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Bed sheets & make-up talk

Pictures by James Vyn
NEUTRAL YET SOPHISTICATED Lately I’ve been completely obcessing over big eyebrows. And I mean it, I’ve been completely nuts trying out all sorts of shadows, paints and pencils in order to re-create the perfect ”Cara Delevigne”, ”Lily Collins” or what so ever brow. I’ve been seing them all over the runways, in all the magazine and damn it got me… And it got me bad. Usually, I don’t get influenced by trends that much, but I can’t get enough of how they make me look so different. I love it. 
As I have a very soft face, ”baby doll” as you guys say it, those brows add the perfect sophisticated touch. So I would definitely suggest to any of you, to try it out and see if it works on your features. It’s really fun to do! My trick is to first of all use a pencil to draw a shape, I use ”Le Crayon Sourcils” in 030 Brun from Lancôme. After that I fill them in with a Lancôme brow palette called ”Le Regard Pro”. Finally a touch of brow gel and we’re done. Et voilà!
DRESS : In Love With Fashion
RINGS : Backstage
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EYES : Tom Ford, Eye Colour Quad ”01 Golden Mink”
BROWS : Lancôme Le Crayon Sourcils ”030 Brun” + Le Regard Pro
HIGHLIGHTER : M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish ”Soft and Gentle”
FOUNDATION : Guerlain ”Parure de Lumière”
CONCEALER : Nars ”Vanilla”
MASCARA : Guerlain ”Cils D’Enfer” (best mascara evaar)
BLUSH : Lancôme Blush In Love ”20 Pomettes d’Amour”
LIPSTICK : Lancôme Rouge In Love ”200B”
NAIL POLISH : Bobbi Brown ”Lilac Rose
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