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Oh la li-ner

Pictures by James Vyn

THE ICONIC CAT EYE You guys might have noticed that I do almost every single day the same make-up. I’ve gotten really attached to it and it became sort of part of me, like you know when you reaally like a pair of jeans : it suits you so damn well you want to wear it every single day because you feel so confident, comfrotable and good in it. Well it’s exactly my case with the cat eye.

A lot of you have been asking me how I do it, trust me it’s super easy once you got the trick and got used to it. At the beginning it could take me up to 1-2minutes to do a really good one. Now I’ll make one in 20 seconds. The best advice I could give is to use an eye liner pen, here I used the Yves Saint Laurent shocking but you can just as much use one from any brand, it just have to have this special pencil/brush tip. So here’s my technique to achieve the perfect sexy cat eye look in 3 steps! 


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BOW : Rock n’ Roses
EARRINGS : Windsor Store
RINGS : Backstage
EYE LINER : Yves Saint Laurent shocking (lasts forever, really worth it compared to cheaper brands which dry out in less than two weeks)
Lengthen your eye by drawing a thin line up towards your brow, about 0.7 mm (precision!)
From the top on the line you’ve drawn, join the other side of your eye with a thin diagonal line
Fill in and correct the imprefections. Voilà!
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