Well, it’s been a while. To say the least! I do feel like I explained my periodic absence on the blog longly in previous articles, but it’s always a bittersweet feeling. Coming back, laying my fingers on the keyboard and just writing down these words straight open to you all always felt so good. And that’s why I keep coming back. This freedom of expression given to us all through the curious thing that is internet is a gift and a curse both at the same time. The gift itself is a precious one though and I am so glad to be able to have this chance to connect with you from time to time, when I feel like my heart has some words or thoughts interesting enough to share.

As a personal update, here’s what I’ll say. Although I’ve been posting drastically less (and feeling drastically better because of it let’s just put it out there) on both my social media and blog, my life was been evolving and changing in the most absurd and drastic way. To my best surprise. Finally things I’ve kept deep down somewhere in me are taking proper form. My understanding of life and what I want to make out of it maturing and taking a shift I enjoy watching grow. Progressively, I am becoming the person I want to be, the person I could be truly proud of and aiming to do what my heart is truly longing for. Taking space from the virtual world was the best decision I ever took. Even though for so long it felt like it was adding more pressure than anything else. Until I realized that it was a pressure I was inflicting on my own self. With that being behind, I am so focused right now on being whole, to the world and to my self. Embracing each and every single trait of my being to be as sincere with myself and my life as I possibly can, and without regrets.

I have been working so much on writing. I’ve just been writing pages and pages of text that I hope, and probably will share with you one day. The work I’ve done for my previous book was so fulfilling, it’s a process I enjoy so much. We always have our eyes so turned to the world that we forget to look inside. It’s so nice to find myself at night, while the whole world feels like sleeping, drowning into the deepest part of myself and reminiscing over life itself. These are true, rare moments of peace, tranquility, serenity. Just a contemplation of the arbitrary curiosity that constitutes the world and how our thinking plays along with it, trying to bring in some meaning. These words laid on paper, reflecting a moment, a time, a thought born from life and it’s experiences seems to just float, completely out of time, and for a moment, while everything around feels so ephemeral, us and all the rest, these ideas laid down are the closest we get to a feeling of infinity.

Of course, I’ve been also extremely focused on my music. It is my main occupation and priority at the moment as I am constantly in and out of the studio working with new producers and developing the project. I can’t tell you exactly when more music will come out but when it’s ready, it’ll be the right time. There’s no deadline to such things. And although I hate speaking about things that I can’t show, I can’t wait for it to simply speak for itself. For you to understand why waiting sometimes, especially in our current world where it all goes so fast, is actually such a beautiful, and great thing. So if anything, this project means way too much to me to spoil it.

I am working on a few other surprises, things I can’t mention yet, but just know, your girl’s busy ;) and I promise, it’s worth the wait. It’s worth the distance, the absence and so on. I feel like this all allows me to be a better me. So I can be a better me for you too. With that being said, I wanted to share with you today a set of pictures that Cibelle and I shot together last year. We wanted to create something embodying the L.A scenery and mix it together with a literary inspiration, which is a character we’ve already used in previous shoots, Dolores a.k.a Lolita from Nabokov’s novel of the same title. The colors are sweet like candy, I got an old taste of what it feels like to be blonde again by wearing this crazy wig, but the eyes… they’re meant to be sad. If you read the book, you’ll know why. It’s a lollipop with a bitter filling. Hope you guys will enjoy it. And talk to you soon!

Shot by Cibelle Levi

Styling / Art Direction KB









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Missed you Kristina, you look stunning as always.x

Love to see you back on the blog!
These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

I’m so glad you are back! And I really love how you just concentrate on yourself and your aspirations in life. I totally agree with you that the virtual world and social media really puts pressure on one, so it must be wonderful to take a step back from all these things!

Best wishes from Germany

Those pictures are so special! I love how unusual they are, how weird they look and yet they totally make sense!
Lucie, xx

Loving the vintage feel from these photos!

