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 A LITTLE BREAKSince we had a little pause of a couple of days before our next trip I decided to go ahead and create another cool goodies post, I was so so happy with the incredible feedback the last one got. You guys can’t even imagine! James and I do pay huge attention to your comments and it motivates us so much when we see that you like a new project. I guess adding some little notes to the pictures was really a cool and very personal way to add something special to the goodies post.

In the following weeks our schedule is going to be heavy, very very crazy. But like I say, a crazy schedule is a good schedule. That means that we’ll have tons of exciting things to share with you. Here’s the planning, after a couple of days in Paris for fashion week we’ll leave to Los Angeles with Guess, then to London with My Wardrobe and then to Vienna with Omega. I won’t be surprised if something pops in between! It’s going to be lots of fun so stay updated peeps :)

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