As always, one of my favorite traditions on Kayture is to do a big yearly recap each first month of the year. It’s a nice way to look back on all the achievements, the growth, the experiences, dive back into some heart warming memories, acknowledge the difficulties, challenges, struggles and understand how they’ve participated to grow the strength and wisdom that we’ve gathered throughout our journey… I can only encourage anyone to take a minute to do that. It’s a beautiful moment where you realize what a long way you’ve come. Once someone told me, you should never compare yourself to others. You should only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.

I believe that in life everything is a matter of perspective. We can choose to see failure as a weight pulling us down or as a learning lesson instead. We can choose to grow from it or get stuck. The same goes for success. Success can cause damage too. It can eat you up entirely but it can also make you more generous and willing to lift others higher up with you. Everything is a matter of how you decide to see and react on things. So when you look back on your year, be kind on yourself. And remember, it’s all a matter of perspective. Your struggles, weren’t they to make you stronger, prepared for what’s to come? Your pains, weren’t they to prepare you for a bigger, more important battle? Aren’t all these experiences, good and bad, there to make us who we are? And aren’t we all an infinity of choices and points of view?

I might be a big dreamer, an irrational optimist, but I like to think that so far, it’s been doing me good. I always prefer to see my glass half full that half empty. I have hope in life, in people, in me. It’s a mental orientation that I’ve worked on, grown and nurtured from within for years. It allows me to see the bright side of any situation, approach life with a certain sense of clarity. What’s wonderful about it is that it makes everything easier to live with. It soothes the soul in any situation because your mind becomes a reassuring figure saying that “it’s okay, it’ll all be okay”. It’s an invincible part of us all and the most precious gift we’ve all been given. This voice is your temple for life. It’s called mind. Our consciousness. It’s a friend that I’ll be there for you forever. But it can also turn into your worst enemy if you treat it incorrectly.

Never underestimate the power of the mind. Our minds are stronger and more powerful that you might think, capable of the most incredible things. Everything happens for a reason and with reason. And I believe that it is all a matter of laws of attraction. The more positivity you project, the more positivity you’ll attract. And that doesn’t mean that nothing negative will ever happen to you, it’s how you bounce back from it that I’ll say a lot about yourself and eventually shape your future.

Think about your life as a chain of reactions. Each word, each movement, each step, each thought having infinite repercussions through space and time. Now think about it, don’t you want to put the best of you out there in the universe? And doesn’t it feel so good to know that no matter what, you’ve tried your best? I personally don’t like using the word “best” as it often puts even more pressure on our shoulders. It’s a comparative that can make us feel at battle not only with others but especially with ourselves. Fighting our own demons, our own contradictions, our lack of motivation or ambition that are holding us back. What I mean by being the best version of yourself is just purely being yourself. Fully, unapologetically, completely. It’s this idea of being compassionate to yourself, kind to yourself and especially have faith in yourself. In the hardest, darkest times of our lives, when it’s painful to even listen to the advice of others, you’ll be grateful beyond words for a caring voice inside yourself that won’t let you down. Because in the end, your mind is the only thing that’ll be there with you, for you, until the very last second of your life.

So how much in life is left for us to decide and how much of it is already predetermined somewhere up there in what’s called destiny? Are we the ones shaping our paths or are we suffering the repercussions of life and situations? How much are people’s decisions, wether it’s our friends or society’s affecting our own living? Are we actually that free to make our own choices? I would argue that the only place where we are truly ever free is our mind. So if you try to limit your mind, that’s where you take away from your only possible, real, existing freedom. Freedom, by nature isn’t supposed to have limits.

With all of this being said, it might seem like I had a very psychologically intense year… I wouldn’t put it that way although I wouldn’t entirely deny it either. Like we said it’s all a matter of perspective, remember? So actually, I would say that I had one of the most incredible years of my life. Simply because it has been the hardest, most challenging one so far.

There are lots of things you know about me, and lots you don’t. Lots of things my friends know about be, and lots they don’t. There are even things they know about me, that I don’t. And in the middle of all this, figuring out who we are seems like a riddle. So instead we let ourselves live through the eyes of others. Their perception is our validation. But is it an authentic reflection of ourselves?


2016 was a year of big shifts for me. I felt like I was slowly evolving into someone I’ve never been before, with personality traits I’ve never had to deal with in the past… My thoughts were going into new places I had never explored. All of a sudden, I became attracted by this foggy path within my mind that started to appear like this frightening, unexplored piece of land I’ve always been afraid to walk on. I needed to understand where these clouds came from, to clear them up. For so long, I was so scared to even look at them. But there I was. I had gathered enough courage to step into the fog and allow myself loose. There were so many things inside myself I haven’t dealt with, places I haven’t gone, questions I haven’t truly asked myself. I had to go in completely if I wanted to be whole again.

Because I’ve always been such a positive person my whole life, I refrained often from exploring my darkness, from understanding too much about my pains or thinking too much about the nature my sadness. In fact, I kept myself away from feeling sad remembering that being sad is again giving into a perspective. But sometimes, you need to let your heart go and feel what it needs to feel to be strong again. You need to be able to embrace these pure authentic emotions coming along as part of your wide and infinite being and not stop them from naturally manifesting themselves if they do. I felt like for all these years I was this one sided character and my curiosity to explore this sudden new pathway kept growing on me. A pathway that in fact, wasn’t even that new. It’s just that I chose not to pay attention to it, I forbid myself from acknowledging it. Mainly by fear of discovering something about myself I wouldn’t like. Something that would completely change everything I felt like I was, or change everything I believed in.

So when I fully gave into it, it felt like opening a window during a sand storm and letting your whole living room get covered with dust. I had let in so much self doubt that I began questioning everything around me. All the emotions I was keeping on lock for so long suddenly burst out of me like a waterfall. I couldn’t pull myself back to who I used to be anymore. Or at least who I thought I used to be. When you see something, you can’t just un-see it. This “it” being as abstract and intangible as a new thought, a point of view, an idea that compromises the entire perception you had of something… Nothing was technically supposed to make me sad. If anything, I had all the reasons in the whole wide world to be happy like a bird. But there are moments when happiness just isn’t a matter of external situations, it’s a matter of your internal world going being shook. It’s like being in a crowded room and feeling alone. It’s irrational, but still very much real. 

