, and inch away from the idea that all people should stay the same and be the same. Discussing different topics and that may or may not be controversial only leads to better deeper conversation and possible sway of perspective. Thank you for not being afraid to show who you truly no matter the loss or gain of followers. We need more people like you in this world.
-Anna Marie Porter, Florida

Bravo! Well said and exactly what we need to kick start the conversations and topics that get overlooked and could help us to reach the greatest personal insight possible. If we are ignorant about how we feel and why, we aren’t surely getting the most out of life. I suppose the anti-thesis to your thesis is that ignorance is bliss? In today’s highly connected world, is that achievable?

Enjoy Paris (my heart’s homeland) and living the wonders of couture week. Feel free to let me know what you think about my new blog: xx

Love this cool look! very creative and I love the idea!

check out my outfit at the tiffany anniversary.

Interesting post. Love the Roy Liechtenstein style pop-art images. And you’re right, although cigarettes are unhealthy, they do provide wonderful images and props. s

I love how you actually write blog posts that mean something to you! Looking amazing as always x

Kylie Iem 27 June 2016 / Reply

I can’t believe that I just read the whole article because I’m not a big reader normally. Kristina, you have came a very long way to where you stand today. I am so proud at you. I followed you on Instragram since you only had 2k follwers. I have seen it all. I have to admit it sometimes I ask myself ” why” this is nor Kristna I used to see in the past because I like the girliest version who’s wearing the cutest dresses. I know that people always change for instant we are today is not the same person like we were yesterday or who we’re going to be tomorrow. I have to respect your opinions and I am happy that you choice to be true to yourself. You pour your heart into every work that you commit to get done. Just be careful when you decide to try something new, think twice before you do it because it could lead you to the person what you don’t want to be. I am hoping the best for you and good luck on your next step to level up. If there is one word I describ about you today, you’re “Amazing” !

Well Krissy (that’s what I call you). I’ve been watching you evolve and was wondering what the intention was, of course as I am older, I figured out that the pastels might have been to please us or brands, but I’ve loved the new Krissy too. While it might seems like it was sudden, we, your old followers have been noticing the gradual changes. It started with your published playlist, it was very different to your images. I appreciate the real you. This editorial is POW!!

Tom Odero 27 June 2016 / Reply


Girl, I couldn’t agree more with you, this post should be like the blogger’s manifesto. That’s why it is highly important to start off being ourselves, otherwise it becomes a huge burden to have to maintain an image that doesn’t feel like “ours”. You grow up and your audience grows up with you, people like me are on blogs for fashion and beauty inspiration but also to read views, explore different things, learn about your experiences as you get to do a very interesting job with all the traveling and meeting new people… So well done!!! I’ve been following you for a few years now, I’ve seen your transition from the most girly parts of you to this “darker” image, I applaud you and I feel that this is what real human are about: growing, maturing, changing, as long as we are alive! And of course if you want to go back to girly images or just talk about makeup in one post, that’s fine as well! That’s how we all feel! One day I’m sad because the poem I read made me realise I’m not doing what I want in life, the other day I’m happy just because this new dress makes me look like a goddess! There’s not one aspect only to our personality, we shouldn’t try to limit ourselves to one.

I’ve been following you for ages, and always love the more girly stuff for inspiration, since I’m more edgy and grunge-y myself, but yeah, you could kind of tell that you were holding back. Seeing you in a choker, overknees and 90ies shirt? YASS QUEEEEEN.

Dear Kristina,
I found you on LookBook, I don’t remember how many years ago, in a photo where you were wearing a denim shirt, black shorts, high heels and your beautiful blonde hair in a low ponytail. Yes, I remember all that because, starting from that moment, the moment I discovered your blog, I went to the very beginning of your archive and I checked out with enormous admiration all of your posts. You were beautiful (sorry for using the past tense, you still are absolutely gorgeous and all of that, but right now I am talking about the 18 years old Kristina), feminine, artistic, elegant, the person every girl wanted to be. And I started checking your blog daily for updates, but I never liked your page on Facebook because I didn’t want any of my friends to find out about you. You were my model, only mine, my secret source of endless inspiration. So, after following you since the beginning, I have gathered the courage to finally write you today, right now, after reading this shocking article. You are the first and the only fashion blogger – and I am following dozens of them – whose blog feed I have viewed from the beginning to the end (even right now, I am at the third time going through all of your very inspiring outfit posts). But, yes, as I said, outfit posts. Only the pictures. Because, back then, your text was not as it is now. To be honest, I have never fully read any of your posts – the whimsical pictures were enough for me, since I was only looking for outfit inspiration – until now. And, I must say, right now I am so filled with joy, inspiration, initiative, love and inner strength that I can barely find the right words to put in this comment which I really hope that you will stumble across. And all this joy and excitement is because of the wonderful content that you have provided right here, it is all because of YOU.
True – in terms of outfits, you have become a bit less relatable for me, and some might think that this is a good enough reason for me to unfollow you. But, first of all, your outfits right now are more inspiring on a deeper level, they challenge my creativity – which, I think, is exactly your purpose – and, secondly, the fact that you have found yourself and that you are able to FEEL with all your heart, is an inspiration to me, and it should be to all of us, to be ourselves and find true happiness through that.
In the end I want to make some things clear: I love you, you are a huge inspiration for all of us, this new side of you is reaching my soul deeper than ever before, you are the reason why I became a fashion blogger, I thank you for all the good that you brought into my life and let us all stay true to ourselves!

Kisses from one of your biggest fans,

Comme tu le dis, chacun pense différemment.. Mais je pense vraiment que tout le monde devrait lire cet article en entier. Ton blog a beaucoup évolué depuis le début mais cette évolution est -je pense- une tres bonne chose. Plus le contenu est varié et plus tu te livres à nous, plus j’ai l’impression de grandir en lisant tes articles.. En tant qu’adolescente, j’ai toujours l’impression que si je ne fais pas comme tous les autres de mon âge, je ne suis pas “assez” bien… Mais de lire des articles tels que celui ci me permet d’ouvrir mon esprit et de comprendre que cette diversité que je veux avoir n’est pas un probleme mais peut être une qualité et je trouve réellement que tu nous permets, A tous tes lecteurs, d’ouvrir nos esprits vers quelque chose de différent.. Et tu nous fais grandir mentalement. Tu m’as appris énormément de chose sur le monde qui nous entoure mais également sur moi-même. J’essaye désormais de toujours comprendre les réactions vis à vis de mes actions, ce n’est plus une question d’apprécier ou pas les retours que j’obtiens, c’est uniquement une question de compréhension de l’autre. Merci pour cet article extrêmement inspirant et surtout très personnel.. Le vraî ou le faux n’a pas d’importance quand c’est notre coeur qui parle… Et je te félicite pour le courage que tu as de s’exprimer aussi sincèrement.

Les photos sont incroyables comme toujours et votre travail avec Cibelle m’impressionne à chaque fois un peu plus.. L’univers est incroyable comme à chaque fois et l’esthétique est sublime! Bonne continuation xx

I’ve been following your blog since the very beginning and I am enjoying immensely this change that has been taking place these last few months. You are a very inspirational person, keep doing you. It’s a fact of life that we do not remain stagnant but we keep evolving, getting better and trying new stuff. What would be the point of being the same always? We need to embrace change and stop putting people onto pedestals. Keep being true to yourself. I love these articles <3
The photos rock, as well! We can see how much work you girls put in it <3

Quel beau travail ! Les photos sont dingues et j’adore l’idée ;) Bravo ;)


Wahou. Après avoir lu ton livre et maintenant cet article, je peux définitivement dire que j’adore ta manière d’écrire. Tu parles de choses compliquées avec des mots simples, et que tout le monde comprend, et merci pour ça.
Ensuite, le fait que tu te dévoiles, que tu montres que tu n’es pas la “parfaite petite fashion blogger”, que tu aimes les fleurs et les macarons et le rose, mais pas seulement! Que tu aimes aussi le noir, être brune (oui c’est une mentalité, être blonde ou brune, on est d’accord), et parfois tu es triste, tu es mélancholique. Cela te rends humaine de te montrer ainsi.
Merci de cet article, merci d’être toi.
xx, Maëva <3

PS: si un jour je te rencontre, je ne saurais que dire à part "merci", tu m'en voudras pas j'espère.

Lydia Freyth 27 June 2016 / Reply

I am just impressed by your change or rather your strength to accept this change and share it with us. I think everyone in this age goes through a lot of different stages and I can often see me or other people in you. We shouldn’t accept our fear to hold us back because we get so stuck that no movement or personal growth is possible anymore. That’s why I love your message to get out of our comfort zones and try to find and embrace every tiny piece of our peesonality which makes as individuals. And who wants always the same type of blogger ?! Well I don’t ! I want to get in touch with diversity which shows us different people with different ways to live. I’m living in Europe, Germany, and I think this topic is pretty up-to-date. Diversity will
make us a better, more open-minded society and shutting down our borders won’t help us grow. And this can also be applied to every single human! I am thankful that you were brave enough to accept your changes and share it with us! And about the pictures: they are awesome as always and I love your make-up. You always make me see something different and new in you!
Please stay as you are: authentic, creative, fun, inspiring and just a great person!

xx Lydia

This is so inspiring! The pictures look amazing!

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Kristina, I wanna be a fashion designer and I don’t know why, but I’m sure that I will be a fashion designer

Awesome top and pics!

Don’t miss today on the blog my Summer outfit with a floral print long dress…and Jewel-wedges!! ;)
❤ Kisses from

wow, the pictures are amazing! You two did amazing work!!

I actually read your whole article and I totally agree, it’s so important to stay true to yourself and to always discover yourself anew. I think you can be really proud of yourself and what you have accomplished and it is really impressive that you are willing to take risks in order to live your life to the fullest, though I think it gets easier to do that when you have a background such as yours. With that I don’t mean the family you come from but simply the opportunities given to you “just” because you are who you are. It’s just easier to take risks if a failure doesn’t weigh that much… Still I think it is amazing how you always try to challenge yourself!

I really liked your honesty here. As many people, I have been following you since your debuts on Lookbook. I loved how your pictures look always so editorial like and that you are so photogenic, and I loved your style, your attitude. I think you understand what a weird impression it has been to see you move away from what you’ve been loved for (Loved you metaphor of the biscuit packaging changing!). I admire still and I admire you even more for staying true to yourself and experiment, everyone evolves and changes. As readers, we sometimes tend to forget the human being growing up behind the facade of a blog. As a fellow blogger, I totally understand it. It is very brave of you not to care too much about pleasing the crowd but show your creativity, I’m totally with you on this point. Now, I think that you must also understand that some may not like your new look. Does it make them closed-minded? or ignorant? You may not be realizing it but your first paragraph, as it states your determination and introduces your point of view, also feels extremely scornful towards those who so predictably showed their dislike, feeling like ” I’m beyond your critics and beyond your ignorant opinions, average people don’t understand creativity, I’m the new “Poète Maudit”, I’m bound to be criticized “. I have read some of those comments, and if some were really hateful, some weren’t, despite being a negative critic. Your tone here reminds me of what some people tell when you say you don’t agree with their opinion: “you don’t believe because you’re not mature enough and open-minded enough”. Not agreeing doesn’t always imply that one is a control-freak thinking inside the box and lacking of creativity… As you stated it, beauty comes in so many different forms, and so does creativity. Please, don’t be that kind of person who starts closing their mind as they state everyone should be opening theirs! You may not have been writing this post intending to show some disdain, but that’s just how this “I don’t care” feels…
Personally, I started liking your new pictures once I stopped seeing you as a fashion blogger but more as an artist, especially now that you started your singing career. I won’t hide I will miss your “before” unique style that was not that polished ;)! But as you said, you will still attend shows and I can’t wait to see you inspire us even more. I thank you for showing such determination in being yourself and honesty!


