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The white yeti faux-fur jacket

 MY BONES ARE MADE OF ICEI think they were actually, especially when those pictures were shot. When my mother and I decided to have a walk on sunday in Lausanne to see the christmas market I was at first paralyzed be the unbelievable cold, and then, just my luck, it rained… So our adventure wasn’t that long… Unfortunatly I couldn’t even buy those homemade market cookies that I wanted so much, they would  have been a very nice christmas treat. Therefore we decided to go somewhere warm. We looked up for a nice and cozy place and enjoyed some freshly baked muffins and a huge mug of hot ( very hot) chocolate. It felt good, after being sick all week long, it was quiet a choc to spend the entire day outside, I guess our decision to finally go for a warm beverage was a very nice alternative and a good way to keep away from another illness. And I won’t complain, drinking hot chocolate during winter, and especially when the weather outside is dreadfull, is my guilty pleasure.

I just realised that my coat wardrobe is yet almost entirely made of faux-fur jackets. The main reason is because, I think they keep very warm. When I wear faux-fur I just feel like a little bear or something, and it’s so cozy down there. I just can’t resist wearing this type of outerwear those past few months. And of course, I think it is so gorgeous, it adds so much to a simple on-the-go casual outfit. A simple faux-fur brings a lot of chic to a look. So I decided to go for this amazing white jacket ( I look like a sort of yeti in it!). Because my skin is almost the same colour as the coat, ( If you find anybody who has got skin more pale than mine, please let me know) I wanted to combine it to some red elements such as my new birthday Louis Vuitton ”Alma” and the second item I got from, this golden chain bracelet embelished by a red rubon.

BAG : ”Alma” Louis Vuitton
PANTS : Forever 21
SHOES : Mango

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