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Dolce & gabbana showroom

Pictures by James Vyn

SECOND DAY IN MILAN After a very short night of rest, James and I had the chance to enjoy our last day of the Milan fashion week at the Dolce and Gabbana HQ showroom in the heart of the city. Honestly, I felt like a little girl in a huge candy bar : my eyes were sparkling and if I could, I would have definitely left with bags and shoes and coats and shoes again. My my… A real heaven. The goal of our visit was first of all to try some pieces from the current fall/winter collection in order to make a video that you guys will be soon able to discover, but of course I took advantage of the occasion to check out all the clothing. The collection, is typically italian : completely baroque inspired with a lot of colours and patterns but still with that little special touch which Dolce and Gabbana add to all of their creations. It is a mix of high elegance, with a modern feel and some quite “funky” details too if I may say so. All I can say is that all the clothing had such a huge charisma, and I could definitely feel all the hours of work behind it. The materials were luxurious and I couldn’t but fell in love with some of the pieces.

So during the whole stay, I was thinking about a strategic plan DG which I established in my head in order to sneak out of the HQ with a little purse…. Of course I am joking (no I’m not…). It was quite difficult to choose an outfit, I ended up trying out 4 but you can have a look at my favourite one at the end of this post, the skirt was more than amazing. The pattern and of course the structure, everything seemed so perfect about it. So for the occasion, I decided to go for a dolce inspired outfit, and when I think DG I think leopard and those new pants were absolutely perfect for this little visit. I matched them to some neutral garments such as a white shirt and blazer, a classic Louis Vuitton from the new collection and finally a statement nacklace from Zara (notice that I took the big stone off , just felt better that way). Hope you guys will enjoy having a look at the Dolce and Gabbana show room and see you tomorrow for some more pictures from Milan.

SHIRT : Yes or No
BLAZER : Minusey
LIPS : YSL “Corail Aquatique”
BAG : Louis Vuitton

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