It almost feels like years have gone by since my last article. I miss writing and sharing here so much! Thank god I get to talk a bit with you everyday through social media, otherwise you’d all think I’ve completely disappeared. Well, if you do follow and read my entries then you might know that I’ve been super concentrated on many things lately, developing side projects and doings lots of news things that I am deeply passionate about. It is so nice and refreshing to take some distance from everything and to dive into creativity in other ways. I realize that creativity does never come in one format, it comes in so many and it’s so important in one’s life to truly seek the full potential out of it and use it to create new things constantly by challenging ourselves to see things differently.

In one of my latest posts, I’ve admitted to have recently been in an ongoing reflective state, questioning a lot in my life, my career, myself and putting my priorities in other places than the ones I previously used to. Simplicity, love and honesty have come to the core of my interests and I am really on a road of self exploration as I realize how young I am, how much I’ve lived and how much I still have to learn and experience. I get saddened by the idea that some people might think that all I ought to do with my life is confined within a small bubble of virtual reality when I’ve expressed such a will for Creativity with a big C throughout my whole life. My dreams definitely run big and for them to eventually become a reality isn’t a matter of likes on Instagram or how many shows I’ll get to attend in one season, it’s honestly all very much a matter of vision.

It’s been a very interesting period for me. Almost diving back into my truest, purest form. Trying to stop lying to myself, trying to be as bluntly honest with everyone as much as I am with my own self too. And it isn’t easy, but it is also so highly awakening. Happiness is such an interesting concept. As we all consider happiness to be a state, I think happiness lies within moments and that it cannot be perpetual as our human nature challenges any constant and confronts any comfort. Without pain ain’t no happiness  and without happiness ain’t no pain either if that makes sense. I’ve been deliberately putting myself in a position of playing the devil’s advocate against my own self, questioning the nature of each of my intentions and actions. The thing is, I know for a fact that I’ve always had an old creative soul and always been so sensitive, to everything… Whether it’s people, places, flavors, scents, color, sounds. Anything can inspire me and engage me on a whirl of ideas.

So why block it off? If anything I ought to myself and to you all as my dear readers, is pure honesty. And if I don’t feel like writing an article, I certainly won’t. What is the purpose of this blog but to put out real, raw, honesty out there and share with you a bit of my soul? The pressures of the game of course sometimes force me to think that I should feel bad about my lack of consistence but I guess that when you have sudden fresh artistic waves within you, it’s hard to restrict yourself to format, routine and definitely not consistency. You all know how much I love anti-conformism by nature.

When I say developing side projects, I definitely mean music but not only. It goes through all sorts of projects, through research by reading books, watching movies, getting inspired online or even in real life. I’ve been on a quest for raw material to fill my heart with and it has been the most enlightening journey ever which I gladly notice is influencing all other aspects of my life. I’ve become more analytical of things, more observant and appreciative to take in good and bad as long as it can inspire and draw in new questions. I suppose I’ve also been more quiet as I am currently more curious to observe then to do, to think than to rush. It feels to me like there are moments in life where you have to just go for it, and I’ve definitely went for it so many times. But in order to move on further with certain endeavors, a step back to fully get a grasp of the whole image and move on with confidence is a certain necessity.

Needless to say, I’ve also been working on some great projects linked to fashion as you guys might have noticed! We just wrapped up Paris fashion week which was quite intense, that’s the least to say. No matter how much we do, I always need 3 days to just sleep afterwards as my feet can’t even stand after all the partying, lips can’t smile from all the smiling and greetings, stomach can’t handle a single more glass of champagne and heart just wants to escape into a good book and bubble bath. But we definitely kicked off some amazing projects and I am so proud of the latest accomplishments and especially, one of the biggest ones which has been to launch my new make up collection for L’Oréal! It has been a dream of mine since I’m a little baby girl to launch my own line of products and I am pinching myself witnessing it now becoming a reality. I had the pleasure to work on it for about a year, since I got signed with the whole L’Oréal make-up team to come up with the kits and conceptualize the whole idea. The collection involves :

1. The Eye Shadow Palette “Smoking Nudes”

It is the perfect everyday eye make-up palette which transitions perfectly from day to night and adapts to any skin tone. The colors are inspired by my favorite everyday shade that can fit to any outfit. When I travel, I don’t like carrying too many colors with me and this palette does fully the job as it’s an all in one with colors imitating the natural skin shading. It has several highlight shades which can be used even as a regular highlighter on cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow and brow arch, and deep dark shades that can even serve as brow filler. This palette is definitely my must have.


2. The Lip Kit

Contains a lip stick and a matching lip pencil in a beautiful rosy nude shade which creates the sexiest plump ever. It is my everyday color which I love wearing from day to night. I also love wearing simply the lip pencil with some lip balm if I feel like going for a more transparent pout.

