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Lost in translation

Pictures by JAMES VYN

TOKYO PART III I must admit that the first time that I saw Sofia Coppola’s movie ”Lost in Translation” starring Bill Murray and the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson, I was quiet disappointed. Having heard so much about this movie and read so many critics I simply couldn’t understand how and why this movie gained so much success. The thing that made me say that at first was the fact that there is no special action, and the story line is very long and nothing happens. I guess that was putting a statement way to fast. Now that I have been in Tokyo, I can truly feel what Sofia tried to show us in her movie : the way you can feel entirely lost in such a big city whitout trully knowing where you are. It was funny for me to remember some scenes while walking in the Shibuya center. James and I are living in such a small country where we are used to pretty much everything. Discovering such a huge town was very impressiv and even though we had no clue where to go, it was fun getting lost a little bit. That’s the way true adventurer are living!

I really enjoyed the culture of Japanesse people, how respectfull they are and polite, things we don’t always are concerned about in Europe. We were staying at the gorgeous Cerulean tower hotel in the Shibuya quartier. In europe the athmosphere in such luxurious places is very high class and sometimes can almost get a bit ”snobish” but we were both highly impressed to discover their sympathy and kindness no matter what. So definetly a good impression of Japan, our stay was however a bit to short and we wished to stay a little longer just to visit. The pictures you can see here of my outfit were made during our free day where we decided to go after little presents and souvenirs to bring back to our family. I wore that day some Dolce&Gabbana sequined leggins and you can also see the new Louis Vuitton bag I received for my birthday a week ago, it has just like the shoes a chameleon colour : it is a dark aubergine that looks red wine under the sun or dark black. The shirt is from, a great online shop you guys should definetly check!

LEGGINS : Dolce&Gabbana
BAG : Louis Vuitton
SHOES : Zara
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ”Vegas Volt”
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