I couldn’t understand for a very long time what was going on with me. I was putting an interrogation point on everything. Myself, my life, my work… It got to a point where I was questioning everything so much that I was completely loosing track of myself, just like wandering around in fog, stumbling upon rocks and rocks that only made my ship sink deeper and deeper into being completely submerged. And the more it kept going, the further carried away I felt. It’s like diving into the darkness of an ocean and being so deep that it feels like you’ll never see the light again, or even breath again. All these questions just kept bringing up new ones up and it felt like I would never find answers.

Never in my whole life did I ever feel so lost. But never in my life, had I ever let go as much either. What was scaring me at first, and what felt like a storm was me actually experiencing the freedom of my mind for the very first time. No boundaries, no walls, just infinity. I realized that for all these years, I had locked myself up in a golden cage. A cage that was certainly comforting and reassuring but terribly limiting. A cage of perceptions : the perception I felt like people had of me, or didn’t have of me. The perception I wanted them to have. The perception I had of myself… I was letting others define who I was and I was happy with it. I was happy to make people happy and be what they wanted me to be. I was trying so hard to put words onto who I was, be whoever, whatever anyone wanted me to be that I confined myself within my own perception of who I needed to be to please others.

One of the hardest parts about today’s culture is that nobody really takes the time anymore. To read, to get to know people in depth, to think, to question… We are so quick to judge everything. And eventually we lock ourselves up in our own judgements.

Our quest to understanding who we truly are is one the most difficult challenges we’ll ever have to face. But always remember that in the end, all it is, all that really matters is as simple as that :

You are.

You are right now, and you were before and you will be forever you. You are alive, with a consciousness and a power to make decisions. Without even trying or thinking, you simply already are. Because thinking is already applying perception thus trying to define yourself as something. And those who are simply themselves don’t need to see themselves through others. They just know. They feel. They are unapologetic about themselves, their flaws such as their strengths. But being yourself, entirely and completely, is also coming to peace with your demons, confronting your fears, wearing your vulnerability with pride. When you aren’t afraid of yourself anymore, that’s when you are truly free. It’s like building a relationship with you own self : your can be you worst enemy but you can also be your best friend and best advisor. If only you trust yourself.

One of the few things that truly helped me through this whole experiences was writing. Keeping track of this progression through the void. It was the only thing that made me feel like I was breathing again. That gave these emotions their purpose. Through writing, I felt like I needed to be nothing more, nothing less than simply myself. Songwriting itself was an even more intense experience under such circumstances. Songs are like rivers flowing out of the infinite ocean that is our mind. They flow into one direction such as they focus on one story, one emotion in specific. Once I am done with a song, it’s like coming to peace with the story itself.


Sometimes we’re living life on auto-pilot, not knowing the purpose of all our buttons and triggers. That’s why sometimes, we have to loose ourselves, to find ourselves.

After all, each day we are new. In fact I am not even that same person I was a minute ago because I just laid down this sentence. Each second we grow.  Even on a biological level, we keep creating new cells on and on. And that is the beauty and mysterious magic of life : each day is an opportunity to look at the world with fresh eyes. Nothing should ever feel boring or old. In fact nothing gets old or boring, maybe we simply aren’t curious or creative enough to see it?

There’s something reassuring about the idea of a box, about knowing exactly what you got, how much you got of it, how far you can go, where the limits are. The idea of universe itself is a very frightening concept for many. It’s so wide, infinite, intangible, shapeless… An abstraction that even the best researchers can’t fully get a grasp of. We don’t have a visual reference for infinity while most of us can visualize a box very clearly. But we are indeed infinities within ourselves. And that’s why some say we are the universe and the universe is us. Our consciousness is limitless, so profound and so beautiful. It is so big that some of us are frightened by it. Scared of it’s grandeur. Scared because we don’t know how to control it, confused because it’s going all over place. So we try to find a way to confine it and mold it into something more tangible, with words and perceptions. That’s what society helps us do each day. Because dealing with thousands and millions of infinities and universes at the same time is too hard. However, very little political governments have succeeded at creating a format that made everyone happy. Because you can’t limit or try to shape what’s limitless and shapeless. It’ll keep bursting out. And so it did, and so it does, and so it will.

You don’t have to be a realist to be unrealistic at times, claim to hate horror movies to enjoy one some day, only like blondes to end up falling for a red head… These are all ideas that confine ourselves to remain same. A same reassuring figure for ourselves, and for others. By never changing our routines, never letting a new thought enter our mind with fear that it might compromise our entire system, we show weakness. We protect our comfort and security by shutting down ourselves. Because leaving the door open is taking the risk for strangers to come in, for undesired things to step into a system we’ve put so much care into orchestrating correctly. By doing so, we abandon the opportunity for newer, better things to enter as well. I do believe that those who aren’t afraid of leaving their door a bit open, though they might get disturbed at times, will learn and experience much more of life than those who keep themselves on lock. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t protect ourselves. We shouldn’t shield ourselves. A shield so big we can’t see the world anymore isn’t worth it.

You guys probably expected this article to be a big recap of all the trips, beautiful events, glorious achievements and so on… But this time I felt like doing things a bit differently.  Because I think bigger than the experiences themselves, it’s what we learn and discover from them that truly stands out and expands our thinking. So never be afraid to swim freely and dive completely into yourself. If you never get lost, you’ll never learn know how to find your way. I couldn’t have learned as much as I did this year if I kept following a safety road… I found so many answers but furthermore, I found so many new questions to ask myself. I even learned to appreciate the questions more than the answers themselves. Because how terrible would life be if we already knew everything? What would be the point of waking up each morning?

