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ACROPOLISAfter a wonderfull stay in Paros where we had the chance to enjoy refreshing sea water and a traditional atmosphere, we decided to take some time to visit Athens since we were so close. First of all, we rented a lovely room for one night in the town center and thought about what things were the most important to see. Our choice ended up being the Acropolis Museum ans the Parthenon with it’s spectacular view. The visit at the museum was full of new discoveries, Greek sculptures were so impressiv for their age. 

We decided to take a little break in the gorgeous restaurant on the rooftop of the museum, we ordered some greek dishes : such as veal meat with grape bites baked in wine and a multicolred salad with a wine dressing. For dessert I tasted a delicious frozen vanilla drink with oreo sprinkles on the top, not very greek but yet very good. Such a great meal brought us loads of energy to climb to the Partheon. As you can notice it on the pictures, I couldn’t stop smiling that day, I felt lucky to be in such beautiful place.

TOP : H&M / SHORTS : Zara / FLATS : bought in a greek souvenir shop / BAG :

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