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It’s a classic

Pictures by James Vyn

BASICEven if I absolutely love colours, mixing and combining different shades and trying to find the perfect association, I do really appreciate wearing a very simple outfit from time to time. An elegant and timeless one which fits various occasion and feels right any day, just like a little black dress (which is by the way in my opinion a real releaver in case of a morning late wake-up rush). This time I decided to wear a classic grey dress mixed with some of my classics of the season : a simple black blazer, Lady Dior bag and of course a hat (I’m addicted to hats if you haven’t noticed… at first I used them to cover up my bad hair days and now I wear them because they keep my ears warm… Just joking, I love the edgy look it adds to any outfit).

We shot these pictures while in Florence with Luisa Via Roma, it was a fabulous trip and so nice to discover this gorgeous place. Many of you asked me how did I do to wear such light clothes in winter? Well first of all, I am quite crazy and second of all I seriously felt like the weather was much nicer than in Switzerland. A good blazer worked perfectly fine for me that day actually. Hope you’ll enjoy these pictures, we’ll be leaving this wednesday to Berlin with Hugo Boss, so stay updated for news on my instagram account @kristina_bazan or twitter @kayture!


DRESS : In Love with Fashion
BAG : Lady Dior
LIPS : Tom Ford ”Narcotic Rouge”

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