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Rush hour

Pictures by James Vyn

AFTERNOON IN GENEVAJames and I have been enjoying some great time lately in Switzerland, usually we are always on the plane or train, rushing through different trips and so on, but honestly as much as I absolutely lo-lo-love travelling (the best thing by far) it was great to spend some time home and get to work on some big projects that we didn’t have time to develop on the go. 

So these past couple of weeks we’ve been on a lot of meetings, with various brands and companies that we love in order to talk about projects and oportunities we can build up in order to make this blogging experience even more exiciting, not only for us but also for the content we want to share with you guys! We’ve got some cool stuff coming up soon, and yup we’ll be back on crazy travelling as soon as May starts. Meanwhile, here’s the outfit I wore yesterday while in Geneva, elegant, stylish yet super comfortable. That’s my mood of the moment :)

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PANTS : Zara
BODY : American Apparel
SHOES : Guess by Marciano
CLUTCH : Goodnight Macaroon
WATCH : Michael Kors
RINGS : Backstage
SUNNIES : Windsor Store
JACKET : Queen’s Wardrobe
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