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Bonsoir! Or should I say good evening everyone. Felt like giving you all a bit of news as I’ve been mingling all over the place lately. Life has been good, as always taking me on some endless wicked rides that I enjoy so much. It’s hard to stop when you start, trust me. Although I just came back from some intense trips, and more precisely and absolutely magical experience in Paris with Victoria’s Secret that you’ve heard all about on my social media, before hand I took some time off in Los Angeles to gather my thoughts together and plan the next goals, trips and to get a clear mind, ready to welcome new ideas in. It’s so important to put ourselves in the right situations where our mind is receptive to new ideas. Our mind is like an ocean, and ideas are like fish. If we don’t actually put ourselves in the proper situation to catch them, we won’t even notice them swimming around. I am talking about the constant noise of the world. I am sure you all have experienced it. Being constantly surrounded by people at home, at work, at school, at the train station. It’s at times hard to focuses and nurture organic, fresh, thoughts. It almost sounds like I’m talking about growing tomatoes haha! But trust me, your mind is like a garden that needs constant care and attention to have it’s most beautiful flowers flourish.

I am lucky enough to have always appreciated solitude and have expressed myself about it many times. Although many people attach to it a certain negative connotation, I think having the ability to appreciate solitude, especially for someone creative, is terribly nurturing. And the reason is that once you are confronted with your only self, your truest self, uninfluenced by the noise of the world, that is when the most brilliant and precious ideas immerge. It’s by taking time to experience these moment that is important too in order to be then inspired by the world with a fresher outlook on things. Because if we never clean up our heads from all of it’s accumulated mess, we might not be sensitive enough to capture the essence of an idea when we’re watching a movie with friends, or having a great conversation. This is why in between two big trips, or after intense periods such as fashion weeks, I like to isolate myself in a little bubble and take the time to write, read, day dream. I let my mind loose, I let it run free. It’s like opening a window after a long day and letting a soft breeze in. There’s no better feeling.

At first, being so comforted to our selves might appear frightening as these are the moments where we truly see through our souls. We’re able to travel through our minds into the darkest places of our consciousness. But as we all know, there is no light without dark ness and even in the deepest oceans, one can find the most beautiful hidden treasures. One should never be scared of diving deep within. It is only when you make peace with all your layers that you’ll be able to explore your mind, like an ocean, in it’s entity. And that’s when you’ll be able to explore and play not only with your light, but also use your pains, your doubts or fears and turn then into their own, special flowers. Many people have been coming to me, people I know from the fashion industry, distanced friends, to tell me how surprised and intrigued they are by my shift in imagery on social media. I guess most people check my Instagram mainly. Kayture has become more like my diary where I share a bit of myself with you all when I feel like it and where I hope to post beautiful inspiring pictures. It is funny how the way we portray ourselves on social media does say something about ourselves. It’s like fashion, it’s all a matter of choices, of ideas, of colors. It’s a way of visually saying something, exteriorizing a part of us we want the world to see in order to become the very manifestation of this idea. I guess from the moment my hair went dark, a lot of people that used to have a certain idea of me got all of a sudden shaken up. As if the person they knew so well was gone all of a sudden.

I do love the idea of transformation, of a metamorphosis. To me, it’s the natural path of evolution. We all change, the person we were an hour ago doesn’t exit anymore. We are in a constant state of development which to me is the most beautiful, exciting and fascinating part of life. In only speaks about how limitless we are, especially from within. How far we can go with our minds, how much we can do, so much we can be. I’ve been trying to dive each day into myself deeper and deeper and once you come to an understand of yourself, you truly feel like you can be anything. Like nothing is impossible. Because your core self, your awareness of who you are is so strong. It let’s you explore the world, and swim within your own mind with so much freedom and such little fear. I’ve been approaching everything with a different perspective because that’s also another thing you realize. Everything is a matter of perspective. How you see the world, what you think of your friend, how a certain color speaks to you, will be different as the hours of life move on. Because each experience, conversation, or even thought can alter your initial opinion about something. And thus, we should never take anything for granted, or put anything, or anyone in a box. It would be so diminishing. Instead, we should expand our minds and think beyond. What excites me most about this, is that it is an endless quest and each period of our lives will teach us something, so there’s always something to look forward to. Any experience will tell a story. It is your ability to have enough clarity to seek it’s potential that’ll be important to carry you through the waves, even the biggest, most challenging ones.

