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Somebody stole the wallpaper

Pictures by James Vyn

CARVEN PERFECTION To answer the subject regarding the title : I did, because it felt perfect as a design for a dress (or may I say skirt and top ensemble). No actually, I am just messing around. Here’s the real story, as you guys might now I am a 100% into timeless pieces, classic yet edgy elegance and pure chic. But when it comes to exciting prints, I just can’t resist. So when I first saw this ensemblefrom Carven on My Wardrobe, my instant reaction was : ”challenge accepted”.

What I love about fashion, is that there are no rules, the goal is pleasure. I like to have fun with my looks and try new things out(highly suggest you to do the same, feels really good). I thought that the print of this ”dress” was stunning, totally reminded me of those crazy wallpapers you can find in old baroque tea rooms in Paris, or some vintage shops. Not many accessories were needed to finish the look, it looked already quite great simply as it is and believe me, I tried the top with some black leather jeans and it looks ah-may-zing.


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ENSEMBLE : Carven (Find the top here, skirt here)
CLUTCH : Gucci
SHOES : Jimmy Choo Nude Anouk
RING : Vita Fede
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