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Blue barcelona

Pictures by James Chardon

SPANISH FEELING Usually, I am quite a calm and serene person. I like to enjoy life, cozy up, have long silent walks and just relax. And honestly I don’t party that much (except all the fashion events we constantly attend huhu). I don’t know if it’s because of my personality or because I spend too much time on my computer (hello nerd) but I’m just not that teeny weeny dress and party girl kind of type. But during my stay in Spain, something must have gone wrong in my head and I completely switched of personality and mood. Holà Barcelona, coming through!

I think it’s because of the beach, the sun, the hot air, the fashion week and all the stylish people around. I was really in the mood of dancing, enjoying life in a much more vivid and crazy way in comparison to my ususal swiss-like very zen behaviour. I took my heels out, and stroll in the city happy like a clam. Gosh how I missed summer. We need more! 

P.S As you guys are reading this message, we’re in Moscow with Mango. Follow all my live updates from Instagram (@kristina_bazan), Twitter (@kayture) or Facebook! Tseluyu

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DRESS : Mango
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
BRACELETS : Vita Fede / Kris & Jules


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