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Montreux sunlight

Pictures by James Chardon

SUMMER IS FINALLY HEREFor weeks, no okay for months we’ve been waiting, craving, hoping for summer to arrive. Now, it has never been so hot in Geneva lately, we won’t complain right but still. Why can’t there ever be some sort of a balance? Who’s with me? Anyway, last week-end James and I needed a break, a little rest in our favourite spot in Montreux. Yep, everytime we need a healthy getaway we go there and fuel up with energy, good food and sleep. 

It’s kind of like my personal little L.A paradise but in the heart of Switzerland, with all these palm trees, ice creams and smoothies, I honestly feel so far away : like on a stunning island and forget suddenly about everything. Talking about a cool therapy! Being in Montreux is so refreshing, and we really try to go there at least once a month, also because James has some family living there. An occasion to spend some quality time. 

DRESS : Lavish Alice
SHOES : Zara
BAG : Roberto Cavalli
RINGS : Calvin Klein, H&M, Avinas
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