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Charm and peace

Pictures by James Chardon

HIGH STYLENo, of course we haven’t forgot about our lovely high style categorie. It’s goal is very simple : share with you guys beautiful places, luxurious destinations or products. Not in order to brag about it all of course, but I can definitely relate on the fact that we all need a little evasion from time to time and some pleasure for the eyes! Also who knows, if you’re planning a little getaway, then this category might be a nice source of inspiration as we’ll be sharing only top quality destinations and products.

In this article, we’re taking you on a little tour of the Brandenburger Hof hotel, situated near the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. I honestly  have never been in such a peacefull and relaxing hotel during a fashion week period. Usually, no matter the hotel you’re staying in, during fashion week it’s hectic everywhere. It felt so amazing to go back to our room and feel so serene and calm surrounded by this zen garden atmosphere. Their restaurants are extremely cozy as well, and of course all dishes are made with the finest ingredients. The menu is all about vitality, with super healthy options and a little apetizer made of vegetable sticks and guacamole, served on an adorable wooded plate. An unforgettable experience.

PANTS : Miss Hugs (Breuninger)
SHOES : Guess by Marciano
JACKET : Minusey
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