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Girissima in paris

Pictures by James Chardon

ALL GOLD AND BLACKOh Paris, Paris… I am head over heels for you… I really am! Okay so basically I always said that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world (not that I have seen ALL the world, but so far it has been one of the best!), not only in terms of architechture, but also in art, heritage, history and of course fashion. And I can’t even tell you how good it felt to speak french after weeks of english then an essay to speak italian. As some of you may know, my native language is french as I am from Geneva, so imagine how nice it is to communicate in Paris! It’s almost as if I was back home again. Our Paris fashion week schedule has been super full these past couple of days with external projects, such as various shooting for future projects, a lot of meetings, event and showrooms. In the second part of FW we will concentrate on the shows (starting from tomorrow with Kenzo!) and introduce you guys some of the legendary new collection from the top labels. 

Before starting fashion week season, there’s a lot of work and things to arrange in order to make the whole experience per-fect, I won’t bother you guys with all this crapy business/management stuff but will definitely let you know that it takes months to get fully ready. Before leaving, I had the great idea to look trhough some of my favourite shopping online spots and I fell in love with Girissima’s collection which mixes high and low with super beautiful basics to bohemian/super cool and casual vibes. As we don’t have a lot of choice in terms of brands in Switzerland and that overall shopping is not as exciting as in NY or Paris, I got really into online shopping (no, wait a minute, I got obsessed!!!). In this article, I wanted to share a purely parisian look with the classic little black dress by tibi from Girissima, and a backdrop so parisian you alsmot can’t deal with it. So the great news is that all my lovely Kayture followers will now have the awesome opportunity to get a special voucher -20% on all our purchases from Girissima! Feel free to use ”KAYTURE-FAN-20” FOR A 20% discount and enjoy your shogging!!!

DRESS : Tibi
BAG : Beck Sönder Gaard
SHOES : Louis Vuitton
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