Although it might seem like it’s summer all year long in Los Angeles, I can feel it now more that ever this summery flow that just makes me want to lazy by the pool, enjoy long endless walks by the beach and simply let my self go to a little sunny decadence. When I was a kid summer would make me excited like you have no idea. Meaning, I would countdown weeks to days until summer holidays finally came. It was a synonym of freedom, of enjoyment, and of a lot of ice cream tasting which might be might my favorite thing about it all.

This year, with all the past traveling, we are still thinking about possibilities of summer destinations to explore in these next couple of weeks. Nothing temps me more than a white beach, hot, sun screen scented towels, piña coladas by the beach and long reads. Capri has always been a place that fascinated me so much. Ever since I’ve seen pictures of it, it’s been on my bucket list to explore it’s mesmerizing landscapes, wearing nothing but soft, light and flowy dresses and straw hats.

And meanwhile, I am excited to share with you today this new editorial in collaboration with David Yurman fully inspired by this idea of summer, of holiday traveling and well… especially of my love for Capri. As you know, I am a minimalist when it comes to jewelry. I like wearing small delicate pieces and I love have some beautiful golden accents on a gently tanned skin. You know, when your skin starts taking subtle cinnamon shades and you have these little gold eye catchers? There’s nothing more sexy, especially with a bikini or light top and jeans such as in this situation. Enjoy this shoot babes and tell me everything, what are your summer plans?












 Solari Bracelet 18K gold

 Solari Necklace 18K gold

 Venetian Quatrefoil Bracelet 18K gold and diamonds

  Venetian Ring with Diamonds in 18K Gold

 Venetian Quatrefoil Stacking Ring in Gold

Labyrinth Bracelet 18K gold



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Lovely photos and great post!

This looks sick! It’s winter where I live, but DAYYUUMM that pool water looks good.

My blog:
Please check it out! Otherwise, I’ll fill your wardrobe with those ugly white tennis shoe things. Your call, my friend. ;)

Hey Kristina ! Super article ! Cependant, relis-toi encore une fois pour les fautes ma belle :*

Love the sunglasses!

Today on the blog I show you my new designer Sunglasses…you are going to fall in love with them!! ;)
❤ Kisses from

Very beautiful pictures and gorgeous pieces!

these jewellery pieces are so gorgeous

gorgeous pieces of jewellery

As a child or as an adult I’ll love ice cream forever, honestly I couldn’t live without it haha.
This summer obviously I reather travel to the Maldives or somewhere like that, but unfortunately my budget can’t afford it, so I’m going to visit France, that it’s a beautiful place too.

Love your blog Kristina!
Mireia from

Wonderful photographs! You look so good
with the darker hair Kristina! :)

I really LOVE the very first photo, everything is just perfect! ♥♥♥


Gosh! I love this look…


Incredible photos and such a beautiful and delicate jewellery!!

Trendique 12 July 2016 / Reply

I am obsessing over your gorgeous golden jewelry pieces! SO classy <3

xo Vanessa from

That is one thing i love about your blog Kristina! You always manage to show us collaborations in a tasteful and beautiful way! I can always see that you put so much love into it! Amazing!

Always lovely to see what you’re up to! Love the jewelry, especially some of those bracelets!

The jewellery is so beautyful. Love it!
Well, I’m still counting the days till summer holidays….;D I just have to wait two more weeks and then finally I’m going to stay at the Baltic Sea with my three best friends for a week. After that I’m so lucky to have the chance to fly to the South of Italy with my best friend and her family. And then I’m looking forward to fly to the Cote d’Azur with my family for two more weeks.
I think there’s nothing better than spending time with your beloved ones.
I hope you’ll enjoy your holidays too!
Kisses from Germany!

Stunning details!

New Summer Lookbook on my blog! <3

Hi Kristina,

Capri is on my wishlist as wel, When I saw Dean And Dan Caten in a vlog during there time in Capri, I was like: this must be a summer destination. Hopefully you can go there and shoot amazing pictures.

