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First day at milan fashion week

Pictures by James Chardon

FASHION WEEK NEVER SLEEPS!I can’t even explain to you guys how happy and excited I am to be back in Milan… There’s just something about this city that awakens the little sparkle in me yet inspires both James and I so much for our work, in terms of fashion and phography. Being so close to Italy (yup just took the train to arrive in Milan yesterday morning!) I don’t feel to far away from home yet the whole ambiance and culture is so different. So after New York, we are taking you guys on a whole new Milan fashion week adventure with soo much more exciting projects and top shows that will be covered here on Kayture with my daily outfits. So as we arrived at Milano Centrale, straight off (litterally) to film a beauty video for Dolce &Gabbana trying out some of their amazing new products (can’t wait to tell you more about it all, it was so much fun). A little make-up retouch was exactly what I needed as I haven’t managed to sleep the night before (spent the night packing and editing pictures uaargh). Some good concealer and mascara to open the eyes : and there we go! Ready to face the craziness of fashion week.

After we’ve been done filming, I rushed to change at the hotel and then attend the Gucci show which was a pure thrill. The collection was beautiful : imagine gucci-glamour but with an outer space modern feeling, mixed up with some retro inspirations, bold colours and moon water materials (like a fluid of stars). One special péridot dress particularely caught my attention! Right after the show we had some showroom meetings, choosing outfits for the following days in Milan. I loved seeing my favourite Cavalli team and so looking forward to see their show this season. For the first day of MFW, I decided to go for blue! This jumpsuit from Three Floor is sooo comfy and easy to wear, I paired it with my new Sandro blazer, Gucci clutch and heels and voilà! Ready for a new journey :)

JUMPSUIT : Three Floor
BLAZER : Sandro
SHOES : Gucci
CLUTCH : Gucci
WATCH : Michael Kors
BRACELETS : C Wonder / Rita & Zia / Vita Fede
RINGS : Brandy Pham 
EARRINGS : Rita & Zia
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