Well, it has been less than a month and here I am popping for you not one, not two, but yes 4 articles in April. I have to say, I am kind of proud! As you all know, I’ve been taking some time off the blog to focus on music but writing has always remained an absolute necessity for me. So even though there were months were I would show no news, and disappear from the landscape, I still feel the need to keep coming back here. Kayture has become a home by now and it always feels so good to have this platform to connect with you all, to share and express everything freely. I hope that’s what here feels to you to this day too, a bubble of escape. A little glimpse through a window.

Most of my writing lately has been done for music purposes but I’ve also been doing a lot of personal writing, poetry, quotes, small essays… All different things I keep to myself for now while waiting for the right time to make something out of it all. That might be why my articles on here where a bit shorter, less intricate as they sometimes (mostly often) are. Which actually might be a good thing, I’ve had several people come up to me asking me how in the world I was able to come with such dense, and heavy subjects. It feels good to write on a lighter note though. And the reason is that I’ve been pouring so much of myself into my music development that I feel completely emptied out by the end of each session. Any thought I had, any idea, any word would all serve the creative process. So by the time they are out of my system, I am completely drained. It feels like I’m almost too tired to even speak as everything that needed to be said has already been. So I just let the music speak for itself.

I also started appreciating writing smaller format texts. Like short poems that within 4 sentence resume an entire feeling, and entire experience, a whole story even sometimes. It strikes the heart, the root of the thought and in a brief moment brings total clarity on a perspective. I love how poetry speaks on it’s own and makes it’s own way in people’s mind. We each have our own interpretations based on our own experiences. I love this idea of letting something out of ourselves and allowing it to make it’s own path. We often have such a personal attachement to creation, we become possessive with it and won’t let anyone else have it. But the beauty of art is the collectivity. Building momentums, visions, inspiration, thoughts that will eventually lead into new questions and new art. each artist serves it’s time, thus art is limitless and evolves in cycles. Those who keep their precious creations to only their own will never know the joys of giving birth to an idea that can then lead to another, completely independently. It’s perhaps the closest we can get to selflessness and perhaps even immortality in some way. To me, creating is like giving birth. It’s a way of leaving legacy behind, marking our time, and giving something that’ll outgrow our own selves. Allowing life to take it in and become part of the bigger picture.

With this being said, it was absolutely fantastic to be back again this year in Palm Springs for the 2017 edition of Coachella with Revolve. It is always such an inspiring time with so many fantastic performances to assist to and overall energy that is just so uplifting and contagious. Over the years, Revolve has become like a second family for me in the US as I’ve known their team for over 5 years now and have witnessed their incredible growth. It is always so heartwarming to be a part of such evolution and watch your friends succeed at what they love. The whole Revolve team is inspiring in that way, their work hard / play hard motto has never been more true and they keep proving it. This year not only did they bring people from all over the world in but they also created a whole Revolve hotel for us all to stay in and hang out before hitting the festival. Needless to say, it was a real party spot with music bouncing from 9 till 10pm and everyone hanging out while looking more sharp than ever. Here’s a little article relating some of the looks I wore during this week-end that Cibelle and I shot around .All details of outfits will be linked bellow. Hope you guys will enjoy! x

_DSC0228_DSC0469_DSC0303_DSC0045 _DSC0145_DSC0103 _DSC0486 _DSC0187 _DSC0266

Shot by Cibelle Levi

All clothing from Revolve

Flower Dress : Tularosa

Off-shoulders B&W dress : Capulet

Espadrille shoes : Raye

Cream Crop Top : Majorelle

Cream Skirt : Majorelle


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Great to see you post more frequently this month, it’s been nice reading more from you and know the updates about your whereabouts. Beautiful photos, you’re such a charmer!

Love everything you worn! Great style <3

I am always happy when you come back to your home – your blog – and I adore as usual the pictures and outfits you show here!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

It is so good to hear from you again, and more regularly as well :) Those pictures are amazing, as always, you always have the best pictures, no matter what, they’re always beautiful!
Lucie, xx

I am so glad you pop in here on your blog from time to time, I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts!
These looks are absolutely beautiful! Especially loving that maxi flower dress.
Wishing you all the best <3

Absolutely love it!

Mireia from TGL

I just saw you wearing this dress on instagram and fell in love with it! I love how italian it makes you look with your dark hair <3 | Luxury. Fashion. Lifestyle.

So happy to hear about all of the work that you’re doing, Kristina! :) Definitely looking forward to the revelation of your other works, when you’re ready of course <3 Thanks for keeping all of us updated on how everything is going! And loving all of these looks!

XO, Elizabeth

You look so pretty in that floral maxi dress . Writing is a second nature
to many of us who blog . Visit my blog and leave a comment! Thanks
Dress The Part

I freaking love your dark hair so much, it is so pretty and suits you soooo much ! Your eyes pop so much with it, ugh, amazing ! Also I love all of these looks, the floral dress especially ! Thanks for sharing <3


Super this article! And I love all the looks you offer us!



Ahh, that dress is gorgeous!

Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

You’re forever such an inspiration! These photo’s are stunning, I’m completely in love with the Tularosa flower dress, it’s one of those dresses that as soon as you see it you know you absolutely NEED to make it a part of your wardrobe. Keep writing, whether that be for you music or this space :-)

Xo Gemma
Sunday Somewhere

Such a beautiful pictures and of course You look amazing on every photo. The most I like Off-shoulders dress and with combination with this bag and shoes You look stunning.