I receive a lot of messages all over my social media from people asking me for advice. Advice on how to make their dreams come true, how to make it happen. The only advice I can give you is to look inside first. All the answers lie within yourself. If there’s something you really want, you will find a way to make it happen, no matter what. You have to have hope, you have to believe in yourself and you have to feel invincible, limitless, unstoppable. Most of us already know what to do, but we are waiting for other people’s approval or guidance to take a step. As if there was a magic formula that could just be applied onto anyone. Sadly, or rather luckily, there isn’t one. So the question is what really stops you? More often that never, you are the only one that is. So go on and give yourself the keys to make it and don’t let anything hold you back.

With this being said, I wish you all the most amazing, the most grasping new year. May 2017 bring you love, joy, happiness, strength and wisdom. May the sun never shine twice the same way, may it never rain the same again. May you wake up each day new and completely fearless, ready to explore the unlimited possibilities the world has to offer. Because today is today, and yesterday is different from tomorrow. Because you are infinity and that’s what being free really means.


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you are such a inspiring and beautiful person kristina! from inside to outside!. Congrats to always be true to yourself, show your real you and support and give us inspiration to follow yours steps.
Such a HUGE fan of you as blogger i am.
All the best this new year!.

Keep rocking,

I had read this in a second and let me say that even that I love seeing photos of you, your outfits and fact is your writing that I really enjoy and your articles and thoughts are something that brings me back. Love, Lucia @luciacik

Hi Kristina. I loved this piece from the first letter to the last dot. I’ve been following you for few years and I’ve been somehow patiently waiting for this shift to happen in side of you. Truly believe your work will become deeper and more experimental within all the facets of your creativity. PS. That picture was stunning. Clean cut yet raw.

bethan gadd 7 January 2017 / Reply

Thank you

Kristina, as someone who’s seen you as an inspiration for years, this has got to be one of your most compelling articles. I’m definitely taking this to heart going into the new year, and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store. Keep on inspiring, you’re killing it ❤️

All my love,

This is truly a post I’m going to bookmark and read every once in a while when I’m feeling in need of some advice, confidence or simply inspiration. I’m so so impressed and inspired by what I just read. It takes some serious b*lls (excuse the language) and intelligence to write something like this down. Have a wonderfull 2017 and please feel free to inspire like this anytime :)
Lots of love

This article is so authentic. I think this was an inspiring and honest way to recap the year. Wishing you tremendous growth in the new year! P.S. Your writing is so sincere.

Wow! This post is stunning. I love how you expressed yourself, and how you talked about a deep truth many of us have gone through. Your words were beautiful, and most of all, honest. I am glad you, as many others more, get to this breaking point in life where they finally free themselves of everything and just be themselves. Truly and unapologetically themselves, with it all in. And loving every minute of it. I consider myself as one of those persons who have had experiences that have completely molded their life into something so incredibly comforting and magic at every second of life. Thanks for your post. It was beautiful.

I’ve loved the years I’ve had the pleasure of watching you grow and change. I loved your year this year and could easily sense that it was a heartfelt departure from previous years. I felt like I was seeing you, rather than you playing you. It was incredible and brave and I’m delighted for you that you are so thoughtful, eloquent and luminous. You’re human but ethereal, so young but so intelligent and capable. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I’m sure that is a lot of pressure. Please just know how much we’re all in awe of you, the real, evolving, I fits you. Have a magical 2017!!! Thank you always.

The most lasting impact you can have on people is what you say to them. So please Kristina, I urge you to write more online and share some of your beautiful soul with the rest of the world, who so badly need the enlightenment. We’re all trying to find our way in this world but life doesn’t get easier because I see an image of a beautiful girl standing in front of a mirror taking a selfie. It gets easier when I know I am not alone in my struggles, that real fucked up shit happens to Instagram stars regardless of their positive uplifting content, that love is real and it can be painful, that the deepest passions are found in art, in sharing a fragment of your soul, that being brave enough to share your truth is more important than brand deals. That although we don’t have all the answers, we can struggle together through life and fight through the hard stuff with every inch of our breath, knowing that we will all come out winning in the end. All of us. Not just as our pretty personas on social media either but as limitless human beings who are exploring the depths of a short but beautiful life.
Write a second book or a kick ass song; make it authentic and true to yourself.
Feel, feel, feel
and then let it go.
With love and respect,

It’s really hard to understand what others are thinking or going through … Kristina, your article was so candid and honest ! I have got it – it’s amazing ! … Our lives are always about perspective …
2016 was the worst impossible year for me: yeah, I achieved so many goals and have done so many resolutions … But the point is – working so hard, being focused 24/7, stuck in this crazy social box was awful … Day by day and then I figured out that I turned into terrible emotional status .. Writing poetry was my way to admit it even for myself, but also show my relatives that I was not ok! That I need time for some rest, no night shifts at the hospital … attend dance classes and more and more to get my life back .. But going through all that I am not the same person that I’ve been before … I have changed but all the time I felt safe because family and friends were on my side! They were my biggest support no matter what … and then my father suddenly passed away during morning work out at home .. I’ve done CPR than other Dr’s came but nothing … It was worst beyond words ! On 31st December it was 40 days after …
Of course, I look forward and try so hard to cope with all these stuff … But it’s not about not to give up anymore, it’s about keep moving …
Kristina, reading your articles it was great to see your growth.. Others’ lives the same as mine change all the time, day by day, second by second … Furthermore, it’s great to see not just “product placement” posts or “luxurious life” approve (it’s cool!) but candid one, emotional … poetry … undiscovered places etc. – totally different experience. As I told you I have got (I hope) what you wanted to say with this recap. Kayture has changed so much from the beginning till now – it’s not only glam posts or stunning looks but blog-life …
Wish you the best (Sorry, I like this word) and more new interesting undiscovered ways in perspective … and positive vibes …
XOXO, Lady Maria.

