It’s curious to see how certain people we might think we know so well, turns out we actually know so little about. The truth is, human nature is so unpredictable and our capacities so endless. Our mind can go so many ways. Nobody can really fully understand or know what’s going on someone’s mind, whether it’s your closest friend, your brother, your sister, or even your very own self. Think about it, have you ever had moments where you couldn’t figure out what the heck was happening in your head?

Sometimes, the mind surprises us with the strangest trajectories of thinking, paths we don’t want to go on or don’t intentionally choose to follow. As if our consciousness was living on it’s own and leading the way, pushing us to open new doors and unlock new perspectives. If we could all fully control our minds and guide it towards certain specific paths, life would be so much easier now wouldn’t it? And our thoughts would have so much more logic. After all, a full mental clarity is such a difficult thing to achieve. Some say it takes a mix of knowledge, logic, intuition and rationality, others that it’s pure spirituality. One thing I believe, is that we always have a choice of action. You can try to control your thinking, guide it, nurture opinions, thoughts… but never forget to let your mind surprise you. Because this is when the magic happens. If we all seem to be a bit common with our consciousness, this endless, abstract, silent at times, loud at others, world inside our heads that speaks to us all day long, the subconsciousness is even more interesting and twisted as it’s the one that pulls out elements from our day to day life that our eyes and brain don’t seem to notice, but actually do. And the subconsciousness is almost like this other intelligence inside of our heads that brings up the most absurd and random things, and manifests itself at times in our dreams, or through sudden illuminations of thinking.

I’ve always had a difficulty understanding what’s going on on my mind, trying to give sense to the abstract or to the mix of contradictory opinions and thoughts that lie within my head. “It has to make sense somehow”? Well, what if it sometimes doesn’t? What if our heads are as complex as certain math equations where the x’s cancel themselves when multiplied or divided in a certain way? Trying to give meaning to the absurd is like trying to work with a meaningless equation, you’ll spend hours figuring out how to solve it without ever getting to a conclusion, because there might not be any, it just leads to more questions. I’ve never been great at maths, only if I really, really worked hard on it. But I always had an admiration for the logic behind it and the mystery of how in the end, it can give you indeed a precise result. So shall we compare love to an equation? Or more like some abstract, absurd numbers on our mind that make no sense, feelings we didn’t choose to feel, a path we didn’t want to follow but somehow we ended up there? There are too many things we can’t control, and love is definitely one of them.

To bring it back to the subject of this article, I was extremely nervous to put out the video for OUT. Many of you had already discovered the song on my Spotify and Itunes. I wanted the song to live it’s own life for a little, grow organically and make it’s own way, that’s why I didn’t want to promote the heck out of it and why I waited so long before releasing the visuals. The video is the portrayal of what I envisioned the story of the song to be like. It’s a big video, I definitely wanted to aim high with the production of it and am blown away by the result. Justin Wu, my best friend, who directed it, did such an incredible job at putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I had the pleasure to art direct and write the whole story which evolved around a personal experience which we of course beauty-fied for the purpose of the clip. OUT is the story of the absent one, the one who haunts our mind but is never present in our reality, only through our tourments. The whole idea of the video was inspired by one of my favorite books which is the “Horla”, by Maupassant. For those of you who enjoy french literature, I highly recommend the read. It’s the story of a writer haunted by a presence that tortures him and pushes him to progressively become possessed by the ghost itself. Most of the story itself happens within the main character’s mind and we can never fully understand if there was really a presence or not.

Somehow, this spoke to me so deeply and reflected exactly how I felt about the song. It’s hard to explain it, but if you read the book, you might get what I mean. And if you’ve ever had a crazy delirious relationship where mind games was at the heart of the action, then you might understand even better. I wanted the ghostly character to remain a dark, blur silhouette, because even though for me it was someone specific it could have also been anyone. I’ve always believed that from pain and melancholy results the most beautiful work of art, some of my favorite poets, writers, artists, director, photographers, developed such meaningful, deep and powerful works of art around dark subject matters. I’ve been cultivating my own dark flowers and been appreciating watching them grow peacefully. Although I can be a pretty upbeat, positive and enthusiastic person, when it comes to creating, I’ve always been inspired by darker, deeper, more mysterious subjects that tend to grab my curiosity more intensely. As the video says, OUT is merely the prologue of a new story I am looking forward to begin and hope to share with you gradually. More songs are definitely on the way and my biggest wish is that they’ll somehow bring words and melodies to certains moments of your life. Hope you guys liked it and please, let me know your thoughts and comments. I am so excited to read it all. Love you all x

