If anything I know, I have a tendency to isolate myself in small environments, ideally somewhere where there’s a fridge and couch in the limitation of a minimum ‎10 square meter space in times of a sudden creative calling. There, I can just sit around for days doing my own thing without really going out, letting all my friends think I might have gone missing or something like that. Thing is, I am the most social and outgoing anti social you’ll probably meet. I don’t know if this has anything to do with my upbringing, the fact that I’m an only child or the simple fact that I’m weird that makes it this way. But I personally never complained. I’m very happy when I’m alone, I do my thing, don’t bother anyone. It’s honestly pure bliss.

My parents for years used to wonder if there was something wrong with me and why I loved spending so much time in my room on a lockdown. Yes, yes… Even during summer holidays when everyone was out by the pool. I was proudly protecting my pale shade and downloading new meshes for my sims 3 and building the sickest houses by using the motherload code. If you guys don’t know what I’m talking about, you seriously missed on something in your childhood or lived under a rock… Or you were by the pool, for which, shame on you. Hope you did put on SPF. So, my parents came to the conclusion that I was simply a bit of a nerd, except my grades in school didn’t necessarily follow the “nerd” predisposition. Especially in math. Don’t get me wrong, I was a good student, especially in french where I would kill it by analyzing in depth Baudelaire’s dark and twisted poems, but only when I felt like it. The rest of the time, I was really fine just drawing future stage outfits in my sketch book and finding out ways to order weird diet supplies by clicking on all the add pop ups (for my defense I was 11 and my parents didn’t have an add block. also disclaimer, this stuff doesn’t work).

I find there something very empowering, to have the ability to appreciate loneliness. Sometimes, some of my friends don’t understand why I won’t go out or why I’d much rather spend the day home, doing my weird little shit, than meeting a bunch of new people and just casually, endlessly, most of the time meaninglessly hanging out. I of course do it sometimes, as I eventually did a more socially acceptable behavior. With my job it’s hard not to, plus there are indeed so many fun people to meet around. But still, I cherish and value the time I get to spend in my bubble where I can dive into my head and come out of with the best ideas and actually build myself, my knowledge and work. I don’t think Kayture would have ever existed without this tendency. Also, oh dear do you need to appreciate alone time when you write a book, edit images or even travel. I often fly alone, especially from L.A to France and trust me, 9hours on a plane by yourself, you better find a way to occupy yourself. And still, when the flight attendants start throwing in some convos, my face openly says, in a nice polite way, more like when Avril Lavigne does fan meet & greet cold poker face type of smile “I just wanna watch Titanic quietly while sipping on my chardonnay”.

For some reason, being an introvert is often linked to such a negative connotation. In high school, it means you’re not cool. That you’re not up for the party, and that eventually you’re pretty bad a joke telling. Which totally makes sense. Well hopefully now my humor got a bit better, but I am still in the “throwing some very annoying punchlines in your face” type of phase, which I’ve come to embrace by now. They say it has a charm. Sometimes, I do tend to feel bad, you know the fomo effect (again for those who live under a rock, it means fear of missing out, no harsh feelings though), especially with snapchat when you can check your friend’s story and notice that you’ve missed the party of the year, and all you got to snapchat is an old sandwich that you made an hour ago while sitting without pants on your bedroom floor. Visualize the thing. Yes, in these kind of moments I feel bad. But not for long, cause then I remember that I’m actually good at making sandwiches.

Thing is, you can never tell when a party is actually going to be good or not, plus all the small talk kind of gives me headaches at times. You’ll usually find me by the bar. And in my case, the small talk gets very repetitive, “so what exactly do you do?”. I’ve tried all sorts of answers to this question from the classic : I’m just a “fun” human being to the I’m a fashion blogger but not only. “What does it mean?” It means I’m quite narcissistic and post a lot of pictures of myself online, I get paid to travel, wear cool stuff and be in amazing places, so then I’m like damn… I need to do something meaningful with my life, I order an Uber, go home, make myself a sandwich, write a deeply tortured, melancholic song about the true meaning of life, fall asleep, wake up the next day and try somehow to be a good human being and spread love, positivity and do good work. Thus, not go out.

