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Stylight commercial

HERE IT ISOkay so after weeks and weeks of teasing, here is finally the TV commercial I’ve talked to you about for such a long time. As you know, we love Stylight, they have the most awesome team ever (remember the fabulous birthday party they threw me last year for my 19th celebration? talking about an amazing team!) so when they announced that they wanted me to be in their commercial, it was a yes right away. I am extremely happy to see how quickly they evolve and I am sure that this commercial will bring them great opportunities. As for myself, well let’s just say that I love doing videos, working with a production team, a director and seeing the results afterwards is so insane and actually completely different from photography. Definitely considering new video projects! Of course don’t forget to check out my Stylight profile and I can’t wait to hear your thougths about the spot. See you tomorrow for a new exciting article!

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