Hi Kristina,

I started following you during the saccharine sweet phase and as I’m a girly girl, you soon became my biggest fashion inspiration. With time, both our tastes evolved. Though it may seem like they went in different directions, I still admire your creativity and how you’re always true to your own ever-evolving self. It takes guts to live so honestly. Creativity takes a lot of courage too, so I think you’re really brave. While I may not rely on Kayture for fashion advice these days, I’m always excited to pop by and catch up on the cool things you’ve been creating. You’re just a different type of inspiring now. :)

Always wishing you a lot of success,

Stunning pics! Keep beeing you ;)



J’aime beaucoup cet article. J’aime le fait que tu admettes que tu donnais aux gens ce qu’ils attendaient de toi pendant un certain temps. Je l’ai souvent senti et cette bulle de positivité me semblait bien fausse. Je me demandais quand, enfin, le vernis allait craquer. J’ai toujours été à la fois attirée et repoussée par ce que tu proposais, ici sur le blog, sur IG, attirée par ton parcours et tes aventures, attirée par l’envie d’en savoir plus sur toi. J’ai ton livre sur une étagère chez moi… Et repoussée par l’image trop lisse, impeccablement lisse, que tu as toujours montré de toi et de ta vie (sauf dans le bouquin justement et dans certains articles ici et là) que ce soit le vernis les restos les tenues et même les cheveux tirés à quatre épingles, moi je trouve que le charme et l’authenticité, c’est quand il y a une mèche rebelle et quand on essaye pas à tout prix de contrôler son image. Je trouve ça lassant, faux, superficiel.
Chez les blogueuses que je suis, j’aime voir parfois un détail ou une tenue moins bonne, un truc que je n’aime pas, mais où je me dis “la fille le fait pour elle, pas pour nous”, comme dans la réalité en somme.
Mais c’est la qualité indéniable de ce que tu proposes qui m’a fait rester par ici.
C’est sûr que si jusque là tu étais un peu dans un rôle (toujours dans cette idée de donner un peu ce qui est attendu), certains ne vont plus s’y retrouver pensant que tu prends un rôle aujourd’hui, alors que c’est l’inverse, tu t’ouvres au contraire et sors de ce rôle enfermant que tu t’es construit…
Et pour revenir là dessus, tu as imaginé que les gens attendaient quelque chose de toi, et tu l’as donné. C’était peut être là une erreur… Mais bon… tu étais jeune… franchement, tu ne pouvais pas assurer sur tous les plans, tu as un parcours magnifique et incroyable et j’imagine bien qu’à un moment donné c’est facile d’avoir peur de tout perdre si on change du tout au tout et qu’on montre autre chose aux gens.
Voilà… Tu as grandi.
Pour reprendre des commentaires que j’ai déjà fait sur IG, acceptes que tout le monde ne peut pas aimer tout ce que tu fais, et ça n’est pas forcément à chaque fois une histoire de changement qui déroute, mais peut être aussi une histoire de goût… Encore faut-il être prête à accepter l’idée.

A propos des photos, ce style comic book est extra et original, les photos sont très chouettes, vraiment fun!

I actually got so emotional while reading your article Kristina <3 thank you for being you. Love youuu
P.S Greece is waiting for you;)<3

Very good writing, I like these kind of posts! You really make a good point here.

Also photos are great :D

The photos are very funny!
Take a look my blog:
xx from Spain!

Traces ta route Kristina on sera derrière chaque porte que tu ouvrira ! ;)

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…….I’ve got no words now! Huh, Kristina you give me a girl crush! :”)
You look stunning, no VERY, VERY, STUNNING here! The vibe in these photographs is endless cool and so retro – I LOVE!!! :)

Congratulations to both of you creative souls! This work and every other is just pure inspiration and very special and that’s why I love to visit your blog! Is always so motivational and individually!

Keep it up girls! :)



This is such an amazing and creative look – I loved reading the words behind these images too. I definitely think many of us have similar thoughts, and I’m glad you are not letting society put you into a box.

Wouah! Supergirl!


you are so talented and everytime i read your post its always inspiring
How do you come up with such a post?So extraordinally,sweet,real and raw you don’t hold anything back and that’s what i like most about you.
I love this post,the creativity is on another level.Great work.Keep doing you
Kisses from Kenya

I’m absolutely speechless about these photos and about your text! You’re an incredible young spirit with a huge drive and artistically very gifted as in singing and songwriting, also in posing and awakening all sorts of different roles in your editorials!
Wonderfully done, keep up the great work and always be unapologetically yourself. :)

Really really loved this post. The first paragraph really resonated with me!

Quel article génial, inspirant,vrai.
Je partage tout à fait votre point de vue, Merci pour tous ces mots, tout cet amour!❤
Continuez dans cette voix.

Loved your post – very open and deep! I think we alle need to go through changes, because that’s what life is and what makes it interesting. Don’t let others keep you from being you and being true to yourself. Because being you is what makes it – for me – worth reading your blog.
Also LOVED the photos! Very creative and artistic!
Much Love,


C’est la toute première fois que j’ose poster sur ton blog, mais cet article m’a vraiment envie de me lancer. Je pense que tu as posé des mots sur des sujets vraiment très complexes et avec beaucoup de facilité (en tout cas en te lisant c’est l’impression qui s’en dégage).Cela fait quelques années déjà que je te suis et j’ai comme le sentiment d’être dans le même “cas” que toi, bon mise à part la (grosse) différence : je ne suis absolument pas blogueuse mode ni mondialement connue ! Mais je comprends ce sentiment et cette envie de dévoiler ta “vraie” personnalité, une nouvelle facette, ou un nouveau visage que tu t’efforces de cacher par peur de te détacher du “normal”.
Ce nouvel aspect moins girly (que j’aimais nommément aussi) et plus mature (si j’ose dire ?), te va très bien et je trouve dommage que tu sois obligée de te justifier parce que tes goûts, attentes et idées évoluent.

Pour finir : un grand bravo pour cet article, qui est intéressant, plein de bon sens et puis pour cette séance photo qui est absolument magnifique et POP, je suis amoureuse de ton make-up!

Comme tu as dit que tu lisais tous les commentaires, alors j’en poste un. J’ai entendu parler de Kayture et je te suis sur Instagram depuis je dirais 2 ans. C’est pas grand chose, mais c’est deja ça. J’étais pas mal addict aux comptes “self-tan, bikini, after-party” (on va dire). Apres avoir réalisé à quel point tout ça en fait, c’était comme regarder la pub mais de son plein-gre, j’ai arrêté. Tout plaqué. On aurait dit une rupture avec mon iPhone. Cet étalage de marques, ces photos toutes jolies toutes pastel, non merci. Apres mon espèce de detox, j’ai pris des nouvelles de Kayture (et pas de beaucoup d’autres). Puis finalement je me suis rendue compte qu’en effet, tu l’as dit il y avait quelque chose d’intéressant, de différent et de nouveau dans le contenu. Alors je me suis dit mais dis donc c’est quoi en fait cette boite de cookies?, il faut vraiment que je m’y intéresse mieux, aux cookies Bazan, et en trouver la recette. J’ai acheté ton bouquin. Chaque fois que je lisais un petit bout puis le refermait je restais genre 20 secondes à acquiescer de la tête, toute seule, en me disant bah dis donc, elle m’ôte les mots de la bouche cette Bazan elle est épatante, elle a plein de trucs à dire quelle inspiration! Résultat je lis maintenant avec réel intérêt les posts sur ton blog, et j’écoute même tes très longs speechs sur snapchat. Parce que tu vois ce que tu as à dire ça a une vraie valeur et c’est d’une grande qualité pour quiconque veut vivre la vie version 2016, c’est-à-dire vivre pleinement et en bousculant les barrières plantées devant soi. A mes yeux et je parie ceux de plein d’autres gens, toute cette inspiration c’est bien plus fort que des photos self-tan, bikini, after-party.
Alors ouai peut-être qu’en l’absence de macarons et d’espadrilles Chanel certaines personnes vont se désabonner de ton contenu, mais ça en vaut tellement la peine, merci!! M E R C I ! A partir d’aujourd’hui tu inspires de nouvelles personnes, qui aspirent a être elles-mêmes, à être différentes, à stand out! Tu prends un chemin que j’aurais adoré (et pas que moi) voir beaucoup plus tôt sur les réseaux. Et tu vois je pensais que cet enthousiasme était largement partagé mais si tu essuies encore des commentaires négatifs c’est que le chemin est encore long! Heureuse que comme Dorothée tu choisisses le chemin jaune vers le royaume d’Oz. Le chemin rouge, de toutes façons, ne mène nulle part.
Donc voilà en conclusion je ne crois pas que tu sois une vulgaire boîte de cookies aux smarties, en plus pleine d’huile de palme et de conservateurs nocifs. Je crois que tu es (attention les métaphores sont nombreuses) un cookie fait maison, avec passion, patience et travail, né de quelques ingredients frais; qui a pris la forme d’une boule de pâte avec quelques pépites de choc. Mais après un passage au four prolongé, le cookie a gonflé, doré et aujourd’hui révèle tous ses arômes généreux et ses nombreuses pépites de chocolat. Tu vois, un cookie qui VAUT LA PEINE de croquer dedans et d’en apprécier les calories. Et dont la recette, élaborée et raffinée, est dure a reproduire.

Bravo! Quand tu nous parles d’artistes qui essaye de pousser leurs limites, de sortir de cette boite dans laquelle on doit tous se ressembler pour être mieux accepter, je pense que tu fait partie de ces personnes qui crée quelque chose de nouveau mais de tellement inspirant. C’est vrai que le nouveau fait peur, on ne sais pas comment réagir devant des choses nouvelles, on ne sait pas comment ça va se passer mais dès fois c’est mieux car ça permet d’avancer. Ce que j’aime dans ton blog et dans ta personnalité (ce que tu nous laisses paraître) c’est que tu crée une conversation avec nous qui nous permet d’oublier le nombre de paragraphes de tes articles, tu parait simple, curieuse et passionnée par ce que tu fais. Et tout ça, tu le laisse paraître à travers tes articles et tes pensées! Concernant, les photos elles sont superbes, l’idée en elle-même est superbe. Je te remercie pour tes articles qui font réfléchir et qui sont profond!

I absolutely love the photos and how different they are, they are a real treat. As for the text, it is your life so you can do what you want with it. Life is trial and error. I personally don’t enjoy seeing your provocative side on the internet just because I don’t think that side of us should be shared with everyone, rather with selected few. I don’t judge you for it though because we are different, and that is ok. I just like all your other pictures :) You are a really good creator and that is what I appreciate you for.