Very inspirational ,I like this new version of you ,keep up like this <3

You are so inspiring and you has such an amazing soul! You are a light person and I wish you an amazing year

You are so wise, Kristina! I was really looking forward to your next post and it didn’t disappoint. You’re good at interpreting feelings and emotions. Last year I forced myself to try things I wasn’t comfortable with or that I previously thought I didn’t like and you’re right – it was very liberating. I changed my opinions and I grew from those experiences. I don’t feel like the same person I was a few years ago and that makes me really happy. Happy new year xx

I don’t usually comment on these type of things, but this time I have to. I have been following you for a longer time now and i noticed this change in your pictures, they seem deeper I think. I could see that you have grown somehow. What you have written is exactly what I needed to read right now. I completely agree with you how our mind is what makes us who we are and that we should make it our friend, not our enemy. Wish you even more growth in every step of your life this year. And thank you for putting these amazing thoughts of yours in this beautiful piece of writing.

Hi Kristina,

Loved this article. Actually I’m deeply expolring and questioning myself as well, so I really do relate with what you say.

I write about self-conciousness and comfidence on my blog, if you (or anyone reading this) want to have a look. :)

Happy 2017 ma belle!

Good luck,

Beatriz @bealthie_

My best wishes for this 2017!

Don’t miss today on the blog the Shoes of the year’s selection from my shoeracka….footwear concentrated inpiration ! ;)

❤Kisses from

Thank you Kristina. This post brought me to tears and I couldn’t have needed to read something more at the start of a new year. What you said is so very true and was very inspirational. Happy New Year!

As always you have a magical touch in your writings, not only you show a point of view but also is the way that you engage your readers to continue reading until the end no matter how long it is. I enjoy your articles and how you visualized life and humanity. I was hoping to find your book in an english version to give it to my daughter, because as others mentioned before, I also find you as an inspiration to others. Best wishes always

Been following you ever since and I must say thank you for being real, being you… It’s like I’ve known you deeper than the last years I read your blog. I agree though… We are limitless … So
Cheers to our 2017! Sky’s the limit!

This post was so inspiring! Wish you all the best for 2017 :)

I needed this right now. Being locked up so much. I an just going to go ahead and break my comfort zone. Thanks for this write up.

Beautiful words! Thanks for this inspiring blogpost.
It’s so important to get in touch with your true self, to believe in yourself, and to let your heart guide the way.
Have a wonderful new year 2017!
Elaine & Isabelle

Your words literally mean so much. You made me face many thoughts inside my head..but indeed you feel so free when you allow things flow their way without stopping them. Its so beautiful that you re so true to yourself and to the people that admire you which is something that really gives strength and courage to those who need it to never give up. You are one of my favorite humans and I really wish to have the chance to meet you one day somehow somewhere, to discuss about inspiring things in life, give advice to each other and all these beautiful things. Never give up to yourself because what you’ve built until now is your own unique temple and everyone loves you for that. Your positivity, your kindness, your creativity, your everything is what makes you who you are. Thank you for everything you do and you’ve done!

Deserea Wasdin 7 January 2017 / Reply

Honest, profound and deeply insightful words..I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Its taken me years to come to some of these same conclusions and ideas after also traveling the world and searching for truth in every experience myself.

So much more important to question than to know and more valuable to think than just be beautiful.
But you are both dear. You’re a unique and rare star, keep shining and challenging those around you to do the same K!

There is one thing that has always fascinated about you: Nobody and nothing could ever stop you from reaching your aims or better: from making your dreams come true. Maybe you are even stronger than you think, but over all you are inspiring.


You are so true to yourself, it’s really inspiring.
Some of your thoughts are recognisable and a part of me feels actually relieved after reading this.
The (my) world needs more people like you.

Took me 10 year of my life to understand that the real meaning of life is “me” “myself” and “I” and my magical trip through this gifted life. Once you understand this, the only thing that preoccupies you is to live beyond your limits each and every day push yourself to shape your future, but not the one imposed by society, by others, but your only path to freedom. I prefer crying for a true deeply moment of sadness instead of laughing for a day of shallow happiness. An unchained 2017 Kristina, keep on going like you are already doing, the girl with angel face and heart and spirit of a warrior! YOU ARE AMAZING!

Congratulations for this AMAZING year full of surprises and great projects!

Mireia from TGL

Merci pour cet article Kristina. Honnêtement, même si j’adore ton style, j’adore les articles où tu te poses des questions sur ta vie, ton existence, tes projets… Je ne sais pas si tu te sens seule à douter du sens de ta vie (car au final même si ça sonne un peu “cheesy”, cela reste l’objectif visé) mais sache que cela ressemble beaucoup à une crise d’identité que beaucoup de personnes encourent durant leur vie, que ce soit à 18 ou 40 ans.
En fait, je trouve cela complètement sain et vital. On nous a élevé dans un environnement où on nous protégeait et où nous guidait en nous ordonnant des choix logiques (le lycée puis l’université par exemple). Or, quand nos parents se détachent finalement de nous en nous laissant le choix qui nous est désormais libre avec la majorité, ce dernier s’avère difficile. On a l’impression de jouer l’intégralité de son existence, on a aussi gagné par la peur du “vertige de la liberté”.
Alors, on commence à douter de tout, à commencer par nous-même. On peut être dur avec soi-même en se persuadant qu’on ne fait pas assez d’effort, qu’on pourrait toujours faire mieux (aka le problème des perfectionnistes aha) mais on peut aussi être en colère contre la société qui nous dicte un mode de vie préconçue, une sorte de guide qui mène au bonheur préfabriqué. Comme si le bonheur se résumait à aller au lycée, faire des études, travailler, se marier, avoir des enfants et aller en retraite. On a aussi l’impression d’être manipulé: tout ce qu’on mange, tout ce qu’on boit, la désinformation des chaînes d’information (comme c’est ironique), notre physique…
En vérité, quand on prend le temps de regarder autour de nous, des tas de gens change de vie tous les jours et font ce que leur conscience leur a toujours murmuré tout bas. Il faut aussi savoir que la vie n’est pas facile et que la difficulté, qui est d’ailleurs quasi toujours d’ordre financière, stoppe certaines personnes à poursuivre leurs rêves..
Enfin bref, j’espère que ma petite pensée du matin te plaira aha, je te souhaite une bonne année 2017!