I obviously have been working on music non stop. My dream of it becoming a priority in my life has become progressively a reality as I notice that my time spent, whether it in real life or simply on my mind, is directed towards music. I go to the studio, I write 24/7, I think about it all the time. It’s bringing so much joy and passion into my life that I have days where I feel like I don’t want to share it. I don’t want to show it to the world because yes, I am afraid of sharing something so special and important to me. But that is why I want to take the time to make it as strong and indestructible as possible. So that once it’s out there, nothing can destroy it and it’ll live on it’s own. I’ve always promised you guys to stay true to myself and i believe that it is exactly what I am doing. I honestly couldn’t live anyway else. So I dive into work, I dive into myself, I dive into so many different places and try to grow beautiful flowers in the form of songs that I hope 2017 will fully allow me to share with you. But patience. For now.

To end this article on a lighter note, I’d like to share with you some pictures Cibelle and I shot during our stay in Paris a little earlier this year. It was the day right after my 23rd birthday and I had so much happiness filling my heart. Not only was I in my favorite city in the whole world, but I was surrounded by my closest friends who showed me so much pure love. It was a very special trip that humbled me beyond words. The next day, we were just hanging out in the city, getting lost in the little Parisian streets, wandering around looking for the best spot to have an allongé and people watch so we decided to pause for a second and shoot these images. The outfit is quite incredibly simple, in fact I even stole this bomber from my one of my best friends (merci mon Jerem, je te rend ta veste asap) but I am sure he wouldn’t have minded but the whole accent is on the boots. I’ve been sporting these babies for a while now and they are so incredibly comfy and I think look great with so many different outfits. They are from this awesome brand Clarks that I’ve been working with for a while and I had the pleasure of getting these from them.They’re perfect for a day out and about in a big city like Paris where comfort and an effortless mood are such sweet feelings. I hope you guys will enjoy this series of images, it was so good getting to write to you all a bit. I will speak to you very soon. Until then, I’ll see you on social media xx

Clarks 8

Clarks 7

Clarks 6

Clarks 5

Clarks 4

Clarks 3

Clarks 1


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Cool outfit! I love the bag and bomber. I agree with you that there’s nothing wrong with a transformation. I think that a lot of people are too scared to try something different and be someone else, but I’m really enjoying all of your editorials and you showing off different sides of your personality. xx

Really loving these photos, and of course, as always, your writing! I agree – it’s important for creatives to have some solitude to really think about the things and get their heads cleared <3 :) Loving how you alway share some of your deepest thoughts with us all on the blog!

XO, Elizabeth

For me personally silent moments in my life are essential. In this case I’m very happy I live in the Bavarian country in a small village. Therefore it is easy for me to have such silent moments each day and I stick to my habit to have daily time in silence. Like the cool look with the denims!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

So lovely to hear from you again Kristina, I have missed your blogs.

Nice booties!

Don’t miss today on the blog my new Designer sunglasses…a lovely pair in grey color with animal print touches ! ;)

❤Kisses from

I absolutely love your hair and the boots and bag! It all looks really nice :)

Beautiful shoes and I can’t wait to hear your next songs.


Absolutely love it!

Mireia from TGL

Love how industrial this bag looks. You styled it so perfectly (as always) Love you Kristina!! <3 | Luxury. Fashion. Lifestyle.


J’aime beaucoup ta veste, et les bottines sont vraiment tops!
Lucie, xx

It is really Amazing How you can write your feelings.

You are always talking about the same thing.

I really love to read from you. Every word is so inspiring so special and it’s so easy to see that you are now a completely different person but always true to yourself.

Don’t change!


Hey Kristina! I love this article and your look! Your purses embellishments are so eye-catching! Where are your jeans from?

XX, Hayley

Le plus intérèssant dans tout ca, c’est de voir la différence entre ton premier pas en dehors de ta zone de confort, et le confort que tu as installé dans cette zone aujourd’hui. (Hein??? Quoi? Peut-être il va falloir la lire deux fois celle-ci. Mais si je te promets c’est français)
Un voyage de l’insécurite à l’assurance. L’impression d’être inondée de jugements, (boite de cookies et compagnie) disparue pour un sentiment qu’on peut tout faire, à son rythme, à sa facon. C’est comme une escapade nocturne dans la cuisine. Un pas dans la cuisine éteinte, la nuit, sur le carrelage glacé. Pas cool. Carrément la pétoche. Avancer tout doucement, toucher tout autour de toi. T’y vois rien. Flippant. Pas sereine. Bim, l’interrupteur sous la main. Lumière. Ah. Ça y est. Ça va. Tout va bien, c’est juste la cuisine. D’un coup tu t’y sens bien. C’est chez toi maintenant. Tu voles de tiroir en placard. Tu fais des trucs de ouf. T’écris des articles sur l’évolution.
Long gone la boite de cookies jugée de tout côté. T’es devenue un vrai fondant choco. (Chocolat suisse fort en cacao) Quel délice! A quand le prochain dessert? J’ai hâte.
Mais prends ton temps. Pas de stress, pas de jugement. Juste une lectrice friande de changement. (Kkkk la triple rime tu l’as pas vue venir trop vive)
From Melbourne to wherever you are in the world, take caressss x

you look so classy!
kisses from Italy

Edgy, glam – what you new style is like :) I like it, Kristina :)