I love that post. This is different in the good way. And photos are fantastic ! You’re completely in your role that’s awesome !
Love xoxo

Love it ! Amazing and so happy for this article. You’re so beautiful and Cibelle did a great job. What a release for you clip “Out” ?


Loooved reading this! such an inspirational post! keep writing!

Wow, what a long but inspiring article. I guess sometimes people feel the need to respond to the demand hiding who we really are, but isn’t it the point? to be loved for who we are and not for what people want us to be? well, I think it’s always a good point to remind it! Innovation is appreciated and this is why seeing new things on the blog is certainly positive. Comics were and are an inspiration to you so why not start from this and share it with your readers? Well done, of course. The editorial is very cool and I hope you’ll surprise us once again!

Much love from Paris
Anna x

die Annakonda

I read the whole article and i want you to know that after reading this i really think you are a great person!
to be honest i was never really sure if all that singing plans were authentic, but after reading this i feel guilty for judging your intentions… i really believe you are an artist und you deserve every success that you, and i am sure on this, will probably get in the following years. stay as you are!
Love from Germany:)

It was so nice to read such an honest post from a blogger. I always admire the hard work and personal touch that will implement in end result and you made it very well!
Thumbs up!


Amazing post! i have been following you since the very beginning when you constantly posted on lookbook (which is where i found you haha) growing up i i was always interested in fashion and when i found your blog i was so inspired by your hard work and the achievements you were making and the opportunities you were getting, and it was all because you put your heart and effort into the work you were producing. throughout the years you have been an inspiration to me especially because we are the exact same age which i always found fun :) you even inspired me to follow my path and chose to study photography in college which lead to me creating my own blog. now i’m not going to lie, you’re girly phase was my favourite because it is the most similar to my personal style but i am sad to hear that you weren’t as happy during that part of your life because you couldn’t be as creative as you wanted. i started noticing the change on the types of posts you were posting on instagram and i found them to be a lot more creative and more focused on the photography and creative aspect as an overall look than simply just photographing an outfit. i am excited to see what new posts you will create and i hope you take all your creativity to create amazing work (as i am sure you will!) i am happy you are staying true to yourself because, no matter what i will always support you.


Amazing article! Great work again! <3

Kristina, I’m so so proud of you. Recently I noticed and realised that your content has changed, and I was like ..okay…something is definatelly going on, let me keep on watching. After reading this article I finally understood this concept. I love how smart, honest and open you are. It’s so rare to see deep sides of someone especially, as you mentioned, in fashion industry. Nice to know that there is a good iconic person who thinks the same. I’m glad to know you care about yourself, this should be followed. People are so scared of being alone or sad. But it’s actually fine. I know it’s ironic at the same time, we need to learn how to be alone but also we need to know how to stay around with people. Crazy, I get it, people get confused. I did too. But then I managed to listen to MY VOICE in my mind, like you Kristina. And guess what? It was 100% worth it. Now I’m independent, confident woman who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t (which sometimes might be even more important). Lucky me to see you from the past, the growth, the evolution and now the presence. Dark side doesn’t has to be the ‘wrong’ side, because there is no right and wrong answeres for living. We have to keep our minds and eyes open if we want to see the world as a better place with tolerance for people- every kind.
Wish you all the best Kristina, I’m proud of you and the courage you have within yourself!

I’ve been waiting for this article a long time actually haha! I could tell that, sooner or later, you were going to rebell a bit against the very foundations of Kayture. I’ve been a follower from the early start and I always knew you were too smart to get stuck in the “macaroons” label.
Being the same age as you, I think you are in a great place right now. Although I did start to read Kayture for the sake of the flawless editorials and pretty clothings, I much prefer your recent honesty and embrace of the darker, introspective side. There are things that I miss, but overall Kayture and you Kristina grew up to be much more interesting. In fact, I also don’t pay atention to fashion as much as I did, and I think I much rather to catch up with you as a musical level, once you become a more established singer.
I think you have amazing potential and it’s great you are freeing yourself from being a role model or someone you aren’t truly. Someone wrote on a earlier comment that you also should be careful when you want to be rebel just for the sake of it, that’s a precious advice (but I’m certain you will learn this).
I wish you all the luck in that journey as I know myself how hard it is to afirm ourselfes. I totally feel you Kristina! I love reading articles like these. Keep them coming!

p.s.: also, if you allow me, I think you should you explain a bit better or be more tactit when you do political mentions in the future. That reference to communism came a bit out of nowhere, it was a very strange comparison to your points!…

Irina Salegian 27 June 2016 / Reply

Quel vrai plaisir de voir ton évolution au cours des années. De suivre tes photos et lire des articles depuis tant de temps, tu continues à m’inspirer de plus en plus! Merci pour toute ta passion, pour ta créativité, ton ambition, ton travail acharné, merci de ne pas être comme tout le monde! What a breath of fresh air you are :) Keep going girl, we’re so many here that love and support you even more as you are becoming your truest self.

Gros bisous de Londres,

WELL OH WELL YOU GOT ME BACK!!!! Not to say that you ever lost me, let me explain:

Let me start by saying THANK YOU for this. This is so refreshing, reading about how someone actually feels like, in depth, and not just about brands and clothes and blah blah bla…. I actually read this because you got me interested with your big announcement on instagram, but i don´t even bother these days, and now I just can´t get enough. I feel like I want to read this all over and I’m waiting for the next one.

So, I’m a 21 year old girl from Spain that has been following you since day one. I have seen all your phases, and being honest I kinda fell apart some times but, while I have stopped following most of the bloggers that I followed those days, there was something about you that always kept me coming back, and I did´t exactly know why until today.

During that time that you talk about where you were all about the brands, flowers and macaroons I stopped reading the articles, I looked at the pictures and that was it, and there was a time where you pretty much lost my interest. My intention saying this is not to be mean, quite the opposite. I say this to show you that to me, when you were in that “more relatable” time, I felt an enormous distance. I felt disconnected to you at a human level exactly because all you showed was happiness and a pink bubble and I couldn’t relate to that. I came here to look at your clothes and that was it. There were times where it got better and now, TODAY, oh boy, I have never felt closer to someone on the other side of the screen in my life and I didn’t think it was possible. You let me into your mind and now I understand so many things, why you only talked about that, what the changes have been about… And I myself have been through similar phases and thoughts in all this time and I never heard anyone talk about them so clearly.

But the best thing about this, apart from the fact that I relate to you more, is that you made me THINK and FEEL things, regardless of if I agree with you or not, or relate to you or not. And that, I never expected in this shallow blogging-internet world of pictures with Chanel espadrilles and macaroons (don’t mean that as an insult , you said it yourself we know what we are getting ourselves into) and it was so surprising and inspiring.

I’m so sorry for the long comment but I am just so hyped I couldn’t keep the thoughts to myself and felt I had to share a piece of me with you since you did the same. I have never even posted anything on any blog in my life but I just couldn’t not to and you forced this huge and awesome reaction on me!!! I followed you for a long time but today I love and respect you more that ever, THAK YOU and pleeeease keep doing this! Also, the pictures are amazing!!
xo, Maria.

Dear Kristina,

I love your blog since the very first beginning. Seeing how much you’ve shared, created and wore throughout the years is incredible. As much as I loved your looks in the early days of Kayture (remember the shoot of you wearing a nude dress and a neon yellow cardigan?), I do like your style nowadays.

I myself like to change my style here and there, too. So I can really emphasize with you regards that… not only concerning this fact. No, I admit that I find myself in your texts and thoughts numerous times. Above all I wanted to let you know that I love how you’re showing the world that fashionistas not only can be good looking but be smart, intellectual and sophisticated as well (big thumbs up!).

Do what you love and this will be your way of happiness (and I’m looking forward to join your journey furthermore)!

Best regards,


love the pictures! :)) You are so cool!

Hugs <3

Wow, Kristina! What a post! I understand exactly what you’re saying. Just like fashion, our styles change as we evolve. I mean, I’m trying to figure who I am in terms of home decor, lol! Like, “What’s my style? How can my home NOT be the same as everyone else’s? How can I decorate it to where it feels like ME the most?”

I’ve been following you for quite a long time and I don’t have a problem with seeing your creative expressions at all. I know you still love fashion and you know what? When you want to post an image of your dark side, okay. Do it. When you post a picture of macarons again, I’m fine with it too! You’re still young and I’m glad you recognize that you’re evolving and refuse to stay in a box just to make others like you.

“I don’t like playing by the rules, I like seeking paths that were untaken. It makes me feel alive.” struck me the most because that’s who I am too. It’s why I went to school after high school instead of taking a job. I felt rebellious in a good way and that I sought a path my parents did not take.

What attracted me to your blog was that I actually had a hard time in figuring out my style and then as I watched your outfits over the years, I realized that it’s okay to not have a signature style. What I’ve learned is that I don’t really have a style, I just wear what I feel like at the moment, like you. I focus on what empowers me for the day. Am I in a girly mood? Do I feel like a punk rocker and leather day? Bohemian-ish? T-shirt and jeans? And I just go with it and I’ve never felt so free.

Although I miss your outfit posts, I understand that you’re still trying to find yourself and keep the creative juices flowing and there’s NOTHING wrong with that (I LOVE comics so much that I took a college class on it so this post was incredibly fun to see!). That is one thing I still love about you, Kristina. You’re NOT like those cookie-cutter bloggers out there and it’s why I keep coming back.

Keep expressing you, love! It’s the only way to really learn who we are and embrace ourselves without comparison and live in freedom! xo

Coucou Kristina !

Tout d’abord je te trouve sublime sur ce photoshoot et étrangement le bleu te va bien haha!
Bref, je trouve cet article tellement inspirant et tellement cool c’est mon préféré je pense! (Alter Ego l’est aussi haha) et franchement tu dis tout quoi!

Personnellement, je te suis depuis 2012 et je suis bluffée par ton évolution je trouve que tu as super bien évolué tu as pris en maturité et c’est juste génial.
Tu as montré d’autres facettes de toi qu’on ne connaissait pas, tu t’es donnée plusieurs défis et je pense que le défis le plus top c’est ta couleur de cheveux. Honnêtement j’adorais tellement tes cheveux blonds je les trouvais trop beau et je voulais les même haha et j’avoue que, quand tu as annoncé que tu allais changer, je n’étais pas trop trop trop pour mais finalement ça te va à ravir! Déjà que tu es belle naturellement mais alors avec cette couleur tu dépasses tout le monde haha!

Puis, je pense que dans la vie, il faut nous challenger, il faut voir jusqu’où on peut aller, il faut tester nos limites sinon… à quoi servirait la vie? La vie nous a été donnée pour qu’on puisse faire des choses différentes, pas pour qu’on reste assis sur nos canapés à regarder la télé (no offense) etc. Je pense aussi que pour gagner en maturité il faut ce challenge. Bon j’avoue que je ne me challenge pas souvent (je verrai plus tard parce qu’à 16 ans j’peux pas faire grand chose haha!) mais si un jour j’ai l’occasion de le faire je pense que je le ferai!
Puis, c’est bien ça nous donne plus confiance, ça peut nous aider etc.

