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Pictures by James Chardon

LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH As always, I try to squeez in during the month an Instagoodies post for all those of you guys who don’t have a smartphone or Instagram. Since I consider Instagram, as ”my second blog” (feel free to follow me @kristina_bazan or James @jameschardon), sort of like my daily diary with even more special moments of my life, I think that it’s important enough to be shared here as well! Lately, clean eating, a healthy life style and work-out have been entirely a part of my life. I do still have lots of things to learn, it’s a constant adventure. In fact, if fashion is my biggest passion, lifestyle has always been a huge interest and I try to improve mine everyday with some simple steps. 

First of all, I discovered months ago some incredible websites and apps that changed my habits and made me realise that you might think that you’re eating healthy and everything while you’re not. Many big food companies trick you into thinking you are through great marketing strategies… It’s important to know what you put in your body, as it will directly affect your strength, health, and of course mood! Our life is really busy, and a couple of months back, I unfortunately had a hard time dealing with the high pressure resulting from our business (yes, yes even if always looks so easy). My skin didn’t look that good anymore, my mood was down. I changed a couple of simple things in my daily life, tried to eat as organic as possible, work-out, use natural products and it changed everything. I feel extra happy and I would totally suggest you guys to read the labels on your products or search for more info online. Be aware of what you eat! It can save your health and life. I am thinking about doing an article about my favourite recipes and work-outs. Until then, here’s a little peak into my last Insta pictures!

Fresh berries and organic Granola are my favourite way to start the day. It’s healthy and consitant at the same time! Try to avoid the cheap processed Muesli full of bad sugars and pick the one that’s the most natural possible. Sugar makes you crave sugar (it’s like a drug), while natural sweetners like honey for example are perfect :)
I am really bad at making my own smoothies since I still don’t have a proper blender at home. So until I buy one, I love drinking the ”Balance Smoothie” at the Park Hyatt in Zürich, it’s green, it’s healthy, and it’s absolutely delicious!
The weather has been super hot in Switzerland, my solution to fight the weather? Have ice cream sorbet to cool down on a nice terrace with my babe.
In Vancouver, they have pink buses. So badass.
My love James and I, the Kayture wonder team! Yiha
Healthy eating doesn’t mean restricting yourself from all you love and foods that make you happy! Go for the healthier version of your favourite desserts. Here James, some friends and I shared these 3 delicious dessers all together at the Market restaurant in Vancouver. Made of the best ingredients and fresh fruits, it’s only big pleasure.
A shot from my feature on! The whole look by Mango, roar
If you’re ever in Zürich, try the Aura restaurant. It’s super healthy, delicious and an incredible interior design. An amazing spot.
On my way to the trainstation, there are days where I am just to lazy to more than that.
Fresh raspberries! My absolute favourite berry, perfect for breakfast, or for a snack during the day.
Dare to dream
Yummers. One thing I have a hard time saying no to, is a fresh strawberry milkshake by the pool. Give me that, and I am the happiest person in earth.
Chilling by the pool in Montreux before heading out for dinner with friends. When I won’t swim, I like to keep my make-up on and use a foundation with SPF that will protect your skin from the sun! It’s also a great way to relax before a next meeting, and not having to take your make-up off for the pool and put it back on again.
A new project I’ve been working on during our stay in Zürich with my friend, the talented Ellin Anderegg who will expose a serie called ”Pretty in Pink” in an art gallery to support and association fighting against Breast Cancer. She chose some influencial swiss woman for the campaign, and I was super honoured to be one of them! Can’t wait to see the result :)
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