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Back in barcelona

Pictures by James Chardon

 IN THE CITY OF SUNSorry for the little lack of updates you guys… Ugh, I mean I know it wasn’t even such a long time right (…monday and tuesday…) but still. I missed you terribly  (psycho blogger maniac comin’ through)! Fact is that I usually hate skipping, especially mondays. Blogging is part of my daily work and routine now and when I pass on it, I feel like it’s the same as missing a day at work, you know… But here’s what’s happened : my wi-fi got totally cray-cray for 2 days (loong days) and it was impossible to open any page in my browser. Drove me nuts. Literally.

But it’s okay, now everything is repaired and I can eat, sleep and breath now (no but seriously… I feel like I need a 1 month electronic detox or something… Ever heard about it? Some say it’s KEY for good mental and physical stress relief since there’s soo much external pressures and radiations from our electronic devices, yuk). Back to our little story now though! This time we’re in Spain, Barcelona as we’re organizing all the last details with Mango for one of our new super exciting projects, which is coming up in just a couple of days. I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it, but for now, it’s all a big secret!! Stay updated for news, meanwhile here are some black & white, super extra artistic, conceptual and meaningful pictures (huhu) we shot on our arrival!

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