Du coup ça me fait penser au photoshoot que tu as fait où tu as une cigarette à la bouche, une attitude assez… je ne sais pas comment dire, pas vulgaire mais genre bad girl quoi! J’ai trouvé ce photoshoot vraiment sympas puis te voir différente m’a fait plaisir parce que tu essaies des choses totalement à l’opposé de ce que tu es enfin zut quoi tu pars de ta zone de confort pour faire des trucs de malade et les gens ne comprennent pas et je ne comprends pas pourquoi ils ne comprennent pas. Dans la vie faut savoir faire d’autres trucs qu’on sait faire d’habitude (je ne sais pas si cette phrase était française haha) pour apprendre, pour évoluer. De toute manière à chaque fois que tu fais un truc différent les gens restent coincés dans leur truc et ils n’essaient pas d’ouvrir leur visière. Par contre pour mettre de méchants commentaires là ça y va hein mais pour essayer de prendre du recul 30 secondes bah non non. Bref je ne vais point m’énerver haha.

Voilà, sache juste que je suis fière de toi et de ton parcours, tu ne m’as vraiment pas déçue je trouve que tu es restée la même, tu as juste grandi, mûri, évolué et continue à faire de nouvelles choses, continue à nous surprendre, continue à essayer des choses folles franchement quoi que tu fasses je serai obligatoirement contente haha!

Voilà, la vie est faite pour qu’on essaie de nouvelles choses, pour qu’on sorte de notre zone de confort, pour qu’on évolue, pour qu’on mûrisse, pour qu’on tente des trucs fin voilà quoi!

Je te fais de groooos bisous!

Marie x

Marianna 27 June 2016 / Reply

Anyone who ever believed that you were positive and happy 24/7 was willingly fooling themselves into thinking that such a creature exists. But people who didn’t have delusional expectations from human beings probably knew that you just choose to not share your hard times on here. Personally, I am very happy with both how you began and how you transitioned into a more mature woman. We’re the same age and I feel like we’re growing up together, as if you are a long distance friend who hits me up once in a while and we have a long, meaningful conversation. I hope that we can stay friends as you get older. xx

Wow! What an amazing post…I totally agree with you. the people around us seem to lack substance…

This article dicribes EXACTLY what i’ve been feeling and going through the past couple of months and it felt amazing reading it, realizing it. Thank you so much for sharing! I deeply apreciate yours and Cibelles work. Once againg, thank you!

Margarita 27 June 2016 / Reply

Oh girl, it feels so good to find someone with “the weirdest cultural mix” just as my own. I was born in Lithuania but I was raised in a Russian family and I moved to France ten years ago. I think we had a fantastic opportunity, thanks to our parents, to grow in a multicultural environment. We became broad-minded and mature. I noticed that on the one hand, multilingual people get used to new environments quickly and tend to understand better the countries’ specific features and their mentality; on the other hand, as we travel a lot, we do not have one nationality and do not belong to one group: we are a bit of everything, and that’s wonderful. I constantly question myself as well as I get questions from the others whether I feel more French or Russian. And I can talk for hours about things I love about both cultures, and yet I can’t choose my favourite one. The funny thing is, as I am taking motivation interviews over and over, teachers get confused while trying to understand my cultural mix and say I don’t have a mother tongue. Well, to me it’s not a burden to be an international woman. So, based on my personal experience, if you ask yourself so many questions, it’s because you are influenced (in a positive way) by so many countries. You create a strong identity. Never stop empowering yourself.
P.S I love blue hair and the cigarette ;)

I never commented on your blog despite reading it from at least 3 or 4 years ago… I followed you through high school, in fact we finished high school at the same time. While I embarked with inner certainty on a career that involved a going to college, soon a master degree etc. it was refreshing to see someone else doing something so wildly different yet achieve success and a gazillion experiences to learn from.

So here’s my two cents on the smoking picture: you surely know you are followed by a very young audience yourself. I myself recommended you to my younger cousin, who was interested in fashion at the age of 12, and I knew reading your blog could be a nice practice of English as well. She was confused when you posted the pictures with yourself smoking and we had a conversation about this. She understood in the end that you are not really a smoker but put this image on because it a reference to an earlier era, when smoking was considered hot. But it was still a weird experience, which could have been avoided if you didn’t have a picture with a cigarette.

My point is: it’s hard to please everyone. If you would want to keep the audience you already have, my cousing included, you would have to go for only variations of the same image – the wonderfully positive, good-girl-next-door-who-made-it. But you are yourself, a creative being, changing, trying, wanting to grow. I believe losing a few followers along this path is a risk worth taking. All my best.

Mon petit sucre… Mon bébé devient grand !! Quel article…Long… Mais encore une fois, pour ma part, un article qui interpelle et fait réfléchir. Et que dire des photos et de leur mise en scène, superbe travail et magnifiques photos de Cibelle.
J’ai commencé à lire le blog depuis un petit moment maintenant (et tu le sais!) et j’ai pu voir en effet ton évolution. Mais je pense que ce changement vient d’abord du fait que tout simplement tu grandisses. On ne voit pas la vie de la même manière à 17 ans qu’à 23 ans. On découvre de nouvelles choses, on fait de nouvelles rencontres et expériences et tout ça change notre vision et nous change. Et ça doit être d’autant plus marquant pour toi qui est passé d’un univers à un autre complètement différent. Sans dire qu’au fond de toi tu changes, c’est ta vision, ton approche du monde qui est autre. Je peux comprendre les personnes qui se sentent “déçues” par ton changement, aujourd’hui c’est vrai que ton image n’est plus celle de la jeune fille blonde au petit visage poupin et angélique, qui semblait lisse, ne pas faire de vagues. Tu affirmes ta personnalité et tu fais entendre ta voix. Mais quand on te suit depuis le départ on peut se sentir un peu dérouté par ce changement. Mais qu’est ce que c’est agréable je trouve de voir que tu n’es pas (et très loin de là) qu’un joli visage. Ça doit en effet être réducteur de se sentir limité à une seule et même image alors que comme tu le dis si bien, chaque personne est faite de multiples facettes. Même si moi, je me sentais plus proche de l’image de la “gentille petite fille blonde”, des tenues, je me sens à contrario bien plus proche des idées, pensées, visions, de la jeune femme que tu deviens. J’aime le fait que tu te poses toutes ces questions sur l’essence de l’existence humaine, et que par conséquent tu nous entraînes, nous lecteurs, dans ces réflexions.
Nous somme tellement formatés par les médias, par la société, qu’on en oubli de penser par nous même et de nous exprimer. De défendre nos propres idéaux. A chaque fois que je lis un article de la sorte, je pourrai passer des heures à remettre ma vie et mes choix en question, à me demander où je suis de ma vie, où je vais. Gosh !! Comme j’aimerais avoir l’occasion de m’asseoir autour d’un bon petit brunch avec toi et prendre le temps de parler des heures. Tu as des années de moins que moi et pourtant, je sais que je peux apprendre énormément de toi. On peut apprendre beaucoup de chacun et je crois qu’on ne prend pas le temps de s’intéresser assez aux autres.
Ma beauté merci pour ces superbes lignes. Je ne saurai jamais assez te remercier pour ce que tu m’apportes. Tu ne t’en rends probablement pas compte mais tu as une grande importance dans ma vie et tu ‘inspires chaque jour. Ne te censure jamais, pour rien au monde, et continue à faire de sortes que nous ouvrions nos esprits.

good post! but I feel that there is so much disappointment between the lines.. You are still very very young girl and so many things are in front of you. It’s good that you think about who you really are but please do not expect to discover it right now.. It may take years…don’t live fast take your best time you are having now…
I hope that I’m wrong with my feeling.. Wish you the best!

If you think dying your hair dark and smoking for pictures makes you a “bad girl”, you’re wrong. No hate here, but truth is you look like a “good girl” no matter how much you try to look bad.. it’s just who you are. You can spot a bad girl even if she’s dressed like a nun, it’s in her eyes. Maybe people write you hate comments, because you’re trying too hard to be different and it just looks fake, people hate fake. And you look better as a blonde btw, even sexier.

And we all know you write the name of the brands only when they are paying… now you feel too VIP to write what you like wearing when the brand hasn’t paid you for that, but don’t forget that in fashion blogs people look exactly for that- new clothes to buy.

Margarita Lagun 27 June 2016 / Reply

Dear Kristina (and team of course)
Thank you for being so honest with us. I’ve been following you for about 3 years now and I can tell, you helped (and still do) me to grow up. Your posts aren’t always about fashion or luxury lifestyle, they are more than that. They are about how to emjoy life at its fullest, how to be happy wherever you are, how to find your strenghts and weaknesses… I could go on with this list but I do not want you to spend the next few days reading this.
Three years ago, I was 14 year old, I did not know what I want to achieve in my life, I did not even know how to make me happy… I did what I had to do. You have chsnged in these few years and so am I. I learnt so many things by just following your blog, instagram and snapchat. You showed me that no matter what you do, somewhere you will find what you were searching for. Today, I am 17 and yes, I still do not know what I want to achieve in my life BUT I know what makes me happy and I want this to never pass. I also took the courage to start a little blog of which I was dreaming for a few years now. Thank you for giving me that inspiration.
I want you also to thank for every little photo, every post, every snap you shared with the world. Thank you for trusting us, for being honest, there are not so many people outside, who would be willing to do something like this.
Do not stop evolving, follow your heart and do not stop doing what makes you happy.

With love


I seriously doubt that you would have spoken of box society at the start of your career. Remember to never forget where you started. You made a career choice or circumstances chose to fit you in this career.

Your are amazing and beautiful woman and all you said is so true, mostly that everyone is different and that’s okey! That’s why life is wonderful. Stay being you :)

Dear Kristina,
I think it’s amazing that you stand by your opinion and your thoughts. I think changes are very important and human. For me you are an inspiring personality BECAUSE OF your changes and honesty. Keep going girl! I’m so enjoying your special and extraordinary posts.
Kisses from Germany!