3. The Eye Kit

Is all about creating that femme fatale killer cat eye. And you know how much I love a good cat eye… I wanted to offer you guys the best eye liner possible to draw the perfect eye line. And the mascara million the cils will help you punctuate your eye look all in elegance. Here’s an extra tip, because the eyeliner is so easy to use, try creating a black lip for a bold fashion move by using the eye liner as a lipstick, or why not if you’re going to a music concert or party using the eye liner to draw a few little symbols under the eyes such as little starts or small lines to add some detail to your look.

4. The Nail Kit

Finally the whole collection ends with three shades of nail polish that are in my opinion three classics any women should have. The perfect nude which has a beautiful peach shade to it and is truly perfect with an all nude look, the perfect Parisian gray for the big city girls and finally the white which I personally love on the toes with black open toe heels. 

Et voilà! The whole collection is my baby, I am so proud of it and hope you guys will love it as much as I do. It’s truly an incredible accomplishment for me and I am so honored and happy to be able to share it with you all. Needless to say, the products are truly in-cre-dible and I highly, highly recommend them to you guys. It’s so easy to use, so versatile. The goal isn’t to copy my make-up but to create your own by using the different shades and accessories of the collection to make it unique. You can purchase the collection on ASOS, Boots, Amazon and of course in the new L’Oréal shop on 62 Rue Caumartin! Send me your pictures by using the hashtag #KristinaxLOreal, I want to see your interpretation of the collection and will be reposting my favorite ones. xxx

_DSC2213 _DSC1982 _DSC2179 _DSC2297 _DSC2366 _DSC2358 _DSC2347 _DSC2336 _DSC2333 _DSC2307 _DSC2167 _DSC2029


Photography by Cibelle Levi


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Congratulations, what a great collection!

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amazing collection kristina! i can’t wait to try it!

Great post! The photos are amazing :)

xo ♡


Interesting read. I think that we all question these things from time to time but it’s the people who question what makes them happy the most that make the most out of their lives. Love the editorial btw, I thought the first photo was a sleeping mask half concealing your face. It looks awesome.

Love the palette colors range.

Don’t miss today on the blog my new ankle boots…the newest about Italian design with handcrafted floral engraving. Awesome! ;)
❤ Kisses from

Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown 10 October 2016 / Reply

Congratulation! Your collection is beautiful.
|| D I A N A ||

Good job Kristina, love what you do ad how you’re doing it all! Being honest and staying true to yourself is something not many can do and that you are and can do it this openly/ publicly gives me a lot of motivation and inspiration!
Congratulations to you on this success and your own palette!

Hi lovely,

Congrats, your blog post will be featured in Bloggers Issue Magazine

Rut Rodriguez 10 October 2016 / Reply

Congrats Kristina! You look absolutely gorgeous.
Worth it! xx,

Hâte d’essayer cette collection !

Me encanta tu blog, lo sigo hace tiempo y la verdad que me inspira muchísimo, es super juvenil y fresco,
Tus looks son ideales, y me encantan siempre los detalles que tienes en cuenta, por si no se ve soy muy fan! jaja
Estoy empezando también un blog así que si no es molestia lo dejaré por aquí, entre todos podemos ayudarnos en nuestros proyectos ;)
Un besazo enorme.

Les photos sont magnifiques comme d’habitude, vous êtes superbe et la collection est vraiment belle. Félicitations! ❤

I definitely want to get my hands on your Lip Kit! The liner looks so stunning on you :)

I have missed your writing and musings SO much on the blog, so I am glad that you are still posting on your Social Media ha. Although I completely understand, and agree, that you should be exploring and discovering your inner creative genius (because you are amazing and should totally expand on it), I literally get butterflies in my stomach every time you post!

I would literally love to sit down with you and discuss our dreams, passions and thoughts on the world, you have an incredible mindset :)

Hope you’re doing well!

