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Do you ever wonder “did I change? or is the whole world around me all of a sudden different?”. I am the first one to always claim that our state of mind is key in any situation and that one can live many lives all in one just by shifting the very point of perspective. But understanding that doesn’t always necessarily allow you to experience these different perspectives just so easily. If it was that easy to put our minds to something, we’d all be terribly successful and on top of all our wildest dreams. And yet somehow, we tend to struggle to find the right approach to things. Because being told that the laws of attraction evolve around the idea that you attract the energy you put out there is a great step forward, but it’s not paving the entire path. The path has of course challenging obstacles that lie inevitably within the way, and these are mainly cause by our very own mind.

If it is well known that we are always best served by our own selves, or that it’s better to be alone than poorly accompanied, well then let me tell you something :  we are also our own biggest enemy. Because our minds are endlessly processing information, coping with everyday situations, forcing our heads to analyze and question each details, thus tricking us into putting question marks under each uncertainty. Luckily, we do have our minds to save us from delusional behaviors. But how come we are the ones to stop our own selfs from achieving greatness? Let’s not play victims for a second. The world, society, work, these are all contextual circumstances. Fact is, we really have a choice in almost everything in life. Which makes it pretty simple : we truly make what we want out of it. So what keeps us all away from leading the life of our dreams? Don’t we have all the keys, aren’t we aware of all the theories? Haven’t we read all the books and listened to all the motivational speeches?

Understanding is one. Acting is the other and it is the hardest. While it is comforting to dream about our own future successful self while preparing our strategy comfortably seated on the couch, the whole world is moving and buzzing with innovations and progress being achieved each minute. We are so many on this planet, what if somewhere, there’s someone experiencing the same thing as you and actually gets up from that couch and decides to actually go and act on it without waiting any longer? There’s simply a point when one needs to go for it. And it might be hard to understand where to begin with or what even to do, but any small action, any little thing will get you closer to where you want to be eventually. Wether it’s the tinniest action or something more important, each one of them will cumulate and eventually result in new opportunities.

Taking action is so hard because our minds are so full of contradictions, fears, doubts. Luckily, most of us have the ability to questions ourselves. Ability that usually helps us to avoid awkward situations or making stupid mistakes. Sadly this ability often tends to overlap with our confidence and trust in our own actual talent. Because what is talent? Who decides that we’re talented, smart, beautiful? We all look for a validation somewhere out there, whether it’s through our friends, love or work, the idea of receiving society’s or the the industry’s stamp is extremely comforting and reassuring. But truly, the only one who’ll determine how good you are is yourself. Not just by believing it with all your heart, but also by working on it. Because we truly can make what we want out of ourselves and this is the magic of life. The options are infinite and there’s always hope. Always.

Don’t close any doors, don’t pull yourself down, stop blaming the world for things you wish but can’t have. Everything you want is already in your hands if you believe it and do what it takes to get it. This is just a little healthy reminder for all of you loves out there to never give up and never stop trusting yourself. We all have a gift inside and it would be such a waste if we didn’t use it. We’re all so unique with so much to offer, each of us differently. So enlighten the world with your power, and trust me we all have one. As I already mentioned previously, I write rarely now, only when I really feel like it. Believe me, no matter what you do or where you are in your life, doubts and fears will always come through. But keep in mind that you rule your own mind and you can shut off anything negative in just a second as much as you can pull yourself up anytime and kick your own butt. Isn’t it so reassuring to know that? To know that no matter what, you’ll always be there for yourself. That you’ll never let yourself down? Have this faith in you and ne-ver lose it. It is the most precious force that’ll take you so far and bring so much good on your path. It’s a contagious force that will surely help others that encounter you on the way. So keep sharing the goodness.

I know it sounds more simple that it is. But it truly isn’t complicated. It is simply a state of mind and the idea of refusing any negative thoughts. Not being sorry for being who you are. Following your heart and working to succeed. It’ s spreading something positive and being ambitious without being selfish either. It’s doing good, not just to do good to your own self, but also to the world by sharing with people the best of yourself. Which is a gift that we’d all like to receive, positive vibes are the most attractive, appealing and uplifting ever. So take a second to re-evalutate your thought process and diminish your negativity by half and then get rid of it completely. It doesn’t mean being dumb, naive or delusional. It simply means aiming for the best. Because why settle for less? We only have one life. Don’t waste it on abstract obstacles.