Haute Sauce

Loved catching up with how you’re doing! As much as I miss reading your blog, I’m so happy you’re doing things that makes you happiest and becoming the person you aspire to be! Very inspiring. Hope the music is going well and can’t wait to discover what these secret projects are! x


When you write a new article on your blog,
I read it several times,
not because I didn’t understand what you said,
but seriously to enjoy my self with such a beautiful tallent,
expressing her self in depth and transparency,
and the words flowing smooth non stop.
Your style represnts the honesty of your personality as a writer,
not hesitant, confident in her self,
believing in her pure thoughts and breave ideas.
Perfect as a model, perfect as a writer, princess.

I love ❤️ the styling of these photos. The hair , glasses dress all give a fabulous 60′s vibe !
Dress The Part

It’s definitely been a long time <3 :) I've missed all of your posts! Glad to hear that you've been doing well. Can't wait to see more of your writing and music in the near future! Keep up the great work, Kristina!

XO, Elizabeth

You are so talanted! Keep on going!

This shoot is so cute and fun! You look amazing <3 <3 | Luxury. Fashion. Lifestyle.


HERRENDEZVOUS 3 April 2017 / Reply

Great post, the editorial is real nice as well!



Yay! Glad to have you back I was missing your posts. I love this shoot, the blonde wig looks amazing! x

It’s so good to have you back! love the doll look.

I love pink. This is my favorite color. Love these photos so much. You look gorgeous with this syle <3

For my birthday they gave me your Loreal male up box, after than for Christmas I had several problems to book them by myself. I read all the articles of your blog from the first, in about six months. You are my greatest source of inspiration for my dream.
I have always seen a lot of me in you, in what you think and how you think it. In what you do, in your dreams and successes. Can’t wait to see your growth.
With love,

I can’t wait to see what you have been working on!x

Your pretty Nabokov face makes Lolita meet BB..Such an inspiring face for the fashion gurus!
I would love to see you wear these jackets to emphasize your 50′s beauty

Hey Kristina!
It felt amazing to read a new post again. I miss reading your post but can totally understand how good it feels to stay away from media from time to time. I am super excited for another book of you and just keep on being yourself. We will always come back ;)

xx Nicki

very lovely, very chic, very Brigitte

So sweet and adorable!

Today on the blog don’t miss my Comfy outfit with a Sporty touch….taking advantage of the accessories !!! ;)

❤Kisses from

good luck on your adventures, kristina!!

You look beautiful, the photography is so inspiring. I wish you well on your journey in life and hope happiness always finds you <3

It’s so good you’re back! I’m reading your book and it’s been a great source of inspiration for me so I just want to thank you for writing it!
I really love the pinky look the sunnies are the best!



Just thought, I miss your posts…went on the blog and found a brand new piat.

This concept fits you so well! Love the matte lips and the bubble gum pink styling :)

Characters & Carry-ons

I mean… I CAN’T EVEN! These pictures! ♥♥♥ Holy canoli!
Looking fierce, Kristina! ♥ How are you more and more beautiful?

Happy Tuesday!
xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

OMG Gorgeous pictures! You look like a barbie girl in these photos. You are really beautiful as always. So inspiring… What a great new to know that you are back here again. I can’t wait to read more! Wishing you success in music :)
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Sofia M. 4 April 2017 / Reply

I absolutely loved this! Keep up with the good work doll.

Hi Kristina, I have been waiting for your new post for a very longtime. I am quite surprised by your stunning looks. Amazing pictures, as always. Your post made my day!

Lots of love,
Jatin Gandhi

Beautiful shots, you look like a doll here! It’s good to see you back x

Glad to hear you’re doing well! Looking forward to your next projects =)

I like this outfit and the photos.
Asesora de Imagen & Personal Shopper

Always nice to hear from you, missed reading your deep words so much. reading through your words has always been like a ‘sweet escape’ for me. Hope you will publish those writings one day.
It’s always nice to take breaks from our screens, the world of social media and enjoy the moments, the people, the places or the situations genuinely instead.
Whatever that change is, the most important thing is that you’re happy.

