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Make-up tricks ( video)

BEAUTYFinally the video I have been now promising for weeks is finished, and I must say that filming is much more difficult than doing simple pictures. My clip was at first 17 minutes… Can you believe it, seriously even I am now wondering what I could have possibly shown during such a long time. Well I guess I did well and it is finally about five minutes long. The most important of my make-up is there, meaning the eye routine with the primer, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. I don’t wear a lot of foundation, so I just use powder and a bit of concelaer if I have rednesses, a bit of blush aswell. I thought it would be less interesting to show this in the video but you can still check the products I use for my face make-up here : CLICK. Basically I use my clinic s.o.s formula foundation as a concealer, and also if I have some little flaws to hide, but I never apply on the whole face. It is a great product because it dries very fast and is oil-free. For the powder, I like both Clinic and Too faced, I choose both formula to mattify the skin.

You can also see in this clip that I don’t have any special trick to apply lipstick, as many of you asked me. I simply use very bright shades, from M.A.C usually, that are really easy to apply. It happends sometimes with dark colours such as dark wine red that I use a speacial lip brush to draw a nice shape. Butmost of the time I am not patient enough, and make my make-up in about 10minutes. So finally, I hope you will enjoy the video, even though some parts are cut because they were too long I think the essential is here. Also you can find in this post a few complementary pictures with zooms on my eye make-up and some details such as the products I use, and why I have chosen them. I hope I answered to your questions reagrding my make-up routine, if you have any other request, please don’t mind!

I am using for my eye make-up the ”Bronze Goddess”from Estée Lauder. I bought this palette last summer, it was the special beach beauty collection and they had a lot of various golden and brown shades that I really liked. My eye make-up has been a few years ago made of black and grey eye shadow, but I noticed that brown gives that same ”big eyes” effect in a more natural way. Since I discovered this make-up, I am a fan and wear in honestly everyday. It makes my eyes look bigger and deeper.

1. First I apply the ”Tea Biscuit” colour on the whole lid, which is a light silverish cream shade. I do this to illuminate and make my eye look brighter.

2. Then, above the lid I draw a half circle with the ”Bronze cube” colour. It is a dark brown with bordeau glitters. This gives and illusion of bigger eyes. I also apply this shade under my eyes.

To finish the look I like to put some eye-liner and a lot of layers of deep black mascara. The best mascaras I have tried are all from Lancôme : Hypnose, Vertuose and Hypnose Doll eyes are really good products. The lashes are longer and thicker, and of course the quality is amazing. After one layer you already have a spectacular effect, after two even more. I use an eye-liner pen, because it is a lot easier to apply. 

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