I am currently writing this article from Tokyo, by the way guys, huge Tokyo guide coming through in a few days! This trip has been truly incredible. So inspiring with so many unbelievable experiences. Can’t wait to share it all with you and some of the best tips to discover this incredibly city. It’s 4 am here and I can’t sleep, my brain is rushing with thoughts and ideas and I wanted to talk to you all so bad because I miss y’aaall. Also… I was so excited to share with you this new set of images that Cibelle and I shot while we were in Paris at Les Bains. Les Bains is one of my favorite boutique hotels ever, it has that David Lynch movie vibe that I am absolutely in love with. By the way, for the ones who are really bright, you might have already noticed that it is the room where we filmed the Mugler video. I love going back to my favorite places. This time I’m back in this series of images inspired by classic movie film stills. The idea was to channel a retro aesthetic, inspired by the old school cinema era. Cibelle’s skill are just growing so fast, it’s always such an incredible pleasure to work with her and see her work expanding so much. I hope you guys will enjoy this set, can’t wait to hear back on it. x

_DSC4990 _DSC5208 Text lay _DSC5084 _DSC4894 _DSC4968 _DSC5698 _DSC4726 Paris Glass _DSC5051 _DSC5626 _DSC5456 _DSC5647 STILL with text B&W Smoke


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Lovely Pictures, I hope you have a great Day! :-)

Lisa | Joy Della Vita

I love it! Kristina, tu as vraiment du talent en ce qui concerne la rédaction. c’est toujours un plaisir de te lire. tu peux me retrouver sous le pseudonyme @sarabretler dans instagram. j’adore ton style. j’espère qu’on pourra se revoir à l’occasion d’un prochain meet-up ou d’une séance dédicace à Payot Lausanne. looking forward to hear from you, Sara x

Unechinoiserie 23 October 2016 / Reply

Ahhh les Bains…Les photographies sont magnifiques, une ambiance rétro y règne je trouve, avrc un peu de tristesse et mélancolie à la fois. Merci à vous de partager un partie de votre personne et de votre âme, d’inspirer de si nombreuses personnes et de toujours rester aussi humble lorsque l’on vous croise dans une ruelle perdue de Paris. Merci.

J’ai beaucoup aimée cet article, comme tous les autre d’ailleurs! Mais il y a un tel message d’espoir dans celui-ci, je trouve que c’est très encourageant. Mais je pense que nous avons tous certaines peurs qui nous empêche d’avancer et d’évoluer. Très belle photos!

I love how artistic your blog has become! you took it to a whole new level of blogging!you are also a writer and an artist!
Fash ‘n’ fudge
Fash ‘n’ fudge

Comme toujours ton article m’a beaucoup fait réfléchir… Tu remets beaucoup de choses en doute, tu me fais me demander des choses essentielles pour avancer et au début cela m’effrayait de me poser des questions, j’avais peur des réponses que j’allais me donner à moi même.. Ce que tu dis a propos d’être son propre ennemi c’est tellement important.. Tu m’as permis de comprendre que je ne devais pas avoir peur du changement, il y a quelque chose de positif dans tout cela.. Cet article est vraiment inspirant, tu es Kristina quelqu’un d’extrêmement inspirant. Je te remercie de m’ouvrir l’esprit comme tu le fais, je n’ai plus aussi peur de me découvrir qu’avant grâce à toi. Merci.
De plus, ces photos sont incroyables !
Bonne continuation à toi et profitez bien de Tokyo.

Stunning photos, you are such a bombshell! And thank you for the inspiring words. Sometimes if I’m feeling down it can be hard to forget that I have the power to shut all these bad thoughts out. xx

Nice shots ..but the cigarrette.