Thank you so much for this wonderful article! It´s actually one of my favorite things about you that you´re always trying to be innovative, be daring, provocative and challenge everything superficial :) You´re one of my role models when it comes to fashion, make up and especially for following your dreams and so I support everything you´ve done and will do with my whole heart! Although I understand some people not wanting to changer the outside of their favorite cookie box, I really like you exploring every option :) With all your provocative pictures and outfits you challenge myself to be more daring and provocative and I thank you for that! :)

xoxo :) Therese

I have also commented on your Instagram.
So, I’m a your big fan. I’ve discovered you only six months ago and am slowly reading all your articles, from first to last (I arrived at November 2014 posts!).
I’m understanding your progressive change, both in the way of writing that dress that physical appearance. And it is nice and fair evolve and change, simply ripen in the sun of everyday experiences. Indeed it is normal.
But what I believe is that we ourselves -are you the same- create our boxes. Are you the same that lock yourself into an adjective or an idea.
Miley Cyrus felt too definite a good girl and it led her to become what she is now, it’s a very drastic and extreme act, and I don’t think that she’s happy or that it was easy. Anyway, now she is in another box, the box of the exaggeration and the scandal.
So it’s all relative.
It seems almost simplistic to claim to be a good girl with a dark side. There are no dark or not-dark sides, the person exists and the infinity of his soul that is constantly changing and continuously mutual and makes choices based on a morality built during life. The truth is that there is no right and wrong, a fixed personality or definitive adjectives for each one.
There is the style and the taste that change and evolve over time, gradually. And no one has ever had anything to say about gradual changes, because they are natural and spontaneous, because in this way, even those -yourself- who had you locked up in a box slowly comes out with you.
The extreme and sudden gestures rather have something different. They show that there is suffering and discomfort below, that something goes wrong and often don’t lead to positive changes in the psychology of the person (Miley Cyrus lost her head, for example).
But all this is caused by ourselves -by you- cause are we that have shut ourselves in the box, no one has ever actually built it around us. You can even notice how many of us share your vision even if your change was a bit drastic. We understand you. At most we don’t understand why you’re restrained so much to then explode and show us the malaise that there was behind or the fact that you feel judged lately. It isn’t so. If you had followed the flow of your feelings without hold yourself around these laces, all this change would be quieter and smoother.
I believe that one should simply feel more life and emotions without thinking too much. I hate ignorance like you, and like you I am a person who thinks very deeply. But I learned to stop before get to the bottom of thoughts and lose myself.
Do you remember, for example, when your style has changed and you have stopped wearing dresses beginning to use jeans a lot? You have made us partakers also telling us marvel of yourself and wearing them more often. It was something absolutely natural.
Here, I mean this when I say that we should not lock ourselves in the idea that others keep us in a box, but feel our evolution as something natural and show it gradually as it is revealed in us, because no change is sudden.
Continues to give the best of yourself and cultivate your passions, letting love guide every your gesture and thought. In the end, it is that by which we were called.
This love,

It takes courage to carve out your own path against conformity and I couldn’t be prouder of you in your decision to do so! About a year ago I had the pleasure in meeting you here in California at the Nordstrom at Westfield Topanga Mall around the time I applied for your internship program. You may not remember but our conversation on entrepreneurship, perseverance, and how world travel impacts perception and understanding, really stuck with me. I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world and thought fashion was the way to achieve it. It wasn’t until this year that I realized the voice of luxury fashion could bring attention and understanding to a cause so near and dear to my heart… Type 1 Diabetes. A greatly misunderstood condition that requires insulin injections daily, no matter the fact that I’ve always been thin, fit, and healthy. Once I began to show how the confidence of style is incorporated into the care and keeping of staying healthy, I understood that I was on the right path of making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Many blogs and fashionistas strive for perfection, for a long time I was one of them as well. But it’s not until we embrace our differences and share our unique perspectives, that true positive change and acceptance can occur (I’m now working at the forfront of fusing luxury fashion and stem cell research in hopes to find a cure for Diabetes). Please continue to stay strong in carving your own path, it’s such an empowering and encouraging thing to see! Wishing you all the best, and I hope we are able to cross paths in Los Angeles again soon! xoxo -Shelene

You’re seriously one of my inspirations, Kristina! Everything you say, I feel like I can relate to. These photos are absolutely breathtaking! Keep it up!

xx, Diane ||

Première fois que je te lis , j ai été attiré par le concept de comic book actually, j adore tes photos et je passe des fois sur ton blog à partir de Facebook, ton article m a vraiment épaté et donné à réfléchir, je trouves que tu écris très bien et ton positivisme, ton esprit critique ou ta façon de voir les choses est tout simplement géniale ou grandiose.
Et tres sympa ta Bd, très jolies photos comme toujours. Bref je ne regrette pas du tout d être passé par là.

Bisous d’Aix en Provence , un petit frenchy, 33 .

Super super fun!!
|| D I A N A ||

I can say that I love every word you wrote and I agreed with you, glad you are being more open about life in general and not just talking about the pretty things. Keep going like this, is more real and more honest… and that is what blogging should be about.
xo, Suzza.

Kristina Bazan 28 June 2016 / Reply

Dear, quoting my own lines “I am not saying I am a bad girl all of a sudden. In fact, I am very much an overall good girl” will hopefully be a good enough response to your comment. I have never, and hopefully will never try to be something I am not.

I must say that even though this was a long post, I enjoyed and read every bit of it. I have read every single one of your posts back from 2011 and I think it has been fun watching you grow and watching your style change. It’s very good to be open to change like you said and not afraid to be your own person and living by the way you want to live and not how others want you to. I literally love you!

I also have two really random questions that have nothing to do with this post: 1) One day I would like to see pictures of you growing up (like ages 10-18) maybe on here or on instagram or something just because it would be cool to see how you’ve changed in looks and style. And 2) Do you think you’d ever put more frequent content on your YouTube channel? Like maybe Q&A videos or about your travels. It’d be cool if you made vlogs haha or like a day in the life video.

Haha sorry for those random questions.I just thought of them out of no where. Loved this post btw!


I really enjoyed reading this post, just like I always enjoy all of your posts :) The thoughts that you share are always insightful and very thought provoking <3 You always make me think about so many different aspects in my life! Thank you so much for always being so genuine and open about your growth as both a blogger and an individual!

XO, Elizabeth

Maria Chiara 28 June 2016 / Reply

Hi Kristina!! This was your best post ever!! I loved to take some time off and just enjoy a read (I’m actually super stressed as I’ve got my university exams so it feels to good to relax and enjoy some deep kinda conversation).

That’s so true, we all have got different sides of ourselves, and it’s good to expose and free them up!!

You know what, sometimes I feel like I’m so boring, and I have nothing to offer. But then when I get a positive feedback I feel super good and willing to do my best!! I’m always trying to discover new sides of my personality but, you know, living in a quite small town doesn’t help at all, that’s why I get very inspired by social media, by persons like you who are not afraid to speak up, by my family and by my friends of course.

What I hate at most is when people give other people labels.. That’s so rude and ignorant I think. You might have your own impression but starting labeling a person without even know him or her drives me crazy.

I really would love to have a deep conversation with you. It’s been ages since I followed you and I’m appreciating your kinda evolvement. You’re such an intelligent girl that is spreading her voice and inspiring people like me, people who want to open their minds!!

I’d love that Kayture turns into a space that creates debate, where everyone can say their opinion without feeling scared or whatever!!

Have a good week dear K

Desiree C 28 June 2016 / Reply

I hear you… The first thought, that comes up when reading this is: here again a “good girl gone bad”. I understand you think it is not your case..that is entirely up to you, I don’t want to judge.
But let me express one thought here: there are already too many “bad girls” using their social media power in such a bad way (see Lena Dunham crilticism on Kayne new vid), influencing badly little girls that look up to them.. Just don’t become one of them, because there is no positivity and no originality in that. I must say, I loved the former Kristina Bazan so much better, anyways I understand your struggle so: Be yourself, if this is your REAL self, but do not become a “bad girl”, not for us followers, but for yourself.
I met you in Milan last year.. I tried to tell you to “keep it simple”, any direction you want your life to take you, just keep it simple and do not forget the REAL values of life.
Good luck

Dear Kristina,
I really really loved your article! it is probably one of my favourite, because you are being so honest about your evolution and your thoughts. I totally agree with you when you say that we must be open as a society in order to understand the thoughts and perspectives of other people around us. That is also how we discover what we truly are as individuals.
As someone who is Greek and German but has grown up in Brussels, I learned from the very beginning of my life how wonderful it is to be in touch with different cultures as often as we can. It enriches your relationships, it helps you grow and first and foremost, it makes you respect others, even if they are different from you.
We must not forget to experience new things and step from time to time out of our comfort zone, because only then will we someday be able to live our true self. I admire you for the fact, that you have shared your evolution, your quest for your true self, with us. It shows, that we all have different sides, we have to embrace, even if they might be quite different from one another.
I hope you will be living your dreams for a long long time and if we are lucky, you will keep sharing your fulfillments with us.
Kisses, Iris

Okay, so here’s my comment. I literally don’t know where to start. You’re definitely the only writer – with Margaret Z – out there for whom I’ll take the time to read every single piece being published over your major platform. Instagram don’t allow me to say everything I wish to express after seeing this editorial and a bunch of your photos – including the one where you’re smoking. So, as a Parisian blogger, but first Parisian born and raised, I have to say that I was not chocked about the cigarette thing. For me, who’s not smoking, ain’t nothing bad. Mostly, all my friends smoke, and I ain’t doing it, being called the nun, but that’s perfectly okay, because I am totally at peace with it. Anyway, let’s get to the real core of this comment.

I am really thriving with opposite feelings regarding the expression of your personality, the dark side, and I totally saw it coming. I was listening your single OUT for about a month now, on repeat, and I knew something was coming, because let’s be honest, a pretty cute and sweet girl, don’t tie up in a box with a bow such a dark song, expressing her feelings for the man on the other side of the lyrics. It was a clue, and everytime you were posting something completely out of this pretty box on Instagram, I knew you were changing… no, not changing, just being true to yourself.

It’s damn true, the society put you in a box and tie you in to be the pretty blond sweet universal eastern born/ European raised girl, who’s always being so excited about La Duree and shoes. I TOTALLY get it – meaning for the macarons, you know it gurl. But, I was never quite attracted to your first image that you were sharing. Why? Because, I though you were just this pretty girl, with this perfect image, traveling all the time and just sharing editorials, everyday on this platform. So okay, I first opened my blog because I wanted to share something also, because I wanted to express my vision of things, and because you inspired me to do so. Not because of the fame, but because as Margaret told, there is so much more things to millennials today than ever before. And that’s damn true. There are so many things I want to say in those lines, and I hope you’re going to get through it. I’m coming to a point!

For me, we’re the generation on social media and brands, we’re the generation waking up and rebelling against norms and putting out there our creativity. Of course, our parents weren’t brought like this; and for them, you gotta to work hard and get a nice job and a fancy house + big family. It’s perfectly okay, and I intend to do so, but as you said, it was time to get out of this damn pink cookie box.

This pink cookie box is the ethereal essence of restraining your creativity, and every time you were publishing something about your book collections, I knew something was hidden behind those glitters, designers bags and pop colors. I mean, ain’t nothing with that, and the Barbie image is perfectly okay as long as you’re okay to embrace it. I think the fact that you capitalize on this image, giving the crowd whatever they wanted is wow, so damn okay. As bloggers, and influencers, it’s quite perfectly fine – it’s like we’re trying to achieve something, a business, and then we’re selling something to the audience, something that has to be in adequacy with the perception they’re expecting of us. So okay, it can be a phase, and you’re now in the phase where you don’t care anymore about the likes and the advertorials links. I get it, and I think only some people can do it, and I mean, you’re one of the luckiest to be able to do so.

I love the fact that you’re talking more about your feelings and about the fact that you realized the pretty box was just endangering you as a human being. Society has a hard influence on us, and it has always been, but you can do it, and I’m so happy you’re sharing every bit of feeling with us. Honesty is definitely one of the thing I was looking for when I started to read you 4 years ago.

Finally – and I think that if you get through those lines, you’re a champ and I’m thanking you haha – I want to say that I’m 1000% agreeing with you about ignorance. For me, it’s the most scariest thing. I lived in Tel Aviv for half a year, and I was torn up between being back in Paris, where everyone has been raised up a certain way and this sunny city where everything can happen. You definitely know what I chose by now. As I’ve said, you’re a constant inspiration, and this article is one of my favorite. It has helped me a lot, because when you’re a blogger, and I bet you know this feeling, people – family or so called friends – will start to question the reason of your doings. Why writing and why exposing yourself? I think I found the proof of so, and I guess, being afraid of expressing it is the first step when you’re addressing to and audience.