Heather x

Kristina, I have so many things to say and respond to your post so I’m going to try my best to condense my thoughts. I’m so glad you’re taking time away to find your truest self and what you enjoy most that makes you feel like you’re floating on clouds. I completely resonate with your post so much. Somewhere along the way, I blocked it too. I blocked my honest self because it’s just not something you can “making a living off of” which is created by what society told my parents who in turn, have passed it down to me. I wondered if I was lying to myself too as I read what you wrote, “trying to stop lying to myself” and realized that I need to sit down and write out my dreams as well as my deepest fears to see if I really am. I’m about to start another blog and the whole purpose is to document my journey of finding who I really am in every way possible, my style, career, health, everything. You’re right, without pain, happiness cannot exist. My pain is that I’ve always been a creative since I was young. From art to music to dance, acting, I did it all. I’m just now realizing that I fell into working for someone else just to pay the bills when I should’ve done what you did: follow your heart, work hard behind the scenes and let success be your noise. I love that you’re so honest and that you share how you feel on your blog. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me in the least bit that you’re not “consistent” because I feel like we’re told that we’re “supposed” to blog a certain number of times a week if you want to be successful. It’s no wonder we have so many cookie cutter bloggers who just shell for whatever to keep their blogs floating. Talking about transparency in a negative way to readers. You’re seriously as real as they come and such a breath of fresh air!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your collection! I’ve always loved your make up and how you can take your looks from edgy/sexy to completely natural/fresh-faced. Can’t wait to get my hands on your entire L’Oreal collection! Congratulations again, Kristina! You deserve all the success in the world! xo

Congratulations on this! I absolutely love all the packaging and the eye palette looks perfect! Love these photos too, they’re amazing!

Characters & Carry-ons

Congratulations on your Loreal collab. They do look great and will hopefully be available in the UK so I can check them out.

Jade ALEMAN 10 October 2016 / Reply

Hey K !

I don’t know if you remember me, I saw you to the Paul et Joe’s show. I’m the girl who came take a picture with ya. How are you? I know you gotta be kinda busy, and I’m not sure you will read my comment. Anyway, I wanted to thank you. You will probably not believe me, but you have improved my life in so many ways. What you wrote in your book On The Go helped me, with the skin care, the lifestyle, my organization is so much better, and thanks to you, I feel so much better than before. ( I was unhappy because of school problems ). Your chapter ” en nous “, has created a click in my head, and all my sadness and depression have gone.

I’m following you for over a year now, and I have to say that your career is so inspirational. I know it is unbelievable, but I’m passionate of fashion, and I would like to create my own blog. But I don’t know how to start, what to start with, and if I will write articles as good as you write yours. I told you my project to the fashion show, and you answered ” go ahead, I’m sure you will manage to do it “. I believe you, and I’m going to do it.

K, even if you don’t care, just know you’re the best, and that I’ve been so happy glad to meet you. You’re as kind that I thought you were. Hope we will meet again one day! Thanks again for sharing happiness and hope. Love you! ❤️

That’s so amazing Kristina! You can be so proud*-* Your make-up line is so beautiful. I LOVE the design of it and especially the lipstick and the wing liner look amazing. I think creativity is a great thing, and if you’re not in the mood to write a post that’s totally okay (but you should know that I love reading your posts!).
Keep going girl!
Kisses from Germany!

Missed you on here, but I love seeing everything on social media! I love that when you post on here your posts are always such an in depth update, so nothing is being missed. HUGE congrats on your line- I will be ordered some things ASAP!! xoxo

Your eyes just pop so beautifully in these!! | luxury. fashion. lifestyle.


Always love your reflective posts Kristina <3 :) It's definitely been awhile since your last post, and I've missed reading all of your stories so much! Glad to hear that you're doing well! And so happy that you're finding new material that's helping you develop more creativity! Always such an inspiration! And loving this photo story with Loreal!

XO, Elizabeth

Jacky Vifer 11 October 2016 / Reply

Omg! Congrats Kristina. This is an amazing collection. Hope that I can get it also here in Germany.

Love the pictures!


My photography-blog:

I love your collection and your top. You look so fine and amazing!!! <3

Kristina You’re so beautiful and you miss us on Kayture.But what a pleasure to follow you on social media you’re such an incredible inspiration for many many girls. You’re line collection is amazing and you accomplished so many things. Music, blogging… What an incredible adventure.
I would loved to meet you à the opening of l’Oréal store but unfortunately school can’t wait especially when you’re company pay for it ^^
And so amazing to finally read you once again after your own book. It was my lunchbreak and thanks to you a great break.


Always dream big! My dream is to one day go to all the fashion-weeks in Paris, London, Milaan and ofcourse NY. I’ve been to Amsterdam-FW frontrow, so that is a start, hahah.
Love your blog and the way you look at life, X Charissa ,

Hi Kristina, it is always a pleasure to read, when you get older you get to see things different, but it is a interesting journey and it is nice that you analyse yourself. You get to know yourself better and that is good for you and the people around you.

great post. You are really rocking that look girl!


Lisanne Scheffers 12 October 2016 / Reply

Dear Kristina,
Im so happy for you that you are exploring yourself on another level. You deserve this time to yourself and to discover what you want to pursue in life. Im very proud of what you have been doing. I have seen you grow over the past 3 years, going from posting daily to realizing which projects mean the most to you and having fun with the possibilities your career offers you.
The new make up kits are perfect, it does really resemble you and your style. Can’t wait to order my gift box.

