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My story

THOUGTS ABOUT PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Since I’ve been doing Kayture, meaning since 2 years, my life has been changing non stop. And definitely in the most positive way possible. Many of you write me, asking me some questions regarding my life. James and I wanted to find a nice way to share with you some of my thougths and a little story about my childhood, hoping that some of you could relate to it and/or find it inspiring. Founding Kayture in 2011 was one the best decisions I’ve honestly ever made, it was a space where I was free to express myself. Thanks to a great team work with James, awesome efforts and creative improvements, the blog grew very quickly and we had to consider it as a carreer. It’s crazy how internet has changed society so much, now it’s offering so many job opportunities but most important : a voice to people. Both James and I are learning so many things right now, and are managing a real business. It’s extremely interesting, and everyday, there’s something new, a new challenge, a new trip, a new project. I’ve always though, while growing up that I’ll finish my high school, go to university, get me master and then work for a company. 

Secretely I’ve always been dreaming of founding my own business and working for nobody else than myself, managing my schedule and seeing my hard work affect directly my entreprise (okay I’ll admit that at 5 I wanted to be a superhero, but erm that isn’t very accurate). I feel like so many teens go to university without knowing what they want to do in the future, but most of them also have a secret dream in a little corner of their head that they try to ignore because following the traditional path is seen by society much better than somebody who makes up his own rules. Nowadays especially in Switzerland, most of the people have a university backround, and it’s more and more difficult to find a job. So how to be special? How to make a difference on the market? Build up your own experience and believe, hard as a rock in your dreams even if they may appear worthless in the eye of your surrounding. If you have an idea, go for it. Work for it! Develop a concept and study to get the theoric knowledge you need to be able to maintain your craft. Because university is the most amazing opportunity, but it won’t teach you life or how to make your own experiences. The holidays are soon arriving, and I am wishing good luck to all of you guys who are passing their exams!! Crossing fingers for all of you :)

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