So thanks for sharing.
I love you. No matter what, dark or pink you’ll stay the Kristina I love..xx


Benedetta 28 June 2016 / Reply

Very very cool photos!!!!
Be Happy with Fashion

Hi Kristina, I need your help. I wanna be a fashion designer and I’m sure that I will be. But I don’t know is it bad being sure about it? Reading your article I was confused. I know that it’s hard being designer, but I’m ready to all difficulties. I wanted to ask for your opinion. What did you mean when you were saying that you were sure about marrying lead singer, but was kinda disapointed, as I understood.
I think my problem is the same. What should I do?

WOAH! <3

This eye make-up looks AHMAZINGGGG *_*

xo Vanessa from

Dear Kristina, this post on your blog was possibly one of your most interesting entries so far. It is all so true that those who dare pushing the limits of what the society normally accepts, also are the greatest creative minds of all. Examples are countless in the history of artworks. Think of Ludwig van Beethoven: his music was a complete revolution compared to anything heard before. He didn’t like to compose following the established rules: in fact he used to say “you need to know the rules in order to break them”. In his time, he was mostly misunderstood, or completely not understood, and yet today we consider him possibly the best composer of all times. In literature, you mentioned Baudelaire, but there really are many examples to be found, as well as in movies, where you mention Kubrik and I think Quentin Tarantino (one of my favorite movie directors) or Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon a Time in America”, which was so deeply misunderstood for its thought provoking nature, that American distributors decided to cut it and rearrange it to make it “more acceptable” to the audience. And it was a disaster. Like changing the subject of the Mona Lisa with a modern sexy model to appease the public. Pathetic, I’d say. So yes, I couldn’t agree more with your statement about provocation in art. Conformism is shallow, albeit it is a “comfortable mask” that we can wear to avoid confrontation with society. Let me tell you something: I am wary both of conformism, which I hate, and anti-conformism, because very often anti-conformism consists in being conformists in a different way. So to speak: if it is considered conformist to be bald, it is considered anti-conformist to wear long-hair. So you end up labelling everything and fitting people in boxes depending on how they wear their hair, for example. I hate this. It prevents people from saying what they truly are: not adherent to a specific “category” but real, complex individuals who try (when they try) to be honest to themselves. I have always sought out my true self by expressing myself in whatever way it pleased me. For a while, I was the only boy in high school that would go to class wearing a jacket. I liked jackets, and I couldn’t care less if no one else wore them. Then I suddenly decided I was tired of that, and totally changed my look to better fit how I felt. When I started my job, I had blue hair. Yes. Just like your Baby Blue character, only darker and more “electric” blue. It was what I felt in that moment. Nowadays, I like to switch between elegant and slightly more traditional looks, which represent a side of me, and much more casual, urban-style looks that represent the other side of me. And I don’t care what people think about it. I just do what I feel like doing.
I haven’t had the chance to travel as much as you have, but I have traveled a lot compared to other people perhaps. I have been to the USA more than once, I have been to England, Scotland, so very often to France, Sweden, Germany… so I have seen a bit of the world out there and you are totally right Kristina, the culture is different in many subtle ways, the people think and see things in different ways. We all have different perspectives: it is important to see things through different eyes, because the alternative is ignorance, intolerance, and the inability to understand your neighbor. And I totally and completely agree: nothing is worse than ignorance and its byproducts. I can change my looks according to my whims and embrace different sides of my personality, but for sure I would never embrace ignorance and intolerance.
All this I agree with, but one thing I might have something to say: true enough, you have to explore yourself to find who you are, but there are certain limits that in my opinion should not be crossed: to make an extreme example, cutting your veins to see how it feels seems ill-advised to me. I don’t think that exploring and “following your guts” should become an end in itself, but it should be the means to reach an end, to make a statement: I understand this might not apply to all people. My little knowledge of human psychology tells me that some people feel the need to follow instinct raher than reason and others feel the other way. It is quite common nowadays to believe more instinct is better than less, but I tend to disagree on this point: instinct doesn’t necessary lead us to where we want to be and it is more often instinct that leads to intolerance, fear and injustice. I believe in fact that it is reason that should guide us in our choices. And this is my opinion which probably doesn’t apply to you, but that’s acceptable: humans are different and choose their paths differently.
What I think about your change is this: I love it. I love the idea that you don’t want to be shallow and superficial, that you still love fashion (I also love fashion, I was born in Milan after all!) but don’t want to be labelled as “a fashionista”. When I met you in Milan (twice) I thought I was meeting a great talent and a great example for us all. You still *are* a great talent and a great example for us all. The change you are showing us doesn’t imply anything different. I tell you more: I totally love the idea that we can know you better, that you like to share your transformation, that you like to talk to us… forgive me if I daresay so much, but I think many of us think of you as some kind of friend, not just “a celebrity”, you aren’t the kind of person that lives in a bubble normal humans cannot access to. We hear so much from you, we read your words, share your experiences, see you do the craziest things and tell us your stories: this is what one normally does with friends, don’t you think? So I believe at least some of us see you like that. And it is always good to see a friend grow up, challenge herself, grow inside herself. I think it is not really important how many likes you get or how many followers you get. Probably, I think, the most important thing is to be yourself and know that some people share it. We read you. We watch your creativity. We share your life and your mind: many of us will always love it. As far as I am concerned, you aren’t “a fashionista”, “a girlie blogger”, “a singer”: you are Kristina Bazan, in all the infinite facets that Kristina Bazan can have, in all the intricacies of Kristina Bazan’s creativity. And I am just happy Kristina Bazan is sharing her life with us. Just please… keep doing it! Oh and one last thing: your cooperation with Cibelle Levi is *gorgeous*. She’s incredible, really. Bravo Kristina and Cibelle!
(and sorry for being this talkative – but if you can write more than 3000 words to us, you deserve a decent reply I think!)

Nina Sax 28 June 2016 / Reply

Aaahhh… finally….

I must say, that’s exactly what I was thinking about you, your blog, your pictures before… you said the words yourself : “shallowness and superficiality”… And yet all my comments that were desperately trying to point that out were always deleted… I don’t know by whom, if by you, by Fiona, or one of your other cool people wanting to hide everything that doesn’t label you as “beautiful, cool, nice”. And yet all my comments where there, trying to help you evolve… :)
But anyway. You’ve grown up a little bit.
Good references. Equilibrium ? Great movie. If you liked that, your taste probably isn’t that bad ;)
But please, don’t make me believe that a change of your hair color made you be brave enough to embrace this new part of you in the open. No. And what is it to have “balls” as you say, and not to bullshit everyone ?
I always said, since the beginning that I admire your blog and your style that I could resume in one word. Dare. you are a daring lady. Your style is something daring. And I think you always had this from the beginning, this is something that never changed. And you are incredibly creative, which makes your styles so different every day, every week. And I know that you are still evolving, because you are still very young. I would love to see how you will be in 10, 15, 20 years :) how your style will have developed.
But if you really wanna make something ballsy, try to do it not only with style, fashion, makeup, or singing. try something else, something new. Try to learn an extreme sport. but not just try it once to put a picture on your instagram. Then we’ll really see… ;)

Please, if you really like reading all those comments, even the negative ones. Tell me. Why do you allow them on instagram and not on your blog ? Why do you have a “communist” way of censuring it, whenever you or the person working with you doesn’t like it ?
You shouldn’t, I thing that you are loosing a lot by not letting it show, and by deleting it and not reading it.

Would you dare to allow all comments on your blog ? ;)

big kiss.

how about some respect regarding to privacy by not showing the e-mail address ?
(I’m not this person, but I’m just sayin’)

Andreea Grigore 28 June 2016 / Reply

Wow Kristina! Today, finally, I could read like all of your latest posts because now I have more free time. And WOW (lol i only can say this word) I get impressed about this post! It’s more.. I want to tell you that the image I was having about your ‘old you’ was really affecting me because I was like trying to be like you, be what the people want me to be. But with this post, now, I understand that BEING MYSELF is the most unique, sweet, girly thing in the WORLD. I want to thank you for this realistic view.
And when I said that your ‘old’ point view was affecting me I didn’t mean that it was wrong, I mean that at that time you really helped me because in the end, all your posts helped me to learn to be myself. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Saludos from Spain!!!!

Awesome pictures, this is really art. Also, very cool look. Not everybody can make this outfit look great, but you definitely do :-)


Liebe Kristina
I’d like to challenge you with some german words ;) ..Acutally i’m just too tired to write all in english. Here we go.
Seit mehreren Jahren beobachte ich deine Entwicklung, eher aus der Ferne – immer wieder. Es hat Zeiten mit Abstand gegeben, jedoch auch im Gegenteil Zeiten als ich jeden deiner Artikel lies. Die Zeit, die du beschreibst als deine positive bubble gum war die Zeit, in der mich dein Sein weniger interessiert hat. Das klingt etwas hart, allerdings konnte ich dir das nicht abkaufen und man zieht sich eben doch selbst runter, wenn man nur das “perfekte” Leben sieht. Es ist schlicht und einfach nicht authentisch. Deine Weiterentwicklung in den letzten Monaten ist wiederum durchaus aufgefallen und sehr interessant mit anzusehen! Ich muss gestehen, desto mehr ich deine Artikel/Messages über “ohne Limit leben” lese, beginne ich daran zu glauben und das auf mein eigenes Leben zu projizieren.
Du bist, aktuell und zu diesem Zeitpunkt, eine unglaubliche Inspiration für mich. Ich bin alles andere als kreativ und das ist ein Leben, welches weit von meinem entfernt ist. Doch beginne ich, diese Art zu denken in mein Leben zu integrieren. Ich versuche mich Aufgaben zu stellen, denen ich mich bis anhin nicht gewachsen gefühlt habe. Doch das ändert sich – ich versuche mich selbst zu challengen :) Ganz deinem Beispiel.
Dafür bin ich dir wahnsinnig dankbar. In all den Jahren ist das wohl die grösste Inspiration, welche ich durch dich erfahren habe. Natürlich liebe ich deinen Style (Ich finde es toll, dass man dein authentisches-Ich auch darin wiederfindet) aber dein MindSet hat es mir doch am meisten angetan.
Ich bin gespannt wo dich deine Reise noch hinführt und freue mich auf weitere Entwicklungssprünge.
PS. ..deine Community oder was auch immer sollte ausschliesslich aus Personen bestehen, die deine Einstellung – dein Ich – für gut heissen, egal in welche Richtung sich das entwickelt. Scheiss auf den Rest.

Viele liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz,

Coucou Kristina !