Thank you thank you thank you. Really needed to be reminded of all this. You are such a big inspiration to me – keep doing what you do and may you 2017 be amazing, too! say ciao to Fiona!
Love, Anna @annvispi

Pour cette nouvelle année 2017, je souhaiterais devenir une femme comme toi, et apprécier chaque instant que la vie nous réserve.

Kristina, you are one of a kind. You should never be concerned about what others want you to be, because through your articles one can see that you are special, your soul is special. As long as you stay the same creative, inspiring person, you will always be adored. Your ability to write down your thoughts in the way you do is so ethereal that you can be proud of who you are no matter what. Not everyone can even think this way…. I like you so much because you have the ability to show your qualities not through material stuff, but through the stories you are showing via every post and picture… they all have inner energy with even magical charge. Wish you lots of luck and love :)

When we have fulfilled our dreams we need time to create new dreams instead. This process can be very painful. It is extremely difficult to find yourself again and let your “old skin” die. We die and start from the beginning. This is life.

You lost me at some paragraphs, which to me kind of resemble the neoliberal mantra “be the best version of yourself, if you wan’t something really bad, you’ll get it”, which isn’t quite true because everyone doesn’t have the same predispositions to start with. Well we could talk about this for hours.. I just felt the urge to point this out.
Other than that I really enjoy your writing, it’s the one thing that keeps me returning to your site. Have you ever read any works from philosophers like Heidegger or Sartre?

Thank you so much for this post Kristina! Thank you for your sincerity and the truly inspiring and motivating words! Wishing you an infinitely amazing 2017 aswell! Love, Livia

Just amazing! You’re fantastic, Kristina

Kisses from Ukraine, x

You truly made my day….
Love you sooooo much, just continue being who you are…

One of the bloggers , who are good at thinking and writing! Love u! Btw, I live in Zurich . You got my attention some 5 years ago also because you were from Switzerland !

Beautiful, inspiring and positive words Kristina! Wishing you all the best for 2017 x


Such raw words, I LOVED everything said in this and truly relate to it, especially after this whole year of experiences. I thank you for this. A lot. Hope you have an even more mesmerizing year, beautiful soul!

Your mind is just as beautiful as you are! Thank you for being brave enough to be so raw and real – I feel like my mind just ate a much needed feast after starving in a world of such limited answers/consciousness. You are so right – we are so quick to shut ourselves down. I needed this so much, thank you for the enlightenment!

Irma Oliveira 7 January 2017 / Reply

This has been the most exciting post of yours that I have ever read. Exciting because this is the real you and we just got to see it, also because a lot of inspiration came from it. Hope you continue to find yourself and happiness amongst sadness…. God bless!

Hi Kristina,
I’m only a 15 year old girl but I will like you to know that every single article you write makes me feel inspired. They make think and get out of my comfort zone to try new things.
So thank you for sharing this.

Merci d’avoir pris le temps de partager ces pensées sensibles, quand tu aurais pu les laisser reposer sur le papier. J’aime remarquer les similarités de nos façons de penser. C’est comme si on grandissait ensemble, en même temps. Et quand je m’engouffre dans de profondes conversations avec des gens qui m’ouvrent leur coeur et leur âme (ce qui n’arrive pas tout les jours), je remarque le même sens d’évolution. Les même mots, les même observations et les même doutes. Au delà de notre âge similaire, je crois que c’est une crise d’identité qui concerne l’humanité toute entière. Même si nous la vivons tous très personnellement. Je suis une très très grande fana de la théorie du changement. De tout, dans tout. Le changement dans notre façon de penser attire le changement dans la société, et le changement dans la société attire le changement de notre façon de penser. Après tout, la société, c’est bien des gens. Individuels même si confondus dans une masse. Le changement, c’est pas un courant d’air qui nous entraîne. Le changement c’est d’abord des artistes, puis ensuite c’est comme un aimant. Par artiste je veux dire une personne qui, d’une manière ou d’une autre, arrive à communiquer le brouillard de ses pensées et de ses émotions. Ecrire, chanter, danser, peindre, couper, coller, casser, jongler, s’habiller, se déshabiller, manifester, bouger…. et d’innombrables, innommables autres. Innommables, car la communication, c’est quelque chose qui n’a pas besoin de se catégoriser. C’est quelque chose qui se sent, au delà des mots. Et le changement, aujourd’hui, tu le sens? Moi oui, et pas que moi. Il y a là une bonne dose d’attraction: si je suis consciente et m’ouvre au changement intérieur, je vais sentir le changement à l’extérieur. Et après c’est l’effet boule de neige, infini. Je suis pas experte ni science infuse, ni rien d’autre qu’un petit humain perdu sur une grosse planète dans l’univers. Mais je crois pouvoir dire que tu es une partie du changement. Je ne sais pas ce qui se passe dans ta tête, mais tu inspires à se détacher du jugement extérieur. C’est super dur de réaliser à quel point on agit en espérant une validation par les autres. Tout le monde s’en rend même pas compte. Y’en a qui s’en rendront peut-être jamais contre. Pourtant c’est tellement bien de s’Aimer avec un grand A. D’accepter comme on est bizarre, différent, singulier, génial parce qu’on est unique. Je veux pas dire qu’il y a des gens plus normaux que d’autres, mais juste que si on se défait du jugement extérieur, on est tous singulier, bizarre, différent. Donc au final le jugement extérieur, par ‘les autres’, il est seulement la manifestation de leur peur d’être eux-mêmes, vrais et spontanés. Mais pourtant, on est trop bêtes non? Parce que, à quel point quelqu’un est beau? Génial? Incroyablement inspirant? Joyeux? Heureux? quand il est lui-même! dans toute la splendeur de sa singularité assumée!
On se retrouve seul quand on se perd dans des pensées où on questionne tout, justement parce qu’on a peur d’être seul à penser ça. Et on a beau être entouré de personnes incroyables autour de nous, on se sent seul. Moi aussi je me suis sentie seule. Et Charles Bukowski il dit “notice, loneliness isn’t when you are alone”. Mais c’est grâce aux artistes, aux gens comme toi entre autres, qu’on peut se rendre compte qu’on est pas du tout tous seuls. Qu’au final on a beau être tous différents, on est aussi tous les mêmes. Une espèce, une famille, tous dans la même merde.
Une dernière chose. Quand je sens que le jugement des autres me fait peur, je pense à quand je serai sur mon lit de mort, à quel point je regretterai d’avoir pris trop à coeur des jugements. Jugements que les gens, en vérité d’ailleurs, ne portent certainement pas vraiment; sinon dans notre imagination.
Tu partages toutes tes pensées alors je me permets de faire de même. Désolée pour le pavé! Quand on est inspiré, quel dommage de tout garder pour soi. Des mots pourraient toucher quelqu’un qui se sent seul!? Qui sait?
Pas de boîte de cookies cette fois-ci, ni d’humour d’ailleurs. Mais je me suis sentie touchée à coeur puisqu’on est dans le même bateau.
Je te souhaite une année riche en expériences, et que tu puisses en tirer du positif et inspirer encore des gens. Surtout ne t’arrête pas, tu es dans l’aire du temps, le changement ;)