At the end of the day, and this is always what I’ve thought, as “pessimistic” as it might sound, we only have ourselves really. To me it’s not even pessimism, it’s more realism. You never know what’s going to happen to you in your life, you might move, have a big argument with your group of friends, your family might be busy or away, if you’re not good with yourself and doing what you gotta do, no one will do it for you. When I moved from Switzerland to L.A I knew it would come with challenges, being far away from all my bench marks and after all yes, having to make new friends was so frightening. But I was also so excited and I just rolled with the flow and did what I felt like doing. Never forced myself to go out if I really didn’t want to, never fake friended anyone, except Fiona, and made sure to make out of my apartment a creative temple, with a fridge always full of hummus and a couch where I fall asleep at 3 am most of the time.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is let’s make being an introvert cool again. Also stop bashing kids in schools for not being outgoing enough. Maybe we just don’t know how to talk to them? From my personal experience, I know I always appreciated real talks, someone who’d pull up a real interesting, meaning subject and not just some gossip or drama about someone they barely know. All intellectual deep stuff aside, you can still come and talk to me about stuff like the Kim K. / Kanye / Taylor feud (sorry Tay, I’m with Kanye, always been always will be). Being a bit of a loner doesn’t mean necessarily that you’re afraid of people, more so that you are bit socially shy and that there’s a freaking lot going on in your head. It must sound weird for people to think that yes I’m shy when in person, if you ever met me, you’ll know, I could just jump on a stage and start speaking in front of hundreds of people, but I still feel awkward when meeting new people one on one and constantly need to force myself to get out of my shell. In life, it’s really all about finding the right balance. So learn to be good by yourself, and then you’ll be even better with others.





version 2_DSC5199BLUR final





Photography Cibelle Levi

Jacket Versus by Versace


Add yours

Daamnn, thanks for bringing that up <3

I can so relate to everything that you are saying!
Kristina you are absolutely gorgeous!

OMG! I feel so understood. I am an only child too and my character seems to be similar. I feel so akward meeting new people and I often say no to parties or stuff. I just don’t feel comfortable or like spending money for stuff like that. I’d much rather stay home write, listen to music, block everyone and am all on my own. (And I sometimes just need to watch that ultimate tear jerker movie just because I want to cry.)
Love the pictures. Your look is always so cool and I love the mystery behind your eyes. Awesome job to Cibelle too ;)

I really can relate to almost everything you said! I’ve never been the cool kid, which to be honest bothered me a bit when I was younger. Now I’m moving to another country in three weeks to finally start my dream studies, and although I’m the most excited I’ve ever been about anything in my life so far I’m still nervous as new social situations aren’t exactly my strongest suit. But the feeling of excitement is much stronger than the nervousness/fear, and I’m ready!

It was so nice to read such a relatable article like this one, kisses from Finland! xx

Such a wonderful look and what you wrote sounds so familiar to me :) Thanks for sharing, you helped me a lot!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

You can’t imagine how much I am like you in this.
And I can only add one thing: that often when I am silent I not realize it, because introverted and silent people (or solitary, is a bit the same thing) actually have their heads so full of thoughts and words that they can’t always put to silence and speak out loud (or simply don’t even notice because I am never silent, at least not in me).
Proud of you.

So true Kristina! I love yoiur jacket, is gorgeous.

Mireia from TGL

Ok Kristina. Like it or not, after all you have said it I officially declare you are a friend. There is so much I relate to in what you said that I believe this is your best post and possibly one of your most interesting and fascinating overtures to us.
Keep talking to us. I just love reading your sincere words and I see there is so much more in you than what meets the eye.
And just to be sure, these photos are great. Cibelle is great. I am sure we will hear more of her name. Magnificent photographer. Bravo Cibelle!

Thank you Kristina for writing this blog post!!! I feel so understood, it feels like a huge relief for me to read this! Lately I was very insecure about being so shy. When I was younger, some people actually bullied me for that. They even made me have to go to another school. Now I have made some friends who respect me for that. What you wrote perfectly relates to my story and probably a lot of people (‘loners’ reunite! ;-)) I think we need to know that being shy or an introvert is not a bad thing. I guess we need both sides in life?

