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Make-up products

 Hi guys as so many of you have requested, here is a post speaking about the beauty products I use. I though it was I good idea, make-up has always been a great hobby for me and I think that cosmetics really add something to an outfit. Especially the lipsticks, they really add this little touch of colour to a look which I really enjoy.
My favourite beauty products are Too Faced’s, It is a brand you can find in sephora shops all over the world. The quality is amazing and the designs are wicked! So here are pictures of the make-up I use daily. I always do the same eye make-up. It stays very basic in brown shades, I prefer to accentuate the lips.

1. Too Faced “Amazing Face” skin balancing flexible coverage foundation powder ( it’s a great powder to wear alone or over foundation)
2. Too Faced “Chocolate Soleil” matte bronzing powder with real cocoa ( AMAZING blush, the best one I swear, it smells and TASTE chocolate)
3. Clinic anti-blemish solutions liquid foundation ( great foundation, I really recomend for every tipe of skin)

1. Too Faced eye shadow duo in ” Teddy bear and heaven” ( basic shadow for my every day make-up)
2. Lancome ” L’extreme” ( best mascara from lancome! love it)
3. Essence ” liquid eye liner” ( it’s really easy to use and the line is highly precise)
4. Too Faced ” eye shadow insurance” ( keeps your eye shadow perfect for the whole day)

Here’s a zoom to my basic eye make-up, it’s thick strike of black eye liner, with on the lid heaven of too faced and upper lid a darker tone : teddy bear. With tons of lancome’s mascara.

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