Your posts have truly touched my heart. All of this seem to resemble about success and failure, ups and downs. Well, That’s life. And, I believe it takes some patience to get along the way over the course of trials until you find the best of yourself. It’s really amazing when you share a part of yourself that can make a difference in this beautiful visionary world. The message you put across, the music you share, the stories you share and so on, is what matters the most. You’re absolutely beautiful. And, I want to tell you if you could check out my blog, it would mean the world to me. Thank you so much.

Merci Kristina,
tu as su dire ce que je pense intérieurement.
Passe une très belle année 2017 ❤️

Out of all the numerous blogs I follow, your long-read posts are truly the only ones that really captivate me and I can very much relate with (the previous one was the post titled ‘Daft’). Please don’t stop doing these! I think a lot of people see who you are on Instagram and project a certain judgement and perception of you from what they see, but they don’t see the words and thoughts that you have from these posts. They really are very relatable and this post made me question some parts of my life. The part about having to conform to what society and our friends’ think of us and expect from us is very real. Your personal change has been noticeable since I’ve followed you for a long long time, and I wish you all the best as you continue to (re)discover yourself and forge your own journey. Have a great 2017!

Thank you Kristina. Wish you have a wonderful 2017. <3

This was such a beautiful article and it really touched me..
xx much love

Coucou Kristina,
Cette article m’a vraiment touché, je l’ai trouvé incroyable. Depuis que je te connais via Kayture, les réseaux sociaux, et ton livre (que j’ai ÉNORMÉMENT apprécié d’ailleurs) tu m’a toujours inspiré, tu as une façon de penser et des idées sur la vie qui me fascines. Quand je lis tes arcticles de ce genre-ci j’ai l’impression qu’ils me touchent au plus profond de moi-même, car je suis tellement d’accord avec toi et que ce sont des choses que moi-même je n’arrive pas à exprimer aussi bien que toi. Après les avoir lus je me sens toujours beaucoup mieux, et ça me donne l’impression qu’ils me font grandir (j’ai 15ans bientôt 16). Je t’admire énormément, tu es forte, j’espère que tu continueras d’écrire tes articles quand tu les sens, je t’aime fort.

As a writer myself, it was inevitable not feeling connected with your words. I think this is the first time I comment on your blog but I really want to tell you that you are really brave for looking inside, for jumping on that unknown journey of finding who you truly are and what you really want. You are a lightworker and I truly admire you taking the hard road, I understand what you’ve been through because I’ve been there. 2016 was year number nine, the last one to let go and work on unfinished business(all the experiences, feelings, emotions, relationships we leave for “later”). 2017 it’s the year of new beginnings, blessings, thruth, light with an expanded consciousnes after all the lessons we learned during the 9 year cycle we just finished. And let me tell you one thing, you did amazing and the dark times are over. You are a lightworker and you irradiate light for so many people

Have you thought about going to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist ?

Maria Chiara Bertè 8 January 2017 / Reply

Hi Kristina!!
This is probably the most inspiring article I’ve ever read so far!

Sometimes I feel so tremendously sad and bored. And that makes me feel weak. I don’t know how my future will look like. I feel like I need to surround myself of positive people but I don’t find anyone.
I’ve always been such a positive girl, but in this period (I’m going to finish my university years soon, so, maybe that’s the reason) I’m thinking about life, which a bit scares me.
I’ll try to learn form your words Kay! Thanks for spreading your message and encourage people to think about things that perhaps are even bigger than ourselves! That’s stimulating!!!

Lots of love! Have a great 2017 :-*

Kristina Ferenchuk 8 January 2017 / Reply

Really a great article, it’s was very soothing to read your words because i can very closely relate to everything you feel. I have started followng you when you were beginnig your incredible journey, and it is very inspiring to watch all that you have accomplished and to read your words. Thank you, wish you a peaceful mind, a peacefull soul and blissfull moments of pure joy!

Lovely emotional read… We all have moments we enjoy and others we can reflect on. To reflect I believe it the biggest part of learning and helps us grow.

Love Toneia x

thank you, thank you, thank you
I have no words to describe the feeling I’m going through after reading your article. Kristina, you are one of the most beautiful human being on this planet, your vision of life and psychology is so inspiring, I can’t thank you enough for putting all that into words, I’ve never felt so related to someone or something. You inspire me every single day since a few years now. I would like to thank you again for being the person you are, for inspiring others, and for sharing your story with your community.
Kristina, I love you so much, and 2016 was one of the tuffest years of my life, and you exactly resumed everything that I learned from it.

