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Overlaying browns

Pictures by James Vyn

GENEVA COLD I don’t know if you guys ever have this feeling before going out on a date or a meeting, like you just picked out the most awesome outfit ever, you’re absolutely proud : and then once you’re back home and you look at yourself again in the mirror you just realise ”what was I even thinking about?!”. The shoes absolutely don’t match, the hat looks ridiculous, bref a very bad fashion day. Well this is the feeling I had yesterday. And of course, I show you this outfit anyway because I am a highly honest person who shows it’s mistakes too : oh yes, yes I do (that might not be entirely true)… I thought overlaying jackets and coats and so on would look interesting, and warm by the way, but at the end I am not very satisfied with the result. It looks too big, though I must admit it was an extremely comfortable look. What do you think about this outfit guys? I want to know your opinion.

So James and I tried to do our best out of the pictures : it was a cold afternoon and I was happy to actually be wearing all those layers even if I really looked like a gigantic cupcake. You’re authorized to laugh at me of course. On a bright side, I was more than excited to wear my new Swarovski bangle which I received from the brand a couple of days ago, thanks again for this gorgeous gift. If you re following me on instagram (@kristina_bazan) then you must have already seen it. Anyway, you’ll find out some more about this very special bracelet in a future article. I just couldn’t wait to wear it and it seemed like it matched perfectly my camel shades outfit. James and I have spent the day with the lovely Rita&Zia girls at their concept store in Geneva, the only thing I can say is that you guys can expect some beautiful surprises.


BAG : Jelmoli shop
BOOTS : Fabi
BRACELET : Swarovksi

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