Golden-winged, silver-winged,

Winged with flashing flame,

Such a flight of birds I saw,

Birds without a name:

Singing songs in their own tongue

(Song of songs) they came.

One to another calling,

Each answering each,

One to another calling

In their proper speech

High above my head they wheeled,

Far out of reach.

On wings of flame they went and came

With a cadenced clang,

Their silver wings tinkled,

Their golden wings rang,

The wind it whistled through their wings

Where in Heaven they sang.

They flashed and they darted

Awhile before mine eyes

Mounting, mounting, mounting still

In haste to scale the skies–

Birds without a nest on earth,

Birds of Paradise.

Where the moon riseth not,

Nor sun seeks the west,

There to sing their glory

Which they sing at rest,

There to sing their love-song

When they sing their best

Not in any garden

That mortal foot hath trod,

Not in any flowering tree

That springs from earthly sod,

But in the garden where they dwell,

The Paradise of God.

Shot by Cibelle Levi

Art Direction / Styling KB

Poem by Christina Rossetti

Shot at the Beverly Hills Hotel 

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Wow!! I’m speechless!! These photos are to die for, you’re looking so feminine and vamp!

Love black outfits.

Today on the blog don’t miss my masculine style outfit…with a pair of Italian design loafers !!! ;)

❤Kisses from

Adorable pictures!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Welcome Kristina! Love your style! Awesome photoshot!

Wow girl, you look beyond gorgeous in those shots!!! Simply amazing!



Dear Kristina,

you are an amazing person that inspires me constantly that i look forward for every article you share, I check on your site almost everyday to see if there is any new post because over the years I grew fonder of not only your style and articles but everything about you enchant the life of mine. I like it when you write on the intellectual level gives deeper meaning that excites me. I love people especially the ones who speak from a profound place in their heart showing their real souls and forgetting the physical world. You do both write about them and expressing them through your approach to fashion and style.

Thank you for doing what you love and sharing it with us
keep up the good work
xx Hind

I love everything about this look. Your make-up is gorgeous and the wet hair look is something I would love to try one day. Such an inspiring shoot.

Adrianna |

Absolutely love it!

Mireia from TGL

If I were a sculptor, I would have put up for her a statue like of the pharaohs.
The most beautiful face is her face .. اHer stature is as long as a wonderful branch in the willow tree .. Her eyes .. Her hair .. Do not ask me about any of this!
There is no answer except poetry, and I am not a poet ..
But what is surprising about this beautiful face is that it hides behind it a cruel heart, unlimited cruelty … and a drought in all the meanings of humanity
There is no love passion in her life, no friendship, no loyalty to anything ..
Everything in her life is fabricated, and far from honesty ..
Inertia, coldness, aridity sand ..
This is her heart, her soul and her dark world!
So ..
If I were a painter or sculptor, I would drow a painting or set up a statue of the Great Wall
Which suggests one thing .. ugliness ..

You look stunning! Love the pics. Kiss Francesca from Italy

Loving these ethereal photos! <3 So gorgeous!

XO, Elizabeth

Hi Kristina! I really love these pics, and you are wonderful as always! Even though you don’t post often, I really appreciate your content. But, above all, I appreciate your genuineness and your hard work. Best wishes for your music projects ;)

Clarification about my latest commen:
There is a kind of people we meet a lot in life, when he sees a beautiful girl smiling He says she is a notorious girl and behavior, if he sees a successful face in the media, he tells you she do not deserve the fame she has, if he reads for a successful writer, his only concern is to prove to you that this writer was a failure.
What is the secret of this person?
He is a kind of people who hates excellence, antagonizes excellence, and is deeply afraid of seeing someone who has a talent .. does not like to see a beautiful statue to look at with admiration,
The wreck deepens his joyful feelings, and he is completely relieved at thissight !!
Autumn leaves are more beautiful sight than spring flowers,
And the sight of destruction reassures him that the world is fine .. There is no superiority or privilege !!
The beautiful Venus statue is full of worry, but Venus’s view with a broken arm makes him happy !!
This kind of people encounters privilege in all its forms, whether it is a beautiful face, or a successful work, the excellent person is an indirect criticism of the owners of these psychics .. highlights what they lack, and reveals to them that they’re living on the margins of life.
This feeling is worrying, but rather frightening, so how can this burning sensation of such peoplebe overcomed !?

You’re my inspiration ♡

Love this set of photos, feels like a magazine editorial x

Love the editing !!! Great images.

x Gitta //

Your writing and pictures are stunning. I love you dress as well, super beautiful!

Andreea Lowe 11 April 2017 / Reply

You are amazing in every post!!

Super amazing as always!!


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Kinga Kurek 12 April 2017 / Reply

Amazing photos dear! They look so high end <3
Kinga x

Such a nice poem. Thanks for a resource.

Love the content! So beautiful and well versed!

So glad to see new content from you! These pictures are gorgeous and the styling is on point xxx

Love your posts :) Can’t wait for new photos

It’s always a pleasure to read your blog Kristina. The essence is amazing :)

wonderful !!! by http:\

TOP !!! by http:\

Bellezón, madre mía que guapa. Y el efecto de las fotos es genial.

Un año de blog,

Such an Amazing thing to Read :)

I always love black outfits. You are looking chic in that outfit!

Love these pictures! So fashionable and artistic! Kisses!


You are so stunning!

Alla |

wow! these shots are simply incredible!
love, tiffany lea

Beautiful poem and such glamour shots! Love them!

You are looking pretty and your black colour outfit is nice.

You’re amazing in these photos! Love them ;)

Emy | MyCasualStyle

What an absolutely beautiful poem, Kristina! I have a feeling this is reflecting how you feel while you’re away from everything on the internet: flying so freely and being yourself.

You look amazing as always! Sidenote, congratulations on walking the D&G runway! Such a treat to see your beautiful self take the stage! Xo

She Sweats Diamonds

… The sun is gone beyond the horizon,
And through the magic, clouds shapes and colors
One shiny star cycle, Venus
Goddess of Love
Do you see her as our land, human beings who love and crave?
Perhaps he found a girl who is like me,
His one,
A distant sweet is close near.

Write to him now and twilight fills the space,
And learn that darkness leaves the twilight,
And that light follows darkness,
And that the night will leave the day,
And the day will follow the night many times before you see who you love.
Take the pen aside to hide from the brutuality in one:@friend

I know you are much more into music these days, but I miss you so much here!!!!

lots of love!!!!

This post is honestly one of the most stunning and creative ones you’ve done!

Amazing black look ! :)

Des photos et une mise en scène toujours aussi magnifique!

Oh my Wodan…now it s time to tear down the mask i am wearing here to comment feminine blogs and to reveal who i really am. A man..but before i couldn t say it because i wasn t a man. Can a man be called man before he loves for the first time? No, he can’t. Now i can say. i came, i loved, i on your pics and on Rossetti’ poem.

These photos are stunning.
Anh || ontrend