Don’t miss today on the blog my new cowboy style ankle boots….they are lovely and super comfy! ;)
❤Kisses from

Kinga Kurek 23 October 2016 / Reply

Reading this text was so inspirational and it is exactly what I needed, and many other people I’m sure!
It really makes you think, and that’s why I love when you go into deeper subjects! Also these images are amazing, so Tumblr but in the best way! Keep on going!!!
Kinga x

This is truly a definition of ‘Perfect Timing’. I am at a low point and reading your article gave me a reason to stop doubting myself. You look stunning in all the pictures and I know that feeling when your mind is hovering with so many thoughts that sleeping is that last thing on your mind.
Hope you had a blast in Tokyo!

Good luck with all your future endeavor.

Lots of love from Cote D’Azur

Wow Kristina, you look like an old movie star! You’re a stunner seriously. I also love your writing style. Your posts are so profound and really make you think.
xx Selin

you are beautiful !! inside and out <3

S.Zaharova 24 October 2016 / Reply

Hello kristik. Someone on the other side of the world cannot sleep too. It is almost 3 a.m. in Turkey currently and unfortunately I’ve got many sleepless nights, because I’m passing through hard times of my life now. And guess what? For three days I’ve been doing almost nothing but going through your archives, just from the very beginning back in january 2011. Must say that you’ve posted a lot, so it took quite a time :) and also if you have any interest in it, your photos from different posts are mixed somehow (just in case someone would want to rearrange those ancient posts again :)) as you see i am not short-worded too. I spent my time on your blog because i just didn’t want to think of anything for a while and thought that it would be great to see how you had started and evolved. It was quite interesting and empowering, because I convinced that some people really start almost with nothing and then going on with many things. Congratulations for that and HUGE THANK YOU for your articles. They are inspiring, full of hope, sincere and deep. It is very intriguing that today’s article is about hope; just when i drastically need one… i’m following you for a couple of years, but it is my first comment. And i’d like to say that most beautiful thing that makes your blog unique is your endless touching articles, that is a thing that i have never seen in any other fashion blogs. Your understanding that fashion does not comes by itself but it comes along with living and that ‘fashion is not just about the fashion’ is very good. And while looking at your evolution i understand your need to try something new, learn more about yourself.
You wrote in one of your articles that people now call you more “edgy” and “sexy” because of your hair color. I can’t agree with those people; whenever i see your conceptual posts such as “alter ego” i see that it is just a kind of game and a new lesson for you. The brightness of your eyes and innocence of your face always persist, no matter how many layers of mascara you put on, how wild you look at the camera, what is the color of your hair or how much smoke there is. Even in your most “sexy” clothing you do not look vulgar, or do not carry something negative. Maybe i think like that because i read your words and think that i understand your soul because your life story and way of thinking is quite parallel with mine. I even understand the mess of languages in your brain as you once said that you count in english, swear in french and think in russian; because i am a ukrainian who lives in turkey but knows russian better although speaks to herself in english (and spanish is on its way :D).
Too many words for a comment, ha? Just thought it would mean something to you; to be able to push someone to breathe deeper and to stand more firmly on the mother earth. Thank you once more! Take care.

can you PLEASE share what eyeliner you use? it’s definitely not l’oreal because I’ve tried it and it sucked. Yours looks on fleeeeK!

Ollyvia Laura 24 October 2016 / Reply



such a deep topic. Love it!


Love the smoking shots

What a nice thoughts, I guest u were speaks of ur minds. This is good, to connecting between fans and their idol. So, its doesn’t matter u write rarely ^^
People change, everything has change too…and I agreed with u “keep sharing the goodness” instead of being busy :)

xoxo, from Indonesia

Such an inspiring and thought-provoking piece. My problem is nothing really inspires me so much that I will get up from the couch and take action.
I truly wish there was something in life that I want.
When you don’t know what you want, you just linger where you are. Willy-nilly.

Hi lovely,

Congrats, your blog post will be featured in Bloggers Issue Magazine

The images are stunning

Ce billet résonne complètement en moi, je rejoins pas mal de points…
Quand aux photos, toutes, le “grain”, le style, j’aime beaucoup, sans doute parmi les meilleures de ce blog je trouve, vraiment, c’est un style que j’adore! La 3ème photo, la seule où tu souris, est sublime !

