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Black stripes

BURNDOWNI must admit that sometimes, even if I try as hard as I can to keep it all organized : I kind of get a brain meltdown. And that is what I experienced those past days. With all those things to care about such as the intensive training for Miss Swiss contest, with the homework and the management of the blog I had hardly a second to rest. But it’s important to keep things positiv and I think it is totally worth it doing all those extra activities. I hope it will pay, and I think that good work always get noticed.

James and I were a few days ago in Zurich for a radio interview concerning the future show, I was so excited about this first radio experience. I decided to wear this new motelrocks dress ( I entirely fell in love with it’s striped sleeves) from with my beloved blue Bally heels. I love this brand so much, especially because it is a Swiss one. I also paired it with one of my personal design bracelet and a Chanel mini porte-monnaie. As for the necklace it is from, I hope you like it!

SHOES : Bally
BRACELET : Personal design

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