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Into the blue

Pictures James Chardon

SUMMER IN THE AIR I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve last spent a real day a the beach/pool (and when I mean real is like doing absolutely nothing the whooole entire day than just sipping juices or cocktails and reading gossip magazines or really intellectual books and then sleeping on them). Usually when we travel, we always head to very urban destinations where the city is really interesting to explore in case some free time shows up. However on our last trip to Barcelona we enjoyed a lovely walk by the beach, but no tanning or swimming was planned in the schedule (I’m now using bronzer every single day, otherwise I’d look like a snowball in the middle of summer)…

So during our stay at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich we absolutely wanted to take advantage fo the pool and the incredible weather in Germany. This time I had my bikinis packed, sun screens and basically everything for a lovely couple of hours hanging around the deep blue water. Too bad we couldn’t stay too long because we had a flight to catch (reason actually we I didn’t take my make-up off for the swim, we just squeezed in the pool session in the middle of our schedule, had some things to do before and afterwards so there was no point on taking everything off, + looks amazing on the pictures! love how the sun makes my Tom Ford eye shadow shimmer like crazy) but it was already some super cherishable moments. I finally got to wear my lovely bikini from Moeva London, I’m obsessed with this brand!

Bikini : Moeva London
Jewerly : Jennifer Zeuner
Sunnies : Gucci
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