Love the photos – this editorial is amazing!!! So many perfect shots and the mood of the whole artwork is so exciting. Plus, loved reading your thoughts with it.

Great work!!! <3

xxx and kisses from Berlin,

I think it is you that has changed Kristina.

Thank you, Kristina, for such a motivating article. Your thoughts and advices are always so helpful.
The photographs are incredible as usual

These pictures are art, you look gorgeous!

Hey Kristina,
I think your post is so inspiring and you’re so right. We have to stand up and to work for our dreams.
I really love Cibelle’s photos, she’s so talented and her work is always getting better (Is this even possible?) I’m looking forward to your Tokyo Guide*-*
Kisses from Germany!

Amazing photos!
|| D I A N A ||

ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I’ve been avidly following your blog for a few years, but I’m enjoying the new content the most. So much character in the writing and photos. Much love xxx

Wow Kristina! Loved this post! So inspiring and motivational. xx

You look gorgeous Kristina! Your photos are always stunning!

Mireia from TGL

On dirait presque un pin-up dans ce look, j’adore :)
Gros bisous

Wow ! Amazing article and stunning photos.
Love you

So so beautiful, you really capture the angles and lighting so well with the camera, great job. I was just wondering if you could tell me where you got that beautiful bodysuit, it is stunning in you !!! Thank you!

Thank yo so much for this inspirational post Kristina! I was just feeling a little lost these past few days, not sure about certain things in life and which steps I should take for my next path, but your post just helped me clear my mind a little :) Thank you! And loving all of these photos! The coloring, angles, and aesthetic are all very timeless, yet mysterious!

XO, Elizabeth

Such a great post! Missed you a lot on Kayture, glad to see that you have this inspiration to write on the blog again. Absolutely love your mindset. And nothing to do with it, but will you be present in the backstages at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year in Paris?


texte très intéressant et les photos si belles … merci Kristina et Cibelle ! je vous adore !!!

I loved this post and its pictures, amazing vintage cinema vibes <3

Following u since miss suisse..
Your posts are becoming so inspiring and beautiful,
your work is expanding so much, its almost art. the classic movie film theme is so dense and interesting.
Cibelle is so talented, you are gorgeous.
i can feel the perfect mix of good team passion talent focus, alchimie.

Kristina, thank you! This inspiring and empowering article was just what I needed, I feel way more positive about what’s to come, thanks to your words! Keep going girl :)
Greetings from Switzerland, M.

Hi Kristina,
I was feeling so hopeless before I read your article. You’ve always been a motivational guide to me throughout my life. Your creativity is what keeps me motivated to work harder to achieve my goals. Thank you for that.

These are the words i needed right now..thank you <3 And these…just breathtaking <3

Thank you for your wonderful words und you look beautiful on this photos!

Neele from / Modeblog aus Deutschland

I love the film noire look. You look absolutely stunning. I also like the shoot you did in Morocco. Who were you wearing?

Love this editorial so much! Cibelle and you make such a great team! :)

You are such an inspired reference for me!. I would love to read a post of tips and advice for bloggers out there!.

The pictures are so dope!! I love this new kind of directions you are taking. The photos are very original and creative. Still love reading your thoughts… Keep it up!

Cheers, Anna
die Annakonda

I love the retro aspect, and film was definitely the right way to shoot this. (If it’s not film then editing is amazing!) Keep inspiring us!

Always inspiring! Thank you

I love this post, I’ve been thinking a lot about my life and where to go from there too. I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and it’s my first time commenting. Looking through your transformation is truly inspiring, people grow and goes through different phases in life and I think that is what life is mostly about, to live the life you want.Thanks for this post.

Love you!

Love the new proyection you are giving through your blog!!
xx Isabella | angulo 28 blog | @angulo28blog

Amazing inspiring text, but just for some people it could be difficult even to find out what they really dream for. Some don’t dream big, and to find an inspiration, an idea is also a challenge ))) but anyway, I totally agree that we are also enemies to ourselves sometimes by thinking that somebody else can achieve some things, but not me… how difficult it is to get rid of those thoughts… but one must do it.

