Oh Italy, sweet, sweet land of the pasta, the pizza, the gelato and the tiramisu… Sweet land of the people speaking with their hands, the limoncello after dinner and the cute little old men on their vespas with their bright colorful socks and the chicest glasses you’ve ever seen. Oh dear, my love for Italy is unconditional. It just warms my heart to be able to enjoy some time there occasionally. Now that I live in Los Angeles, coming back to Milan brings me back into past, when I used to come every other month by train from Geneva’s train station and drown for a few days into Italian culture. I can’t really do that anymore, there’s no train to take me there, only a 13 hour plane. But it makes each trip nonetheless even more special. This one reminded me exactly why I love Italy so much and why I’m so proud and appreciative to be European. As we were walking in the little streets of Milan on our way to get gelato dressed in our Dolce Gabbana post-show outfits (by the way, in my opinion the best gelato in Milan is this if you haven’t tried yet. They fill your cone with melted white or dark chocolate… and it’s h-e-a-v-e-n. that’s how you get some of em’ Italian curves to fill these Dolce bustiers) I couldn’t help but get my heart all warm and tingly at each step we made. The view of the city, the architecture that had lived so many stories and seen so much, people walking everywhere, biking, running, dancing, singing on the lively Piazza Del Duomo, all of this just brought me to a level of happiness that’s hardly describable.

I was so excited to work again with Dolce & Gabbana for the opening of their new boutique in Milan and show after all the wonderful collaborations we’ve had in the past. It was like going back to my roots. So heart warming. Yes, throughout this article you’ll understand how warm it all felt. Love and warmth. Dolce was in fact one of the first biggest fashion shows I’ve ever attended and I remember how excited I was, not really understanding what’s happening to me. The Dolce Vita… Dolce Gabbana breathes life. It’s one of these brands that’s so independent and alive on it’s own. It’s colorful world, all the Italy inspired patterns celebrating the cultural heritage of the country, the lively shows, it’s people, it’s joy, it’s love, it’s fun. The show itself this year brought pure joy, with Italian street dancers at the beginning of the show who warmed up the crowd and brought humanity back at the core of fashion. Sometimes, fashion feels so cold, unwelcoming… As if fashion wasn’t for people anymore. Unattainable. Dolce give fashion back to people. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to see the front row clap and shake it’s shoulders, people’s faces light up. That’s what a show should be like. The shows aren’t anymore like they used to be… With a true story, a pure live art performance. It’s all business now. Simple and efficient. To the point. Rare are those who actually touch you. A collection can be of course beautiful, but isn’t the purpose of a show to demonstrate the nature, the story of a collection? Dolce Gabbana did that perfectly. Bringing us all back into the animated, lively streets of Italy where people dance, sing, drink with pretty Italian girls walking by and the boys contemplating in awe. What a pleasure… what a refreshing pleasure. This show made my season.

Needless to say, I was also so excited to wear Dolce Gabbana and embrace the word woman. Fact is, Domenico and Stefano know how to create clothes for women. They embrace women, they love women, they make them feel like it. When you wear Dolce, you feel like a queen. Thus the crown. You feel beautiful, confident and powerful in your own skin. And there’s no better feeling than this. This feeling of being celebrated. That’s what I love the most about fashion. No matter how strong our minds are, fashion is always there to give us an extra push of confidence. To become who we want to be and manifest it in reality through a part of ourselves, our appearance. Body speaks to mind and vice versa. When you wear something so flattering and gorgeous, you can help but place your mind in a whole different place. You exude something new. It’s just a little push in the right direction. While choosing my outfit for the show, I had the pleasure of discovering their new boutique on Via Montenapoleone which seems to come out of a fairytale with it’s sculptural stairs, green marble and magical tapisseries. It’s everything you could ever dream of which makes it such a special experience from the moment you step inside. Jewels, shoes, bags, gowns, pajamas, anything you wish for is here. And everything made out of the most ravishing materials with the signature Dolce & Gabbana design. I felt like a little kid in a candy store, completely loosing my mind at the idea of so many treasures around me.

After the show, we had the absolute pleasure of experiencing the most lavish, and utterly glamorous Dolce Gabbana dinner as Stefano and Domenico made the impossible happen. They managed to shut down Via Montenapoleone, which as you might know is one of the busiest shopping streets in Milan to organize an enormous dinner for their guests. A dinner made of an abundance of Italian delights and people dressed in the most gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana creations. I felt like I was in a dream to be totally honest. It was one of the most special moments of this fashion week. It brought me back into an older Italy where people would have these giant feasts in the middle of the streets, dance, drink and just enjoy life to the fullest. It very much had this God Father feeling to it, everyone dressed so fabulously with such glamorous decors… A pure Italian fairy tale. So to honor this experience, I am excited to finally be able to share with you this editorial we created with Cibelle to portray the “Sogno Italiano”, the Italian Dream. Because this whole adventure, really felt like a dream. Sweet, warm and magical.