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Maria Chiara Bertè 6 September 2016 / Reply

Hi K!!! I’ve listened to the song a lot of times but girl, the video is crazy.. Some 3 minutes of pure introspection!!
Thanks for suggesting the book!! I do love French literature but have never happened to read that book!!
Keep it up K, and do what you feel is the right thing to do, always with positivity and enthusiasm!! I loved the way you “changed”, I mean, you were so cute with that blond hair and joyful attitude, but I feel like now you’re more deep, you’re discovering the hidden meaning of things and you stimulate your readers to do the same, and in a way you’re more interesting!!
So, I hope you will continue sharing contents that will make us think!!

A big big big big and super big kiss K!!
Good luck for your next adventures

Nothing else to say… just… magnificent! I have already wrote a 1.000.000 words letter to you on the Baby Blue post, don’t know if you read it, but it was mainly about what a big inspiration you are to me. Congratulations from your biggest fan, dear Kristina!


The video is absolutely amazing! The visuals are stunning I’ve watched it countless times. So exited to hear the new music you are working on :)

It is not the first time that I hear you sing, but this time, I’m super excited! We all know that you’re such an amazing blogger and model because you always look beautiful and stylish in every single photo. But It’s awesome that one single person is able to do a lot of things perfectly!
Congratulations Kristina, you’re such an inspiration!

Mireia from TGL

The whole apartment and that white dress is so stunning!

You are a majestic woman and such an inspiration! Good luck with your work, only the sky is the limit!

I listen to this song for a long time! awesome! you are better than many artists that are popular now!

I thought the whole parisian look was so amazing, the video was so great and i loved the cinematography

You have such a way with words on your blog posts, I’m excited to see it transfer over to songs. Compared to the first song you released (maybe last year?), “Out” is so different and so much more mature, especially with the addition of the music video. You’re doing such an amazing job, keep it up! Your voice, these photos and the concept of the video in general are so beautifully done, I look forward to what you have in store in the future!

You are always so beautiful!

Beautiful video!

Your daily inspiration and motivation on

I’m sure you’ve done an amazing job on this video. Sadly I cant’t watch it in Germany because of the GEMA…. BUT I’ve listened to your song on spotify and I love it! I think “Out” is so different to all the other songs. In my opinion it’s catchy and I really, really love your voice. It’s so beautiful!
I hope more songs are coming soon and that I’ll finally be able to watch your video in Germany!
Have a great day!
Kisses from Germany!

sri purna widari 6 September 2016 / Reply

You looked gorgeous there but no offense, it is overly sexualized.
I hope you are not using your sexuality to attract more audience.

Stunning visuals. I love the art behind the music video, the aesthetic is gorgeous and inspiring. I really admire all of the work you’ve put into your music, congrats Kristina! x


You look gorgeous!

Today on the blog an outfit for travelling cozy but chic…and with very comfy sandals! ;)
❤ Kisses from

The video is very beautiful!! You are amazing, dear!! And there is so much more to come for you, this is only the beginning, I’m sure!!!!

Been waiting for this video for so long, and now it’s finally out! :D So artistic and beautiful! Really loved it! Keep up the great work Kristina! Can’t wait to see more from you!

XO, Elizabeth

J’aime beaucoup les photos, même plus que la vidéo, mais ce n’est que mon avis je préfère pouvoir prendre le temps d’apprécier les images, j’ai mis ta chanson, lu ton article et fini avec les photos, c’était très plaisant !
Merci de nous faire partager tout ça ; je suis d’accord avec toi les moments les plus sombres des artistes ont souvent fait ressortir quelque chose de très beau et très profond chez eux mais il y a aussi beaucoup de chansons d’amour qui ne parlent pas forcément de quelque chose d’aussi triste…
Je te souhaite une très bonne continuation,

Wow, I missed reading your posts so much! And your pictures are always so so pretty! You never disappoint!
Lucie, xx

Chapeau !

Une belle qualité d’écriture et, comme toujours, de magnifiques clichés.