J’espère avant toute chose que tu vas bien.
Je fais parti de ces lecteurs assidus mais silencieux et pour une fois, j’aimerais te faire part de mon point de vue. Mais par où commencer… Peut-être par un merci ? Oui, je pense que c’est un bon début ! Alors voilà, je tenais à te remercier pour ton honnêteté, pour être si inspirante et pour avoir résumé le fond de ma pensée dans cet article. Je te suis depuis maintenant plusieurs années et te voir constamment évoluer, t’épanouir avec tous tes projets est un réel plaisir.
Mais venons en au fait. Tout d’abord, contrairement à bon nombre de personnes, j’ai toujours aimé les dissertations, les essais et toutes ces choses qui forcent à réfléchir. J’aime les paradoxes. Je trouve qu’ils ont un côté fascinant et c’est justement ce qui ressort de ton article. Comme tu l’as souligné, on ne peut pas être tout blanc ou tout noir, ce n’est pas humain. On est forcément gris. Seulement, certains sont gris clair tandis que d’autres sont gris foncé, voilà ce qui nous différencie concrètement. Rien n’est plus paradoxal que l’être humain. Il y a quelques mois, j’avais adoré ton article sur les alter egos. Il reflète si bien cette nature paradoxale de l’Homme. Je pense aussi qui tout fonctionne par binôme. Que serait le bien sans le mal ? La gentillesse sans la méchanceté ? Le bonheur sans le malheur ? La beauté sans la laideur ? La vie sans la mort ? Cette liste se voudrait infinie. Sûrement parce que rien n’a de valeur sans son contraire. Si on a d’ailleurs tendance à définir les mots par leurs antonymes, ce n’est pas pour rien. Enfin je m’éloigne un peu de mon sujet. Ce que je tenais principalement à dire, à te dire, c’est qu’il faut être courageux, aujourd’hui, pour assumer ce que l’on est vraiment, sa différence. Alors je te félicite. On a beau s’ouvrir de plus en plus à la diversité, j’ai parfois l’impression, malheureusement, que cela relève surtout des apparences. De manière générale, les gens ont tendance à dire, à aimer, à faire telle ou telle chose “parce que ça fait bien”. Cet instinct grégaire me désole. Dans notre société homogène, on a tendance à aliéner la différence simplement parce qu’elle effraie. Ce qui est fort dommage… Cela me rappelle une citation de Freud qui dit ceci : “La plupart des gens ne veulent pas vraiment la liberté, parce que la liberté implique une responsabilité, et la plupart des gens ont peur de la responsabilité.” Alors quelque part, les personnes qui te critiquent, qui clament haut et fort que tu as changé (ce qui me fera toujours sourire parce qu’ils ne te connaissent pas personnellement, on te connait essentiellement par le biais de l’image que tu renvoies, de ce que tu acceptes de nous partager) te jalousent peut-être inconsciemment pour ta liberté – créative ou non – ta détermination et ton apparente confiance en toi. Quoi qu’il en soit, chérie ce merveilleux pouvoir et continue dans ta lancée !

P.-S. : Ce shooting est superbe ! Un grand bravo à toi, à la talentueuse Cibelle et à toute ton équipe !

With love, xx

Hey, hey, Krisitna! Just recently I’ve been getting into your blog and reading all of your content, which is amazing and lot it a ton! While I was reading this article, I felt like I was able to relate you in so many ways. I’m always looking for something deeper in what I do and always asking questions, even my mom complains about it, haha! But I love being curious and learning new things. Plus, even explaining about that certain stage in your life, being emo, I had a similar experience. I was really into wearing all black and listening to rock bands. Even though I was the oldest in my family, my brothers had a strong influence on me. I always listening to the music they listened to and getting involved with dirt bikes and watching the Supercross. Now I’m into all things fashion, it’s a funny story on how things turn out.
P.S. I consider you a very inspirational Person and love your style. Always on Point!

- Estela Perfetti

oh my gosh the blue hair with your blue eyes is perfect! you’re such a beauty! i really lov this post. you look amazing!

Dear Kristina,

I have to admit, I always fawned over your carefully polished blonde tresses and your flowery posts. But I completely agree with what you mean about feeling kept in a box. I also run my own Instagram, and at some point I wouldn’t post anything other than lattes and peonies, and the whole gallery seemed to tell about a life and personality that was not mine. It had no meaning to me, and ironically because I moved to Paris two years ago to learn about art and literature hoping that this would unleash a more creative side. Instead I fell into this whole trying-to-get-successful-off-my-blog thing and only post what others want to see – it’s a marketing commercial.
I really do just want to quit it, and try to focus on writing which is what I wanted to do in the first place. In fact, I had started my blog in 2013 writing real long stories and because it didn’t get many likes or followers I stopped. I really do want to stop the pretty pictures and try more artistic ventures which is why I moved here in the first place. Thank you for being brave enough to let go of all that bubblegum world. We shouldn’t be forcing ourselves to be content machines, but give light instead to our artistic side.
With love, from Paris

This text was very inspiring… I totally agree with you. The most beautiful thing about life is to continuously grow as a person and go out of your comfort zone, as long as you stay true to yourself, which you clearly do!

Lots of good luck embracing yourself and the new Kayture!


Dear Kristina,

maybe you don’t even recall my name but the last time I left a comment on one of your articles, you were so moved by it that you published it on your Facebook page and IG account. It was a very long comment, I was telling you how much you inspired me and how much I loved your style. It was on your article for the New Year 2014. Yeah, Jade, hello, it’s me ! :)

Since then, I’ve noticed the changes in you, and to be honest I unfollowed you on IG. But I still read your posts here, even if they have become rarer and rarer (and this is not a critic, just an statement). I literally adored certain of your styles and did not like others, but I had understood at that time that not only your style evolved – mine too. Following your blog even if your style was not 100% mine allowed me to confirm my own style.

But now, I’m coming to the point of my comment. I agree with you about being creative and not always show positivity and not always pretend to be perfect. We are all humans after all, and nobody is perfect. BUT, I do disagree when you call some people “close-minded” to explain that they do not like how your style has changed. You have to accept that not liking your darker side does NOT make people “close-minded”. Also, I would like to add that yes, it is good to liberate oneself of norms, BUT not all norms. About the smoking and the representation of smoking and cigarette, this norm especially is a norm that is not here just to stop people’s creativity. You had many comments of people who told you their disappointment and if a minority were “haters” comments, some people tried to explain to you (and the others) WHY the representation of cigarette is a bad thing. These comments were nothing but very polite. I was one of them.

So please, as it has been stated in another comment by a girl named Cécile, don’t be close-minded yourself when it comes about criticism of your work. Criticism, when it comes with arguments, is always to be taken for what it is : it is a way to improve. And no one should be blind about it.

I hope you will really read my comment even if you do not answer. I style appreciate your work, Kristina, and I still follow your adventures here on your blog.

Jade xx

Filipa Jackson 30 June 2016 / Reply

Oh wow this is so cool and fun. Such an inspo

Filipa xxx | Instagram

This article really made me think! About blogging and life in general! I love how your so open and honest and have such insight into your own personality and share it with the world! It sure takes a lot!

Keep it up!

Kinga xx

oh my!!! I LOVE this. So creative and fun!

I’ve been reading your blog since 2014 and I feel so inspired. Keep posting and inspired more people.

Sofia Him 1 July 2016 / Reply

Bonjour Kristina,
alors voilà je te suis depuis 2014 mais je n’ai jamais pris le temps de te laisser un commentaire (bonjour la flemme) mais ce post m’en a donné envie. Tout d’abord, je ne pense pas que nous t’avons suivie seulement pour voir des jolies choses parce que je pense que même si tu n’écrivais pas autant, le peu que tu rédigeais traduisait déjà ta façon d’être qui s’est affirmée au cours des mois. De plus, on ressent ton côté “rebelle” ou “provocateur” à travers tes perruques, les vêtements que tu portes notamment ceux aux couleurs sombres (Team noir forever) et tout tes alters egos. Ce que j’essaye de dire c’est que je pense que tes lecteurs, depuis ton premier post avec le blond platine et ton style un peu gothique, ont toujours connu ton côté “rebelle” et “négatif” que tu peux avoir et qu’on attendait tous de voir sur ton blog. Eh oui, des blogs on en lit tout les jours, avec les mêmes trends niveau vêtements, les mêmes destinations niveau voyages, les collaborations avec les mêmes marques, oui c’est beau mais on veut plus, on veut ressentir une réelle personnalité à chaque fois que l’on lit un article. C’est ce qui fait la différence pour nous, lecteurs, suivre une personne parce qu’on aime ses sacs n’a pas d’intérêts on a envie de suivre une personne, parce qu’on aime sa façon d’être y compris sa façon de s’habiller. Bon je vais arrêter de m’attarder (tel bloggeuse tel lecteur j’imagine).
Merci pour ce post, j’espère en lire plus de ce genre (mais n’oublie pas la mode quand même hein).
Grooos bisous du Maroc

You’ve got a very beautiful and very Belarusian soul!;) Thank you for this insightful article!

WOW! This is at first, because I really don’t how to tell it right but reading your post I feel incredibly nice and so fresh, like a breath of fresh air! You’re just so sure in everything is written, now we live in times of images and brands and all herded into a certain framework and live among the expectations of something specific, what we are waiting from someone, and no matter what that someone actually is and what he feels.Bu the way I apologize for any spelling errors I’m from Minsk, and can make mistakes in English. And here you are absolutely right that it does’t matter from where we are because we’re really becoming more and more citizens of the world. I’m from Belarus and lived here for 20 years, but I’m ready to subscribe to your every word! In general it’s great that you have decided to show the other side of your personality, it finds an echo in our hearts! We live in a world of standards and prejudices and amazing that a beautiful picture full of openminded and wonderful sense.

perfect web site! crazy very crazy

My God Kristina…you are going to disrupt the fashion industry and you don’t even know it.

I have so much in my head but I can’t really put them to words. Thank you for your rawness, for your honesty, for your introspection and your intelligence. You are so smart, so aware, and all this glamour does not shake you not a bit. Good on you for not being swayed by all the luxury, and I said it before in a comment but will say it again, it’s amazing how you remain aware no matter where you rise in the industry.

Besides that, thank you for such an incredible editorial, one that spews hard work and creativity. And thank you for inspiring us to break free, to break the bounds of the box and dare to be not different, but our true selves.

I hope to meet you one day, to spend hours talking and introspecting and wondering. You are a true idol. Keep changing. :)


laura peeters 1 July 2016 / Reply

I normally don’t leave comments on anything, but I couldn’t help myself today. I wanted to say that I love your content en you as a person, no matter what topic you’re talking about or what type of pictures you post because you’re always open and honest. I think that that is so important, more than creating an image to please people, which isn’t real! Thank you for that, you inspire me xoxo

You have such great values and you are SO inspiring !! You go girl.

// Love from Sweden!

Wow amazing new concept, totally in love with it!


Amazing photos and articles! I agree with so much of what you said. It’s kind of sad but so many of us are creatures of habit and we get upset about the silliest changes, like when everyone freaked out over the Instagram logo changing.
I can relate to so much of what you said here. I also believe that ignorance is something we should all fear and that really there is no right or wrong, just different perspectives, and we definitely should not be stuck in boxes. I’m also kind of culturally lost, but I sort of love it because I’m tied and untied to a bunch of places. I was born in Russia, but only lived there 2 years so I don’t really consider myself Russian but I still grew up with the culture. I’ve lived most of my life in Canada, but there are certain Canadian cultural aspects I’ve never been able to get into. I love the idea of being an open-minded and tolerant global citizen and I hope more of our generation feels the same way.

