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L.a sunset

Pictures by James Vyn

SUMMER FEELING I was completely amazed by the weather during our stay in Los Angeles, seriously I haven’t felt that amazing in a long time. There’s just something there that makes me so…happy I guess. Everything seems right, and the suns gives me such an energy. I loved trying out all the healthy food, the smoothies, the juices, the incredible fruits and vegetables. In Europe and even NY we use to eat so much more, or let’s just say not so well. But maybe that’s just me…But in L.A taking care of your body is such an important thing, it’s not only about feeling good about your body, it’s feeling good about youself and being strong, physically and mentaly. So yeah, as you can hear : we really loved it there.

So we had the chance to leave to L.A with Guess in order to discover their HQ as well as meet their amazing team and designers. I actually kind of fell in love with it. I did too with L.A, not like I fell in love with New York which was more of an ambiance crush but I could actually imagine myself living in L.A, and honestly, we are truly considering this option! Sometimes you just have to follow your heart, and I totally leads me there right now. Enjoy those pictures babes! We are in London right now so follow the updated on my Instagram :)

DRESS : Three Floor
BAG : Lady Dior
SHOES : Zara
RINGS : Backstage
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ”Vegas Volt”
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