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Blue in shanghai

Pictures by James Chardon

DIM SUM AND BLUE SKY I think that what I liked the most about China was all the Dim Sum (how plane right). Okay I am just joking here, obviously the city was beyond amazing with unexpected views (and heights by the way, we went on the top of the Park Hyatt hotel tower, the highest building in Shanghai : so impressiv!), a completely new culture and mentality with totally different standarts and values than us. It was so much fun discovering all these new things and I did feel a bit lost at some point, but that’s just the thrill of travelling.

However, there is a part of true when I say that I got crazy about Dim Sum. I mean we had dumpling for breakfast, lunch and dinner, of course we also tried other things like jellyfish, duck or beef, but these ones that really got us cray-zay. We also tried the famous Hai Di Lao Hotspot restaurant, and it was a real struggle to find it as it was kind of hidded in a business center building, fact is we were the only europeans in the restaurant, but the service was so incredible, I’ve never seen such friendly and caring waiters. For our second day in China I wore my brand new holy grail purse from Saint Laurent (recent obsession) that I got from Runin2, they have the best selection ever. I won’t hide you guys that I obviously had to quickly change for flats during our visit, those Choo babies are too damn high.

DRESS : Goat
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
BAG : Saint Laurent (got through Runin2)
LIPS : ‘‘Morange” by M.A.C
RING : Calvin Klein + Brandy Pham
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