These are tips from life I liked to share with you from time to time, some I known through direct experience,
And I knew others through my readings, and the main problem in all these images is the problem that has plagued me for many years, so I turned to thinking about with my mind and heart altogether.
It is the same problem that I found many people think like me, maybe more than me They are looking for a solution.
A problem that can not be identified in a word. It’s a problem with life.
This rivalry, which no one has ever escaped, even those who have the full happiness of money, health, love and peace of mind, even those who have been subjected to questions stood in front of confused, and tried to get rid of them in peace.
How can a man live in peace with himself and with others? And how the defeated are acting in the way of life and the victorious.
What’s hope .. What’s pessimism .. And what is optimism. What is sorrow .. What is joy?
All these questions are what I am trying through these writings, including the psychological pictures, to answer them.
The issue at the end is just an attempt, not more to be a set of “aspirin tablets” aimed at alleviating that old disease .. Human grief and rivalry with life.
Even these “pills” are not mine. Their truemakers are those heroes of these psychological images, or the great masters of writers and thinkers with whom I have lived for a while, such as Chekhov and Tolstoy.
If these psychological images got your satisfaction
Thanks to the owners of the real pharmacy of artists and different people.
If the result is the opposite .. Do not blame anyone else other than me .. Then forgive me ..
At the end it’s a try to heal myself too from the sorrow and distress of life caused me spiritual defeat in an era of my life.
And which was about to block all roads in front of me, and deprive me of any joy or enthusiasm to life..

Very Great article,loveee it :)

See photos, I feel these photos good girl with the wind ah, powder powder.

Superbes clichés, le look Lolita est totalement réussi!


Tes photos sont inspirantes et magnifiques

These photos are so amazing! Love it ♥

Love the look on you, so different!


Omg!!! These photos of you are amazing. You look totally different, yet also super stunning


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It reminds me of 60′s French movies! Love your girlish look and this cute off-shoulder dress with bell sleeves. Make up is brilliant and these heart shaped sunnies are so barbie girl!

xo, Jess |

Andreea Lowe 13 April 2017 / Reply

This is great you are looking so pretty and cool pink color is suitable on you

You are very beautiful, look at my blog
Il you like

Very nice article ! I love the pictures shot by Cibelle, she’s a gifted photographer ! You’re still stunning; The color palette is great as well. Good job !

PS: where did you get your wig?

Love these set of pictures! So happy to see a new post x

Kristina, I’m so happy to see you post. I completely understand how you feel in terms of posting less. I’m on a 90-day Facebook hiatus myself and as I’m approaching the finish line, I’m not sure if I want to come back. I like being by myself and reflecting in whatever way I feel like. For me, it feels good to post less and less on that platform and more on my blog and IG. I feel like I’m more myself.

You know, you’re right. I never thought about waiting in that sense before. It is a beautiful thing. I’ve been waiting in certain areas of my life and have been impatient in other places. I think it’s because I’m so excited to see things unfold that I’ve been working hard on. I’m definitely going to take this and apply it to more areas of my life.

As always, it doesn’t matter how long the time is in between each post because I always look forward to your return when you do come back. As long as you’re happy and inspiration and passion are flowing through you, it’s all that matters! Much love! xo

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Omg you look hot! Love this fancy look<3
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Xoxo Kimberly

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Que pasada de shooting, la camisa es monísima. Esta guapísima.

Hoy toca un Look BBC

Each of those pages I have submitted to you reflectes how I felt about you in a specific moment, admiration or weakness,

In my depths, love develops a dynamic force that may captivate those who spread their emotions on the surface,
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What is the meaning of what I’m writing?
I know you are my crush,
I am way afraid to say love.
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How dare I communicate pursuant to this,
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praise be to God. I write on paper and do not say it to you,
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for a long time,
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even the writing I myself blame myself for it,
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Telling you, and I trust you ..
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I know you made this post when I wrote to you in your previous one’is the queen staying in hebernation mode’ or something like that phrase, and I appreciate it.
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Wonderful! I really like your look and your style!!!!!

You look like a hollywood star! Nice pictures.

It’s so good to have you back! love the doll look.