Hi, Kristina!
I’ve been following you for quite a while now and since I found your blog I spend most of my free time reading your old articles. I wish to meet you one day because you seem like а very beautiful person inside and out. I enjoy reading your blog because you actually put some effort to create something meaningful that many people can relate to. People I believe are both unique and simple. They change and evolve. Our beliefs are constantly transforming into something new while searching for our true self. When I found your blog I was very excited and started reading all your articles from the beginning. I haven’t finished reading them yet but I find something magical in them. When you released OUT it was shortly after my birthday and I immediately fell in love with it. I honestly can’t wait to hear your music because I know how much effort, emotion and love you have invested in them. What I love the most is that you create stories not just an article about an outfit. Although many people think that you have changed, I think that you simply grew and evolved into one better version of yourself that was always there waiting for her moment to come. I wish you all the best! Keep shinning and spreading love and positive vibes.
Best regards from Bulgaria,

Félicitations!Le clip et les photos sont magnifiques. Vous êtes réellement une source d’inspiration et un modèle de réussite et de travail pour moi!
Je vous souhaite de continuer,

Kinga Kurek 7 September 2016 / Reply

These images are amazing!
I totally agree with you, its amazing how our minds work! Your video and song really represent that! Amazing job darling!
Kinga x

Amazing photoshoot! You look gorgeous and these interiors are absolutely stunning!

jacky Vifer 7 September 2016 / Reply

Amazing pictures!!! Unfortunately I can´t watch the video above from germany ;(


My photography-blog:

I can’t describe HOW beautiful I think you are!
It’s mad, you look PERFECT on every single image! :)

Your first music video is super cool and you sounds so good Kristina.
I LOVE your singing snaps, so inspiring!

Keep up your amazing work BEAUTY! ♥♥♥


It’s great that you are discovering yourself as a singer! Expressing our creativity on every form is one of the best ways to be happy. And by the way, you look gorgeous!!

Check out here my latest shooting at Barcelona’s old town. I hope you like it :)

Thanks!! MG

you are so beautiful! inside and out! The video is a magnificent representation and I can find myself in it. It speaks to me! You did a great job and a cannot wait to see and hear more <3

Wow Kristina, amazing video! You are such a babe and I loved reading about the inspiration. You did a great job portraying the presence, every time I wanted to see the mystery man stay a little longer! xx

Great post as usual! Love your song, Kristina. Much Love, XXX Tiffany Lea

My Blog:

Filipa Jackson 8 September 2016 / Reply

I am obsessed with how you incorporated your love of fashion and France into your music video, it is completely beautiful. I also adore this song, you have such a lovely voice

Filipa xxx | Instagram

Hi Kristina, it seems that you not only have talent in telling a story, but al so with your voice as a artist. It is a vertrouwen Nice song and I think you make a lot of People happy with it.

the photos are so dope! :D


Great turn-out on the video! Love the creativity

Can’t be watched in Germany.

unfortunately i can’t watch the video in germany – but the pictures are breathtaking!!!


Wow the photos are so amazing, can’t believe your MV is finally out! Congratulations!!


Wow, you and your team have done amazing job here, congratulations! That’s great video and song is very beautiful! :)

Great video!
Musically the song is very mediocre, which is understandable, assuming it was created with the purpose of being catchy and mainstream. The vocal abilities are not very strong. The whole song is sung in falsetto – it’s over your voice range. Besides the beginning, which is within your range, but it’s basically talking.
Looking forward to some music which can actually be categorized as art, according to your skills.

Unfortunately I can’t watch the video here in Germany but am really enjoying these visuals. They are so meaningful and intense. Congrats on this master piece.

x Gitta //

Only one word!!! Great!!!!!
xxx Simona

The video is rad, such a great accomplishment. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

The pictures are amazing and so is the video!

Anna Sofia

Whoa whoa whoa, I really think you are just made for Victorian style dresses, love it! <3

I’m so happy that you are pursuing something that means so much to you. The lyrics and your voice is simply amazing Kristina. Keep it up…can’t wait for an entire album :)

Congratulations! This is such a beautiful video!

Characters & Carry-ons

Very pretty!

I just subscribe to your channel. I love watching your videos. Gorgeous as always. Keep it up!

concrete installation

Stunning photography and videography. Your friend did an amazing job.
Congrats on your new project Kristina.

J’adore travailler sur mon blog avec ta musique dans les oreilles … Je suis en train de lire ton livre et j’avoue que j’apprécie d’autant plus t’entendre chanter quand on sait combien c’est ta passion depuis toute petite ! Je te suivais uniquement sur ton blog et instagram et je ne me rendais pas compte à quel point cette passion t’habite et est en toi !
Felicitations et je te souhaite autant de réussite dans la musique que dans tout ce que tu entreprends !
Dieu merci tu comprends le français parce que je n’aurais pas su écrire ça dans un anglais correct ahah
xx Ness,


did something happen to your blog like yesterday? Because i couldn’t get in :/


I was so blown away by the video for OUT. You really created such a beautiful visual with this. You constantly raise the bar and give us all something to strive for. Thanks for the endless inspiration!

xoxo Alison

Love your great dress, i bought similar here!!!!:
You look great

You’re the best! I love this article and on these photos you look like princess.. also I saw your song! perfect.