Lots of love from Belgium (you should visit our country one day, we have a lot of Belgian Chocolate ;-))
Emilie ( who is still learning English, so sorry for the mistakes I made)

Every single sentence is so me! and yes, It is hard to believe that you are this, but I get it. One can’t gauge this without knowing someone personally since I am in the same boat and I know many don’t understand this. Nonetheless, as always inspiring writing and photos. xx
Megha, India

Kristina this text is so important to me , I understood that I am not alone , that you also have those same feelings and I thank you that you are about to share those thoughts . You’re my role model and always will be. I send a big thank you from the Czech Republic

Yep, everything you wrote I can relate to 100%! While all the “cool kids” were going out and partying, never missing a single beat of a single party, I was the one who would more often than not choose to stay at home, by myself, doing my own thing, be it writing poems, listening to my favourite album or painting something/ whatever I felt like that day.
I also loved playing Sims and I would too do “weird” stuff/ choices that weren’t so common for all of my social and extrovert friends. I was also never to do the “small talking”, that annoys the s*it out of me and sucks out all of my energy.
You can, just like in your case, come and talk to me about latest gossip or whatever, but just for a very short time, enough to have a laughter over it but otherwise, I’d rather be alone and do whatever makes me content, than engage with people I have nothing in common or share an interest in their way of partying it up or socialising.
I used to be afraid of being on my own, not having billion friends but only handful and not attending every single party there is, but very fast I did learn that knowing ( and loving ) how to be on your own, loving and accepting yourself is the only way to do so with others. Unless you can do this with yourself, you will never be at ease or peace with others either.

Tellement concernant… Quand on est comme ça, les amitiés se compte sur les doigts d’une main (voir même seulement avec un ou deux doigts ✌

Wonderful message! I cringe when I hear people, even my friends, say things that imply being an introvert to have a negative connotation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with introversion. The fact that I even have to defend that statement is cringe-worthy. It ought to be just as acceptable as extroversion. It’s a way of being, much like an inherent aspect of a person, not a handicap let alone a situation that puts someone at a disadvantage, contrary to popular belief. Introverts are usually only associated with shyness and being reserved, immediately labeled as unsociable, but shyness and being reserved have advantages of their own. Not trying to put down its counterpart, as I am technically an extrovert (leaning towards ambivert), but extroversion is usually overrated.

Wow, amazing article! I can really relate to it! And I really think it’s amazing that you’ve written an article about it and bring this topic up!
Lots of Love from Germany.

ahh so amazing, the shots are so badass love it

Wow great post! Loved the look :)

Nothing wrong with loving to stay at home. Me time is totally underrated – I am very much like you in that respect, as much as I love socialising.
Love the punk look too
Jb xx

Ohhh, maybe you’re an ENFP like me, Kristina! And kudos with the Kanye bit, oh dear, that thing is so messy and funny.

- Seyra x

jacky Vifer 8 August 2016 / Reply

Amazing black and white portrait of your face!

Hope to have you in front of my lens someday soon.


My photography-blog:

So cool, I love those fierce pics !

Patricia Ayuso 8 August 2016 / Reply

Kisses pretty

ahh I feel you! thank you for sharing the wonderful words and beautiful images as you always do!


One of my favourite shoots of yours! Molly x

Great post! I am all for making introverts cool again!


Maria Chiara 8 August 2016 / Reply

Hi K!!!
So, I’m a bit of a loner too.
I do love when I spend a day with my best friends but that happens like three times a week, no more. So, for the other 4 days I have to be able to organize my time otherwise I’ll be all alone. That scares me a lot, because I’m afraid to get bored but at the same time it allows me to think, write, sing, dance and do whatever I want to do. So every time I happen to stay home alone (ps. I’m an only child too) I have to face that.
Most of the time I listen to music, as with music time seems to pass quicker, or I think about life, future and things like that.
But at the end of the day I feel like I wasted my time.. Do you feel the same??

And about socializing… Well, I too feel awkward when meeting new people but then after a few words being said I feel relaxed and I start behave “normal” eheh!! But I have NEVER been that kind of girl that finds easy to conversate easily with new people.. Sometimes I even don’t know what to say.

Thanks you for writing texts with actual meaning and debt. Really appreciate the way I can relate to what you’re saying. And I love the sandwich example!

I love how you write about meaningful subjects and your photographs always tell a story! The direction you are taking your blog is very cool!

This post was super intriguing. Both my brother and I were super social and outgoing in high school. We never missed a party or turned down an opportunity to hang out wth our friends. What is interesting, is that ever since college we have both taken up blogging and essentially learned how to be introverted. We knew that in order to work on our blog we would have to pass up social opportunities. While looking back on my old super social life, I realized a lot of it was pointless conversations. I truly value my friendships and relationships that are built on true communication and deep conversations. Thanks for sharing!

