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Pictures by James Vyn

FIRST DAY IN MONTREUX Listen guys, I really don’t know why I look so pissed off on those pitures. Right? Actually, each time I come back in Montreux I am the happiest person on earth. You should see my face, laughing and giggling already in the train halfway there. This place is like a little oasis to me, my little heaven. It’s like I feel a huge relaxing and peacefull athmosphere everytime I spend a couple of days out there. And so, after my graduation I didn’t even have a couple of days off to rest. So I decided to take some time with James, far away from the internet connexion in this little town. And I can tell you, it feels so incredibly good. All we did was to walk by the port, eat ice creams, admire the view, make some pictures and enjoy some delicious meals. It’s simply perfection. I even wish I could have stayed a little longer, I have never enough of Montreux. 

For the outfits, I took really few clothing with me so it was the occasion to play a little on the details. I had this comfortable About Eloise white dress, that I decided to pair with new Zara tote which I think is so Valentino inspired. Once again I went with the less expensive but still so pretty version. Also picked out this H&M necklace that I am absolutely in love with. And here  it is, as simply as possible my outfit of the day! 

Also wanted to let you guys know that my hair care video is ready to be published, and it will be posted online next week (on tuesday or wednesday), since this week-end we are leaving for the fresh air of Davos for a litle surprise project I can’t wait to talk to you about! So stay updated, you can follow me on twitter (@kayture), facebook or instagram (@kristina_bazan) for even more news and pictures.

DRESS : About Eloise
No lipstick and nude nailpolish

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