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Pictures by James Chardon

CHILLINGSo last week was really all about taking some time for myself, seeing some friends, spending some time with my family and trying to take a tiny break from my phone and computer (yep these little electronic pals can get quite possesiv, if you know what I mean, or you getting over-addicted). With our pretty crazy schedules, it’s hard sometimes to find a good balance and you start missing your close ones so much! Super important to always pay attention. Also I took a lot of time to work out, go for a run and just enjoy the summer that finally arrived. 

I’ve never be a huge fitness addict, but always enjoyed working out from time to time. Currently, that’s my kind of mood. I wake up a 8am and go for a long run mix and matched with yoga session and work out in the fields. In Switzerland, we have the most incredible landscape ever, might as well take advantage of it for these kind of activities. After that, I’m ready to start the day! Here we were having a couple of meeting in Lausanne, so I picked out a super comfy outfit paired to my elegant Valentino bag from Monnier Frères. What do you guys think about it?

PANTS : Tory Burch
BAG : Valentino
RINGS : Vita Fede / Avinas
BRACELET : Kris & Jules
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