Shot by Cibelle Levi

Fiona and I both wearing Dolce Gabbana


_DSC5784 _DSC5717 _DSC5689 _DSC5767 _DSC5775 _DSC5307 _DSC5590 _DSC5931 _DSC5865 _DSC5899 _DSC5951 _DSC5996


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Gorgeous photos! I love your outfit, Dolce and Gabbana are my favourite, their collections are so feminine and beautiful! <3

I enjoyed reading this post so much! You look so gorgeous it’s insane
Btw i love the way of writing in all of your posts
Do you write them yourself? Or there’s someone else? Have been following you for years, maybe your appearance or your style has changed which is natural. Of course you are now more mature but you’re still the same sweet person I always admired
Sorry for my English!

These photos are so beautiful, you look like a princess


Dolce&Gabbana is forever, just like you said they bring fashion back to people! Oh how incredible you look on these photos… You’re such a stunner, femme fatale!!! Impressive!

Loooove total blacks!

Don’t miss today on the blog my Lady-Chic outfit with a lovely midi dress…wearing for the first time an awesome pair of pumps and accessories that make the difference ! ;)

❤Kisses from


Your daily inspiration and motivation on

Goodness you are beautiful. And the dress you picked it suits you so well. 90′s movies.

Looovee Italy and not just the food & culture but the people are so beautiful and wonderful too! Love your collab with Dolce, you & the photos look gorgeous!

Characters & Carry-ons

Gorgeous photos, you look amazing!


This shoot has got to be my favorite!! Bellissima! So much LOVE for Dolce <3 | luxury. fashion. lifestyle.


Amazing photos, you look like such a D&G bombshell! It’s true that Dolce & Gabbana know how to put on a show and they always stay true to their roots, the shows must be so fun to watch in real life.

It’s been awhile since your last post, Kristina, and I’ve missed your writing so much <3 :) Very inspiring, and also loving all of the details and the way you describe your experience with Dolce & Gabbana! Sounds like such an adventure! A beautiful and very meaningful choice of outfit as well!

XO, Elizabeth

Gorgeously stylish and nostalgic

This is what I call friendship goals! You both look super chic, and that badass vibe/attitude just makes it so much more better! Miss seeing articles on Kayture but I’m sure you’re submerged in creative projects in silent mode now. P.S still hoping to see On the Go in English.

With Love,
Bri | Instagram @imbrigita

Maria Chiara Bertè 15 November 2016 / Reply

Hi K!!! I’m so happy when people cherish Italian culture, my culture, my country. It really makes me appreciate even more the place where I live.
Dolce and Gabbana even for us Italians is like the epitome of the Italian dream. The duo is actually able to bring to life a new concept of woman: powerful, romantic, super elegant that shares the vision of a new way to make fashion. Each of their gowns are masterpieces. They reflect the the outstanding workmanship and deep passion that we Italians put in every single thing we do.

By the way, as I know you love my country so bad and you’re Swiss, which probably means you love mountainous landscapes, you should visit North Italy, like Trentino Alto Adige for example (the place where I live :-D). I think you’d like it so much. here’s a new fabulous place where to stay!! So let me know if you ever come around here, I’d be pleased to be your private guide!!

Have a good time while il LA!!
Your Italian n.1 follower,

Maria Chiara

Omg. Your words are awe-inspiring. Lovely post. :)

oh wow your outfit is so gorgeous! love the crown

Amazing pictures and great post! I really love the cute little Dolce Gabbana bags, they’re so cute!

jean-louis benoit 15 November 2016 / Reply

j’ aime et je vous aime en ” Dolce Gabbana ” à bientôt !!!

Lucky you to be able to wear such a wonderful brand, D&G! By watching at your photos, this is the reason why you are different. The content is so original. You manage to be creative, to think outside the box, to do what you love!

Keep up the good job!
Anna x

die Annakonda

Hi Kristina,

Dolce & Gabbana, reminds me of the first belt that I bought from this label. It is truly a Italian way of life. You see always the Italian culture in there clothes and I think that is the reason why so many people love the brand.

Absolutely beautiful look! These shoes and the bag are amazing!

Très joli, ça a du être un très beau moment pour toi :)

aww cindarellsa shoes and pretty tiara and bag <3 love this shots!

Love these gorgeous pics! You and Cibelle have beautifully captured the heart of Italy. Really brings back some lovely memories of the last time I was there.

Super article, comme d’habitude j’aurais envie de dire… Vous et Fiona vous êtes magnifiques et j’adore vos tenues!
Bonne continuation,
Ambre ❤


Love your style baby

How I’ve missed reading your posts Kristina! Beautiful pictures, I’ve always loved Dolce & Gabbana. You both look stunning!


Great photos! Love the black and white theme and your style, 4th picture especially :)

ugh these photos are amazing!

Would you say Italy has the best food?

you look absolutely stunning <3

Les photos sont sublimes Kristina encore une fois !! (un grand bravo à Cibelle)
Et les tenues n’en parlons pas, elles vous vont parfaitement à Fiona et toi !
Gros bisous

Queen K ! Gorgeous look and well written article. Really enjoy your post to the max <3

x Gitta //

OMG, I love you attitude!
What a nice jumpsuit-dress(?!?)!

xoxo, Colli

Wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing session! Love the whole outfit, especially the shoes!