I agree with you, Kristina. We always have a choice of action. Recently, I realized that the most fun and freeing time I’ve had in my life was when I was acting (even though I was an extra and it was so long ago). To add to that, music has ALWAYS been a part of my life too. I recently took action and looked into acting and songwriting classes at my church to register with. I’ve never felt so excited and nervous at the same time in such a long time. You’re part of the few people I draw inspiration from with your actions. When you go for your dreams, you inspire others to do the same, so thank you for that!

I loved the video! It was very sexy and sensual and full of emotion. I had to pause it for a second to see who the dude standing behind you when you’re sitting in the chair was because that scene happened so fast, haha! Justin did a great job directing too! The lyrics definitely matched the emotions you were expressing and the beats and setting were perfect. I loved how the video showed an entire day from when the sun is out to the late evening times. Definitely paid attention to that detail because the whole point is that the person is stuck in your head constantly. I loved how it ended too because sometimes, to stop thinking about someone or something, you just have to force yourself to sleep. The photos from the shoot are amazing too! Congratulations on your L’Oreal launch too!!! xo

These pictures are pure art!!!!
Be Happy with Fashion

The song is really good and the video beautiful as hell! All the photos are also really inspiring!

Check out my blog where I share my fashion designs and looks:

Je ne répéterais jamais assez à quel point tu es extraordinaire et à quel point tu m’inspires un peu plus chaque jour. Tu es la preuve vivante que tout est possible si on travaille assez dur et que peu importe notre passé ou notre lieu d’origine rien ne peut arrêter les personnes comme toi qui croient et qui se battent pour leurs rêves.
J’ai toujours eu un peu l’impression que tu étais comme une grande soeur pour moi. Je viens aussi de Suisse Romande et beaucoup d’éléments de ta vie se rapprochent aux miens. En lisant ton livre ( qui est absolument le livre le plus inspirant que j’ai lu ) j’ai enfin eu l’impression d’être comprise. Tu dis que quand tu étais au gymnase et que tu pensais au futur un seul mot te venait à l’esprit: créer. Et c’est pour moi la même chose. Quand je regarde tout ce que tu as déjà accomplis si jeune tu me donnes toute la force dont j’ai besoin pour continuer à croire en mais rêves pourtant si f(l)ous.

Merci, merci, merci d’être une telle source d’inspiration pour moi et BRAVO pour ton premier single et cette vidéo. Tu peux être si fière de toi ! Et je me réjouis d’entendre ta prochaine chanson :)



Super cool white dress.! Love it so much <3

I´m impressed, the photos are beyond wonderful and I love the style. You are doing such a great job, Kristina!

Best wishes
Melia Beli

love the song and your beautiful voice.

“…I’ve always believed that from pain and melancholy results the most beautiful work of art…”, I totally agree with you. And art is something about rebel, creation and a break through rigid rules :)

Give a Grammy an category “Best new song” or “Record of the Year”.

WOW!! I totally feel you on thinking so much about things but this is perfect.
You look incredible and I genuinely love the song.
What an exciting time for you. Congratulations!!!
That white dress is everything. Best of luck! You are killing it.

I love this post! I just came across another awesome fashion site, Miriam Jane, which you can shop for fashion from thousands of stores.

Useful article but needs more clarification on view.

Love pictures and the video is georgous !
Just go on I love your work ;-)

Tiara Alvarado-Leon 9 October 2016 / Reply

Am I the only one that actually read the article? Kristina you are an incredibly talented, not to mention gorgeous woman, but please proofread your posts. Couldn’t get past the first few sentences, so poorly written.

The video is gorgeous. Congrats.

So beautiful!! You looks so gorgeous! The MV is stunning, too. I love it :D

Love Love so love your video and the song. Is so so good! So classy and glam!! keep it doing! You are so inspiring and talented :)

Amazing video! Gorgeous styling

xxx, Eva

Amazing video. So happy to share this on my networks !! @BikiniShell

Love the video! You are very beautiful and talented!

The songs are catchy and its very nice video clip sekali..terlihat simple and luxurious style..

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