You’re the best.

Love you, I wish you the best for 2017

Juliette <3

thank you, thank you, thank you
I have no words to describe the feeling I’m going through after reading your article. Kristina, you are one of the most beautiful human being on this planet, your vision of life and psychology is so inspiring, I can’t thank you enough for putting all that into words, I’ve never felt so related to someone or something. You inspire me every single day since a few years now. I would like to thank you again for being the person you are, for inspiring others, and for sharing your story with your community.
Kristina, I love you so much, and 2016 was one of the tuffest years of my life, and you exactly resumed everything that I learned from it.

You’re the best

Love you, I wish you the best for 2017


Kristina, je te souhaite tout le meilleur pour 2017, que cette nouvelle année te fasse découvrir des chemins encore jamais empruntés, qu’elle t’apporte la sérénité et que toutes tes envies, visions, se transforment en projets.
Moi qui te suis depuis de nombreuses années maintenant, j’ai vu le changement durant cette année 2016. Tu as choisi de suivre une nouvelle voie, une sur laquelle on ne t’attendait pas forcément, mais visiblement une qui correspond mieux à la jeune femme que tu deviens.
Que 2017 et ces nouveaux changements t’apportent ce que tu souhaites, et que tu sois comblée.

A very inspiring text,

Thank you for making me think of so many important things,

Totally agree that it is important the time for ourselfs and also to spend it with those that we love.

I wish you a unlimited and happy 2017.

I came strait here from your instagram. I always love your writing. | Luxury. Fashion. Lifestyle.


You saw the light and the shadow… you are real. Keep living and expanding this way… it is so conforting to see other human beings go through the same path… thank you!!!

This is so inspiring! Thank you Kristina for helping me put my mind and world in perspective. I’m ready to conquer the world!

Kristina, a really great text of inspiring and wise words!
Merci beaucoup pour tes pensées et je te souhaite une merveilleuse 2017!

Thank you for writing such an inspiring text Kristina. Thank you for sharing you inner thoughts and helping me and others to think outside the box in a new and untouched way, thank you for giving hope and helping me to believe in my own potential. I truly admire you and your work and enjoy everything you share.
Greetings from Germany

This must be the most honest, deepest, sweeping articles I have read in a long time. Not only are you such a talented writer but I admire YOUR perspectives on things. I kinda share them with you and therefore I totally get what you are writing about.

I wish you all the best for this year and your whole future. You are one strong and intelligent girl.
x Gitta //

so powerful. this post will be one i will save and most def. read over and over. thank u for sharing your magic with us.



Loved this, as always. You’re an inspiration.


omg kristina you are so unique. you are you, and that is what make us beautiful and wonderful. this article is just amazing. and you are right we have the key to make our dreams happen in our own hands.
happy new year kristina, may happines, health, love and strenght always come in your way.

You wrote so much and yet said nothing at all! Just like all your other cryptic posts… it’s a rare skill set. Have you considered a career in politics?

Well said!

HAPPY NEW 2017 FOR YOU TOO KRISTINA!!! Keep rockin’!



very good very very good

I always love your inspirational and deep posts, Kristina! Your inner thoughts and perspective of life never fails to amaze me, not only because you’re so wise, but also because a lot of the struggles that you face are so relatable. You’re always an inspiration, and I know this year was definitely a milestone for you, what with releasing your music and all of the amazing collaborations, but behind the scenes, I’m sure there was a fair share of struggles as well. Really appreciate all of the hard work that you do!

XO, Elizabeth

Itsabirrrr 11 January 2017 / Reply

Honestly, this is one of the most inspirational pieces that I have ever read. It touched me on several levels and put a lot of thoughts that I am training my mind to accept into words. I’ll definitely read this again whenever I need some reminders. Thank you for sharing this and hopefully you would write more of such topics here.

With regards,
Abir xx

Thank you…thank you…thank you. <3

There isn't much to say. But you said it all. Taking what we feel and putting it down to words. And giving us the reality we intentionally blind ourselves from…

Inspirational as always, K! Love it! :)

AMAZING!!! And you look great :D
We love U

Happy new year to u and #Kayteam
Thx u for lovely recap thought, keep inspiring us postively :)

loved this piece, from the first word to the last.

i am an aspiring fashion blogger and it would mean the world to me if you guys followed me on instagram (@evelynaltschuler) and took a look at my blog


You’re an inspiration! Great words, I love reading your writing :)

Amazing post hun! I’m sure it’s been a challenging year for all but it’s so amazing that you got though it all and came up with something that just pushes you forward. Looking forward to what 2017 brings for you! Keep it up and chase your dreams!

Kinga xx

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Je viens de finir de lire ton livre et wow…. j’aurais aimer avoir encore des centaines de pages à lire aha. J’étais complètement transportée par ce que tu racontais, j’ai adoré la façon que tu as d’avoir une approche introspective et presque philosophique sur chaque sujet que tu aborde, ça change tellement d’autres livres de blogueuses qui ne font que raconter leur vie et leurs routines sans vraiment avoir de réflexions dessus (même si ce sont de bons livres aussi). A travers ton livre, tu m’as appris tellement de choses en un temps record aha je t’en remercie! En lisant j’ai cru comprendre que la musique était vraiment un projet qui te tient beaucoup à cœur et je suis fière de voir que tu as pu réalisé ton rêve avec la sortie de ta chanson et j’espère que tu vas pouvoir continuer dans ce milieu là.
Grace aux anecdotes que tu as raconté et la façon dont tu t’es livrée, j’ai pu comprendre à quel point ta vie et ton métier, même si ils font rêver, n’étaient pas toujours faciles.
breeef tout ça pour te dire que je t’admire beaucoup et que tu m’as vraiment donné l’envie et la force de continuer à tout donner pour réaliser les projets qui me tiennent à cœur et j’espère que grâce à cette volonté et ce courage, je parviendrai à réaliser mes rêves, comme toi aha.
J’espère que tu liras ce message, gros bisous d’une petite française :mouak:

What a wonderful article!! Quiet inspirational. Thanks a lot :)

thank you so much for these words kristina!i needed them today..such an inspiration <3

Your words were beautiful, and most of all, honest. I am glad you, as many others more, get to this breaking point in life where they finally free themselves of everything and just be themselves. Truly and unapologetically themselves, with it all in. And loving every minute of it.