See such a beautiful you, i really want to give you a handmade custom and a beautiful bobbleheads like you

Wow, Kristina what a cool set of shots.Cibelle levi never fails to amaze! Love all the dresses perfect for summer.
Dheera xx

all the best for you kristina! so much love for you and your passion.

Love your style! The coolest as always


Hi Kristina ! I hope you posted a lot article in your blog this month because is very good to seein my notifications every time.
Great post, this is we i stay focus on Kayture because your article and picture is just whoa !
Great post and stay beautiful❤️ Ps : Cibelle takes a very beautiful picture but very beautiful picture

Great portraits and fashion pictures as always Kristina! :)
I love the flower power dress on you very much. You look stunning! ♥


Amazing outfits! Love the large dress!

Kisses from

I just can’t find the words to express bliss in my heart when reading your article..

the pictures are divine, its good to see u here!

I love your dress, these pictures are all so pretty

That black and white dress is so gorgeous!

I’m in love with this post!!! Love everything about it :D


I love this pictures and beautiful look
The Pink Pineapple
new post:

You look absolutely stunning in the dress!

Wow Coachella venue it’s always sooo cool!! Great shots :)



True words! Love this blog post!

First time visit your blog……very good traffic status.nice blog…

You look amazing in the red and white dress :) And I love your writing, whether it’s long or short or lighter or about a heavier subject, don’t ever stop writing here on Kayture x

I’ve just figured out why facebook is glowing today
Princess Kristina showed up this morning
So if any day passes and I didn’t say good morning, good morning

Love your photos~ Thank you for sharing these looks! You looks gorgeous as always. That off-shoulder dress is really great.

Inspirantes ces photos :)
J’aime beaucoup!

thank you for sharing!
love, Tiffany Lea

Yes ! Love your post :)

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I’m in love with this flower dress !
It really looks perfect on you, I mean I’d be ridiculous in it cause I’m too small !

xoxo Tracy

These all pictures are very beautiful the main lead modal looking very pretty all dresses are suitable on her personality but in white she is looking so good

I love all of your recent outfits, but the floral maxi is just a dreamy dress <3 can't stop looking at it <3


At least your focusing on something else tat you love and enjoy! Always a pleasure to read your posts and beautiful pictures!

Agnes x


Hi Kay! So glad to hear that you keep singing
I was wondering, do you have any platforms where you actually communicate with people and answer the questions? asking because i love your work, and i love you as person and artist. Don’t know if you read all the comments here, i hope you do.
Asking because i would really like to hear how did you managed to succeed in what you do.
How often did you post blogs before you started to get many followers, and work with big brands. Did you knew that you will walk on the Dolce & Gabbana runway, go to the Cannes, have your line in L’oreal and travel around the world? Because from my perspective it’s so nuts! And i want to do the same, and take my husband and my two kids with me. I know that this is reckless and exhausting sometimes, but i would anyway :) You might don’t want to answer on all those questions, and probably been asked gazzilions times, but still. If you have any interviews about it can you hint me some? I happen to be a blogger (from Kazakhstan who based in Beijing , China) I look up to you,because you inspire me to write, and be who you are.When i have days where i start to doubt that my dreams can come true, then i go to kayture or your instagram, and you make me believe again.
I love your style and respect you as business women and smart person with lots of talents and i stand for empowering women.
P.S.Sending you an ocean of love vibes, and hoping to hear from you sometime soon! XOXO Aizhan Raimbekova

Glad you’re back here more frequently with us. This post is inspired. I admire your ambition and passion. And your photos are beautiful. you are so beautiful.
Anh || ontrend

Love the dress!!! Thanks for the fashion inspiration <3
- Lee

Jacky V. 24 May 2017 / Reply

Beauty-queen :-)
Hope so see and read more from you!!


My photography-blog:

Absolutely love it!

Ankita Bardhan 25 May 2017 / Reply

Such beautiful pictures! And you look absolutely stunning, honey :)

Wow so pretty, I love this look my dear.




You are such a beauty!

Alla |

the outfits you put together are always mesmerizing <3

Love the looks! This is definitely giving us some inspiration for some new summer outfits…thanks!

xx -tigha

Wow! Great pictures.
Loved the photography.
And dress is looking stunning.

What a cool style! Love it x


I feel like whatever you wear, you look stunning! <3

great post, so much inspired!

I am SO proud of you Kristina! ♥
So excited for your writing! Keep doing what you’re doing! You are killin’ it!

Happy almost Friday!
xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Amazing post, I just love everything about it!
Hara |
Instagram: @fashion_andthecity

Writing has always been our form of self expression and so has fashion so we totally understand your point of view! We try to curate pieces that are unique and effortless <3

Gorgeous dress! You look incred!!

Carmen |

F. J. Makaroff 18 June 2017 / Reply

Love the look! You’re always fabulous!!


F. J. Makaroff

i loved the styles with flowers and the fotography is amazing beautiful

J’ai une préférence pour le look avec la robe grise . Tu es vraiment superbe . A bientôt pour la Paris fashion week .

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Stunning dress, absolutely love it!

Your bag is beautiful, love your bag! Your pics with beautiful flowers reminds of D&G photo shoots.

The off shoulder black and white dress is amazing. You look lovely

Im in love with your outfits!
You are my absoluetly inspiration ♥

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I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Kayture has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Personal Stylist Blogs on the web.

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That off-shoulder dress is divine!! I love the way you’ve styled it…