Keep up the positive vibe and great work that you always deliver.

Lots of love from Amsterdam. XOXO
Lisanne Scheffers

Congrats dear on this achievement!! It must be a real dream to have your own make-up collection at such an icons and worldwide known brand. You deserve it! Keep up the work!!



such an amazing collection ! proud of you ! i love reading you … see you soon

I am super excited with this collection! I’m definitely buying it! Congrats Kristina!

Mireia from TGL

Your style is shit now.

Hi Kristina,

Congrats to your L’oreal Paris make up collection!

Will your collection also be available in Switzerland? I want it so bad!

Congratulations on your new product line! I know it’s going to do amazing — your makeup is always flawless!

xoxo Alison

This makeup looks awesome babe! So proud of you.

Wow wonderful pictures, you are beautiful eyes!


I’m so so so happy for you Kristina. You’re making your dreams come true and I admire you every day. I love reading Kayture and I’m so excited about your make up collection!
Much love

Je suis bien incapable de me maquiller comme toi ^^’ surtout avec un liner! Je suis une vraie quiche!
La collection a l’air superbe :)

Definitely can’t wait to discover all the projects to come! Love that we can read ‘real’ text on your blogs!!
Keep up the amazing work, and the pics are always on top!


die Annakonda

Congratulations on your success! you worked hard for it. Hope there are more colorful eye-shadow, though I wear the neutral more natural color ones most often.

Wowwww! What a great collection! Love the shades!!! Congrats!!

XOXO, Mai *** TOP 3 Youtube beauty – fashion – lifestyle videos on Maikshine ***

Congratulations on your collab with L’oreal!

The makeup is a compliment to an already beautiful face
- ttp://

Super cool! Congratulation Kristina! :) ♥♥♥♥
You are sooooo damn beautiful, I love and really ADORE these photographs!

Well done Cibelli! :)


Amazing pics as usual!
Looking amazing!

Love from Vienna

Borislava from

Congrats on the makeup collab Kristina!

What a beautiful post Christina! I think you’ve been in the business for so long that people forget how young you are. Growing up every person goes through the stage of questioning everything and everyone, including oneself. It’s a beautiful stage, enjoy it.
Your make collection looks amazing. Happy to hear that you’re still into fashion.
Even if choose to not be one day, I’ll tag along anyway.
Cheers and have a great day.


Hi Kristina,

I really love your work, I find you very passionate about what you do. However I must say, I find your blog is becoming a bit more of an advertising platform where you just show us your collaborations.. I really miss your old style and type of blog post where you would give us fashion tips and tips to stay trendy.

Please bring back the real Kristina!

I miss your blog, love it, the photos and the products are amazing!


Kisses for you

Kinga Kurek 23 October 2016 / Reply

It’s so amazing seeing you succeed and develop. I’ve been reading your blog for years and it’s such an inspiration to see how far you’ve come! I’m going to be honest, the collection looks amazing and I would kill to get my hands on it, however since L’Oreal isn’t cruelty free my ethics don’t allow me to do that. However, that doesn’t mean that the collection isn’t stunning, the packaging for once! You’ve done so well and I cannot wait to see more projects you’ll come up with!
Kinga x

ça faisait longtemps en effet qu’on ne t’avait plus vu par ici, ça mmais tu as été tellement active sur ce blog les premières années…!

Ça faisait longtemps en effet qu’on ne t’avait plus revu par ici, mais tu as été tellement active sur le blog les premières années..! Ton activité évolue…
La collection est très réussie, par contre, les teintes de vernis qui apparaissent quand on cherche ta collection sur internet ne sont pas tout à fait les mêmes… bizarre. En tout cas, j’aime beaucoup le choix des teintes et des coffrets. Well done !!

WOW I love your pictures! You´re looking so beautiful

Xo Xo from Germany

Neele vom Modeblog

Congratulations Kristina!!!
Kisses for you
L’angolino di Ale

Love this collection, especially for the Fall and Winter season!

Amazing – congratulations! I’ll definitely be picking up the lip kit sometime soon :)



Geat ! i like your makeup :)

Wow! You have really come so far! Congratulations! I wish you more success!

What a beautiful collection!! Great pictures! Can’t wait to see the collection up close!

Wow!!! Congratulations!!!

Bravo pour le lancement de ta collection de maquillage! Normalement je ne jure que par les mascaras l’Oréal, puis j’avais arrêté de les acheter par ennui et pour casser un peu les habitudes. Voilà un bon prétexte pour m’y remettre! Bisous de Lausanne
[les photos sont magnifique ;)]

Your collection is AMAZING, I love it!!

Congratulations, what a great collection! Alejandra from