And the shoots are incredible! Even though I love your natural look much more than the dark one, but this shooting is really amazing

wow the pictures are amazing – love the style of photography and you look soo pretty!
You text really makes me think.. you’re right, we have sooo many options but you’re also right, that we are our own worst enemy. i always feel like there is so much more to reach for, so much more that i can achieve that i am never really happy about what i already have done.. well, it is not much but that just goes to show, how i am my own worst enemy in a way. and in terms of speaking about what i want to achieve; blogwise you are goals!! i really think you achieved so much and i admire that :)
hugs from switzerland
Janine (

I have been following you on social media for more than 5 years and you have definitely changed. Or at least this is the vibe that comes through. But change is good. Change is progress.

Even though you are a tremendously talented singer, I do hope that you are going to keep blogging and inspiring us all xx


PetShelter 31 October 2016 / Reply

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Wow, you’re so pretty and so sexy here :) Love your photos and article.

Loving this editorial! Very mysterious, sexy and edgy

Yas, girl! Slayin’ the game! ♥

Happy Tuesday!
xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

I adore this post! Great article and amazing pictures, so inspiring.

Check out my art & fashion blog:

I have similar black body :)

Amazing blogpost!! Loved to see this super atristic pictures <3

xx Nicki

This is so Nouvelle Vague. Great work! Beautiful series.

Looking absolutely divine, a new side of you that is just as amazing!


You are such a talented writer, girl <3 Love your texts and the way you express yourself. Totally can relate to what your saying and supporting it 100 %

Keep doing what your doing and just be awesome :)

x Gitta //

Wow Kristina! This post is so incredible, from the photos to the text, everything is so inspirational!
Love from Berlin,
Charlotte Luisa |

I love this different pics style. Even on instagram, the Paris Series photos are amazing, they let me think about Fracesca Woodman. Do you know her? I wrote part of my thesis on her.
Stay cool,
xx Dasynka

Lovely post Kristina! I think the hardest part is when it comes to this point: doing what you thinking about. It took me about 5 years to start with my own blog. I was always thinking like: is it a good idea? What will the other students think about me when they see my website or my instagram account? Will people talk bad about me? Will they think about me that I am a narcissist? But then I came to a point where I realized that if I would put all the energy in my blog instead of thinking about what people think about me I would be already a step further. We care too much about what might can bi if we do this or that.. but as you said: We only have on life. We should stop thinking in our little boxes and schemas in our head and start to be open minded and with more courage!

Love, Leila

Jacky Vifer 8 November 2016 / Reply

You´re a muse xx


My blog:

Those pictures are simply perfect. Go on beauty!






fashion Vineyard 11 November 2016 / Reply

This is amazing. I can ready your novel/ blog all day

Kristina, Kristina….these photographs are really IMPRESSING! It’s so inspiring to observe how you change and unfold! You are one of the most beautiful women I know and everytime I visit your blog I’m very motivated and inspired to go my way! Your attitude is the coolest and damn! At the moment I haven’t got the right words to describe how MUCH I ADORE you! ♥♥♥♥

Keep going your amazing work BEAUTY! :)

Wish you a very nice weekend. :) ♥


Love your pictures! Cibelle really does great work.

Lots of love

These pictures are beyond stunning, Kristina!

Christine |

I absolutely love this post and the photos! <3

j’adore c’est super jolie

Like the blogger’s style, I will often come to see, look at the latest fashion. Do not know whether the owner of the bag to understand, can more on the Gucci bag introduction.

This is so inspiring, I totally didn’t even realise I needed this today until I was half way through reading it and thought to myself, wow I need to take a leaf out of this lady’s book!! The quality of your writing/posts is always such a pleasure, however often they may or may not come, I could just sit and scroll through the pictures because they’re so artistic and you can really see your passion show through in everything that you do.

Gemma X

You help me to be brave, to believe in me ! You’re incredible and i love to read every single post ! thank you K.
with love

Really like the dark tone to this shoot. The fishnet outfit really helps with this. Makes the whole vibe very sultry and sexy.

Great gallery of photography. Black and white and the simple backgrounds. A really lovely style,