I really like that your blog is more of a diary now, it allows us your readers and fans to understand and follow you more on a personal level and not just behind the pretty pictures of instagram! So go Kristina
Love the simple look you created, not usually a fan of clarks these do look great. And happy belated birthday!
Jb // xx

One full commentary of mine gone away, “send a zero”. Test.

I love your way of writing, it is always a pleasure to read your blog. The way in which you express yourself is unique, you are an inspiring, talented, and intelligent women. I feel the need to thank you for sharing content with a true value. Thanks for not limiting yourself to just fashion and social media, because you have so much more to share. You write deep and transcendental words. I hope you keep discovering yourself every day and enjoying life forever.

I love your blog!
Greetings, xx

La seule chose que j’ai à dire c’est que cet article est génial comme d’habitude! De toutes les personnes que je suis sur les réseaux sociaux vous êtes de loin la plus inspirante. J’adore le soin tout particulier que vous mettez à rediger vos textes. Et je tient a vous dire que personnellement quel que sois le chemin que vous décidez de suivre je serais la première a vous soutenir!

jacky Vifer 9 December 2016 / Reply

I simply love how different you can look!
Hope to have you infornt of my lens some day soon.


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LOVE your style, amazing outfit :)

I love your shoes dear! You look always great.

Nice casual outfit! Boots seem very comfortable.


Love your metaphorical writing. You literally express what I am feeling … seriously. Kinda scares the sh*t out of me that we kinda have the same approach to some things. But I can truly relate to what you are saying.

So keep doing what you are doing !

x Gitta //

Kinga Kurek 11 December 2016 / Reply

I missed your casual posts and outfits! It’s amazing how your style has changed since the hair change!
Kinga x




The way you write down your thoughts is amazing! The fishes in the ocean….yes it’s so true Kristina!
Thanks for your inspiration and thoughts. You are very inspirational and besides so endless beautiful! *_*

Thanks for beeing the way you are! ♥

I like your fashion look today a lot, jeans looks great on you! :)


Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown 12 December 2016 / Reply

Photos of Paris always put me in such a good mood :) You look very Parisian, love your bangs! Good luck with the music!

Love that Parisienne door and the mood of your shooting. Did you get the boots at and the jacket at love to find out.

Ah c’est plus le sac qui me fait de l’œil, je le trouve adorable :)

Great outfit! this is my style totally!!!
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Gorgeous writing and beautiful photos! I love your instagram lately and the darker hair looks much better in my opinion :)

Hi! I wish you the best with your music journey while you’re blogging about fashion. I enjoy your photos!

perfect style ;)
Mónica Sors

Love your style, simple but fashion

Great article, love it. BTW I’ve just written this post onhow to rock the boyfriend jeans look and thought you might like it :O)

I like that there’s always a story behind your pictures. You don’t just throw them on the Internet – your posts consist of pics and thoughts. That transforms your blog form just beeing a fashion one to a more personal which simply helps us conntect with your personality not only your looks.
Also, I have not yet expressed how much I like your dark hair – edgy look, seems more straight foward and careless, which i’m loving right now!

If your ever lacking in some inspirations, feel free to chceck out
Also, I hope you don’t mind that I reshered one of your black and white pics ;)

Wish you a lovely day and hope to finally see you one day!

Absolutely love how you rolled those jeans! Killin’ it girl! ♥

Happy Christmas Time!
xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Love this casual look very much and your bag is beautiful.
You look stunning as always, Kristina :-*

As always you nailed the look, stunning pics ;)


Love your outfit kristina – it’s simple and cool! The perfect outfit to spend a day with friends in such a beautiful city!
And I wish you the best for your music career – go for it.
Mieux vaut beaucoup trop tard que jamais: Happy Birthday


I really like that bag, but I honestly think you could make anything look good

Powerful words fam. I like the fact that you touched on the power of solitude and what It does for the mind creatively…I find that if more of us paused for sec and just spend some time with ourself we would become clean on so many things that tend to make the mind foggy.