It was so easy to relate to you when reading this post! Wise words, these thoughtful posts are always best ones! :)

Filipa Jackson 8 August 2016 / Reply

You are such a cool girl, I adore your rock and roll style

Filipa xxx | Instagram

Firstly, amazing photos – I love the jacket!
Second I can relate so much to this! I do love hanging out with my friends but after a while I just want to go home and be alone. I love living with my boyfriend but I always look forward to the times when he’s at work or out with his friends so I can blast my music, do my thing … I even prefer watching some movies and shows alone.
I try so hard to be friendly and to seem more outgoing when I meet new people so they don’t think I’m too awkward. I think it is a hard concept for people to grasp that for introverts it actually is a big deal and a lot of effort to go out and be social.
You seem like an amazing person Kristina xxx

I always feel this way too, I love people but I also love spending time alone. Your outfits look great as always!

Characters & Carry-ons

maria ramos 9 August 2016 / Reply

Loved this post! You are so real Kristina! You have so much style, and i love your outfits, perfectfectly coordinated instagram, blah blah… But i live and follow for your posts and snaps! #teamloner ✋ ps: i “loled” at the motherlode reference

I’m almost exactly the same way, Kristina :) I think it really does have to do with growing up as an only child – oftentimes, we were kind of forced to live inside our heads while growing up, not that I mind one bit. I also think it’s one of the aspects that helped foster my creativity. Just like you, I could probably stay home all alone for days at a time because I’m just so fueled by some spark of creativity, whether it’s for my blog or for my writing. A really great piece that you wrote! I love how you encourage introverts to not be afraid to be just the way they are because it’s not a bad thing! There needs to be all sorts of people in the world, both extroverts and introverts (and all of the extroverted introverts, introverted extroverts, and everything else in between) ;)

XO, Elizabeth

haha – motherload, oh yeahhh!!! i know exactly what you mean! ;-)
great post and amazing pictures as always! thank u so much for sharing with us!


1st sentence -so familiar to me

Trendique 9 August 2016 / Reply

Misssing the blondeeee you! <3

xo Vanessa from

Kristina, i think this is one of the best posts I’ve read in a while on your blog. Everything you wrote hit the nail on the head 100%. I won’t be surprised to see the comment section fill up with people telling you how relatable your words were. I am almost exactly like you described, though I can safely say I cannot get up on stage and speak in front of hundreds of people. But everything else rings true. Was a weird kid and had my parents ask more than once why I don’t seem to go out as often as my sister; was it because I had no friends? But I slowly embraced it (the teen years were the hardest) and now I can happily say I’m comfortable with myself and I have a few true friends that I can rely on (better than a whole bunch of ‘hi-bye’ friends imo). And I think one advantage of having this kind of personality is that you take a lot of time to improve yourself and it shows when you’re older. So perhaps to anyone out there who’s feeling rough from this kind of personality – it gets better! Thank you Kristina for such a powerful post x

OMG Kristina! I feel like your words just jumped out of my heart! I was alone my whole teenage years and such a nerd…it´s kind of great to hear that a gorgeous,talented lady like you is a nerd too haha nerds are the best <3

En effet, je suis surprise de lire que tu es une personne timide et introvertie ! Je n’ai pas eu cette impression les fois où j’ai eu l’opportunité de te voir. Au contraire, tu donnes l’impression d’être super à l’aise entourée de plein de personnes et de ne pas te cacher. Mais on dit aussi qu’on en fait parfois “trop” pour masquer le pas assez.
Moi, même à 30 ans, je suis on ne peut plus “antisociale”. Pas que je n’aime pas les gens, mais je suis du genre à beaucoup m’isoler, à passer des week ends entiers seule chez moi ou à me promener seule sur les bords du Rhône. Je ne me sens pas à l’aise face à de nouvelles personnes ou dans des endroits plein de monde que je ne connais pas. D’ailleurs cet été, mes vacances seront en solo, je ne tiens pas à passer à côter de beaux moments ailleurs sous prétexte que je n’ai pas de compagnie de voyage.
En tous cas, encore, je te vois toujours entourée de plein de personnes, toujours entrain de t’amuser et faire la fofolle, je ne te voyais pas du tout comme tu t’es décrite. Merci de partager une nouvelle fois un petit bout de toi

Love this article, I also cherish my alone time! And watching titanic while sipping my rosé with my ‘do not disturb’ face on planes! xx

I can really relate the whole introvert thing, going out is fun but sometimes you just need sometime for yourself. I love the jacket you have on by the way


Alexandra 9 August 2016 / Reply

Me and a friend of mine spoke about this maybe half a year ago, but it still affects me.By your post and comments one sees that a lot of people are thinking that way. It is fine not to be like everybody else. People, who like you, will like you, because you are how you are and not how you are trying to be. Since then I always try to be me and to try to be the norm. Those people, who like it and those, who don’t, will not.