J’adore ton article, l’été me fait toujours autant rêvé que lorsque j’étais petite, j’adore me prélasser au soleil pendant des heures à écouter de la musique.
Cet été, j’aimerai déménager dans le sud de la France, et, faire de magnifique photo avec le soleil comme invité.
Bonnes vacances à toi, en espérant te croiser un jour à Paris.
PS : Ton livre est une merveille je ne m’en lasse pas…
Bisous !

You look absolutely beautiful! Love the jewelry!

Your post had the desired effect on me, Kristina. I want to go the beach so badly even if it’s rainy season here in the Philippines :)

- Seyra x

Love these images; they’re absolutely beautiful! That ring and that teal nail polish are amazing!

Yes, summer really is such a magical season that embodies freedom :) Loving all of these great photos that are inspired by the summer travels theme <3 So pretty, especially the flatlays! And of course, your dress is so pretty too!

XO, Elizabeth

J’aime beaucoup les bijoux dorés sur une peau hâlée, j’aime aussi les bijoux or rosé que je trouve presque encore plus beaux que “or” sur la peau.
J’aime bien le collier qui rappelle une goutte d’eau sur la peau…

What a beautiful pictures!! Thanks for the inspiration! X

Very inspiring shots!

Stunning jewellery pieces!

Summer has always been my favourite time of the year, it couldn’t excite me more!!
This year, I have enjoyed the beaches around my hometown Barcelona and now I’m heading to a less warm destination: the Baltic States! Still, I’m super excited to admire the gorgeous buildings and sights!


Capri is on my bucketlist too!


Love all the items on the pictures!!! I’m a tanning addict… I love to have all my things organised: Suncreams, oils, beach accessories…

Check out my Forte dei Marmi travel guide: The perfect bikini outfit and things to do at ‪my favourite place on earth!


Lovely pictures! I also favor minimalistic jewelry, especially in the summer months! Would love to visit Capri someday x

Loving the blue! You look great in summery, simple clothes <3

Characters & Carry-ons


Wow ! You ‘re beautiful :)

Gold jewelry is my favorite! Looks so good on you!

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Your hair is amazing

Your hair is amazing

Margarita 14 July 2016 / Reply

Hey Kristina

I really like this dress, where did you get it from? It looks stunning! Perfect summer dress


Such beautiful pictures Kristina!
Much love,

The channel purse is so stunning! The colors are perfect! Great post, I absolutely love summer :)

Ahh, missed you, your gorgeous photos and entertaining stories!!!

look forward to see more of your chic summer style

you look so beautiful at these photos dear! love

Kristina, I love your blog :D
what do you think of my newest post?

pleignet 15 July 2016 / Reply

Wonderful, I love the pictures . What is the title of the book? lots of love. Laurine

Jacky V. 15 July 2016 / Reply

Love the summer look on you!!


My photography-blog:

Lovely post and stunning photographs Kristina, enjoy your time back in LA!!

Faye .x

Tu es magnifique Kristina ! :)

very very very beautiful my darling

stunning jewels! love it!


Nice tits, baby! I wanna put my cock between your tits, then shoot my sperma on your beautiful face!

Le genre de bijoux que je trouve magnifique, tu les portes à merveille.
Gros bisous

Filipa Jackson 18 July 2016 / Reply

This is such a gorgeous post, I love everything about it. I too still get excited for summer, my inner child dreams of fighting in the pool with noodles.


Filipa xxx | Instagram

Those are beautiful jewelry indeed!
I had recently Holidays in Italy with Family and it was great time!


natural and beautiful as always… pictures are stunning! enjoy your holidays with family, friends and caipirinha !
une pensée de France :*

These golden accents are very delicate and exquisite.

Love your nail polish as well


Andreea Grigore 18 July 2016 / Reply

Oh, in love with your accessories!!!
And you still beautiful as always! Love you

J’adore ces photos, elles sont pleines de douceur et de soleil ! Mais t’es cheveux ont l’air bien plus châtains-blonds, elles doivent dater ;)

I love this editorial. You never fail to do amazing things Kristina. Check out my blog xoxoxo.


I love this pictures!! You are amazing Kristina!

Please check out my very first post on my Blog!
I would really appreciate that!
Thank you!