Dear Kristina! I have to admit, this is my first comment ever. I’ve been a silent follower since you started your blogging in tiny geneva. Its amazing how you developed yourself since then and how you keep on inspiring so many people around the world. I think what i’ve always admired about you is your independency, your free spirit and strong will to do everything that your passionated about. Obviously i’m a little sad, that you’re not as active on your blog as you have been before, but then again, i’m really looking forward to your music. I was truly surprised by your first song, because i didn’t expect it to be so modern and contemporary. And now i’m so excited for the next projects you’ll show us. Girl, just keep on doing what you love! You will amaze people no matter what!
I truly wish you all the best and soon merry Christmas and a happy new year too :)

I’m digging your casual looks so much now! It’s very relatable and also dark for the cold days.


I love how simple yet adorable your outfits became lately…

Christine |

Loving your photos and your outfit!

I love this look..and those boots are amazing!!!
Be Happy with Fashion

The dark hair is gorgeous on you!!! Love this outfit!!!
xx Leah

Really enjoyed reading your post..You look gorgeous in this outfit..Loved this look!!

I agree, it is quite often that we get distracted by what’s going on around us and lose sight of what we and focus.

Quel beauté, bravo pour ton livre que je vais essayé de me procurer <3

Hi !

I’m a french girl, I actually live in Versailles.
I love your text so much ! I deeply recognize myself in everything you say. It’s great to take good times for yourself and enjoying that, that’s so important.
Life is a matter of balance, everything has to be balanced to not create chaos. It’s like yin and yang.
Btw, I really love your images, they represent perfectly the time that passes, the evolution, yours.

I hope to meet you soon, see y’a in 2017.


Te pongas lo que te pongas siempre vas perfecta. Que envidia. jajajaja

Love the article and your blog, super cool. BTW I’ve just written this post on my fav hot pink dresses and thought you might like it :O)

Hi Kristina,

I wish you all the love, Luck and Health in the new year 2017.

Keep up the good work.

Aww you look so amazingly good in this easy chic outfit nonetheless. Love it so much!


Love your look Kristina! Fits you very well!

I love the way you write. You’re so vivid and descriptive, it feels like you’re talking directly to me! But I understand about the solitude, I’m the same way and I like it…maybe too much! Loving the simple outfit – it’s not cold in Paris? It’s freezing here in London. All the best with your music, I am sure like anything you put your mind to it’ll be awesome!
Happy New Year xx Metiya

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You are really beautiful on the pictures, this look is so beautiful, really stylish!!


Nice words, and nice pictures, I like the outfit, there’s something simple there, in this post, refreshing.

Keep on working for your dreams!
The way your style has evolved suits you to perfection.
xo Stéph

As always, you look effortlessly stunning. How to be you?

Loved the look! The boots and the handbag look stunning..

Great article, Love your style Kristina! I have several article from the trend of fashion

Lovely look, great post :)

Astonishing outfits, accessories, are looking fab on the gorgeous model. All pictures all really stunning.


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That’s such a cool Paris look!

The Lady Fairer

Love the way you write!

Love your style of writing! So inspiring!

Plum Pretty Sugar

Love this outfit. Simple and stylish!

Beba, | Instagram |

I’m loving the look and your blog!

victoriashklanko 31 January 2017 / Reply

Love this outfit,but I honestly think you could make anything look good.

That’s a really cool outfitinspiration. I love the boots and the jeans. So so nice,

Love it

Xx Johanna

Love your hairstyle!

Great post and really inspiring pictures!

You look so much better in darker hair:)


I was really caught when she said, “It’s so important to put ourselves in the right situations where our mind is receptive to new ideas.” This is so very true!

I was checking out your blog as I spotted it recommended in a post on 25 successful Bloggers under 25. I found the article interesting. There is no doubt to clear the mind, new places, new people, love your photo’s, they capture the casual nature of a parisian stroll.

Love the jeans!

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Your high waisted jeans and boot combo is perfection! Your style is unique and refreshing.


Wow your look is great!!!

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I love the color of that shoes very beautiful

Cool and super comfy! <3

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Stunning Outfit with matching accessories! Loved the jacket you are wearing. You are looking very nice in this outfit!

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Loved your hand bag sooo much and the way of your presenting the outfit!

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Love Paris and these shots! So sad what’s happened in that city recently, hopefully it ends soon and we can all live together peacefully

amazing boots! colour is outstanding and fits perfectly

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Bonsoir Kristina, welcome to Paris!

Looking very elegant as always!