Usually, I don’t really comment on your articles but damn, there was so much truth in this and I could relate 100%. And it’s so calming to read that someone who seems to have that perfect, shiny L.A.-life’s also going through that. Thank you for being so honest, nobody really is nowadays, everybody just keeps pretending that they’re always happy, always surrounded by the best, most interesting people and they are always living the dream, feeling good about themselves etc – all shared on instagram of course. But this was so honest and it made me feel so much better because obviously that’s just life. Cannot really describe how much it meant to read that from you. Thank you!

Oh girl I am feeling you!!! Word for word, line for line. I am the exact same opinion and I am very much the same.

And these pics are stunning <3

x Gitta //

I really cried reading this post. I really did. I felt all your words so deep in my soul, because I’m just like you!



great written post Kristina!

Il y a beaucoup de négativité dans ton billet, ça ressemble à une page de journal intime que tu aurais écrite pour te défouler, on peut parler de soi, de sa timidité et de ses traits de caractère sans tacler les autres, je vais pas relever toutes les phrases ou expressions mais la façon dont tu écris te donne un air supérieur et franchement pas aimable, pour le coup…

Rock n Roll babe introverts are the shit, that’s why we have fashion to express our wilder selves or whatever selves we feel like expresssing that day. I think you’ll find some eclectic pieces in our concept store to go with those shy eyes of yours ;)!shop-categories/v287g

Amazing concept. love it!


jean-louis benoitnon 10 August 2016 / Reply

Non je ne suis jamais seul avec ma solitude!!!je ne suis pas fils unique ! voilà !!! je comprend ton envie d’être seule quand tu rentres saturée de tout ,à LAX !!! être ou ne pas être ,là est la question !!! l’essentiel est d’être bien dans sa peau !!!perso . je souffre physiquement et moralement depuis mon handicap dû à une maladie!!!! alors Kristina dis moi seulement une chose ,que tu es heureuse malgré tout !!!à très bientôt amour !!!!

Les Sims ! C’était toute ma vie, et je faisais pareil que toi xD Du coup, on peut comprendre que j’étais pas à la piscine et que je suis plutôt pas hyper sociable et timide… Je vois pas vraiment le problème, chacun est comme il est et les livres sont de bons alliés pendant les longs trajets ou autres ;)

Yeah, and everybody needs to know that. When I want to be alone, I JUST want to be alone and not to be cool (or not) at all – I want no one thinking about me or notice about my existence as if I never was in that world. Leave the introverted effin alone and do not point on them by bringing up that silly topic. We never were cool, are not and will never be and sometimes suffer from the consequences (and not from not being cool). We cannot be cool – being that and having attention is the opposite we want – it’s just about being left alone so leave us effin alone.

I love all this pictures specially the ones in Black and White



Beautiful pictures, and for me the most important thing is to feel who you are and knowing it. I mean it’s your life not the one of the other peoples. That was the point for me to stop thinking about the opinion of other people.


Flowery, Blogger at BEAUTYNATURE

“I know I always appreciated real talks, someone who’d pull up a real interesting, meaning subject”
So why does it seem that there is a looot of small talks on your blog when you’re writing ?

And by the way an introvert who writes her everyday life on a blog ? not so introvert… I mean, that is just not the right way to call yourself…

I definitely recharge when alone, doing my own thing and then I go back to my friends and family when I had enough of myself. I am not fully an introvert but not an extrovert either.
I do agree that we only have ourselves and I don’t think that is a pessimist view at all.

I love the way you write, makes me laugh and I can totally agree one the topic of this article. I like to be alone too. Love the photos as well.

