As you guys might know, I love infusing each editorial my team and I get to work on with the stories of each journey, of each experience we get to live. Make each memory of it come to life through pictures. For this editorial, I got inspired by Morocco. I had the chance to travel there, and what I loved the most about this place was the warmth. And I am not just talking about the weather, which definitely was hot, but more so about the people. Everyone was so welcoming and the ambiance was so convivial, making us all feel so at home and at ease.

This shooting in collaboration with David Yurman is inspired by the Moroccan heat, the beauty and the colors of it’s little streets and markets. I love the mystical aspect of Morocco and I am glad to see how well my new little moon tattoo fits in quite perfectly. This look to me was all about layering jewelry to create this idea of a bohemian style, with a fluid tunic and a turban head band in the hair to add detailing. I hope you guys will enjoy this new set of pictures and that it might inspire you for your own summer travel adventures! Cheers

Chatelaine Ring with Diamonds in 18k Gold (Garnet / Citrine)

Chatelaine Ring with Diamonds in 18k Gold (Pink Tourmaline / Peridot)

Renaissance Bracelet with Green Onyx, 14k gold

Cable Classic Bracelet Sterling Silver, 14k Gold

Bead Necklace with Carnelian, Amber, Citrine and 18K Gold

Bead Necklace with Carnelian, Garnet and 18K Gold

Chatelaine Earrings with Citrine and Diamonds

IMG_6010-100 IMG_5996-102 IMG_5995-103-2



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Love the jewels & the colors. Btw your hairlstyle is so great and the brune color is truly yours !!

These bracelets are so lovely! You look great!

Beautiful pictures!
I’d love to visit Morocco someday, it’s definitely on my bucket list! :)

lOVE THE JEWELRY! makes the outfit even better! <3

Your posts are so inspiring and beautiful

Nice designs!

Today on the blog an urban chic outfit…wearing new accessories !! ;)
❤ Kisses from

so stunning!!! wish it had more photos of you!!!!!

Bonsoir Kristina!

Avant toute chose, très beau shooting, la 1 ere photo est tout simplement sublime!
J’ai commencé à suivre ton blog il y a quelques mois de cela, puis j’ai lu ton livre avec beaucoup d’intérêt!

Je tenais à te remercie car les conseils que tu donnes dans celui-ci, m’ont donné du courage.

Du courage pour assumer qui je suis et celle que je veux devenir, mais également pour réaliser mes rêves et mes projets!

Bonne continuation à toi!

Love the photos & the rings are gorgeous.


I love your editorial post and your unique inspiration. I love the way you display your accessories too.

Breathtaking!!! Always an amazing photos and spot on posts on your blog. :)

Jacky Vifer 29 July 2016 / Reply

Amaaaazing pictures !!! :)


My photography-blog:

I love that first picture of you! You look stunning Kristina :) xx

Gorgeous photos!


I love the Morocco inspiration!
take a look my new post about summer festival looks! The Motorbecah festival in Spain.

Love the rings (and the photography… but then, the photography on this blog is always amazing).


GO CHECK IT OUT otherwise I will find your closet and replace all your shoes with those ugly white tennis sneaker things. Your call, my friend.

Lovely jewellery pieces!

Beautiful photos as always, I love your editorials! x

Andreea Grigore 29 July 2016 / Reply

I think that the word ‘warmth’ is described perfectly with these pictures!! Love you!!!

Beautiful and superb images Kristina!!!!
The first picture is heartbalm! You are such a beauty!! ♥♥♥ :)

The darker hair looks def. better on you, you look more edgy and unique!


Kristina your posts are always the best. The pics are gorgeous anf all the items so beautiful. I love it!
Mireia from TGL

Love the head piece, it really suits you!


Such a lovely theme, Kristina!

- Seyra x

Stunning images, you look amazing!!

TRENDY SIL 30 July 2016 / Reply

Amazing bag :D I habe found the same model here
you look great!!
xo xo

j’aime bien ces tons chauds couleur terre, très belles photos!

Stunning shots! Love you Kristina :) You go girl!

Très beaux clichés! Les bijoux sont absolument sublimes :)

Is it right that music started playing in my head? haha.. I love it!!

Loving the mood and thoughts that inspired this beautiful editorial <3 The boho chic vibes and the soft warm lighting are so gorgeous!

XO, Elizabeth

Just stunning! It looks perfect!

Bonjour Kristina! Cet article est super bien travaillé et les photos sont à tomber… Tu es ravissante et ces bijoux sont divins!
Bref, je suis là aujourd’hui pour te demander une faveur: aujourd’hui c’est mon anniversaire et le seul cadeau que je veux c’est que les personnes qui m’inspirent le plus me souhaitent un “joyeux anniversaire”..; ça peut paraître totalement débile mais ça me rendrait tellemeeent heureuse :) Je me doute que tu ne verras surement pas ce message, mais si tu le vois, sache que tu es une personne extraordinaire <3 Je t'aime fort Kristina, bonne continuation :)

Wow love the edits, you look fantastic!


Kisses pretty

Stunning photos Kristina, this jewellery is beautiful!!

Faye .x

Lovely campaign photos. The jewelry is really pretty! You look beautiful.


Great post! Love the pics, the jewellery look stunning!!

I really, really love this makeup look.

XX F. J. Makaroff

Beautiful photography & words. In love with the outfit and the rings are beautiful x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

Gorgeous pictures

Love the rings!! So simply and stunning


Kinga Kurek 3 August 2016 / Reply

I’m loving the vibe of the images and the combination of the colours and the tone of the shades! It all looks so high end and breathtaking! Keep going dear!
Kinga x

Stunning photography!!! Morocco is definitely on my bucketlist :)

x Gitta //

I love your style! These clothes are really cool

Superbes images, tu fais bien ressortir la chaleur ! Dommage qu’il n’y en ait pas plus ;)

Nice set of Jewelry. Lovely as you.


Your hair is fine and the photos rock with awesome aesthetics. Nice job!
Stefan Buzas

Amazing style…I love this.

Nice hair style…. Also nice click

Nice style and photos! Keep going. :)

Love the headpiece and how you styled it :)