I truly love this post. I think the first step to make our dreams come true is to be brave and to take chances. It will definitely be hard but honestly it will be worth it, and sometimes people forget that.

Very beautiful!!!!!

I wish you were psting more blog posts on here. You remain an inspiration for the majority of fashion ladies out there :)


Thank you for sharing such an amazing and well-written article.
It motivates the reader and provides so much strength.
Hara |

I agree with you, people judge so much these days without getting to know one another.
I hope you do post more though :)

Bonjour, Madame.
J’ai pris connaissance de vôtre parcours et chansons, par le biais de Figaro Madame. Je me suis permis de diffuser vôtre clip, Out, sur nôtre site, si cela ne vous conviens pas pour une raison ou une autre, nous le supprimons a vôtre demande.
Nous aimons ce que vous faite. Cordialement. Pierre TARRISSE.

You are truly amazing and such an inspiration!

I have read your blog since I was 14 (I am now 16) and it is suffice to say that you have truly helped me grow as a person in regards to fashion. I love reading your content, never stop!!!

Your message and writing is so uplifting. Thank you for sharing, and I hope you have a safe, happy, and fun-filled New Year.


Camille, a Nashville-based fashion blogger

You are a source of inspiration Kristina !
I’m not a self confident girl, a lot of times I don’t believe in me and I don’t have such esteem of myself , this is the reason why your words help me a lot.
I really love a lot of things of you. I think your soul is amazing as your physical aspect and style.
Hope the best for you for this 2017.

Kisses from Italy

Beautifully said! Very inspiring words

So beautiful :)

Wow, so inspiring. thank you so much for sharing. you motivated me to open my fashion blog. thank you <3

I’ve read this post over and over again, I love your personal posts and of course your style posts.
You are truly motivational and inspirational.

love from the UK x

Jacky Vifer 1 February 2017 / Reply

Loved this article!

It´s a very personal and deep recap and I´m glad you decided to it this way. I´m wishing you a great and peaceful 2017.

We´re excited what comes next.


My blog:

What an amazing and honest article, Kristina. Thank you for sharing. You are a true inspiration to young girls!

Great look back post!

Beautiful pictures and a fantastic blog! would be so happy if you could check out our lifestyleblog that`s about two twinsisters that live in Sweden.

Thanks a lot for that great Post!

XoXo from Germany

Neele vom Lifestyleblog

You are so inspiring ! Love your writing, so real <3

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Your writing is inspiring and thoughtful. Thanks

I had to get a cup of coffee to sit down and read this! So amazing Kristina! You’ve always been an inspiration, and will always have my support!

Emily Bacal 15 February 2017 / Reply

Kristina, you inspire me to be a better, fuller version of myself. Whenever I read things you have written I am struck by how heavily I identify.
Last year was one of great change for me as well, and as of late I have not been feeling like myself. Thank you for these words– they seem to be the exact balm I need at this point in my life.
And of course, I want you to know that I (and I’m sure many other of your Kayturettes!) am such a big fan of your blog not only because of the beautiful pictures, travels, and clothes, but because of articles like these- this openness and honestly that truly makes you remarkable. Thank you again, you’ll never know how much this article has helped me.

Kristina keep doing you. Really enjoyed reading this. Cheers to even more greater things to come

Such beautiful words Kristina. I very much am looking forward to seeing what Kayture achieves this year and of course, I cannot wait for your music. :)

I really liked the information thanks for sharing it always comes from inspiration

I love this article, so authentic and very well written! Thanks

Very Inspiring Post!

Thanks for sharing such an inspirational article Kristina..:)

HI girl! I think you did a great job being you, I think you are amazing songwriter and singer, i heard your vocal on snapchat, you really can sing!!! I just think you need to make more videos and record more songs.
I look up to you, you are that person who convinced me that everything is possible, i do it my way but you give me good motivation, I’m also a fashion blogger, and mom of two boys. I really see my self traveling around the world,meeting new people, be in that circle of “fashion week front row”, breath air of excitement and empower women through my social media. The only problem is that it’s so hard to find a balance between family and my personal desires, to be present every moment. I believe in my self, and have confidence that i can do better and eventually i will be where i want to be, it’s just takes time and hard work. But in doubtful moments i read your articles and they make me feel better. So for that big thank you!
I wish you to grow bigger, sky is the limit! Be a huge, be meteor, be a game changer, be a President, be the Sun. Never stop moving and don’t you doubt for a second in your abilities being a singer or whoever you want to be.Lady Gaga once said : If you stand on the sun, you can’t not to drop the shadow. There is a price to pay for being famous, but in the end of the day we are the one’s who choose who we are. I believe in you Kristina! I hope you had a great time in Shanghai, next time you come to China come find me. Sending you an ocean of love~! XO Aizhan

You look amazing as always and I still adore your blog – u do it well ♥♥♥

xoxo – Violetta

Omg , I’m happy when L look at you

I want a work with you one day
You are so beautiful

In the words of Meryl Streep, “I had to get up, step out, in order to find myself”. Moments like these is more like seeing yourself in 3rd perspective. Thank you for this well written piece.

Thank you for sharing! Congratulation. 2016 is a successful year for you, I think. ^^ I look forward to seeing more activities of yours, and a new song, can’t be? ^^

The new trailer, which may be seen above, expanded upon the previously released teaser
trailer (under).

More power to you everyday Kristina. We all make our own destinies.

Nice blog sir please thank you for sharing such a great blog.