Check out my blog where I post looks and my own designs :*

I am following you for long time I’m huge fan of yours. Aside from the fact that you’ve great outfit posts, editorial like photos and amazing makeup i love when you talk about everyday things in such depth. Reading those i am always inspired by it. Since i am awkward mixture of shy, introvert and quiet who just live in her brains people just don’t understand. I’m never the social person and never fit in people always comments how quiet i am. Instead of hanging out i prefer being alone with my creative work but growing up i struggled with this always feels this pressure of being outgoing which i never was. Your words truly inspires me to embrace myself and be myself against the work. Thank you so much. Good luck for your future.

GREAT POST!!! you look perfect :D

Kinga Kurek 12 August 2016 / Reply

I feel like we get to know you more and more with each post, you are getting so deep and personal in those, which is awesome!
And the images are stunning!
Kinga xx

Beautiful images! That jacket looks amazing!
I can totally relate to you about you craving some alone time. There is no better way to figure out things and yourself!

Such a great candid article. I’m also an introvert and I really struggle trying to explain to friends and family why I don’t go out that often. Although I do believe that loneliness and being an introvert are two distinct things, I think more people need to understand that introverts enjoy their own company away from others and usually feel mentally exhausted after social events. Loved reading this Kristina! x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

Kristina, I loved this article. It felt like you described me. I was/am exactly like that. As a child I played sims until you couldn’t built anymore houses in the sims neighborhood. Sometimes all we need to hear is that there are people who are exactly the same. That there are people you have something in common. And suddenly you feel better. I enjoy this pure solitude. The best part of being alone is that you are just by yourself and no one bothers you. xoxo Vanessa

personal shopper 14 August 2016 / Reply

AMAZING JACKET!!! I have found similar model here:!!!
You look perfect

I’m just like you, Kris, and feeling so many times not completely accepted by society . Reading now an interesting book Quite by Susan Cain, it’s talking about the power of introverts.
Anyhow, you are growing and getting known yourself better. It’s cool
But at end I think there are women that grow and flowrish easily in a couple, in a happy relationship. That’s us. All’ll come. And now…enjoy yourself and continue to exploring the world. Best wishes. Thank you for writing.

Good read, love to know more about you. Quite a good revelation, I love bloggers who dress and write equally well.

That’s the talk I needed. Thank you because more and more each time you start to speak about subjects that matters and unveiling things about you and life in general that really speaks to people and to me. Thank you for saying that it’s not a shame to be shy.

silvia fer 15 August 2016 / Reply

you look perfect!!!! I bought this jacket here dear
love your style

Being able to do both is perfect if you ask me.

Love to read your childhood story, feel kind of related to you.
xx, Ari

LOVE this oldschool look photographs!
You look so stunning and hot, Kristina! ♥♥♥

Thanks for the great inspiration again! :)


Loving your alone time and not liking being around others is totally normal, as is the exact opposite, the need to be around people, building meaningfull relationships and having many activities during the day. We all have different personalities and like different things. How we act in our Social lives is and should be different too!
- Hara |


Happy Wednesday!
xoxo Suzy

Let’s Be Friends! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

This is comprehensive. Nice one Kristina. Nice photos too.


I’m here for introversion. These photos are gorgeous.


omg love your style soo much
tanja from salzburg

BEAUTIFUL PANTS DEAR!!!!! I saw very similar model on this web
love it, you look great

Great post!

Great post!

Great Photos! Looks stunning :)

xxx Jana and Vanessa

Thank you so much for this post, i think it is amazing that you can write this i feel so related to everything you said. I think that for someone in the beauty and fashion industry to talk about this is very brave and empowering. Looking at you through your blog and social media you get an idea of you being very social and outgoing but i goes there is a lot more of a person that meets the eye and you being a bit of a introvert actually makes me think your cooler than you already were.
I love your blog so keep being you.
xoxo Kelly

I was concerned with my introvert daughter (15) spending her days in her room… Thank you indeed for your personal post, so well written !
BTW you latest clip (Out) is awesome

I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts Kristina, and found this piece particularly interesting. I completely agree with you in relation to being an introvert; I am very much like you as there’s nothing I love more than spending time alone and being able to engross myself completely in my interests and passions. It annoys me that people react to this quality in a negative way; I rarely meet people who share the same ability to spend time alone and simply love it; instead, they crave being surrounded by people, with whom they discuss meaningless things. I can’t imagine only living like this! So I love how you write about this topic in such a positive and uplifting way – this is how it should be spoken about, after all! It’s rare to find people who praise the ability to appreciate loneliness, so I’m so glad that you do, and thank you for sharing your opinions on it. It’s really nice to find out more about your personality in this sense.

