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Ny dreams

Pictures by Zanita Morgan

FINAL NY SET As you guys know, while we were in New York for fashion week, I had the opportunity to shoot with my amazing australian friend and beauty Zanita Morgan. We shot 2 looks in one day, you’ve already seen the previous set in the ”Windy New York” article and here is the final one. The pictures are quite different from what you usually see on Kayture, but I hope you’ll enjoy the difference. Zanita has truly an eye for the light and the colours, don’t you think?

As for the outfit, nothing much complicated actually. I still can’t get rid of my obcession for this long camel coat from Zalando collection, I swear I could wear it all the time. It fits perfectly any outfit and it’s lenght is absolutely gorgeous. It’s quite hard to find the perfect coat but this one is definitely for me. We’re getting ready to leave soon for Paris, we won’t be there for the whole fashion week but just a couple of days with Louis Vuitton to attend their show as well as some events. Talk to you soon peeps!

COAT : Zalando Collection
SHOES : Kat Maconie
SKIRT : Windsor Store
SHIRT : Three Floor
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