I have written so much and there is nothing here :C

Iria Baranda Casares 3 July 2016 / Reply

I am totally AMAZED Kristina! I was waiting for reading something like this. Something what I feel identificaed with! I think you wrote exactly the words that couldn’t express better the reason why we are here, I mean, enjoying life without any limits.

I strongly believe as you do that the feeling of being comfortable with yourself and not belonging to any place is the mainly essence of human existence.

Apologize about my grammar.
Greetings from Spain beautiful!

I love your role play. Reminds me to a movie. Keep going and creating Kristina.

Love the creative photos! & a wonderfully written post

Hi Kristina,
I haven’t followed you for a long time but ever since I have, I have been so inspired by your work. I feel like you’re so amazing and genuine. Also, I love how we are both the same age yet you have accomplished so much in fashion.
You’re not just a blogger, you’re so much more girl! Love you and keep it up <3



You are my favourite – so smart besides being great blogger!
You deserve all good and go for it!

Oh my god, this shoot is incredible! I love how you can pull off any look, so amazing. You’re such an inspiration to soo many and you were one of the first bloggers I followed and were inspired by to start my blog. I have you to thank for this in giving me the courage to express my emotions and style. Carry on being amazing!


Hats off Kristina, this is one of your best post so far! I love how you expressed yourself so genuinely. Keep going! These photos by Cibelle are so dope! simply incredible! Love everything about this post!

You are SO stunning girl!


Laura from Germany

i’m so glad that someone I admire for the whole personality (not only the Bazan blogger) brought up such an important issue. good job babe, take care xx

Woah, these shots are amazing. A great idea and interesting result. I also loved your article, many great thoughts and thought provoking views.

This is exactly why you have inspired me to start a lifestyle blog I’ve followed you from the born to be wild days and will continue to be a loyal follower because you keep it 100!

This is perfection!
Your writing gives me life! ♥

Happy Wednesday! ♥
Keep Up The Great Work!

xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Hi Kristina,

I love the fact that your talk about topics such as this whereas other bloggers I follow just talk about the clothes or the fashion, which is fine but I do think that there is indeed a shallowness to it. Which is something that I struggle with since I would love to make blogging my career, yet I don’t want it to be meaningless or superficial.

I completely agree that ignorance leads to closed-mindedness, we all get so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we are shocked when something unexpected happens or something goes against the grain. We are lazy beings, who fall into habits easily and are scared to break out of them. Throughout my sheltered childhood I have never traveled, not through any fault of my parents, they couldn’t afford it, yet living in the rather isolated part of the UK has made me long for what is outside, and the many many opportunities that come with it. The first time I went abroad was in 2014, I went to Paris for a weekend with my art class and it was the most eye opening and exhilarating experience of my life so far. The different culture and city buzz really opened my eyes to the different people and atmospheres in the world. Not everyone was like the people at home, it was new and it was free. Since then I have longed to travel more, learn more, experience more. And now is the time. You have expressed this amazingly Kristina, and I only hope to one day be as talented as you (and Cibelle!) xx

… As someone that also have followed you from your lookbook days and watched you become who you are today and achieve everything that you did, I really couldn’t have more respect and admiration for you after reading this post. Perhaps the stage of macaroons was needed for you to get where you are now, I too went through a stage of dying my hair dark trying to find myself …. unfortunately I am still finding myself albeit back to being blonde again so it hasn’t quite worked out for me as well. Nevertheless of course I wish you all the best luck with everything and look forward to seeing more of the ‘true’ you.
Being yourself is way more interesting and relatable to normal people like us!

Jb xx

I deeply understand your motive to show another page of your personality. It comes a time in the life of an adult with great need for depth and change. It felt the same for me when I started my blog a few months ago. Can’t wait to see and read more from you Christina.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Much love,

Hi ! I like your texts and you being honest with your public. Keep going being you !

ps. Cibelle Levi is an amazing photographer ! I think her name will stay for fashion photography !

keep all going !


You have Inspired me to start a lifestyle blog I’ve followed your since the born to be wild days and will continue to be a loyal follower Bc of post like this

Julie Rose Cook 8 July 2016 / Reply

I just designed this “Super Dress” last week before I saw this blog. Please click on the link to vote and share!!! Thank you.

Love the photos and the article even if I find it angry. You can’t please everybody so don’t mind of someone’s mean comment. Be yourself do what you love and believe in you. 10 years from now on you’ll look back and say: God what a journey!! And at that time you’ll be so different from what are you now. Spread the love!!

JUST. WOW. Your content never ceases to amaze, Kristina!

Wow! Amazing!

Love from Vienna

Borislava from

Dear Kristina! I am following your blog for years now (maybe 2010..) and i have to say that you are still one of my favourites. And this article is just briliant! I don´t know why some people only want to see one side of a person..the most powerful art is personal and no one is always happy,sweet,innocent or whatever “image” was created about them… it´s true that your style is really not always what i would wear but it does not have to be like that…a great blog for me is all about being personal and vulnerable and tru and you are true and real.
So thank you for sharing these words (and the always gorgeous pictures ;) )…this article was a huge inspiration for me :)

You are my favorit cartoon figure,and blogger too. I’m following you for years, but never ever left a comment, but here’s the time.
Just wanted to say hi, and I wish that we can meet in the future
xo from Hungary

Hi Kristina! I just started bloggin and i think it is because of people like you, that i love blogging so much! I love how honest and rare you are! I am from Switzerland a country that is so small, (at least it feels very small to me) but on the internet there is so much space. Space for creativity, for hope, for honesty, there is a place for everyone and i just love that! It is great how openminded you are, and how you say we sound`t judge because of where we come from. Thank you for being so honest, you inspire me to start a discussion and to talk about things we are sometimes to afraid to talk about. I love your blog and i think this post is truly amazing!

This is lit! Love the whole editorial! =)

Incredible post, loved everything you said! And the photos are amazing, you look beautiful! xo, Sophia from

These photos are amazing and you look stunning! Great work!
love, Kat

katrien diaz 11 July 2016 / Reply

I really loved this article! I like it when people are honest and don’t just follow what society wants you to be. Do what makes you happy!

Absolutely love this post <3

Well i like a lot what you wrote about some guys that do not like your hair colour…being honest i am not a fan of your black hair but that is not a case that i do not appreciate what u are doing and speaking so truly.I do not know if u will belive what i am going to say…but i am in love with your sense of style,writing….keep going girl!!!!

I adore this look and these photos. Amazing article/post also. You inspire me a lot. Would you care to check out my fashion and art blog? –

Salut Kristina !!! J’ai lu tout l’article et il aurait pu être encore bien lus long que je l’aurai lu !! Tes sentiments sont résonnent en moi comme un écho ! Je traverse sensiblement les mêmes émotions que toi en ce moment ! J’ai toujours été quelqu’un de très joyeux et positif mais dernièrement je suis plus mossade, un peu déprimée, triste mais je pense que le fait que tu clarifies qu’on a le droit de se sentir ainsi est vraiment nécessaire parce que ce n’est pas ce que la société nous dicte. De plus le fait que tu partages moins de photos pour faire plaisir à ton audience et plus pour toi est ce qu’il faut faire car tu touches une autres audience et tu touches des gens plus vrais moins interressés dans les habits de HC que tu portes et plus dans tes sentiments, émotions et contenus que tu crées. Bref continues ainsi, sois réel à toi-même parce que tu continueras à toucher des gens vrais et à créer un contenu transcendant, réellement puissant. MERCI

Very wise observations, i was a little bit surprised to read such a deep content on your blog, especially since you mentioned it was labeled and marketed in certain way and some aspects of life were left out. I actually admire you for being able to put things in such clear and mature way with firm opinions and great observations. I was one of those that stopped following you in some point and not because of your music aspirations, but because something happened to the content. Probably your music thing took over your time and priorities. I just felt that the usual quality wasn’t there anymore. The blog became all around your looks and the outfits were all made for selling purposes. It didn’t feels authentic anymore, everything was pretty but nothing was interesting or surprising. I guess you are right that you tried to deliver certain image for too long and stopped expressing who you really are. I think it worked financially pretty good for you for quite long time but you just got bored with it.

I wish you all the best with your new beginnings, hope to hear one of your songs on the radio one day.


Même si ton contenu est plus “dark”, c’est pour toi et ta personnalité créative que j’ai commencé à te suivre, donc même si tu n’es plus autant girly et adorablement positive, c’est en étant heureuse et toi-même que tu m’apporteras le plus de courage et de positivité, je trouve donc ton “devoilement” des plus appréciables :)

Well said! This is one of the reasons why I love reading your blog constantly because all these words are so honesty and relatable! You look cute in that hair color too!

Clara Lobo 20 July 2016 / Reply

Hi Kristina. I’ve been following your blog for a while and you’ve always being my favorite blogger. Recently I’ve been noticing that you are feeling better with yourself and that you’ve been finding who you are. This really inspires me. Your articles are the best. Everytime I want to feel good or inspired or not feel alone I come to your blog and read them. Idk but you see the world just like me and i love it because I’ve never found someone that could see the things just like I do. So I consider myself your friend. Even you not knowing about my existence or me living in Brazil just far from you. But I I feel so connected to you and this is so great. The feeling that you transmit to your readers is just amazing. I’ve been doing things that I didn’t feel right before as well. Im creating a youtube channel to express myself and my love for fashion and beauty. And it feels great and so right because I just stopped carrying about what people will think about me. Well, I’m sorry for the huge text, however, this is my first time sending you a message I thought I should express myself. Congratulations for all of your achievements. You’re such an amazing person and I wish the best. Hope I meet you someday! :) xoxo Clara Lobo

Clara Lobo 20 July 2016 / Reply

I loved the pictures and the article! You rock Kristina. Love ya xoxo

Awesome photos – you look brilliant – like Barbie only better!


So you say, not directly of course, because why could you, patriotism nothing means to you. Your parents must be citizens of one nation so do you. And what you wrote here is called cosmopolitanism and it’s one of the threats of today’s world. Think about it at least in case of a war. On whose side would you be and for who would you fight? And no, it’s not a far-away subject, not anymore.

And – the big question is what is wrong about being good? WHAT? That you instantly think it goes with ‘trapped’, ‘unhappy’? There’s no such thing as ‘the good doesn’t exist without the bad’, typical example – ying yang which is one big bulls__t. To live life to the fullest you don’t need to get drunk every single Friday night, don’t remember the number of people you slept with or how much joint you smoked.
I feel like you are not the same person here and on other places like Snapchat or Instagram. You want to talk ‘deeply’ about life, art, beauty, whatever, and what you show? Sexually provocative pictures, ‘what’s up bitches’ – you think it’s ‘fun’,'open-minded’ to call ANYONE like that? Because ‘everyone does it’? I really liked you, the way you presented yourself. Yes you changed, people do it, but in your case I don’t like that change. I feel like the respect is lost. I don’t have it now. And in a way, I think neither do you.

What’s up everyone, it’s my first go to see at this site, and post is in fact fruitful for me,
keep up posting these types of articles.

Ces photos sont vraiment géniales, elles sont très originales. J’adore voir ce genre de nouveautés sur ton blog !
Bonne continuation <3

I love your style in this!
Your hair color reminds me so much of Katy Perry! Which Katy Perry hair color do you like?