On another note, you look stunning in this Versus jacket, and Cibelle’s photography is astounding as always!!

Thanks for the wonderful post, Kristina!

Faye .xx

This one is an interesting article, I really like the way you think and I agree with many things from this post, I’m with Tay, but this is still great!
Stefan Buzas

Wonderful picture, your outfit is amazing!! I love this post!


People who see me at work (I am a waitress) or meet me at social gatherings assume that I am an extremely outgoing, social person, with lots of friends and always plans to hang out. And although I do enjoy partying and meeting 20 different people in one wild night, most of my free time is spent in front of the computer or with my kindle in hand, reading classic literature or playing Fallout. I don’t think I would be half the interesting person people believe me to be if I didn’t enjoy a combination of nerdy and social activities, if I didn’t take behavioral evolution classes online and then go out and make a clever observation at a party. Each activity and experience is food for the brain and everybody knows that a full, well rounded nutrition is the best way to grow and be healthy.
Saddly, the more extroverted people don’t really believe that someone who enjoys a lot introverted activities can be happy and successful in life, but you and your achievements are a great indicator that alone time not only isn’t a hindering factor, but also a crucial ingredient in success and creativity. Once again, I am grateful that a person such as yourself exists and communicates with a rest of us in such a way, for you have been a great influence and motivation since you first started Kayture and your distinct humor and personality can only do good in the world – so thanks for not keeping it entirely to yourself!

Sucha great post! In todays society I don’t understand why everyone has to be so loud and proud and shout the loudest to be heard. Like they say, the dark horse is the one to watch and I completely agree with this, make the introvert the new thing. There are always kinds of people who make up the world and society should allow every type of person. This post is spot on and you are always so inspirational in your writing! Love this!

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Je n’aurais pas pensé que tu es un peu timide voire mal à l’aise lorsque tu fais de nouvelles rencontres. En regardant tes stories sur snapchat, par exemple, j’ai remarqué que tu as beaucoup d’humour et d’auto-dérision, t’as toujours une petite blague dans la poche. Tu me fais trop rire et je pense que ton entourage t’adore aussi pour ça! Ceci dit, je comprends que tes qualités relationnelles ne font pas de toi une personne qui doit faire la fête tout le temps; toute cette accumulation de voyages/photographes/rencontres te font mal à la tête parfois. Pour moi, la solitude rime tantôt avec plaisir, tantôt avec calvers. J’ai vécu l’un des plus forts passages dans ma vie où j’étais entourée 18h/24h pendant cinq mois, puis tout s’est brutalement arrêté quand je suis revenue à la vie “normale”. Je ne supportais pas d’être seule, mais petit à petit j’ai réappris à vivre juste avec moi-même. Comme tu l’as très bien fait remarquer, il faut apprendre à se construire de l’intérieur. Il existe tellement, mais tellement de choses à faire seul(e)! Pour moi c’est un temps précieux pour découvrir qui je suis, ce que je veux, rêver, établir les priorités, me cultiver.
P.S J’ai mangé un paquet de bonbons au lieu d’un sandwich, mais j’ai malgré tout adopté la dépression-fesses-sur-le-canap’ attitude pendant un moment.

I can relate to everything you are saying! Fabulous blog as always! We have some fashion that is right up your alley. Come check it out

Being loner is not a bad things
it stops you from getting harm
and the main thing is you can enjoy yourself
Cheers :)

Hey Kristina,
Nice to meet you.

I became fan of your style and look. Looks like you are a trendy fashion lover person who always love to look stylish and better. Nice to know about yourself on fashion and style. Yeah, sometimes parents wonder to see our attitude that is differ from a normal person. I got impressed looking your stylish all black view.

One more thing which is really well suiting on you is your stylish jacket. OMG it’s really awesome. You have written a wonderful article on yourself and I enjoyed lot your views and attitude reading this post. Thanks for the sharing.

Have a nice upcoming days.
~ Ravi.

Your articles are always great! just love your style and your photos.

Love reading your texts, there’s always this kinda philosophic dimension through your words, so deep and meaningful. And the photos are on fleek of course, as always! ;)

die Annakonda


rock star chic, looking amazing !

I also dislike small talk too and the question what do you do, It just puts people in categories.
P,S introverts are totally cool

I have thoroughly enjoyed this post. I’m a huge fan of you and your work. I am also an introvert. I feel what you feel, and it’s good to know that someone I presumed was extroverted is, in fact, introverted. Thank you for letting us get to know you even more. This kind of blog posts rock!