I’m with you Kristina! I used to look forward to summer when I was younger because it meant a break from school, lots of play time outside and of course, the ice cream trucks that came to our neighborhood in the afternoons. Now, not so much, haha! I grew into a fall/winter girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy warm weather, but too hot, humid and sticky, I just can’t do it anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m a native Texan, haha!

I don’t have much summer plans than to head to Salt Lake City and New Jersey next month. You’re making me miss Europe during the summer. That’s one thing I miss. Everyone taking time, being present and enjoying the moment. It’s so fast-paced here in America that I just I could slow down and enjoy the moment especially during the summer. Go to Capri for me! I miss it so much! xo

Les photos sont toujours aussi agréables à regarder *_*
Bisous, Lily <3

I love all photos, so inspiring dear Kristina! Love, A

Love this! Makes me want to lay out by the pool and take in the sun!

Lovely pics! Those jewellery are beautiful.

I love the jewellery especially your rings! And the photography is stunning as always xx Kat

I really love all the photos, and the jewelry is fabulous! Plus you look so gorgeous! xo, Sophia from

Isabella 22 July 2016 / Reply

My dear Kay, you are as beautiful as always! And referring to the last article: it doesn’t matter if you are in Paris among flowers eating macarons or in LA wearing black and being a bad girl ;p
You are the same person inside, as you said, and who loved you then, still loves you now! Who gave up on you just because you changed on the outside, never really understood your essence.
You still can count on us, your regular readers, your friends. You will always be our inspiration <3
I hope I was able to inspire you to never give up on being who you are and doing what you love without worrying about what people will think, as you have always inspired me. Stay strong, dear!
And for the summer, you NEED to know the brazilian beaches, i'll wait for you around here!!!!!!!!!!
A big kiss from Brazil!

I love the layout and the jewelry is gorgeous too!

You look so fresh and simply gorgeous! And the post really made me want to lay on the beach all day ;( haha. Also beautiful pieces of jewellery! x

Stunning! Simply perfect.

love the red chanel bag <3

I love your hat <3

I haven’t seen this kind of Chanel bag, only now from you. You’re a style epic!

Love your style! Minimal yet classy. Tres chic!

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Love the jewelry! Beautiful pieces.

I love the jewelry in this article. The colours and the composition is also beautiful of course.

I really love these photos! You’re always so lovely! You can check my summer posts from here; thanks!

Love the photos and the beautiful jewlery! Really cool and you look so good with the hat :)

xx, Sophie

Love these pictures. Such a delicate beautiful touch, truly amazing!!
xx Laura Jane

you are so beautiful! i love your look!

Because I don’t have any holiday, I will stay in Paris, where I live. It could have been worst, isn’t it ? :) xx

nerea lopez 28 July 2016 / Reply

You look beautiful!!!! :D I have bought the same sandals here!!!!
kisses pretty!

Lovely pictures and some great pieces :)

Amazing jewelry, looks fabulous with turquoise nails and tan.

Summer really is the best isnt it! Love the pop of colour on those nails too!

Kinga Kurek 3 August 2016 / Reply

Stunning images darling!
Kinga x

The wonderful relax feeling that comes through these pictures is amazing looking at them I imagine being there! I love your nail colour and the jewellery is minimalistic however it has a great impact. the whole shot exudes sun relaxation great style and the best type of holiday. A stylish relaxing quiet one!!!

Hi Kristina!
Even though most of the people are counting days till the end of the summer, to me the end is not near :D
I visited a friend in Prague, then I spent two weeks in Lithuania, my homeland, and now I am back in France, packing my luggage again as I am leaving for Cöte d’Azur with my mother. I haven’t been by the sea for years, and I mean, really present, during a whole week, not just passing by and stopping for a swim.
So I am really looking forward to it :)
Greetings to paradise you are currently living in along with Cibelle and Fiona!!!

Love the picture with the Hermès shoes and the Chanel bag, too good taste!

I really love your posts! The layout, the photos, the content, everything! Thanks so much for constantly sharing with us!

Que de jolis bijoux et j’adore la forme de ton chapeau ;)


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