Love from Vienna
Borislava from

J’adore cette photo où vous mangez une glace, en Dolce Gabbana, sur le trottoir, ca devrait toujours etre aussi simple que ça !

Wow…the D&G look is very amazing!! Great post.

xo ♡


The D&G show was definitely my favorite !! I loved the collection, everything was so unique and different !! you and Fiona look gorgeous, the looks are beautiful. I just loved it !!

You look like a princess! I really love these photos :)

Omg I love your blog so much <33 Kisses from Poland!

Amazing photos, you are such a huge icon in the fashion world!

Kristina you are such a babe!!! I love this new post and the pictures are so perfect! You rock sweety!


A beautiful woman on a beautiful place ! My inspiration ♥


You look beautiful in that pics! Kisses

The Italian style is perfect for you babe <3

very lovely, Maria-Teresa would love this dress

This is stunningly gorgeous!! Love these photos, I feel like I’m in there in Milan!!


Hey Kristina!

You and Fiona look extraordinarily beautiful! I love the photographic style in this post, too.

Such an inspiration, as always.

Patricia xxx

You look like you’re from the Tv Series The Crown x


I can tell you get insired by the most influential fashion photographers and you do it well! I absolutely love it!


Chica que envidia, te pongas lo que te pongas estas divina y puedes ir con una tiara preciosa por la calle y no pasa nada. Estas increíble

Wow,that’s one of my dream bags. You look gorgeous boo!

Iconic Pictures! You both look amazing, wow!
Black lace is perfect for you QUEEN Kristina! :) ♥♥♥

Thanks for these retro and very unique pictures, I’m always so inspired when I visit your amazing blog! :)


Bonjour Kristina,
tu es resplendissante et ta tenue est absolument sublime.
C’est toujours un plaisir de te lire.
Je t’embrasse.
Axelle de

I like the outfits and you makeup

Love your article! Love Dolce & Gabbana! You should go to Princi to have the best breakfast in Milan ;)

Love your style! You look amazing!

OMG, these pictures are beyond amazing!!!

I love Italy and especially Milano so much!!


I love Italia. So happy and grateful that I live in Milano.
Wonderful pictures dear.

so unique the way you post and writte. Love and inspire me a lot. And of course, as always, geourgeous photos!. Keep posting like this!.

AMAZING outfit!!!! You look great :D

Love this article! This Dolce & Gabbana look is so on point!

Oh wow!! Incredible style and I really enjoyed the writing :-)

Jacky Vifer 9 December 2016 / Reply

Your the ultimate D & G muse!!


My blog:

I’m really glad you like it so much my country ….Italy
xxx Simona

I share your passion to Italy! it’s such a magical and romantic country! I love the limoncello after dinner also! hahahh And I also love the colourful portrait of Dolce & Gabbana in the last couple seasons!

xx Margaret

You are insanely beautiful, and I absolutely adore your outfit- simply chic!

You are insanely beautiful, and I absolutely love your outfit!

You are insanely beautiful, and I absolutely adore your outfit!

Oh my god! You look so stunning! I hope that one day I also get to travel around Italy. It’s such a romantic country and I love it!

“Oh Italy, sweet, sweet land of the pasta, the pizza, the gelato and the tiramisu…” Lol! Love the intro! :)

Please do visit my blog: Thanks! :)

Photos are stunning ! A real italian princess ;-)

Love xoxo

Gorgeous photos! ♥

xx Dorothea

You looklike a princess,I love this outfit!


Love love love all your photos!!! They are always made so thoughtfully and with so much style! They are great inspo!!

Excelente beautiful blog

Excelente stylo bello blog

Wow! A Italian dream :) Thank you for sharing the sweet post. The outfit of yours is so stunning! And also the new trend shoes :)

Attractive and Alluring, girls!


You look SO gorgeous Kristina!! I agree with you, Italy is such a beautiful country! You look like an Italian princess and I truly believe that you’re the perfect incarnation of the word “elegance” and these Dolce clothes seem like they were made for you. So pretty and beautiful!!!
Tu es tellement une inspiration Kristina! Merci et bonne continuation!!

The words from a Princess ! Love the way you write. <3

There is no way to improve on anything here. The look, accessories, setting…perfection. So glamorous – right out of a old Hollywood movie.

beautiful outfit <3 love it!!!

great styling!

Gorgeous photos! I love your outfit, Dolce and Gabbana are my Girlfriend’s favourite, their collections are so feminine and beautiful! <3

Attilio saccenti 9 March 2017 / Reply

Sorry. But this girl see my country ( Italy ) shows in ” Vacanze romane ” famous movie whit Gregory Peck and haudrey Hepburn . Italy today is the completeli different country. You live in tour personal dreamworld . Wake up ! The world is not what you think . maybe you know only the carpet were you walk . Goodbye!

Your words are like a paint brush. Please never shy away from how you choose to blog. I appreciate it. It’s different. It feels like a magazine.

Beautiful jewellery

I’m truly in love with your style:D So Italian! It remembers me of my holidays, went to Milan and Como… magic places.
Great photos!