Love that jacket! It’s simply perfect. Now I need it too

Preach! I love my time alone and I get asked a lot why I’m not posting or not attending particular events or going out.
Truth is, sometimes you just need to unplug and be in a space with just yourself in order to think of good ideas and creative without the distractions of something else or others.


Toujours aussi belle et photogénique ;)


From one social / anti social girl to another….well said! Love the look too.

so true! thanks for sharing your story and love the way you write!. Claps for you pretty and all the best.

Stunning jacket and pictures dear!!
Mónica Sors

Andreea Grigore 30 August 2016 / Reply

Hii! While reading your post I think that I’m like you, I love being alone doing my stuff. But, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to do things with your friends! I love the both things: I appreciate every moment when I’m alone and also I appreciate all the moments that I spend with my friends.
When I was I child I had to move from my country and live where here in Spain, and I was a bit afraid of not being accepted my the people, but not that’s fine haha
Love you Kristina!!

Ahhh that jacket! Love this post!

I love this so much! X

Silence can be an opportunity for reflection

As always this is passionating. thank your for sharing a little piece of you everytime. You’re always so honest and so “real”… You’re a wonderful person inside and out. I wish you the best Kristina !

(If anyone is interested, i’m trying to start a blog… Your advices are welcome!

Hi, I can relay completely. I’ closed, love working alone. I prefer making my jewellery in atelier then going to people and try to present what I did, it’s very stressful for me. But we wouldn’t go far if we didn’t fight with our weaknesses :)

Love the photos, look great :)


Great post, I thought it was just me and that I was being a weirdo.. :/
Love the photos as well!

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Adoro il tuo outfit.
Labbinamento dei colori è perfetto per il tuo stile e le tue forme del corpo.
I miei suggerimenti ed i servizi di Consulenza d immagine avvalorano le tue scelte e la combinazione di elementi del guardaroba.
Stai veramente molto bene.
elisa immagine

I’ve known of your blog for quite a while but I have only recently been checking you out in interviews and holy crap are you ever such a beautiful soul. Much love!

Love how honest you are always in your posts. Really powerful words!!


Wow! You look absolutely gorgeous. Great jacket!

Wow Kristina, you’re a total stunner! You definitely have a point with the appreciation of loneliness. I also think you should be able to be alone for a while and not get totally bored and more importantly you should embrace it. I mean if you can’t handly being with yourself only how should you ever be able to find people that fit your type of personality you know? Being alone sometimes is a great thing.
xx Selin

I can relate sooo much and I’m glad that you made a whole post about it.
By the way… I love how you can write so humorously!

U look much better in this color of hair!

Looks awesome babe

I love this Rock and Roll look! It is very edgy! Working for an events promotion company in London where fashion events are quite a popular category, I am continually getting overwhelmed with all these choices in fashion and what to wear next. This look definitely gives me a lot of inspiration!

I can so relate to everything. I also like to be at home with a good book or watch a good series or film with a nice warm cup of tea all curled up on the sofa, love it..
XO Charissa from

Always enjoy reading your posts! Love your unique style

i love looks. Rock & sexy.

What a beautiful post kristina! What I really love about your fashion blog is that you talk always about the real life as well.. I love fashion, good food and amazing places but I do love also good talks and when people are honest and real – and that is exactly why you are so successful because its like to read a good book when I go trough your posts. I really wish you the best.
xoxo, leila

OMG!!! You looks so Gorgeous!!! Black Color is Awesome. Such a cool look!!!
We have also some more trendy cloths. have a look. !!!

Just when I was tempted to stop following you on Instagram, you write something that I can only but relate to. Perhaps you are a role model, though right now, for me, you remain a motivator to keep going forward. Keep doing what you do xx

You’re so gorgeous and amazing!
Love your blog.
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tobeyoutiful 18 November 2016 / Reply

Amazing and yessss, I was just the same.
Using Motherload the build some dreamhouses ;)

xoxo, Colli

That jacket is just

Love everything about this post- the location, the sexy outfit, and your poses. Beautiful capture.

firstly you look so hot and sexy……
And the things which you wrote …i was just as same as you..
Now you are a motivator for me…..

Great post. Amazing photos!
You look gorgeous!
Love it!