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Beige on my mind

SUNTANCan you notice it guys? It looks like my white-like-a-paper-sheet skin got a little bit of golden color, yay. This makes me so happy, no more bronzer blush all over the face to wear, just a bit of mascara and brown eye shadow and natural skin. We took those pictures with Olivia a few days ago, it was so sunny and for months it has never been as hot in swiss so I have spent my day tanning at the beach with some friends, drinking lemon ice tea and taking pictures.

I have received those new garments from, such a great online fashion web-store. The service is high quality and also if you are a blogger you get a real benefit since they collaborate with many of them. Anyway take a look at their shop, the prices are totally affordable. I picked this beige dress and this orange bag that really catched my eye. Also today I have received a peach clutch and some trousers from romwe, can’t wait to show you. The shoes I am wearing are from, an italian brand I have already talken to you about in one of my previous post.


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